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sofyen: As always, many thanks for your review, I really appreciate it… and I'm sorry for the past and upcoming delays :(

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I've put this off for as long as possible, but since the number of favourites and alerts on this story has risen drastically as of late, I don't really have much of a choice anymore. I don't like doing this, because I know that, as a reader, nothing is more frustrating than unfinished stories, but here goes: The story is officially on hiatus.

It's not dead, by any means. I've recently re-read the first few chapters and come to the decision that I need to re-work the story from the very beginning – this is not about typos and grammar, but about plot holes, stylistic, logical and chronological issues, characterisations… you get the idea. The story is already written up to chapter 31 (in German), but I feel I cannot really continue when I'm not satisfied with what I already have. I have re-written one and a half chapters… so far it looks good and I enjoy the results.

The downside is that it will take a while, especially because the chapters are getting much longer, courtesy of added details and descriptions. First I will write the chapters up to number 14 in German, then translate them into English, finally continue re-writing the German chapters have left. That's not counting the time needed for proof-reading. It will take time, but hopefully it'll be worth the result. I'm still seriously in love with the story and have no intention of giving it up anytime soon.

The next time the story is updated it will contain the re-worked chapters, so if you want to comment on the story and want me to answer in the meanwhile, please leave me contact information (signed reviews, mail, icq, msn).

Many thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed the story until now – I hope you'll still be with me in the future.