Going the distance

Sort - Sandle

"Greg if you don't get your elbow out of my side, my fist is going to end up in your face" I growled as I pushed him away from me again. "Sit still for god's sake" I scold, sure I sound like SIDLE gone piss-y but I couldn't care less. This guy was doing my head in – the heat I could handle, just. Grissom's choice of not so great music, I was doing my best to stay calm at. – But Greg moving around, all elbows and legs hitting off me –it was pushing me too far.

We'd been in this god damn car for over three hours straight now on the same stretch of high way with the same scenery – DESERT. I wasn't the only one of the team starting to lose it Catherine was getting irritable up front where she was sat with Grissom, Warrick and Nick behind them were starting to grumble and myself and Greg in the back seats of the mini bus were near on starting world war three.

This may very well be the worst way I could think of to spend a nice day like today – the sun shining, the sky blue and the most likely most annoying CSI in the country at my side. "Greg!" I growl again as he moves trying to get more space. To make all this worse the prior night I'd become a lot closer with Greg than any of the team knew – we'd gone out for drinks and I soon found my self with five empty bottles stacked on the table and more than a little confident in my actions – not long after I was pinned to the back of the Denali door with Greg pressed against me. I'm sure that meant we had a thing going on; only I'm not sure what that thing is – it's definitely something though.

"Sorry" He mumbled, "I'm hot" He explained. I rolled my eyes, and moved my hand to rest on my open window, then I hared him speak, not to me but to the rest of the mini bus – "Guys, we need to pull over…soon" he explained.

Best thing I've hared all day – "Yeah Griss – can we stop at the next service?" I see him roll his eyes as if the kids in the back are playing up but I couldn't care less – there is only so much I can take. He mumbles something I take it as a yes before looking back out across the landscape. The car fills with the sound of voices- Nick and Warrick talking about the game last night and Catherine and Grissom talking about something work related –

I knew what was coming. It took him only a few minuets to pull up the courage –

"Sar…we going to talk about last night" He mumbled.

I turn and look at him; he looked a little lost – "What about it?" I ask.

"Well you jumped me in the parking lot of the bar…"

Wow, what? Wait a sec…

"I jumped you?" I growled lowly, so the rest of the car didn't hear- "You are kidding me right?"

"Hey I was all irresistible in that black shirt and that smile" He growled.

"Greg you pinned me against the car…it was like attack of the CSI out there" I had a smile on my lips, as I looked back out of the window.

I felt Greg move closer and whisper, "I was irresistible right?"

I shrugged my shoulders – and moved my elbow so that it connected with his ribs.

Yeah, he was irresistible and he knew it.

"I was drunk" I scowled, my back to him a smirk on my lips.

Like I said I had no idea what this was between us but – it was something.