Title: Sands of Time

Author: Mirenithil/Lily

Rating: T

Genre: General, Drama

Warnings: Alternate Universe!

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Notes: The title and parts of the story were inspired by "Sands of Time", a song by Edguy.

Disclaimer: Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Characters, names, etc. that deal with Star Wars are subject to the copyright of Lucasfilm, LucasArts and other bailees. This story has been written for the fun of it; I do not follow financial purposes.

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After being attacked by Dark Jedi, Luke Skywalker and Corran Horn encounter an anomaly of the Force – and suddenly the Old Jedi Order isn't an untouchable mystery any longer…

"Sands of Time"

The first month

Chapter One: Quiet before the storm

Coruscant, Jedi Temple, Council Chambers

Coruscant, early in the morning.

Jacen Solo looked around attentively and studied the faces of the six other Jedi-Masters that were seated in the room. All of them were deeply lost in thoughts and meditations. During the years he had learned to read even in the most expressionless face and he did not need the Force to assume that this Council Meeting would last endlessly.

/Do you hope to cope with your boredom by means of meditation/ an amused voice inside his head asked before he actually thought of meditating. Jacen flinched inwardly and looked to the left out of the corners of his eyes, to the person who sat there, not exactly knowing what to think of this question.

/I'm not bored, Master/ he finally sent back. /I made my decision and I'm tired of waiting, that's all./

/Of course you are/ came a serene answer. /But that isn't a good situation to explore the Force, Jacen. Patience./

Although the voice did not sound reprimanding, the younger Master lowered his head slightly. Nevertheless, he noticed that the intense ice-blue eyes glinted amusedly.

/Of course, Sir/ Jacen replied.

/Oh, it's not that natural, my precious nephew, it's not that natural. Don't think I forgot my first years as a Jedi Knight. And don't remind me of the time prior to my training./

Jacen surpressed a grin.

/But still/ the voice continued, a little more serious /patience shouldn't be a problem for you, Jacen. You are a Jedi-Master. Council's Master actually./

/Of course, Sir/ Jacen repeated and closed his eyes. /I've learned patience. But for the last few days, I haven't been able to find peace in the Force… it isn't a disturbance, but… something strange, like the quiet before the storm./

He felt agreement through the bond he shared with his uncle.

/I noticed it, too/ pensive words followed.

Jacen silently sighed in relief.

/I already feared I imagined it/ he confessed.

/Jacen, even when I don't notice a change in the Force the same way you do, it doesn't mean that there isn't a change at all./

/I planned to notify you at the end of this session, but it saves explanations that you feel it, too, Master. I already meditated on this matter without finding a solution/ he quickly explained.

/I didn't find one, either, but I have an assumption. Before you ask – don't be angry with me for not telling you about it right now. I have to do some research. If you receive new premonitions on this matter, inform me immediately/ he was instructed.

/As you wish./

Jacen sensed that his uncle mentally shoved the topic aside and concentrated on the ongoing Council Meeting. The Masters had been meditating for hours – it was time to come to an agreement.

"The situation requires carefully planned action", Master Skywalker's voice broke the silence. The Jedi came to attention. They shifted in their armchairs; the Force pulsated strongly in the room but the vibrations lessened more and more.

"Our decision has to be made today."


Coruscant, early in the morning – again.

"Our decision has to be made today – it almost worked, Master", Jacen yawned a full day cycle later, stood up and stretched. The armchairs were comfortable, no doubt, but not comfortable enough to live in them permanently.

The Council Chambers were nearly empty – four Masters had already gone home, the holograms of five other Council Members that were currently on different missions had disappeared. To Jacen's left, Master Skywalker still sat in his chair without showing the slightest sign of tiredness. His wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, walked around in the chambers hoping to the regain control over her legs.

"You will set up the meeting for two days at least the next time, Jacen" she said in a menacing tone that did not leave room for resistance. "Otherwise, I certainly won't be the only one to reconsider your position as Council's Master."

Master Skywalker chuckled softly, ignoring his wife's glare.

"Jacen will stay our Council's Master. He does his work very well", he stated.

The praised one blushed. "Thank you, Master", he murmured while bowing slightly. His uncle smiled and overlooked his nephew's embarrassment generously.

"You'll have a meeting with your former Padawan in the training rooms soon, won't you?", he asked and raised an eyebrow as Jacen had to suppress a sigh.

"Yes, sir", he replied, bowed again and left the Council Chambers while massaging his sore neck and thinking about ways to survive hand-to-hand combat unharmed.

"You're really sadistic, aren't you?", Mara Jade asked and reluctantly sat down in her chair left to her husband's after the doors of the turbolift had closed behind the young Master.

"Why do you think so?", Luke asked, mildly surprised.

"You're sending Jacen to a training session after a twenty-four hours Council Meeting – which won't be the last one, because you're still refusing to give the position of the Council's Master to someone else", she explained, grinning.

Luke smiled back. "He can stand it. Just as we will stand further Council Meetings, Jade."

"It's not as if we actually had a choice", she wryly commented while the two of them rose and left the chambers. The broad corridor that led to the lifts was flooded by the morning sunlight. Mara Jade found she was smiling; a glimpse to the side showed her that Luke, too, relished the sight of a shining golden Coruscant and drew strength and calmness out of the peaceful scenery.

To be continued…

Chapter Two: Research

Be careful when searching for answers. You might find yourself in strange places, still clueless.