Summary: Sixteen-year-old Uzumaki Naruto has a split personality which he calls, Kyuubi. When Kyuubi emerges he is very destructive, and uncontrollable. Because of this Naruto is sent to the Konoha Mental Hospital. During his stay there, Naruto seems to have caught the eye of the aloof sociopath, Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto really begins to panic when Sasuke starts stalking him, to the point where Sasuke even sneaks into his room at night. Why won't Kyuubi help him, and will Naruto ever be at peace?

Chapter One:

There was no noise in the halls or building except for the occasional clicking of heals worn by the nurses. The hallway walls were bleak and stark white, and the smell of the place wasn't very good either. A long desk was placed in the lobby, behind it was a young, brown haired man in his early twenties. He was sitting behind the desk looking through some papers, and every once in a while he would scribble something down on a piece of paper.

The entrance doors opened causing the brown haired man to look up. A voluptuous, blonde women walked into the lobby. Her gold eyes searched the room, and landed on the front desk. As she walked up to the desk, a young boy that was standing behind her followed, clinging onto the women's green jacket.

"Good afternoon Iruka. How're you?" The lady ask, as she greeted her old student from college.

"I'm doing fine Tsunade-sensei." Iruka replied. He saw movement from behind Tsunade, "That must be Naruto-kun." He guessed.

Tsunade nodded, "He gets nervous when he goes into someplace new. He can't really feel safe unless Kyuubi says it's safe." She informed Iruka.

Iruka nodded, and walked out from behind the desk to greet Naruto. He bent over once he was in front of Naruto, "Hi Naruto-kun. I'm Iruka." He introduced himself, holding out a hand for Naruto to shake.

Naruto eyed the outstretched hand warily, and then bent over to sniff it. After a few minutes, Naruto finally spoke up, "Kyuubi says you're okay."

Iruka smiled, "Can you tell Kyuubi I'm grateful he accepted me?"

Naruto looked up at Iruka then nodded. He closed his eyes for a second, and then opened them back up. "Kyuubi says 'you're welcome', but he would like to be referred as 'Kyuubi-sama'." Naruto said quietly.

"Of course." Iruka smiled down at Naruto. "Now Naruto-kun, we should get you set up in a room." Iruka added.

"I'll bring his things tomorrow." Tsunade said. "Naruto, I have to go now. Be good, and try to keep Kyuubi at bay." She added, hugging Naruto. She waved goodbye before she walked out of the entrance doors.

Naruto watched her leave, and began to panic. Iruka took quick notice of this so he gave Naruto a hug. "Don't worry Naruto-kun, Tsunade-sensei will visit you, and write you letters." This seemed to have relaxed Naruto a bit. "Now I'll show you toward your room." Iruka said, taking Naruto's hand and leading him down a hallway.

During their walk Iruka began to explain things to Naruto. "This hallway we're walking down leads to the living room. In the living room you can play cards, or watch TV." The two walked into the living room; no one was in there right now. "It's lunch time now." Iruka said. Naruto nodded his head in response.

"Speaking of lunch, all meals will be eaten in the cafeteria, unless you're in seclusion." Iruka explained. "I, or another nurse will come get you when it's time to eat. The door to the cafeteria is right there." He said, pointing to the door located down a hallway to the right of the living room.

Taking the left hallway, Iruka continued explaining things to Naruto. "This is the girls' dormitory." They took another left, "And this is the activity area which separates the boys' and girls' dormitories." They walked down the corridor, and Iruka pointed to each door on the way explaining what each room was. "This is the band room, it gives the kids something to do. This is a small library where you can come if you want to read, but no books can leave this room." They approached the last door, "This is the art room where you can draw, paint, or build with clay. Art classes are held three days a week, and you'll be with other people." Iruka said.

"I love to draw!" Naruto exclaimed, smiling brightly. His blue eyes light up with excitement.

Iruka smiled warmly at Naruto, "That's great Naruto-kun. What do you like to draw?" He asked.

Naruto beamed, "I love to draw foxes, and people. You wanna know what I'm gone draw once I have art?" Naruto asked excitedly.

Iruka chuckled, "What?" He asked pleasantly. Iruka was glad he was getting somewhere with Naruto.

"I'm gonna draw you!" Naruto answered. He was almost jumping up and down with excitement.

Iruka laughed, "Really? I'm flattered Naruto-kun." He said, still smiling at Naruto. "I can't wait to see it." Iruka added. Naruto beamed at Iruka, and Iruka took him down the boys' corridor. They came to a stop at the last door to in the hallway.

"This will be your room Naruto-kun." Iruka said. He opened the door to the small room. There was one window in the room, with bars covering it. There were two beds: One was neatly made, and obviously not used. While the other bed's covers were shred, and thrown all over the bed.

"You'll have a roommate Naruto. If you want I'll wait with you so you won't be alone." Iruka suggested.

Naruto nodded, inching closer to Iruka. Iruka sat down on Naruto's bed, and Naruto sat next to him. "There are still some things I need to explain to you Naruto." Iruka said. Naruto looked up at Iruka.

"Every Saturday, the patients are allowed outside for a walk. However, going outside is privilege, not a right. You have to be good in order to go outside." Naruto nodded his head in understanding.

Iruka ruffled Naruto's blond, spiky hair, "Upstairs is off limits Naruto. Don't go up there. Upstairs if where you go if you are really bad. Okay?" Naruto nodded his head again.

"I'll be very good. Just for you Iruka-nii-chan!" Naruto smiled and hugged Iruka around the waist.

Iruka smiled and hugged the boy back, but his head perked up when he heard a thunder of footsteps. "Looks like everyone is done eating." He said. Naruto's eyes widen, and his hold around Iruka's waist tightened.

The room door flew open, causing Naruto to squeak. Iruka patted the boy's head in reassurance. A teenage boy walked into the room. He had shaggy brown hair, on his face were two upside down triangles, and when he noticed Iruka he smiled showing off his canine like teeth.

"Doctor Iruka! What a surprise!" The boy laughed, and his gaze fell on Naruto. "Who's the new kid? "He asked jumping onto his torn up bed.

"Good afternoon Kiba. This is Naruto, he'll be your new roommate." Iruka said pleasantly. Iruka looked down at Naruto, "Naruto this is Kiba."

Kiba walked over to Naruto's side of the room, and sniffed. "You seem alright." He said. Kiba looked over at Iruka, "Why is he in here?" He asked.

Iruka sighed, "He's like Gaara." He informed. Kiba nodded in response, and Naruto still hugged Iruka's waist tightly. "Hold out your hand to Naruto, Kiba." Iruka ordered.

Kiba did as told, and Naruto moved a little so he could sniff Kiba's hand. Naruto conversed with Kyuubi for a few minutes, "Kyuubi says you reek of dog. But he can begin to trust you, and he wants you to address him as Kyuubi-sama if you talk about him." Naruto said.

Kiba nodded. He knew better then to mess with a split personality. They could be real scary, take Gaara for an example. Iruka smiled softly at the two, and was glad nothing bad happened. Kiba was reckless, and wild. Plus, Iruka hasn't seen Kyuubi come out yet, and didn't know how destructive Kyuubi was.

Iruka looked down at his watch, "Well, I have to go now. Kiba show Naruto where to go and what to do." Iruka walked to the door. "I'll see you later Naruto. Kiba," Iruka started, "if Naruo wants to see me, show him where my office is."

Kiba mock saluted Iruka as he left, and then turned to Naruto. "Okay Naruto, I'll show you the ropes now." Kiba grinned. He noticed that Naruto was grasping the sheets of the bed so tightly that his knuckles turned white. "Hey! Hey! Calm down Naru-chan. I ain't gonna hurt you. I'm gonna help you get adjusted." Naruto relaxed a bit. "Don't worry, I'll protect you. If you feel uncomfortable around anyone just tell me. Okay?" Kiba asked.

Naruto gave Kiba a small smile, and nodded. Kiba grinned a toothy grin, and jumped back onto his worn bed. "Well, Naru-chan, we have a fifteen minute quiet time after lunch, and we have about seven minutes left. I guess I'll explain things Iruka didn't." Kiba said.

"Firstly, once this quiet time is over we go out into the living room. Secondly, we are given pills to take. Though, I have no clue why, because they don't help us get better or anything. However, you should just take them, because once you pop the pills into your mouth, they make you lift up your tongue to see if you actually swallowed them."

Naruto looked at Kiba, "Why do they give pills that don't work?" He asked quietly.

Kiba sighed, "I think that the pills might make us settle down so we don't get rowdy." He explained. "Thirdly, If you don't take the pills, they put you in seclusion and force you to take them."

"What's seclusion?" Naruto asked.

"Seclusion is the area upstairs. They put you in a all white room, and make you sit there for one whole day, or longer. These doctors have no brains. Only Iruka disagrees with the seclusion chamber. He says that it will make the patient really go insane. And I believe him." Kiba said.

He continued, "Next, we all just chill in the living room. Occasionally, some of the other patients leave for their therapy sessions." Kiba informed. "Then around five O'clock we go to dinner. We're there for about an hour and then we get more pills. Then we just hang out in the living room until we have to go back to our rooms. They turn out the lights at nine-thirty, and during the night they have regular room checks."

Naruto nodded taking in all of the information. Naruto turned his head towards the door when he heard footsteps. Kiba looked up from his curled position on his bed, "Looks like it's time to go. C'mon Naruto." He said, jumping up and walking towards the door.

Naruto shyly followed after Kiba, and grasped Kibas's arm. Kiba patted Naruto on the head, and lead him to the living room. They neared the living area, and Naruto could hear small voices of the other patients. As they walked onto the carpeted area, Kiba let out a sharp howl. It caused everyone to look his way. One girl who was sitting on the floor next to the armchair jumped at the noise.

Another girl, with long pale blonde hair, looked at Kiba. "Kiba don't howl, you're scaring Hinata." She scolded.

Kiba made a whining noise like a dog, and crawled across the floor towards the jumpy girl: Hinata. He nuzzled her shoulder in an apology. She gave him a small, shy smile and patted his head. Kiba curled up next to her, and raised his head. "Hey guys, that boy there," he pointed at Naruto who stood deadly still, "is Naruto. Naruto this is everybody." Kiba introduced, still grinning.

"Kiba, be proper!" The blonde hair girl scolded him again. She turned to Naruto, and smiled sweetly at him, "Hello Naruto. I'm Ino." She said, and gestured for him to sit next to her.

Naruto slowly sat down next to Ino, but before he sat completely down he sniffed her hair. Once he sat down he said, "Kyuubi thinks you smell good." Ino blushed at the comment, but looked confused at the name Kyuubi.

"He's like Gaara." Kiba suddenly said. Everyone nodded in understanding. "However, if you talk about Kyuubi-sama, make sure you add the 'sama'." Kiba added. Everyone nodded again.

Ino looked at Naruto, "Here I'll introduce everyone." She pointed to the guy sitting in the armchair, "That's Shino, he doesn't talk much, but he's okay." You couldn't tell if Shino was looking at Naruto, because he wore sunglasses. Ino pointed to the girl next to Kiba, "That's Hinata. She's shy, and gets frightened at nearly everything, so try not to do anything loud, or surprising around her. This bum," Ino continued, slapping the leg of the boy who was currently dozing on the couch, "is Shikamau. He has a dysfunctional perception of reality. That just basically means he likes daydreaming a lot."

Naruto greeted everyone of them with a smile, and slightly sniffed the air around the person. Ino pointed to another person, a girl, who sat in front of the TV. "That's Tenten. She has an eating disorder, as do I, and she likes sharp and pointy objects." Ino seemed to be pretty proud of her disorder. The boy sitting next to Tenten was next in line. "That's Chouji. He eats too much," she leaned over to whisper in Naruto's ear, "whatever you do don't call him fat, he'll go berserk."

There was a boy laying on the carpet that was the only one not introduced. He had short, shiny black hair that flipped out at the ends. He sat up a bit and smiled at Naruto, and then he laid back down. "That's Lee. He's a sweet kid really. He's in here because he used to cut himself all over his arms, note the bandages, and we think he had ADHD." Ino explained. "Don't challenge Lee in a competition of any kind, he gets really competitive."

"There are more people then this here. They probably have therapy session now." Ino said.

There were faint footsteps that neared the living room, and a boy walked in. He had slightly spiky red hair, and light green eyes. Above one eye he had the Kanji meaning 'love' in red, and his eyes were darkly rimmed. He stepped onto the carpet, and shuffled over to the slightly dozing Lee.

"That's Gaara." Ino whispered. "He very antisocial. Usually he doesn't let anyone near him, not even his brother or sister when they come to visit him. The only person he'll let near him, is Lee." She said.

Sure enough, Gaara stood above Lee, and lowered himself until he was laying on top of Lee. Lee opened his eyes halfway, and smiled at Gaara. Gaara laid his head on Lee's chest, turning his head away from the group of people. Lee raised a hand and started playing with strands of Gaara's hair.

"Gaara is like you Naruto." Kiba started. "He also has a split personality."

Gaara turned his head to look at Naruto when he heard what Kiba said. Naruto and Gaara stared at each other for a while. All that while everyone else held their breath. Finally, both Naruto and Gaara nodded at each other. Gaara returned to his previous position, and Naruto just smiled slightly. Everyone mentally sighed in relief.

"Medicine time!" A voice sang from the hall. Ino groaned when she heard the voice, as did some others. A nurse walked into the room pushing a cart that was filled tiny cups of pills, and cups of water. The nurse stopped, and flipped her long pink hair behind her shoulder, "You guys know the drill, when I call your name come get your pills."

The nurse took out a clipboard, but before she called out any names she noticed Gaara and Lee. "Gaara, Lee, you can't do that. How many times do I have to tell you!" She yelled.

Ino turned her head to look at the nurse, "Shut up Forehead! Leave them alone, or do you want Shukaku-sama to come out again!"

"Ino, lose the attitude or I'll have you in seclusion again!" The nurse yelled back at her. "Aburame Shino!" The nurse called out. Shino silently rose from his from the chair and walked over to the nurse. She handed him a tiny cup of pills, and a paper cup of water. He popped the pills into his mouth, and drank some water. "Open." Sakura ordered. Shino opened his mouth, and lifted his tongue. "Very good." She commented.

"Akimichi Chouji!" She called next. The list went on alphabetically, until she reached one name. "Sasuke is in seclusion again?" She sighed. "Poor Sasuke. Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto went up and followed what everyone else did. Finally, Ino went up and got her medicine.

"Who's Sasuke?" Naruto asked suddenly.

Mostly everyone's eyes widen, and Ino was the first to speak up. "Uchiha Sasuke. You don't want to get close to him Naruto. He really is insane." She warned. "Stay clear of him."

Naruto looked confused, but he dropped it. For the next few hours they all sat in the living room. They began a card game; Lee wanted to play but nobody let him. Lee got scary when he was in a competition. Lee began to sulk, but Gaara just snuggled up to him calming him down.

Naruto was the middle of playing Crazy Eights with Chouji, Ino, and Kiba, when Iruka walked into the room. "Naruto, can you come with me please?" He smiled at Naruto.

Naruto smiled, and bounded up to hug Iruka. Iruka smiled at him and hugged back. "It's time for your therapy session Naruto." He said. He led Naruto down the hallway that led to the entrance of the building. However, they stopped in front of a door and walked into the room. "This is my office Naruto." Iruka mentioned.

Iruka gestured for Naruto to take a seat in the comfy chair as he sat in another chair. Iruka took out a clipboard and a pen, "So Naruto-kun how do you like this place so far?" He asked.

Naruto who was swinging his legs back-and-forth looked up at Iruka, "It's okay. People are really nice to me, and tell me what's going on and things like that." Iruka nodded, and scribbled something on the clipboard.

"How does Kyuubi-sama like it?" He asked.

Naruto bit his lip, "Kyuubi thinks the Kiba and the others are okay, and he trusts you. However, he doesn't like the idea of being put in places like these." Naruto said.

Iruka wrote another note down, "I see. Why doesn't Kyuubi-sama like the idea of being here?"

"Kyuubi knows that I'm not crazy. So he knows that I shouldn't be here." Naruto responded.

"I also know you are not crazy Naruto." Iruka said. "It's just the matter of trying to keep Kyuubi-sama from hurting people."

"Kyuubi only hurts people who he thinks is dangerous to me!" Naruto protested. "He only wants to protect me! And he does!" Tears gathered at the corners of Naruto's eyes. "I'm thankful for him. He protects me against people I can't protect myself from." The tears began to fall. "People said I go to these places so they could get rid of Kyuubi, but I don't want him to go." Naruto snuffled.

Iruka got up off his chair, and walked over to Naruto. He knelt on the floor in front of Naruto, and hugged him. "It's okay Naruto. I'm not trying to get rid of Kyuubi-sama, I just want to know why he does what he does. I just want to understand him and you." Iruka explained.

Naruto hugged Iruka back, and cried on his shoulder. "I'm sorry." Naruto apologized.

"Don't apologize Naruto. You did nothing wrong." Iruka said. Iruka sat back down in his chair. "So, Naruto is there anything you wish to talk about?" Iruka asked.

Naruto hummed for a bit as he thought of what to talk about. He gazed around the room, "Do you live here Iruka-nii-chan?" He asked.

Iruka chuckled, "No. Though I do spend most of my time here." He said. "We have ten more minutes Naruto before you go back, is there anything else you wish to ask or talk about?"

"Can I stay here with you?" Naruto asked and began to swing his legs back-and-forth again.

Iruka smiled sadly at Naruto, "I'm sorry Naruto, but you can't live here. Where would you sleep?" Iruka said.

"I could sleep on the floor." Naruto started. "I wouldn't mind."

"I would." Iruka said. "I can't have you sleep on the floor, it would be very uncomfortable. Besides, I barely leave this building Naruto, so you could probably find me easily." Iruka added.

"Okay." Naruto sighed crestfallenly. Then a smile was back on his face in a flash, "You have to come visit me Iruka-nii-chan. You could come draw with me and everything!" Naruto exclaimed.

Iruka nodded, "That I'll do." Iruka was about to say something when a knock at his office door. "Come in." He said.

The door opened revealing a tall, weird looking man. He had messy silver hair that grew in an odd angle. Some of the bangs from his hair covered one of his eyes completely. He had a very handsome face which made one wonder why he wasn't an actor or something like that.

The man walked into the room, "Yo, 'Ruka." He greeted happily. His visible eyes curved upwards when a blush appeared on Iruka's scarred face.

"Hatake-san." Iruka bowed towards the man. "What brings you have here?" He asked.

"Do really have to be so formal Ruka-chan?" Kakashi asked. Iruka blushed again at the nickname. Kakashi looked down at Naruto, "Oh, so this is Uzumaki Naruto huh?" He asked.

Iruka nodded, "Yes, and he seems to be doing very well for his first day." Iruka noticed that Naruto was slightly uncomfortable around Kakashi. "Don't worry Naruto, Kakashi-san won't do anything to you. He is the owner of this place, and the top doctor here." Iruka explained.

"Are you sure he won't do anything?" Naruto asked. "Kyuubi says I should be wary of him." He added.

Iruka laughed softly, "I'm sure. And if he does do anything weird, or begins to bother you just tell me. I'll put him in his place." Iruka said, smiling at Naruto.

"You wound me Iruka with you lack of trust in me." Kakashi said dramatically as he placed a hand over his heart.

Iruka let out a frustrated sigh, and bopped Kakashi in the head. "Stop it. You're acting like Gai-san, and we certainly don't need another of him." Iruka scolded. Naruto tried to stifle his laughter by covering his mouth with his hand. However, that didn't help and soon Naruto burst out in fits of giggles.

Kakashi pouted at Iruka, who had joined Naruto in giggling at Kakashi, and rubbed the back of his sore head. "I just came by to tell you something important, and I get hit on the head." Kakashi whined.

Iruka stopped his giggling, "Something important? Well, what is it?" He asked.

Kakashi sighed, "No kiss to make me feel better?" Iruka glared. Kakashi knew better and gave up, "Fine. Fine. I'll tell you." Kakashi put on a serious face, "Sasuke has escaped from seclusion again." He said.

Iruka sighed, "Who was on guard duty?" He asked. Hearing that Sasuke escaped again didn't surprise Iruka. Sasuke was a master at sneaking and escaping from this place. Even when Kakashi upped the security.

"Anko. If I were you I would avoid her for a while. She's pretty pissed." Kakashi said. Anko would be pissed. No one ever escaped from Anko, and no one ever tried.

"I see." Iruka said. "I'll be on the look out for him then." Iruka saw Naruto shift in the corner of his eye. "Kakashi-san, since Sasuke is out wandering, why don't you escort Naruto back to the living room." Iruka suggested. "I have to finish some notes." He said, placing his clipboard on his desk.

"Naruto you're going to go with Kakashi-san for awhile. If he starts to tease you tell me about okay?" Iruka said. Naruto nodded, and followed Kakashi out of Iruka's office.

Iruka watched them walk down the hallway from his door. Once they turned the corner he walked back into his room, and closed the door behind. His eyes were closed as he felt a headache coming on.

"My, my, my. That new kid sure is a cutie." The new voice caused Iruka to gasp and open his eyes in a flash.

"Sasuke!" Iruka shouted in surprise. There sitting in Iruka's chair behind his deck was a young man. He had propped his head up with his hand, and was smirking at Iruka. In his free hand he heald the small picture of Naruto that was currently attached to the clipboard. The young man had creamy pale skin that contrasted with his dark hair, and eyes. His hair was black with long bangs in the front, and it spiked out in the back. His eyes were pitch black, and held a glint of mischief in them.

"Sasuke, where were you?" Iruka demanded to know.

Sasuke looked back at the picture of Naruto, and licked his lips. "I've been about everywhere today. I'm glad you guys finally got me a 'welcome back' present." He purred fingering the picture of Naruto.

Iruka sighed, "You are not to go near him Sasuke." Iruka said harshly. "If you go near him, I'll personally see to your punishment." You knew you were in deep trouble when Iruka said that. No one in their right, or insane mind would want Iruka to see to their punishment.

Sasuke, however, was different, "Oh." He raised an eyebrow. "Well, if can't go near him then you wouldn't mind if I took this picture of him?" Sasuke asked. "I do get very lonely in seclusion." He smirked.

Iruka scowled, "Fine. You can keep the picture if you want. Just don't go near him." Iruka motioned for Sasuke to get up. "Right now I'm taking you back to Hatake-san." He added.

"Ah, Kakashi. How is he doing Iruka? I haven't seen him since last month. Did you two do it yet?" Sasuke asked, causing Iruka to blush. "Ah, I see you haven't. He isn't going to wait forever Iruka. You better start letting up, or else he'll find someone new." This causing Iruka's eyes adapted a sad look in them. "Plus, you know he swings both ways. You wouldn't want him to turn to…Rin, would you?"

Iruka's eyes widen at this, and he could almost feel tears beginning to form. Rin was one of the nurses here, and it was known that she loved Kakashi. Iruka didn't know Kakashi's feeling for Rin, but he had heard that they had a history together. Something clicked in Iruka's mind, and caused his eyes to harden. "Shut up Sasuke! Stop your mind games!" He shouted, roughly grabbing Sasuke's upper arm, and dragging him out the door.

Sasuke chuckled darkly, "I'm playing mind games? Come now Iruka, you know what I say is true." He said calmly.

Iruka slowed their pace as they walked down the hallway, but kept a firm grip on Sasuke. "I know Sasuke. I don't need you to point it out to me. I just want to make sure that Kakashi-san just doesn't want sex." He explained.

"You are so lucky Umino-san, for you have someone who loves you. While I, lonely Uchiha Sasuke, has no one." Sasuke said dramatically, and looked at the picture of Naruto.

"I warned you before Uchiha. Don't even think about it." Iruka warned. "Besides, even if I did let you near Naruto, and he did accept you it wouldn't work." Iruka added.

"Oh? Do explain Iruka." Sasuke said.

"Even if I do think bonding is good for people in here, relationships are not allowed. I, however, disagree with this as it is helping Gaara and Lee. However, if you and Naruto were together; there is no doubt in my mind you would get him to have sex with you. Because you are eighteen, and he is sixteen that is considered statutory rape." Iruka explained.

Sasuke mock pouted, "Oh, you would turn me in?" Sasuke asked. "I thought you liked me Iruka." He said.

Iruka let out a frustrated sigh again. His headache was turning into a migraine. "Enough Sasuke." He ordered.

They turned down the hallway that led to the living room. Iruka thought it would be safe now considering it was dinner time. However, when they neared the living room the others were just filing into the cafeteria. And that is when the commotion started.

All eyes turned to Sasuke. Some were petrified, some were curious, and others didn't really care. Sasuke's eyes however, landed on one person. The blond head of Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke's eyes lit up with lust, and a full blown smirk appeared on his face. Sasuke twisted his captive arm so it painfully twisted Iruka's as well. Iruka's gripped faltered a bit, and Sasuke took his chance.

He dashed towards Naruto, and he could hear Iruka yelling to the other nurses. Sasuke ignored them, and tackled Naruto towards the ground. He immediately began attacking Naruto's neck with kisses, nips, and bites. He was marking Naruto as his.

Naruto was frightened beyond belief, and started yelling, and screaming. "Kyuubi! Help! Iruka! Kiba!" He started thrashing around, and tears began to fall from his eyes.

Sasuke was suddenly tackled unexpectedly by Gaara. However, Gaara was not himself. He was Shukaku-sama now. Gaara started growling at Sasuke, and tried to hold him back from Naruto. Iruka at this time finally got some nurses to the living room, and had ran to Naruto's side.

Ibiki, Anko, and Kakashi had taken hold of Sasuke. Gaara was still Shukaku at the time until Lee came over, and pulled Gaara to his chest. Iruka picked up a sobbing Naruto bridal style, and Naruto cried into Iruka's neck.

"All of you to the cafeteria. Once you're done eating take your pills, and go directly to your rooms. No arguments." Iruka ordered. "Someone bring dinner to my office, Naruto will be in there with me. I'll need his pills also." With that order given, Iruka stomped to his office, still carrying a wailing Naruto.

"That's two weeks in confinement for you Sasuke." Kakashi said, letting Ibiki. Anko, and Asuma take Sasuke upstairs.

Sasuke had a few things to say first, "He's marked!" He yelled. "He's mine! If I find out anyone had touched, I'll disembowel that person personally!" He shouted and let out insane laughter as he was carried up the stairwell.

-----------------------------------------End chapter One---------------------

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