Dedicated to rusalkaz

Kakei listened to the almost silence and shared a secret smile with Yuuko, sitting across from him. He'd heard from her how Doumeki Shizuka could not enter her shop, how only those who needed it could. Did he need her shop, now that he was currently sitting in her living room? But he wasn't worried. He'd never know if Saiga would be allowed in, since his lover wouldn't go within three miles of the shop, let alone enter it.

"Still, I am envious of you, Yuuko-san. You get to have all the fun," he teased, mock-pouting.

Yuuko laughed heartily and clinked her glass of sake with Mokona. "Of course! It's one of the perks of my job as the all-knowing Dimensional Witch."

They must have listened to the tape recording of the night when all the boys made up about five times now and it still didn't stop his heart from melting every time when he listened to it. Even if it was just a recording, somehow it managed to capture the emotions of his employees so well that he sighed in longing, remembering the younger days when he wasn't the manager of the store and he and Saiga had just met.

"Did you know they would fight that night, Kakei?"

He looked up. He had never actually told Yuuko about his power to see the future, but somehow, she had always known anyway, so there really was no point in denying it. Perhaps that was why he was already prepared for most things.


"Did you know I would be going?"

"Of course not, you know that Yuuko-san. Whenever it comes to you or someone as powerful as you, my ability is nowhere near strong enough to see the future of that."

There was companionable silence for a bit and Kakei reflected on the last week. First, the whole fiasco with the evil house, then the mess between the boys' relationships. He was tired and wanted a vacation after all the fretting he'd done. But since he was the manager, he rarely actually got what he wanted.

"Do you think they're actually…"

Yuuko knew what he was asking somehow when he trailed off. "Do I think they're having sex?" She laughed and drained her sake cup. "Don't know, really. I expect Watanuki is probably just cuddling with Doumeki-kun. I think it will take awhile before my little employee will get to the physical stage, and hardly with Kudou-kun and Himura-kun in the same apartment as him. What about your employees?"

Kakei smiled in a paternal fashion. "I don't know, honestly. Whether or not they do is probably going to be entirely up to Rikuou. I don't think Kazahaya has that much courage."

"You haven't seen that far?"

"I haven't tried," he gently rebuffed her. "I don't use my powers to peep on intimate situations."

"What fun is that?" she teased and they shared a laugh together. They'd been friends for some years now and it never ceased to amaze him how much fun things could get when she was around. It was just her very nature to attract chaos and that chaos, a lot of the time, ended up with very strange endings.

"I've always been meaning to ask you…do you have any idea why Saiga doesn't seem to like you?"

"That's an easy question," came the reply promptly. "He dislikes me for several reasons. The first, he's afraid I might steal you from him, even if that's an irrational fear. Secondly, he's wary of my powers. Thirdly, he doesn't like who my ex-boyfriend used to be."

"Ex-boyfriend?" he asked curiously. "Who was it?"

She grimaced. "Clow Reed."

"You mean…him?"

"I'm not surprised even you know of him. Anyone with any kind of power of any true age knows of him. Annoying, famous, busybody was what he was. Always lecturing me about how I shouldn't be so cold in my business."

"So why did you date him?"

A soft smile touched her lips. "Despite all that, he really was a good guy at heart, so I guess that's why. Sometimes I thought that he let me see a side of him no one else saw, even his guardians. But perhaps that was just my wishful thinking."

Kakei sipped his sake, watching bemusedly as Mokona poured himself and Yuuko another glass. He was still on his first, as Saiga would literally kill him if he came home drunk. The subject of Yuuko's past was always a touchy thing, so he didn't ask any more about it.

"So, Kakei…"


"Did you want to buy some of those pictures?"