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Moon Armada

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 8: Outer mix

Haruka and Michelle could just stare at the tank that was parked in front of them as it had just had demanded them to give it something called a Mini-con. Michelle was struck speechless by the strangeness of the situation while she grasped the glowing plate even tighter. She couldn't help but feel as if she was protecting a child while she had a firm grip on it. Haruka was just blinking dumbly at what was happening. She had seen some strange things before, but this was a pretty out there for her.

"Did the tank just talk?" Haruka muttered, mostly to herself.

The tank apparently didn't like being ignored.

"I said give me the Mini-con!" it roared before unleashing a volley of laser fire.

"Woah!" Haruka gasped as she leaped out of the way while pulling her lover with her.

The blasts blew sizable holes in the ground where the two Sailor Scouts were standing moments before. Haruk glanced over to Michelle and breathed a silent sigh oof relief to see that she was safe. With her anger beginning to boil, she turned to prepare to smash the tank and whoever was in it. Sailor Scout powers or not. Her anger fizzled for a moment when she caught a glimpse of where the pilot of the tank would normally be but instead found the chair empty.

"Wh-What?" Haruka gasped, her thought process failing for a moment.

Her experiences as a Sailor Scout taught her that many things were possible. She just wasn't really prepared to see machines that could pilot themselves. She'd heard about it but had never thought about how strange it would be to actually see it.

"Raaagh!" the tank bellowed as it turned to face the two scouts. It's engines began roaring as the treads began turning as the hulking machine began coming for them.

Haruka and Michelle began to get back up to their feet in attempt to get out of the way. The hulking machine was surprisingly fast and it was crushing everything that was caught underneath it's treads. As the hulking machine was upon the two scouts, a rain of red energy bolts came raining down from the sky on the machine.

"Gaaaah!" The tank bellowed as it began trying to go in reverse.

Haruka and Michelle looked up to see who their savior was. What they saw was a space shuttle coming down from the sky, shooting at the tank for all it was worth. Again, the day was just getting stranger and stranger.

"Just what is going on?" Michelle asked out loud.

While the space shuttle was in it's firefight, the tank seemed to have had forgotten about Haruka and Michelle. It's turrents were beginning to aim for the space shuttle. As it moved, another rumbling noise began to be heard.

"What now?" Haruka groaned.

She got her answer when a large green bulldozer came plowing through the foliage. It completely ignored Haruka and Michelle and made a beeline for the tank.

"Heads up Demolisher!" a voice bellowed which seemed to have come from the bulldozer.

The tank didn't even get time to react before it was blindsided by the large construction vehicle. Another bellow of pain was heard from the military vehicle while it was forced onto it's side and then onto it's top. Apparently satisified with it's work, the bulldozer quickly reved it's engine again and backed up towards Haruka and Michelle. It came to a stop with the two scouts at it's side.

"Get on," it ordered gruffly.

"Why-" Haruka began in protest.

"Now!" it snapped. "Before he gets back up again!"

Needing no further incentive and having no reason to distrust the machine for the moment, Haruka and Michelle quickly boarded the machine. Haruka quickly got in the driver's seat while Michelle quickly sat in her lap. Normally both of them would have enjoyed the seating arrangement but this wasn't the time.

"Hang on!" the bulldozer spoke as it's engines roared again.

Hang on was all the two scouts could do while the construction vehicle sped down the way it came. It was surprisingly fast. While they moved they could hear the tank cursing about something while the space shuttle's engines could be heard fading away.

"Okay," Haruk sighed as she let her arms loosen around Michelle's waist. "What the hell was that? Who are you? What are you?"

The bulldozer chuckled at Haruka's bluntness, "My name's Scavenger. The space shuttle you saw was my superior officer Jetfire. What just happened was a classic battle of Autobot against Decepticon."

"Autobot against Decepticon?" Michelle asked quietly in thought.

"Okay," Haruka nodded. "It still doesn't answer the question of where you are. Are you controlling this thing by remote?"

Scavenger began to chuckle again, "Nope. I'm not controlling the bulldozer, I am the bulldozer."

"What?!" both schouts gasped in surprise.

"You see ladies," Scavenger began. "I come from a world called Cybertron. In light years, it's not all too far from here. Right now were in the middle of a war that has the entire planet being torn apart and the people taking sides."

"Which side are you on?" Haruka pressed, becoming suspicious.

"Me and Jetfire on with the Autobots," Scavenger explained. "Were in this war to stop the Decepticons from taking over our world and whatever other worlds they come across."

"So that tank was a Decepticon I assume," Michelle commented, her face growing more serious. "But what makes our planet so special? Why would the Decepticons want to come here?"

"Mini-cons," Scavenger stated plainly. "They're a race of Cybertronians no bigger than a human child. They were first workers who helped us build but it was soon discovered that they could boost our abilities by powerlinking. Needless to say the Decepticons were all over this. The Autobts decided that this wasn't right and after collecting all the Mini-cons, they were launched into space on a ship. They ended up on Earth. Now that they're reactivating, both sides are trying to find them all."

Haruka and Michelle were silent. Michelle gripped the green plate tighter as she heard the tale and she felt incedibly bad for the Mini-cons. To be one of the reasons why the poeple around them were fighting must have been horrible. Haruka was quickly getting angry. She never aproved of the mistreatment of others and this situation with the Mini-cons definitely counted.

Scavenger refrained from talking as he turned onto a dirt road and stopped on the sands of a wide beach that was underneath a clff.

"Here we are," he finally spoke. "It's private enough for what we need to talk about."

Haruka and Michelle piled out of Scavenger and took a few steps away.

"SCAVENGER TRANSFORM!" the bulldozer bellowed before it's entire body began to shift and change.

Soon, Haruka and Michelle were staring open-mouthed at a large humanoid figure that was once their ride. He seemed to have seen plenty of experience judging by the agae that he appeared to be. While Haruka was in awe, Michelle noticed a beeping noise by Scavenger's feet. Her eyes landed on a grey and white robot which had a red face that was almost hiding behind the larger robot.

"Oh, he's adorable," Michelle cooed, forgetting the situation for the moment. "Is he a Mini-con?"

"Yep," Scavenger chuckled. "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to my partner Rollout."

Rollout beeped a quiet hello and a nod of his head.Michelle couldn't help but giggle at the sight. She couldn't help it, the tiny robot was just too cute in her eyes. Haruka couldn't help but silently agree. Even if she wouldn't say the words. Turning her gaze back up to Scavenger's face, she continued the conversation while Michelle payed attention while trying to coax the Mini-con closer.

"So what happened to this superior officer of yours?" Haruka asked impatiently.

Before he could reply, the familiar roaring engines of the sub-commander could be heard. Scavenger smirked as he looked to the sky and saw the familiar space shuttle coming down. Everyonne looked up to see what was coming and Jetfire began doing a barrelroll just to show off.

"JETFIRE TRANSFORM!" the shuttle called before he hit the sand.

What hit the ground wasn't the nose of a flying machine, but the feet of a large white robot with a red head. It's face was a large faceplate with yellow eyes that could be seen from within the helmet.

"Hey there," Jetfire greeted with a wave. "My name's Jetfire, Sub-commander of the Autobots. Who are you?"

"Come to think of it," Scavenger commented. "You didn't introduce yourselves did you?"

"I guess not," Haruka shrugged. "My name's Haruka Tenoh."

"I'm Michelle Kaioh," Michelle smiled from where she was kneeled next to Rollbar.

"Michelle and Haruka," Jetfire nodded, "Pleasure to meet ya. Now, about the Mini-con you two found..."

"What Mini-con?" Haruka interrupted. "I don't remember finding a tiny robot anywhere."

Scavengeer pointed at Michelle, "When the Mini-cons were sent away, they were put into suspended animation and were put into special plates with sub-space technology. Plates liek the one you're holding Michelle."

Michelle gasped as she looked at the plate in her arms. She then looked back up to the two Autobots in front of her.

"If we hand it over, what's going to happen to it?" she asked.

"Well," Jetfire replied. "Back at the base we have all the other Mini-cons we managed to recover and basically the Mini-con can do whatever it wants. We won't force it to do anything it doesn't want to do and if we need it's help then we'll ask."

"How can we be sure you're telling the truth?" Haruka asked sternly.

"You have our solemn vow as Autobots that any and all Mini-cons who are in our base are and will be treated fairly and with dignity." Scavengery spoke seriously. Jetfire nodded in agreement.

Haruka and Michelle looked to the two Autobts, looking for a lie. They weren't incredibly trusting to new poeple, especially if they weren't from the same planet. This was not in no small part caused by their duties as two of the outers. Aftr a moment they began to see things they recognised not only in themselves, but in the inner scouts as well. Strenght of self, confidence, a desire to trust, a freindly outlook, but they also saw countless years of experience that they couldn't match.

"Okay," Michelle finally spoke with a small smile. "I trust you."

"Thank you," Jetfire nodded.

The sub-commander leaned down and got on one knee. He then reached out his hand and held it palm up. Michelle looked down at the plate in her hands for a fleeting moment. 'Be safe' were her thoughts before she began walking towards Jetfire's open hand.

"Not so fast Autobot!" a gruff voice roared before laser fire punched through the air.

Jetifre immediately sheilded Michelle while Scavenger did the same for Haruka. The beams made heavy impact with both of them, causing them to groan in pain, but not change their position. Haruka and Michelle looked to where the shots were fired from and could see another giant robot. From the parts on it's shoulders and the insignia on it's chest which was so different from Scavenger and Jetfire, it was obvious to see that this was a Decepticon.

"If you value your lives humans, you'll give me that Mini-con," Demolisher saod in a threatening tone.

Haruka clenched her fists in anger. After hearing what the lives of the Mini-cons were like because of the Decepticons she knew that they were enemies. Then seeing the two Autobots being shot like they were enforced that certain idea. The final straw was when this certain Decpeticon threatened her Michelle's life. The Decepticons had to be stopped!

"That's it!" Haruka growled. "I've had it with you!"

Demolisher turned to see the humma he had gotten so upset with him, "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

Haruka smirked at the Decepticon's arrogance, "Why don't I show you?"

She reacched into her pocket and pulled out her henshin stick and raised it into the air.

"Uranus Star Power!"

Haruka was engulfed in a blast of light that surprised all the Transformers there. Michelle just smiled at what was happening. When the light faded, Haruka was donned in a fuku outfit with a tiara on her head.

"What the-?" Demolisher gaped.

"Listen up Decepticon!" Sailor Uranus shouted. " I am Sailor Uranus! A warrior of truth and justice, and in the name of the planet Uranus you will be punished!"

The three Transformers all had various thoughts about what they had just witnessed. A human transformer was something that none of them had ever thought possible but the proof was right in front of them.

'Nice tactic,' Scavenger smirked. 'Make them underestimate you.'

"Was all that really necessary?" Jetfire whispered to Michelle.

Demolisher was having a slightly different reaction to what he was looking at. He had doubted the load of scrap that Thrust and the others had been spouting but they must have been telling the truth after all.

"A Sailor Scout," Demolisher growled. "I guess those guys weren't blowing smoke after all. There really are human transformers!"

"Well, Optimus always said humans were full of surprises," Scavenger grinned. "Just didn't know just how surprising they really were."

Demolisher growled again at his situation. He quickly transformed his arms so that he could use all his weapons to bear. He had no idea what he was up against after all.

"I won't get my can kicked like them!" he bellowed. "I'm taking you down Sailor Scout!"

He opened fire on all his enemies without mercy. The bolts tore through the air towards the scout-Autobot team. Scavenger tried his best to dodge, but Uranus had an easier time dodgingsince the attacks were made for larger opponents. Jetfire just made sure that he ws in a position to protect Michelle until she either transformerd on her own or get away. At least, Jetfire assumed that Michelle could transform. One stray shot from Demolisher's artillery streaked between Jetfire's legs and almost hit Michelle. It just grazed her arm, causing her to drop the plate.

"Nggh!" Michelle whimpered as she dropped to her knees. She wasn't used to being attacked like that outside of her Sailor Scout uniform.

"Michelle!" Uranus shouted urgently.

"I'm fine!" Michelle shouted back, checking her arm to see a burn and a hole in her shirt. "Just a scratch!"

Michelle looked to the ground and quickly grasped the plate. It didn't seem to be damaged in the fall. She let her hand touch the surface and she let it travel over the alien object in search of cracks. As her palm landed on the 'M' symbol, the entire plate began to glow brightly. Michelle couldn't help but gasp in surprise at the reaction.

Demolisher saw the growing light which signaled a Minicon's activation, and began getting desperate. He quickly changed his arms back and charged at the light.

"The Mini-con is mine!" he raored.

"Don't think so!" was Scavenger's reply.

That was all Demolisher heard before getting slammed by a mass of green metal and knocked to the ground. The two of the struggled with each other. Demolisher was a pretty strong Decepticon, even if he wasn't that smart. Scavenger was a lot more skilled though. He had even taught Optimus Prime how to fight.

"Uranus! Haruka! Whoever you are!" Scavenger called. "You and Jetfire check on Michelle!"

Sailor Uranus nodded and raced over to her lover whom Jetfire was already with. What she found was somewhat surprising.

Michelle was still on her knees, but she was with a new Mini-con. It's chest and head were both black. The face was protected by a faceguard but a pair of eyes that matched Michelle's hair. It's arms, legs, and back were the same colour as Michelle's fuku skirt.

The child-sized robot was apparently talking to Michelle. As Uranus came closer, the robt seemed to notice her. It seemed to instantly like her as it started beeping to her as she came closer.

"What is it saying?" Uranus asked in confusion to what the Mini-con had just said.

Michelle looked at Uranus in confusion, "Haruka, he just said hello and told you his name. Can't you understand him?"

"Not a word," Uranus replied. "It's all beeps to me."

"Well, his name is Groundstar," Michelle introduced. "Groundstar, this is Haruka, but she's Sailor Uranus right now."

Groundstar nodded befor ebeeping again to Haruka. Intoductions were halted howeveer when Scavenger's body could be seen thrown away from Demolisher. The angry Decpticon stood up again with his weapons charging for another round of blasts. Michelle frowned as shestood up and gently put Groundstar behind her.

"I've had enough!" she frowned. "Neptune Star Power!"

Michelle was engulfed in her own spher of light and came out in an aqua colored outfit similar to Haruka's deep blue one.

"Let me guess," Jetfire smirked. "Sailor Neptune?"

Sailor Neptune only answered with a nod. Her attention was on Demolisher. She wasn't about to take her eyes of a foe like the Decepticon.

"Wah?!" Demolisher gasped. "Anothr one?!"

The lone Decepticon checked his surroundings and figurd that against two Autobots and now two Sailor Scouts weere probably bot in his best interests. Faced with abysmal odds like that, he did the only thing that he knew he could do.

"Tidal Wave!"

He called for help.

"Tidal Wave!?" Scavenger and Jetfire gasped

The words seemed to unneerve the two Autobots for some reason.

"Tidal Wave?" Uranus and Neptune asked each other.

Any further qustions were halted when a large crash could be heard out at sea. When the two Scouts turnd their attentions out to sea, their jaws dropped at the sight. A gigantic, hulking green robot could be seen slowly making it's way towards the shore.

"Do not tell me that's a Decpticon!" Uranus shouted to Jetfire.

"Then I'd be lying to ya," Jetfire replied. "Tidal Wave is one of the biggest Decpticons out there."

Tidal Wave continued his trek towards the shore until the water came up to his waist. The incredibly large Decepticon turned his gaze to Demolisher as he came to a stop.

"Tidal Wave find Mini-con," his deep voice rumbled.

"What are you talking about?!" Dmolishr shouted. "I found the Mini-con! It's right over there!"

Demolisher pointed over at Sailor Mercury whose legs that Groundstar was hiding behind. Tidal Wave peered at them for a moment before turning back to Demolisher.

"Tidal Wave found Mini-con," he insisted. "Look."

The giant Decepticon raised his left arm and in his hand, between his finger and thumb was a small green panel.

"Oh no," Jetfire breathed. Scavenger just thought that his energon processer stopped working for a moment. Tidal Wave was a fortress with enough firepower to match. Him with a Mini-con was something that neither Autobot wanted to think about.

Tidal Wave let the panle fall into his palm as it began to glow, signalling an activation. The light dimmed before a new Mini-con could be seen scrambling onto the edge of Tidal Wave's hand. It's arms, lgs, and head were bright orannge while the rest matched Tidal Wave's shade of green. The look in Tidal Wave's eyes told of his satisfaction of finding a Mini-con.

"Ramjet," Tidal Wave spoke with a smile in his voice.

"Tidal Wave!" Demolisher roared. "Destroy those guys and you'll get two!"

Tidal Wave nodded before he used his chest cannonsto unleash a barrage of laserfire that made Demolisher's attack look likee nothing.

"Look out!" Jetfire shouted loudly.

The laser fire felll likee rain all around the four targets. Scavnger and Jetfire began dodging again. Uranus was having a hardr time dodging the bolts. These ones were more quantity rathr than quality. Groundstar was beeping to Neptune who was refusing to leave said Mini-con alone in the barrage. Groundstar was actually trying to get her to move and not worry about him.

"I'll be fine," Neptune reassured in a motherly way that she usually used with Hotaru. "We won't let thm get you."

Uranus just barely dodgd yet anothr shot, "How are we supposed to stop him?!" she shouted to Jetfire.

"It isn't easy," Jetfire replied as he tried to return fire. "The guy's built like a fortress but he's not that smart. Getting him to goof up should be easy."

Uranus nodded as Naptune pulled Groundstar out of th path of another shot, "I think it's time to end this." she said with a frown.

Dashing forward, Neptunee summond hr talisman. As a fresh barrage of laser fire came from Tidal Wave, she activatd it.

"Neptune Submarine Reflction!" she called to activate her attack.

Tidal Wave was, needless to say, shocked as the barrage he just fird came right back at him. The bolts collided with his body but he used his free arm to shield his face. Ramject took cover behind one of Tidal Wave's fingers. The amount of damage Tidal Wave took left him stunned.

"Groah," he groaned as his systems began to go down for self-repairs.

Demolisher was left gaping at the display. He hadn't seen Tidal Wave hit like this since he came to Earth in the first place. What he knew at the moment was that if he didn't get that Mini-con, Megatron was going to scrap him for it. Jetfire and Scavenger were finding themselves feeling optimistic for the battle.

"I think this fight just hit a whole new level," Jetfire smirked.

To Be Continued

A/N: There. At long last this story is updated. The Outers are in th mix and taking on Demolisher and Tidal Wave. Oh yes. Tidal Wave is not down for the count yet. Just wait until he powerlinks. Mu ha ha ha!