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Let's get this party started.

Moon Armada by Ten-Faced Paladin Chapter 1: Decepticons, Autobots, and Scouts, Oh my!

Within the confines of the Autobot base, something that was a normal occurance was happening and it was causing the usual stir for the residents within it. This alarm always meant one thing and only one thing. A Mini-con was starting to awaken and that meant that if the Autobots knew about it, then the Decepticons probably knew about it as well.

Inside the main control room, Red Alert was working at the large console. He was working to try and find out where this Mini-con was hidden. Time was of the essence if the Autobots wanted to find it first. So far, its wherabouts were yet to be fully determined.

The doors to the control room suddenly opened as the remaining Autobots raced into the room. Hotshot, Sideswipe, Jetfire, Scavenger, Blurr, Smokescreen, and their leader Optimus Prime. Red Alert continued to work dillengently. He wasn't even fazed at the noise and commotion.

"Red Alert," Optimus spoke. "Any luck with that Mini-con?"

"I think so Optimus," Red Alert replied. "I'm pulling it up onto the viewing screen now."

Red Alert tapped a few more buttons on the console and the screen lit up. The view of a city could be seen from a birds eye view. Humans could be seen in the streets and cars were running up and down the streets. Hotshot and Sideswipe gaped at large city.

"Holy smokes!" Hotshot remarked. "Look at all the humans!"

Optimus regarded the scen with curiosity. "Is that where the Mini-con is"
Red Alert nodded. "This is as close as I can get with certainty. anything more would be guesswork"
"Hmm," Scavenger pondered. "Red Alert, is this Mini-con below ground, like when you guys found Smokescreen?"

"Just a second," Red Alert commented before he began tapping at the console again. "It's ground level."

Optimus nodded. "Then we stick to vehicle mode only and only those of us that will draw the least amount of attention."

"Then who's going?" asked Sideswipe.

Optimus turned and faced his men. "Those of us going are myself, Hotshot, Sideswipe, Blurr, Red Alert, and Smokescreen."

"Yes sir!" The Autobots replied.

"What about the kids?" asked Jetfire.

"Are you kidding?" asked Smokescreen. "It's the middle of the night. Those kids are fast asleep by now."

"Oh yeah," Jetfire laughed. "Forgot,"

"It's settled then," Optimus spoke. "All right Autobots! Let's roll out!"

"Yes sir!" the Autobots replied.


On the moon, within the ruined ship that the Mini-cons used to reach Earth, and where the Decepticons were based, Megatron was just told about the Mini-con by his lackey, Demolisher.

"I see," Megatron grinned. "Another chance to prove our superiority over those useless Autobots and that fool Prime. Decepticons! Get in here at once!"

At the call of his voice, the Decepticon forces on Earth came scrambling into the room. Thrust, Wheeljack, Tidal Wave, Sideways, Starscream, and Cyclonus all raced into the room where they all joined Demolisher in bowing before their leader.

"Is it another Mini-con?" asked Cyclonus hopefully. "I wanna bash me some autobums, ha ha!"

"Then you won't be disappointed," Megatron replied. " Demolisher tells me that this one is located in a human city on the eastern side of Earth."

"It's the small country in the east. The one the humans call Japan," Demolisher commented.

"If that's the case then may I make a suggestion my leader?" asked Thrust.

" What is it?" Magatron spoke impatiently.

"If we are indeed heading into a human city in full view, then I suggest we send our men who will not draw suspision in our vehicle forms." Thrust explained.

"Why should we?" Megatron growled. No human has the power to stop me!"

"That is true great one," Thrust agreed. "I just thought that Optimus, being the soft-sparked fool that he his, will send his less conspicuous and consquently weaker men."

Megatron grew silent as he pondered Thrusts strategy. The Decepticon streategist had good instincts when it came to battle.

"Who would you suggest then Thrust?" asked Megatron.

Thrust looked into his leaders optics. " I believe that sending myself, Starscream, Sideways, Wheeljack, and Cyclonus will be more than enough to complete this mission."

"Very well," Megatron nodded. "Be warned Thrust, I will not accept failure. Remember that."

"I will take it to my spark," Thrust nodded.

With that, Megatron dismissed his men and the five Decepticons chosen for the mission headed for the teleporter. Megatron's threat hanging heavily on their minds.


In the Juuban district of Tokyo,Rini was walking home from school with her friend and future mother, Serena.

"Why does school have to be so boring?" whined the pink-haired girl. "I almost fell asleep three times today."

"I think it's part of the school guidelines," Serena sighed. Then again, I really think that teachers just do it to have fun at our expense."

"At least nothing wierd has been going on," Rini smiled. "Not to mention that the cerry blossoms are going to bloom soon!"

"Ooh! I can't wait!" seren squealed in delight. "The food is going to be so good!"

"Hey! I know!" Rini smiled as she suddenly got an idea. "Let's find a good spot right now so we won't have to search in crowds tomorrow when the festival starts."

With renewed energy, the two girls made their way to the central park to find the perfact spot. That enthusiasm deflated quickly when they saw all the other people getting spots reserved or setting up for the festival.

"Awww," Serena whined. "Now we'll never find a good spot."

Rini was not to be deterred. She just grasped Serena's hand and began to pull her into the crowds.

"We won't know if we don't look so come on!" the small girl spoke stubbornly.

They waded through the crowds and pushed past all the vendors. Most of the usual trees that really brought the crowds were taken. Even the tree that Serena remembered a cardian attacking her friends from was taken. Thetwo girls just kept going until the finally found a tree that no one was sitting at.

It was rather big. The trunk was somewhat twisted and the roots could be seen growing large and spreading into the ground. The branches reached pretty far and cherry blossom buds could be seen all over them. At first glance, it was quite the pituresque tree that people went for, but when you relly looked at it and the scenery around it. . .

"It's perfect!" Rini smiled in awe.

Serenalooked at the tree with a dreamy smile. "I'll bet it's wonderful for couples."

She immediately launched into a daydream that ivolved her and her love Darien. They were having a quiet picnic undernaeth the branches of the tree. The cherry blossoms littered the air and set a truly romantic atmosphere. A blush came to Serna's dreamy face as she envisioned the truly romantic date.

Rini watched Serena's grip an reality slowly fade. She just sighed and decided to inspect the tree while Serena went through her dreamy paces. As she came closer to the tree, she saw something glowing in the roots of the tree. It was giving off a green glow. Rini stepped closer and saw that there was a hollow inbetween two roots of the tree. She got down on her knees and reached into the hole to see what was glowing. Her hand touched something smooth and warm. It felt like it was made of metal. The hollow was big enough to fit her arms so Rini reached in and grasped the wierd object. After getting a firm grip, she began to pull.

"Mmnnnn!" Rini grunted as she pulled.

Serena finally cane out of her fantasy and saw Rini pulling at something.

"Rini?" Serena spoke. "What are you doing?"

"Don't just stand there!" Rini grunted. "Help me!"

Serena walked up next to Rini and saw the glow coming from the hollow. Now officially curious, Serena slipped her hands into the hollow and grasped the object.

"Now pull!" Serena grunted as both girls began to pull.

Cracking sounds began to eco from thhe hollow as the object came loose. The two girls began to tug when the cracking became louder. With a final CRACK, the object suddenly came free and both Serena and Rini were tossed onto their backs. They then got their first look at their new aquisition.

It was in a diamond jewel shape. It was all green to boot. It had a dark green boarder abd in the centre was a square that war propped up on its corner and the corners were missing. In the centre of the square was an M.

"What is it?" asked Rini.

"I don't know," Serena replied. "I doknow thatwe'd better call he others though."


Within the Autobot base, Optimus and his team were in vehicle form, ready for the warp gate travel.

"All set men?" asked Optimus.

"Ready!" the other Autobots replied.

"Then let's roll," optimus spoke. "Scavenger?"

Inside the control room, Scavebger activated the warp gate. The view of the city appeared before the six Autobots. In the blink of an eye, they all vanished. They were on their way.


In the clouds above Juuban, the Decepticons Thrust, Starscream, and Cyclonus appeared in their robot forms.

"Remember," Thrust spoke sternly. "Stay in vehicle form. We don't want the humans on our case yet."

"You sound like you're afraid of the little meatballs," Cyclonus laughed.

"Do you recall how annoying those three autobrats are? Hmm?" Thrust growled. "Imagine a whole planet of them fter us."

"Okay, okay, sheesh. TRANSFORM!" Cyclonus called as he changed into a helicopter and flew in one direction.

"Then I'll go this way. TRANSFORM!" Starscream spoke as he transformed into a jet a headed the opposite way from Cyclonus.

"Fine, TRANSFORM!" Thrust called as he became a black fighter plane and headed away from his two comrades.

Below them, on the streets and behind some buildings, Sideways had just finished going through the same speech with Wheeljack.

"Remember, no screw-ups. TRANSFORM!" Sideways growled as he became a motorcycle and his head became the rider.

"Clear. TRANSFORM!" Sideways sighed as he became a black corvette.

Wheeljack and Sideswipe pulled out into the streets. Strangely enough, no one noticed that the black corvette didn't have a driver. As Wheeljack oulled into the street, Sideways roared out behind him and roared to the more sparse part of the city. Wheeljack drove towards the denser part of the city.


The Autobots exited the warp gate and began driving the road towards the city where the Mini-con was hidden.

"All right men," Optimus spoke. "Spread out and find that Mini-con. Radio in if you see anything strange."

"Yes sir!" The Autobots replied.

With that, the six Autobots split up down different routes and began their search. With another Mini-con at stake, the race was on.


At Serena's house, the innersailor scouts had gathered together when Serena had told them that she and Rini had found something strange. They were all seated around the kitchen table with the strabgle plate in the centre. Its green glow cast shadows on their faces.

"So you and Rini found this thing under a tree?" asked Raye skeptically.

"Yeah," Serena confirmed. "It's been glowing since we got it out. It was hard enough to keep it hidden while we brought it home.

"Yeah," Rini nodded. "A lot of people were staring at us on the way home."

Luna leaped off Serena's lap and began to paw at the object in curiosity.

"Hmm," she pondered. "I think that this object is a beacon of some kind."

"What makes you say that Luna?" asked Amy.

"It's only guess," Luna confessed as she faced the scouts. "The way it pulses as it glows leads me to think that it's a beacon. As to who or what it's calling I really couldn't tell you."

"Shouldn't we be cautious?" asked Mina. "Something evil may be coming."

"I wouldn't worry about it," Lita smirked. "I'm sure that we can handle it."

"That's the spirit!" Artemis siled from his seat in Mina's lap. "Who kows? Maybe the beacon is calling something friendly."

"I hope so," Rini sighed as she slumped in her seat. "I'm tired of bad guys always trying to take over the world."

Rini heaved another sigh and she reached over to the object to get a better look at it. When her hand rested on the M symbol, the plate began to glow a biright green.

"What... what's happening!" Rini cried.

"Rini!' Luna cried. "Get your hand off of it!"

Rini pulled back her hand like a shot, but the plate's glow continued. A pillar of rainbow light rose from the plate. Coloured lights flashed across the rooom.

"Now what!" Lita cried.

A figure began to materialize within the pillar of light. As the figure became more solid, the plate seemed to fade away. When the plate was entirely gone, the figure was fully solid. When the light finally faded, the scouts were treated to a shock. In their line of business where they had to fight youma on a regular basis, saying they were surprised was a big deal.

The source of their shock was the robot that was standing on Serena's kitchen table. It had a human shape. Its forearms, hands, chest, head, and boot-like feet were pink. The rest was white. Its face was concealed in what seemed to be a faceguard. It had a visor, but its blue optics could be seen clearly.

"Wow," Amy breathed. "Its incredible."

"What have we gotten ourselves into now?" Raye asked herself.

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