What we were, What we Are

He was cooking pasta, and expertly too, and grinned at her when she entered the small kitchen.
"Boy what a day I've had!" She sighed, and he held up a spoonful of mince and pasta allowing her a taste.
"That tastes gorgeous. What's all this in aid of Doctor?" She asked, already knowing the answer. It was time for him to leave and he was softening the blow. The past few weeks, whilst hellish and emotionally upsetting, had also been the best of her life. Two whole weeks of coming home to him, of curling up with him - of going to bed with him.
"Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight Rose. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?" He answered softly, and poured the wine.
Rose nodded, trying to ignore the slight queasiness in her stomach. Suddenly she didn't feel as hungry as she had before.

So much had happened to them, she had changed since he left her behind - been forced to leave her behind her mind corrected - and so had he. How much had he seen and done without her beside him?
So many dead in the wake of the Oncoming Storm, both in this Universe and his - but oddly enough this new Rose she had become, could accept it - could use it to her advantage. Maybe her mum had been right when she'd said she was becoming him. And maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. Settling back in each other's company, Rose felt her mind drifting over the past two weeks...


Liz Angua had been shot in the Comms Bay - but the wound hadn't been fatal. She was now recovering in the medical ward with a vigilent Mickey by her side. Rose was happy for the pair of them, although she felt sad as if she were losing a private connection with Mickey.
Lt Fallen had been made a Captain in light of his bravery, and was now building the new Alien Defence Forces - dedicated to protecting Earth and her allies. He had his work cut out for him, and Rose had no doubt she'd see alot of the Lie - Captain over the next couple of days.
Of Romana, the Doctor's night time visitor, there was no sign. Reports indicated she had never returned to Gallifrey and she was listed as missing, possibly deceased at the hands of the Daleks or other aliens. A search had been initiated but there was no real hope held out. She could be anywhere, any time.
The Doctor had handed over his Presidency (a little hurriedly in Rose's opinon) to Tobian, who had accepted with pride, vowing to rebuild his people thanks to the second change granted to them. Trade relations had opened up with other alien species now that Earth had become famous - the planet who destroyed the Daleks.
Engineer Tim Pond and Pilot Ness had recieved medals - accepted by Lt - Captain Fallen and Engineer Charlie ... something - she couldn't remember his surname. The ceremony for the fallen had lasted over three hours, a dedication being made in their memory. Their sacrifices would not be forgotten. The highest scientific accolade had gone to Jacob Hammond, who had saved the Doctor's life and given him time to launch the Hand of Rassilon.
So much had happened in the space of a few hours... still, that was what life was when you grounded the lightning reflected Rose. When you faced an oncoming storm.
She turned to find him smiling gently at her, and her tiredness rushed away. Pressing her lips to his, she let him gather her up into his arms and carry her to the bedroom - the food left untouched on the plates.
A different hunger, a different need awaited them.
They spent the night together, enjoying each other's company and love.


The next day dawned too quickly for Rose Tyler, and when she woke he was already up - dressed in the same striped suit, the same uncoordinated sneakers on his feet, and with a pair of glasses perched on his nose,
Together they watched Harriet Jones announcing a special anniversary day to be held each day in order to remember the battle of the worlds.
"Yes.. it was that wasn't it." Commented Rose.
The Doctor nodded, unmoving - not looking at her - unable to look at her.
"Rose... I know I didn't say it before.. I was cut off.." He started.
"Don't. Don't say it now." She begged him, a lump rising in her throat.
"What? Why not?" He asked, confusion in his eyes.
"Because you're leaving today. I know you are." She said, her voice hitching ever so slightly.
"Come with me?" He said, extending his hand.
"Nothing I want more." She said, but didn't take his hand. His smile dropped.
"They need a Doctor to look out for them. They're other things out there besides Daleks. You and I know that. And you don't exist here"
"Yes I do." He said, simply, and then chuckled.
"What?" She asked, curious.
"My Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth. My Doctor." He said and in that moment he was very proud, so very very proud of her.
"Doctor I..." She wanted to reach out to him, to hug him to keep him close to her forever and never, ever let go.
"Don't say goodbye. Theres still a way to get to you, I'll visit. You'll visit me. We'll visit each other." He said, his hearts breaking.Both knew he wouldn't. It would hurt too much.
"But I, We... "
"Close your eyes, Rose Tyler. Close them tight." He ordered softly.
She obeyed, and for a brief instant felt his lips brush her cheek.
When she opened her eyes again, he was gone and she was alone.
No.. never alone. Not ever again.
Her hand went to her stomach reverently. Maybe she should have told him.


The sound of the TARDIS dematerialising hit her ears and Rose Tyler knew he was gone. She went into the living area and sat down, numbly. She didn't move from that spot for a long, long time.
In his TARDIS, the Doctor too set coordinates for the CVE - knowing it was the right thing to do, knowing she was doing the right thing too - but it didn't help. It still hurt so very very badly.
But there was no way around it. And if he was honest and she was honest about it, there never had been had there?
He was still thinking of her as he entered the CVE. After all who could forget Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth? Not him. Never. Never Ever.


The Author of this story turns around at this point and lets out a brilliant dazzling smile to the Readers of this tale.
"Don't worry so. He'll be back. You can trust me on this"
And so saying this story finally concludes.



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