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Summery: after the disastrous events of fifth year an odd friendship is formed and secrets are reveled Dark!Harry Evil!Dumbledore Dark not evil!Voldemort HPSS Voldemort related fic

A/N this first chapter is mainly from Draco's perspective the next one will be from Harry's

Chapter one

A strange alliance

A young man was walking solemnly through the quiet halls of his family's ancestral manor. He wasn't doing much just walking and thinking, thinking on an encounter he had at the end of last school term. It had been an eventful evening to say the least. It was after curfew about two weeks after his father had been arrested and just a week after he was released again.


'Crash!' another reverberating sound echoed down the corridors of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A student with platinum blonde hair and mercurial grey eyes, and pale angular features was being drawn by that sound. This student went by the name Draco Malfoy.

He was currently following not just the sounds but also the pulses of pure unadulterated power the likes of which he had never felt before. It was like being in the presence of the Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore combined but the signal was coming from a single source. He followed those pulses of power until he found a deserted corridor, or more precisely should have been a deserted corridor. For some reason there was now a door where he had never seen one. That door was ever so slightly ajar and all the crashes and pulses of power where emanating from that room.

He nudged the partially opened door to allow him entry. Now Draco was a Malfoy and Malfoy's do not show their emotions, but even he couldn't keep the shock with a slight overcast of awe from creeping up on his pale features.

A young man with raven black tresses, tall frightengly skinny frame, ugly black glasses sheltering killing curse green eyes, all these features were displayed on a stern looking face with slight angularity to it and a light tan. Those powerful killing curse green eyes showed wisdom beyond what any fifteen year old should know. They blazed with all the fiery passion of an erupting volcano. Not only was this boy's physical features striking he also exuded all that power in a blazing aura that could blind a normal wizard. Good thing Draco was no normal wizard.

Draco had also discovered the source of the crashes and power surges. The young man in front of him was busily conjuring any amount of small fragile things lofting them into the air and single mindedly destroying them. Every time he blasted a china tea set there would be another surge of power. Draco also noticed the scraped and bloodied knuckled indicating the broken mirrors and glass panes on the floor had been met with soft flesh instead of any number of brightly colored hexes.

The young man had his back to Draco but the amount of evidence, i.e. the Gryffindor robes throw to the wayside, the amount of power, and the fact that whatever he was yelling was definitely not in any human language. Draco could easily piece together who this was. Harry Potter Dumbledore's little golden boy that could get away with murder (and if you count Quirrel he already has).

While Draco thought the show of power was impressive, he couldn't help but wonder what would drive Harry Potter of all wizards to mindless destruction and by the tone of the hissing cursing up a storm (and he wasn't referring to the cursing you do with a wand).

"Potter, what in the nine Hells possessed you to do this?" Draco said rather loudly at first he wasn't sure if Potter had heard him. Then he noticed that the loud hissing that had been pretty constant throughout the encounter had slowed a bit and Potter looked like he was attempting to get himself under control.

Ten minutes, four tea sets, 3 mirrors, and 5 clay pots later Harry had finally calmed to the point the aura around him had shrunk and retreated back into him and he had stopped hissing.

Though the look of deep mourning, pain, and way to much worldly experience weighed heavily on him and condescended into those bright green eyes. "What do you want Malfoy, come to have a laugh? How on earth did you find this place?" Potter asked Draco.

"I just followed the sound of things breaking, not to mention every time you say a spell you nearly have the school shaking in its foundations. I didn't know it was you I was following, as for how I got here you left the door open just enough to leave the door visible." Draco answered with a sneer. Dear Merlin that kid was arrogant he just automatically assumed Draco had been looking for him.

"Well I have answered your questions are you going to answer mine? What happened to get you to sink down to the level of manually breaking things?" He asked emphasizing his last point by looking pointedly at the bloodied knuckles and broken glass.

"Simple answer there I finally found out my purpose and I disagree but I am not giving a choice. I understand now why people want to join Voldemort." Harry said rage filling his voice.

"Wait, Gryffindor Golden Boy Harry Potter understanding the Dark side. I find that hard to believe. What changed your mind Dumbledork not let you have your way." Draco said baiting the raven haired teen.

"No, that Dumbledork you mentioned has been keeping secrets again. I am sick of being some living weapon that follows him blindly. He kept me from knowing information and that in turn left several people dead. I am fed up with the light side I never have and never will want to be his Golden Boy." Harry answered Malfoy. "In short he is a manipulative old fool who has seriously pissed me off."

"You do realize I could get you in so much trouble right now? Why on earth are you telling me?" Draco asked.

"Three reasons, one you asked, two I have nothing to lose, three I have everything to gain. I need your help with something, get me away from Dumbledore and it will be worth your while." Harry explained.

"Potter, you know what I am and who my family works for, yet you ask me for help. Lets say I agree with you and help you, do you realize that help will be coming from the Dark Lord?" Draco told him.

"Malfoy, not only do I know who I am asking I am counting on it. I want to be taken to the Dark Lord, and I don't even want to go just to kill him. I have seen what the supposed Light Side does to its pawns and I have seen what the Dark side does. Light is manipulative, ruthless, and downright horrendous, Dark however it is ruled with an iron fist and pain but you are never lied to. You know when you join if you mess up their will be pain, Light causes the same pain without warning." Harry answered Draco being brutally honest. "So can you help me?"

"I never thought I would see the day when you asked me for help and I never expected for you of all people to want to go Dark. You intrigue me enough that I am willing to help you on one condition." Draco told him.

"I expected that, what do you want?" Harry answered dryly.

"What did Dumbledore keep from you?" Draco asked.

"I imagine your father told you about the incident at the ministry two weeks ago?" at Draco's nod he continued. "Well that whole thing could have been avoided if Dumbledore hadn't kept something really important from me. A prophesy about me and Voldemort that basically says I am the only one that can kill him and vice versa. He also forgot to mention that the strange dreams I have were sent by the Dark Lord in an attempt for me to go to the ministry and learn the prophecy. It worked to well I went and my godfather was killed trying to save me. Then before I had a chance to recover from that he immediately told me information that not only condemned me to be a killer but would have saved Sirius if I had known earlier. I started wrecking his office and shouting at him, he didn't move an inch. The clincher is one of the instruments I broke in his office must have been some sort of magic dampening device because I have been steadily gaining more and more power since then.

I also happen to be a relatively good Legilimens I found a long string of manipulations and lies that began before I was born. That story is way to long to tell you in a single night. If you really want to know I can show you rather then tell you. I was actually planning on going to Snape but this works too." Harry explained, and then he motioned for Draco to follow him over to a corner of the room that did not contain bits of broken china, glass, and pottery. He bent down and picked up a deep stone basin with runes and other symbols drawn on the outside, a pensieve. Inside the stone container silvery liquid swirled around filling the container about half way.

Harry waved his wand over the pensieve and mumbled something. He then handed the basin to Draco. "Malfoy I am going to respect your judgment on this one. The charm I just placed on this makes it invisible to any you deem untrustworthy. I will leave you with a simple warning never take anything at face value." With that Harry swept out of the room stopping long enough to pick up his discarded Gryffindor robes and to pull on his invisibility cloak.

Draco had spent the rest of the evening perusing his arch enemy's shocking memories. Good Merlin what was Dumbledore thinking, he was repeating his mistakes from fifty years ago. He sent the young hero to a life of abuse and neglect. Draco watched in shock as the young boy with piercing green eyes was beat to within an inch of his life seemingly every day. He saw the manipulations during his Hogwarts years. His friendships with Ron and Hermione were set ups, every foolish Gryffindorish thing Harry had done over the years was put on him by Dumbledore in some way or another. Harry wasn't exaggerating he really had been raised to be a weapon, the abuse made him want to please anyone kind to him, the challenges were tests to see if his power could cope. He also knew Harry was right about the power damper, when the child had been four years old his bouts of accidental magic had gotten really bad so Dumbledore showed up and started siphoning his magic off. That siphoning continued throughout the years up until Harry had broken the focus stone in Dumbledore's office unknowingly.

He heard the Sorting Hat trying to put him in Slytherin, in fact the hat was about to over ride the small boys objections when it was hit from behind by a Confundus charm making it put him in Gryffindor.

Now Draco knew why Harry was willing to switch sides. Draco decided then and there to help Harry, but he knew he couldn't do it alone. So he slept for a few hours, woke, dressed, picked up the pensieve, and went off in search of his godfather Severus Snape.

Snape had at first been reluctant to help the boy. His animosity towards Potter had become legendary. Finally Draco wore the stubborn man down to the point he had agreed to at least watch the memories.

Severus had remained in the pensieve for about three hours and came out with a look of horror on his face. He had been wrong dreadfully and horribly wrong, that boy was no James Potter in fact he was quickly turning out to be more like the Dark Lord and himself.

So Draco now had an ally in his promise to Harry. Harry himself knew Draco had told Snape because the man had backed off during Potions class and actually graded his stuff fairly.

The two Dark wizards had met up with the previous savior of the wizarding world on the last day before the students went home planning and plotting. There was no way they could avoid Harry going back to the Dursleys. He would have to stay there while everything got prepared and so Dumbledore didn't get too suspicious.

It was settled after at the most until his birthday at the Dursleys Harry would then be escorted to Malfoy manor where he would be trained up as a proper Pureblood Death Eater. Harry hated that he had to go back but he knew he didn't have much of a choice at least when he got out he would be with people that wouldn't lie or manipulate him. True they could decide to Crucio him at any time at least he was prepared for it and used to pain.

Draco and the other Dark Slytherins had taken it upon themselves to keep Harry safe on the train. They were all slightly surprised at the Gryffindor's icy fury as he stepped off the train and went over to his purple faced uncle. Only Draco caught the fact that beneath that fury there was a hint of fright, Harry was more scared of his muggle uncle then Dumbledore and Voldemort combined.


So that was what led up to Draco Malfoy pacing Malfoy manor in the wee hours of July 31. They would be retrieving Harry today, and any that knew of the abuse wondered at what kind of shape he would be in when they got there. His father and godfather plus himself would be going Narcissa had elected to stay behind and have a room set up where they could heal Harry if necessary which was highly likely and they all knew it.

Draco's pacing continued until dawn broke the horizon and the two other wizards that were going to get Harry were up and ready. They were going to apparate because that was least stressing on any injuries. So Severus apparated first followed by Lucius who carried Draco.

They three of them arrived in a nauseatingly Muggle neighborhood with all the houses exactly the same and lawns immaculate. They strode up to number 4 and rang the bell. The sound of the chimes was accompanied by a loud voice yelling. "Freak, get the door and be quick about it."

Draco thought that voice probably belonged to Harry's uncle Vernon. His thoughts were interrupted by somebody opened the door. While he wasn't sure what he had been expecting this certainly wasn't it.

Harry had grown a few inches making him just shy of six feet. His Black hair had grown out to the point it was laying flat and barely brushing his shoulders. He had put on some muscle but was even more frighteningly skinny then he had been at Hogwarts. His facial features had altered slightly becoming more angular and his eyes had changed their setting now being somewhat almond shape. He was wearing old worn out clothes yards to big for him.

Not to mention every piece of skin was covered in varying stages of bruising. He was breathing really shallow as if to avoid stressing tender ribs. It was obvious that the young man had to be horrendous pain, but the only thing that gave that away was the fact his jewel green eyes had clouded over slightly in the attempt to stay silent.

When the man spoke it was in such a way that Draco knew he was right about the other's ribs being tender. "I am glad to see you, I just need a minute to get my things then I will be ready to go." He said in short disjointed sentences.

"I will go with you," Severus offered. At Harry's nod he followed the young wizard into the house where the purple faced Vernon Dursley immediately started yelling. Then Draco heard Severus say something but didn't catch the words. Vernon's rant was cut off half way through so Draco knew it had been a silencing spell.

Ten minutes later Severus and Harry exited the house Severus pocketing Harry's shrunken trunk. They were ready to go they just had to get beyond the apparition wards.

It took them longer now that they had Harry who was favoring his right ankle. When they finally got beyond the wards, Lucius apparated away with Draco leaving Severus to be as careful as possible to not aggravate Harry's injuries. The pair soon followed the two blonde wizards leaving Privet Drive and Harry's old life behind with nothing but the future to look forward to.

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