Knowing The Risks

By Nekura Naiou (Dani)

Dis.: Characters are not mine. Plot is.

He had met her by accident, a forbidden meeting that if anyone ever found out, so many things would be put at risk. Nora put everything at risk the moment he gazed into her green eyes and felt something strange about her.

She was special. She was beautiful. She was human.

But just any human, she was their princess. Princess Ai.

He thought she looked vaguely familiar to him as he left her that day. Like someone he'd met a long time ago.

Their second meeting was also accidental, but they'd spoken. The more he listened to her, the more he was convinced there was something different about her. Something amazing.

The minute he'd heard her sing, he knew. She was special, and she was the key to everything he was striving for.

He had been wary when they'd fallen in love; they're friendship was risk enough, yet when she'd stared at him with innocent green eyes and they'd kissed for the first time, he knew it was another risk he'd take.

But deep down, he also knew that he wouldn't be her future.

The day he sent her away, he knew he'd sent her not only to safety, but to her destiny and to the one that would claim the part of her he could never have.

He knew in his heart that she would return ready to help him with the second revolution.

He knew she'd return with her heart and soul full of love.

He knew from the beginning that the biggest risk of all he would take would be his heart. But he knew that seeing Ai's smile and her green eyes filled with joy would be worth it all.