Chapter Fifteen


Eleven years later a gathering was being held at Hogwarts. Jaden Snape was turning 11. He couldn't wait to get his Hogwarts letter he wanted to be just like his daddies, granddad, and uncles.

His eyes grew large as they connected with the large pile of presents sitting there for him. The enormous cake sitting next to it made his mouth start to water. He couldn't wait for his birthday party to start but he knew he had to. The rest of his family wasn't there yet.

In an answer to his prayers he heard footsteps coming towards him and looked up to see his family. He had three brothers and a sister, the smallest being only two. His twin brothers would turn eight in four months his little sister just turned five. His dad had carried the twins and his sister; his father had carried his newest brother.

The way they explained it to him was that his daddy was magically stronger then his father so he could carry his siblings easier then his father. He also knew that every single one of them had been born at home.

Behind them came his uncles, Draco and Neville, they also had a small brood of children around them one boy and two girls. Neville had carried all three of theirs.

He was distracted from thoughts of families as he was shown to his large pile of presents and the cake. From then on everything else was forgotten. His favorite present that year turned out to be the simplest. A piece of yellowish parchment addressed in emerald green ink in the handwriting of his grandfather.

Darren sat watching his first son enjoying his birthday thinking over the past. Many things had happened besides him having more children. His father was now firmly entrenched into the Headmaster role and Hogwarts education became something to be proud of again.

He had gotten rid of the incompetent teachers. He had Draco teaching Transfiguration after McGonagall retired. Darren was teaching Defense which he really enjoyed. Neville was happy when he was given the history of magic position.

Draco had been a little worried about his father's reaction to his bonded. Both Draco and Neville had a surprise waiting though. Lucius was actually very supportive of it. He was one of the only death eaters to know that Neville's previous act was just that an act. He knew they were good for each other. Any children together would be magically powerful and the Longbottoms were at the least moderately wealthy. It was a good match all the way around especially because the two men loved each other.

Voldemort or Tom Riddle as he had taken to being called was happy that two of his strongest allies had bonded. Then Neville's magic would not be lost when he was gone and the Malfoy magic would just be a bonus on top of that.

All in all life was good very good, Darren thought as he turned back to his son's birthday party just in time to see the icing covered face rip into a stack of presents. He laughed with everyone else and life went on.


Twenty years later Jaden Snape was the youngest minister of magic ever. He made great strides in the everyday life of wizards. He worked closely with his grandfather and the wizarding world slowly came out of the dark ages.

His siblings went out into the world to do amazing things. His twin brothers had pared up together and were know as the best beaters to ever come out of Hogwarts. His sister ran the Hogwarts library alongside Madame Pince. His smallest brother was working in the ministry with him in the magical creatures department making strides in the laws there.

His cousins went out in the world to be just as strong and powerful as them. Time went on and everyone forgot the names of Albus Dumbledore or Harry Potter. They remembered the corrupt headmaster and Darren Riddle.

Life continued on its slow march until at the ripe old age of 189 Darren Blade Riddle Snape in the arms of 209 Severus Orion Snape Riddle who also passed into eternity. Neville and Draco died in each others arms six months later.

Their lines continued through time making great strides in both the magical and muggle realms. Though the names of the saviors of their families were never forgotten even through all that time.

The End

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