"Emma!" Manny screamed through the house. "Are you here?"

With a groan, Emma rolled away from Peter and sat up on her bed. Manny was supposed to be out with Jack and Angela all day while her parents were out so she and Peter could have some privacy. But as usual, Manny wasn't sticking to the plan.

"I thought she was going to gone all day?" Peter asked.

"So did I," Emma said and got up to go see what Manny wanted before she headed down the stairs.

She found her in the kitchen, clutching a newspaper like a drowning man with a raft. She was flushed and panting, as if she had run the entire way there.

"What is going on? In case you forgot, I'm a little busy at the moment." Emma said, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance.

"This," Manny declared with a dramatic flourish of her newspaper, "is what's going on." She tossed the paper onto the table and Emma looked down at it in disinterest.

"Manny, it's the sports section."

"I know." she said. "Look at the headline."

Emma scanned the top of the page and read it aloud. "National Drag Race Finals to be Held in Toronto. So?"

"Look at the drivers." she insisted, picking the paper up and holding it under Emma's nose.

"Unless there's a famous actor or something racing I'm really not interested. In fact, I still wouldn't be interested. And where are the kids?" Emma stated with an accusing glance.

"With Joey." Manny admitted sheepishly.

"Manny. The whole reason I was going to watch Angie was so Joey could be with Diane."

"She had to go into work." Manny said in defense. "But stop changing the subject. This," she waved the paper again, "is important."

"What is so important about a bunch of race car drivers that it couldn't wait until tonight?" Emma finally asked.

"They're already in town." Manny said cryptically.

"Am I supposed to understand that?" Emma asked in exasperation.

"Just read the names." Manny insisted.

With a disgruntle sigh, Emma took the paper and began reading names off. "Luke Tyson, Vancouver. Noah Reed, Halifax. Tyler Randall, Montreal. S..." she stopped, swallowing hard.

"Sean Cameron, Wasaga Beach." Manny finished, taking the paper from her and laying it back on the table. "He's back."