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But Why a Labyrinth?

by MelodyWolfhart

Sarah sat with her back against the wall. Her knees were pulled up to her chest as she stared out at nothing in particular.

Gone. They were all gone. It was amazing what one little argument could lead to. They had gone, leaving her here, and they would never return. They couldn't.

Sarah looked around what had once been her parent's bedroom, as tears rolled silently down her face. Downstairs were her Aunt and Uncle, for they did not want her to go through this by herself.

But what they did not know was that she would always be alone now. It had been four years since she realized how much she had loved her family. She had braved many perils just to take back a mistake she had made. And now, with one more mistake, she had watched her family walk out of the house and into the car that would take them away from her forever.

"Sarah! Where are you?" Called her Aunt from the stairway. Sarah's answer was caught in her throat as she looked over to the windows. She stood up from the spot where she was sitting, which happened to be where Toby's crib once stood, and walked over to look out.

Acting without thought, Sarah's hand laid on the latch and she soundlessly opened the window. Her mind took her to places that she did not want to venture as her feet took on a life of their own. She walked out onto the small balcony and stood against the railing, looking down at the driveway below.

How easy it could be to join her family.

Sarah sighed to herself knowing what she would do, and with little enthusiasm, said, "I wish the Goblin King would never have let me go."

She leaned precariously far over the railing as she heard a voice behind her. But it could not stop her. This was her only escape.

"You know, I never let you go, Sarah. You were the one who left me." Said a silky voice, stopping her desperate escape.

Sarah spun around so quickly that she almost lost her balance, but a gloved hand grasped her wrist and pulled her back into the house.

"Now, what were you doing out there?" The Goblin King asked with a smirk.

"Leave me alone. You have no business here." Sarah said through gritted teeth, but he paid no attention.

"I see you've grown since we've last met. Greatly improved, too." The Goblin King said, circling her casually with appraisal. When he was once again in front of her, he stopped and smiled.

"Well, thanks for you approval, your highness." Sarah said, and gave him a mocking bow. She did not want to put up with his sarcastic humor right now.

"Please, Jareth between old friends." Jareth said, extending his arms in a friendly matter. "But now onto the reason that I'm here."

"Yes, why are you here?" Sarah asked, suddenly noticing that her Aunt was no longer calling her.

"You called me of course. And I came to take you back to the Underground." Jareth said. He walked past her and when her eyes followed him, she saw his castle outside of the window. "Now, if you'd kindly step through the window, you can go home."

"Home? But I am home." Sarah stated.

"No, Sarah. Home is where your loved ones are." Jareth said, shaking his head at her as if she was a naive child. "All of your loved ones are gone from here."

"And why would I have reason to go with you?" Sarah asked, defiantly. She held back her tears as best as she could, for his words had struck her deep. He was right, her loved ones were really gone and she had no reason to stay.

"I thought you had friends in the Underground or did you forget them?" Asked Jareth with a stern smirk. She could hear him tisk her as he shook his head, disapprovingly.

"No, I never forgot them...I just...grew up." Sarah tried to explain. She felt awful with what she had said, but it was true. She had gone off to college and never looked back at her youth. She did not have time to dwell on those past fantasies. And then her eyes snapped up to him. "Wait, I imagined you. You're not real!"

"Ha! Is that what you've told yourself these past couple years? Do you really think you were that clever as a child?" Jareth countered her. "I assured you, Sarah, I am as real as you are."

"I must be going insane." Sarah said, grabbing her head and shaking it. She was looking down at the Goblin King's boots and noticed that he had tracked sand into the room. Could a figment of her imagination do that? Her eyes returned to him, and she said forcefully, "Prove to me that you're real."

"I will do no such thing." Jareth scoffed. "I will only give you this offer one more time. Either you stay here to wallow in your misery or you come with me. It's an easy decision."

"Easy? I could be just as miserable in the Underground as I am here." Sarah said.

"True." Jareth said, and then added for his own amusement, "But then you could always throw yourself out of a window in the Underground too, couldn't you?"

Sarah stared at him with disbelief at his bluntness. His offer was so tempting, yet so repelling. Could she really be happy in the same world as him?

"Well, I am going back to my castle. I've wasted enough time here." Jareth snapped, turning to the window, about to walk out of her life forever. "You can follow me, or not. Either way, I don't care."

Sarah stood, frozen as she watched him walk through the window to his own world. She could not let him leave her. She needed to be taken away from this cruel world that she had grown to hate.

With one breath, Sarah ran through the window, after Jareth and away from her former life.