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-Ten-Faced Paladin

Rurouni Kenshin: Runaway Swordsman

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 4: Legacy of the Swordsman of Legend

The air had fallen still at the words Kenshin had just said to the beautiful woman who was standing at the Kamiya dojo. Kaoru gasped at the announcement. Sano and Yahiko's jaws dropped.

"It's been a long time Shinta," the woman smiled. "May I know who your friends are?"

"Mother, this one's name is Kenshin now," Kenshin smiled. "But introductions must be made if not for anything but politeness.

Kenshin turned to the two boys standing at the dojo entrance. When they noticed the beauty paying attention to them, they both tried to look cool. They really weren't suceeding beause of how they looked but a moment ago, but they did their best.

"The tall one is Sanosuke Sagara," Kenshin introduced. "The shorter one is Yahiko Myojin."

"A pleasure to meet you," the woman smiled with a small bow. "Both of your families are good friends to mine."

Kenshin then turned back to face his mother. He placed a hand on Kaoru's shoulder.

"This is Kaoru Kamiya," Kenshin continued. "It is on her generosity that this one imposes."

"Kamiya?" the woman gasped. "It is an honour to meet you Kaoru-san."

"L-likewise," Kaoru stuttered with a bow.

"Everyone," Kenshin continued. "This is my mother. Her name is Hinata Seijuro."

"Hey," Yahiko interrupted. "Why do you have different last names?"

Hinata looked to Yahiko and smiled. He thought his heart stopped.

"If someone would like to prepare tea," she replied. "Then I would be happy to explain."

"Oro," Kenshin sighed.

Kaoru looked to Kenshin and saw something in his eyes she hadn't seen before. A form of annoyance that she never knew Kenshin to show.

"Kenshin?" she asked. "Are you alright?"

"This one will be fine," Kenshin smiled. "When this is over and done with."

He then turned and headed back for the dojo. Hinata was close behind. Sano and Yahiko seemed to have already gotten inside and were arguing on who would make the tea. Kaoru sighed and followed them. She could only wonder where this was heading.


Everyone was seated around the table and was enjoying their tea. All eyes were on Hinata as she quietly sipped hers.

"So, why do you and Kenshin have different last names?" Yahiko asked again. "Are you his stepmother or something?"

"Oh, nothing like that," Hinata smiled. "He is my child by birth. He has a different name because of our family traditions."

Kenshin seemed to sink lower into his seat. Talking about his family was apparently not one of his preferred things to do.

"Traditions?" asked Kaoru.

"Of course," Hinata smiled. "You should know Kaoru-san. Is not your real last name Himura?"

Kaoru went wide-eyed as Yahiko and Sano turned to stare at her. This was news to them and they were eager to hear.

"What's this Jou-chan?" Sanosuke smirked. "Hiding from someone?"

"A scorned fiancee or something?" Yahiko smirked.

There was a growl before two loud slams. Yahiko and Sano were suddenly face-down on the table with larg bumps on their heads. Kaoru was holding a shinai and breathing heavily. She also had a frown on her face accompanied by a blush.

"My my," Hinata admired. "She is fast. You do know how to pick them Shinta."

"Kenshin, Mother," Kenshin sighed.

"Yes yes," Hinata nodded. "Kaoru-san? perhaps you could enlighten us to your family traditions?"

"Well... it's true my real last name is Himura," Kaoru admitted shyly, not used to being in the limelight. "When someone takes over this dojo, they take on the last name of the founder."

"Very honourable," Hinata smiled. "It is nothing to be shy about. My family has similar traditions."

"Oh yeah?" Yahiko asked, quickly recovering. "Is that why you keep calling Kenshin, Shinta?"

"Why yes," Hinata smiled. "It is the name I gave him when he was born."

"Mother," Kenshin spoke, almost pleading.

"Enough about Jou-chan," Sanosuke grinned as he sat up again. "What's your family tradition that makes a guy change his name?"

"I'm happy you asked," Hinata smiled, making Sano's knees turn to mush, even if he was sitting down. "Well, one can no doubt tell now that Kaoru is the descendant of The first Kenshin Himura. The man who first held the name Hitokiri Battosai."

"Yeah," Yahiko nodded. "So?"

"Well," Hinata continued. "My son Shinta is the descendant of Battosai himself."

"Then Kenshin and Jou-chan are related?" Sano asked, more than a little confused.

Kaoru thought her heart stopped.
Hinata shook her head, "Not in the least. I shall attempt to explain."

Kaoru breathed a sigh of relief. It went unnoticed by everyone in the room. Everyone but Hinata that is. She didn't say anything about it as she continued her explanation.

"Kaoru-san?" she asked. "Kenji Himura was your great-grandfather if I am not mistaken?"

"Yes ma'am," Kaoru nodded. "He mastered Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu and took over the dojo. It took him longer than most people would, but he did it."

"I know why it took him longer than most," Hinata smiled. "Would you like to know?"

"Why not?" Yahiko shrugged.

"Sounds interesting," Sano grinned.

"Yes please," Kaoru smiled, always eager to learn of her family.

Kenshin remained silent. He seemed to have taken a medatative pose. His eyes were closed and he hadn't touched his tea. His sword was set across his lap.

"Well," Hinata smiled. "Kenji not only mastered Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu, but he also mastered Hiten Mitsurugii-Ryu."

"What!" Kaoru cried.

"Cool!" Yahiko smiled.

"He must have been good," Sano grinned.

"But how?" Kaoru asked, desperately confused. "My great-great grandfather wasn't able to use that style by the time Kenji was born."

"Besides that," Hinata giggled. "Your great-great grandmother would have killed him for teaching it to their son. If you are any idication."

Kaoru flushed embarrassedly. Her mother was part of the family line. Father just married into it. He always said that both her and her mother were passionate about their school.

"Kenji learned his father's style from Hiko Seijuro the 13th." Hinata explained. "When he mastered it, Kenji became Hiko Seijuro the 14th."

"Wow," Yahiko grinned. "Learning from the man who taught Battosai. Must have been intense."

"It always has been," Hinata nodded. "By learning his father's style, Kenji inherited the name of Battosai as well."

"So, how are both Kaoru and Kenshin descendants of Battosai without being related?" asked Sano.

"I was about to explain that," Hinata replied. "Please be patient and I will explain."

Hinata let the tension hang in the air. she patiently poured herself another cup of tea. As she blew on it to cool it, Sano and Yahiko had stress marks appear on their heads as they waited. Patience was not a strong point with them. Hinata finally took a sip of her tea.

"There," she smiled with a satisified sigh. "As I was saying, Kenji was a master of the schools his parents practised. He taught his mother's school as Kenji Himura and did it admirably. He made his father proud as Battosai the second, protecting people with his father's school."

"Sounds like he really took after his dad," Yahiko siad with admiration in his voice.

"Yes," Hinata nodded. "He eventually took an apprentice. Well, two of you counted his daughter."

"Two?" Kaoru asked curiously.

"Yes," Hinata nodded. "His daughter Sakura was whom he taught his mother's school. It was to a young boy, Ishiro Mishima, was whom he taught his father's school."

"Did Ishiro become Hiko Seijuro the 15th?" asked Sano.

"Yes," Hinata smiled. "He also became Battosai the third. It was from him that our line has continued. Each man in our family became the next Hiko Seijuro when they mastered their swords and the final secret. Shinta is slated to become Hiko Seijuro the 19th and Battosai the 6th."

"This one has taken the name Kenshin for a reason mother," Kenshin remarked while opening his eyes.

"Yes," Hinata nodded. "You wish to learn about how the first Battosai achieved his inner peace, even when he battled. To do that would to truly master the final secret."

"You mean Kenshin hasn't learned the final secret?" Yahiko asked in amazement.

"This one can use it," Kenshin explained. "However, because this one has not reached the final truth, it's power is severely weakened."

"Final truth?" asked Kaoru.

"It is the one true power in the world," Hinata explained. "No matter what one does, this one truth is expressed by everyone. With this truth, the first Battosai achieved the secret move as did those who came before and after him. It is Shinta's turn to learn that lesson."

"Wow," Yahiko breathed in amazement.

Everyone in the room was silent. They hadn't known that much about Kenshin. Now they knew about his family history. It was quite impressive. It did have a large number of battles with it, but it also had a large amount of honour as well. It was truly something to be proud of.

"So, Seijuro-san," Kaoru spoke. "Why are you here now?"

"That is my main reason for trying to find Shinta," Hinata explained. "An old friend of the family has returned to meet us. He has brought his granddaughter with him. She seems very interested in meeting Shinta."

"Mother," Kenshin sighed. "How many times must this one ask you to call this one by the preferred name?"

"No matter how you wish to be called, you will still be my little Shinta," Hinata smiled. "I am your mother after all."

"True," Kenshin sighed. "Who is this old friend that is visiting?"

"Muneiwa Raikoji," Hinata explained. "His grandaughter is a very charming young woman too. She's your age if I recall."

"I've heard of that name," Sano spoke. "Those people are big on European trade aren't they?"

"Yes," Hinata nodded. "Their business grew during the Meiji era if Hiko was telling the truth."

"Oro," Kenshin sighed, a sweatdrop appearing on his face. He looked almost terrified. "His granddaughter isn't Chizuru Raikoji is it?"

"Oh yes!" Hinata smiled. "That was her name. Have you met?"

"Orororororo," Kenshin moaned. "And things come around full circle."

"What's wrong with you Kenshin?" Sano asked in confusion.

"Chizuru-dono and this one have met before," Kenshin explained. "Both attended the same public schoool."

"So you have met!" Hinata smiled in delight while clasping her hands together. "Excellent!"

"This one thinks not," Kenshin sighed. "Do you remember the young girl who would glomp this one when you delivered this one to school."

"Why yes I do," Hinata nodded. "She was adorable. Was that Chizuru?"

"Yes," Kenshin nodded. "She would also chase this one over the playground. Everyday."

"Reminds me of weasel-girl and Aoshi," Yahiko laughed.

"Then this shall make thing easier," Hinata smiled. "I know you do not wish to return home just yet. So, I shall inform Chizuru of your location and she can come and visit at your leisure."

"No no no!" Kenshin sputtered. "That is not necessary. Do not trouble yourself Mother."

"It is no trouble Shinta," Hinata smiled. "I would be delighted to."

"Oro," Kenshin said in despair.

Hinata stood up with the smile never leaving her face, "Thank you for your hospitality Kaoru-san. Please continue to honour my son with your friendship."

"Uh..um..I would be happy to," Kaoru sputtered to the older woman.

"Well then, I shall be off." Hinata smiled. "I hope you find the answers to your questions Shinta."

"This one hopes so too," Kenshin sighed.

Hinata gave a final nod and exited. A couple of minutes later, the limo outside could be heard driving off. Soon, Yahiko and Sanosuke were up in Kenshin's face.

"I know this is weird to say but," Yahiko grinned. "Your Mom is hot!"

"Oro?" Kenshin gaped.

"Yeah!" Sano agreed. "How can a lady like that have a kid and still look so good? It can't be natural."

"This one doesn't usually keep tabs on this one's mother and her activities," Kenshin answered uneasily.

Kaoru remaind silent. She was still looking at door where Hinata had left from. She had so many questions running through her mind. half of what Hinata knew about her family she didn't even know. Of course, one question was echoing through her mind most of all.

"Kenshin," she began. "What is Chizuru to you?"

"Oro? Chizuru?" Kenshin asked. "An annoyance at best. Dangerous fangirl at worst. This one had no feelings for her if that is your concern."

Kaoru blushed a beet red, "Hah! N-no! That's not what I'm worried about! Why would you even think that? What are you thinking!"

Yahiko and Sano beginning grinning at each other. They both began laughing evilly. Kenshin sweatdropped with a small 'oro'.

"Me doth thinks the lady protest too much," Yahiko laughed.

"It sounds like love to me," Sanosuke agreed.

"Gyaaah!" Kaoru cried as her face heated up again. She grabbed her bokken again and held it, aimed at Sano and Yahiko.

"Yaaaaaaah!" Sano and Yahiko cried in fear.

"Ororororo," Kenshin sighed, resigning himself to fate.

Life was never easy.

To Be Continued

A/N: Hey, it's me. Sorry if this chapter sucks. It's just giving a bit of background to Kenshin's family and how it ties back to the manga. The next chapter goes back to the main story as Kenshin tries to get going with his life, but the arrival of Chizuru makes things complicated.