Title: Windows and Opportunities

Author: Silwed

Genre: AU, kidfic, episode related

Summary: SG1 is sent back in time thirty years. Again. But this time, they return to their childhood. How will they return to their own time, aside from reliving it? Window of Opportunity AU

Warnings: child abuse, major alternate universe-I tried to keep it in character but ages and histories may be off

Spoilers: Windows and Opportunities, 1969, Gamekeeper

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG1.

Chapter 1

Solar Flares Again

Colonel Jack O'Neill stared at the planet's sun through a filter, remarking upon its flares with a bit of concern. Ever since his team's short visit back to 1969, solar flares made him nervous, not to mention the fact that this particular sun was already leaning towards dangerous in its bright intensity.

"Is this supposed to be doing that?" he asked as Major Samantha Carter looked over her instruments.

"It's a corona mass emission, like a giant solar flare," she explained distractedly, still intent on her work. Jack looked through the filter then back towards Sam.

"But it's safe, right?" he asked.

"Judging from the planet's magnetic field, it might cause a significant increase in the surface radiation," she answered, not exactly the answer Jack was looking for.

"But it's safe, right?" he asked again, hoping this time he'd get a more reassuring response.

"As long as we don't stay here too long, yes, sir," Sam answered.

"Anybody explain that to Daniel?" Jack asked, looking towards where Dr Daniel Jackson was talking animatedly with another scientist. Sam glanced up from her work.

"Perhaps you should go and make sure, sir," she suggested hopefully, and Jack turned to look at her suspiciously. She was bent innocently over her readings once more, turned away from him and any further questions he might have.

"I think I'll go do that," he finally said towards her back. Leaving Sam with Teal'c, he walked over towards where Daniel and the other scientist were talking.

Daniel was in his element, looking over some sort of pedestal with a single minded intensity, but even from a distance Jack could sense something was off. The other scientist seemed agitated, looking over the array of stones and then at the sky. Jack altered his approach so that he could make his arrival unnoticed. Coming up behind a column, he heard the scientist say, "The geomagnetic disturbance is reaching its peak. I have to act now." More alarmed than ever, Jack hurried around the column, just as he heard a very stunned Daniel saying, "I don't understand." The other scientist was holding some sort of weapon on him while Daniel stood, frozen. Moving fast, Jack dove onto Daniel knocking him to the ground just as the weapon fired.

Rolling, Jack raised himself to his knees, using the pedestal for cover as he raised his own weapon towards the scientist. Daniel stirred next to him on the ground, but Jack sensed the movement and held him down with one knee, never once taking his eyes off the scientist with the weapon.

"Carter, Teal'c!" Jack shouted, drawing their attention to the situation.

"I do not have time!" the scientist exclaimed, agitated, and with a sudden move he dropped his weapon and began to push stones on the altar. The machine started to power up, causing Jack to lean away from it cautiously.

"Hey," he barked, his weapon still trained on the scientist, "What are you doing?" Behind him, he heard the Stargate activating.

"Jack?" Daniel said suddenly, sounding dazed, and Jack wondered belatedly if Daniel had been hurt when he knocked him over. Whether he was or not, Jack didn't have time to check, still keeping his eyes on the scientist. The scientist continued his agitated movements, just as though Jack didn't have a lethal weapon trained on him. There was a desperation in his eyes that bordered on madness, and Jack didn't like it at all. The situation had way too many unknowns. Finally, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye and knew Teal'c and Sam had arrived.

"Hey," he called again, keeping the other man's attention on him. The scientist glanced at him but didn't stop until he raised his hand to press one final stone with a flourish. It was that moment that the rest of Jack's team made their move.

"You will cease what you are doing," Teal'c said, coming upon the scientist suddenly from behind with Sam at his side, her own weapon raised.

"No!" he shouted, trying to escape, only to be knocked forward over the pedestal, hitting more of the stones. The sound coming from the machine shifted slightly, and his eyes opened wide, but at that moment everyone was engulfed in a white light.