Sango's Vampire


It was a late Tuesday night and Sango was just closing the flower shop that she owned. A young man walked in and began looking at the flowers in the back cooler.

"I'm sorry sir I am closing in 2 minutes," Sango said walking over to him.

"I know what I want it's right there," he said pointing to a beautiful long stemmed black rose.

Sango pulled out the rose and flinched as one of the thorns pricked her finger. She put the rose down and turned to find something in order to stop the blood.

The young man took her hand in his and brought her finger up to his mouth. He sucked on it, licking the blood off of her finger.

Sango blushed in slight embarrassment at his actions. She pulled her finger out of his mouth and picked up the rose. "Well, I suppose that's one way to stop the blood from getting all over everything. Thank you, sir."

"It was my pleasure, my dear. What do I owe you for the rose?" He pulled out his wallet.

"That will be $25.00 for the rose, sir."

He arched an eyebrow at her, "My dear, no one rose is worth $25.00."

Sango smiled at him, "Black Roses are very hard to come by. There are only two places on Earth that one may find them. One is Africa and the other is in my garden."

He handed her the money and turned to leave the shop. He stopped at the door and turned back to her.

Seeing this Sango walked up to him. "Sir, is there something else you need?"

"Yes there is. I would like to know your name, my dear." He gave her a gentle smile.

She smiled back at him. "It's Sango. May I know your name as well, sir?"

"It's Sesshoumaru, my dear Sango. It was nice meeting you. I hope we can see one another again sometime." He turned and walked out the door and stepped into his awaiting Limo.

Sango watched the Limo drove away and then she closed the door and locked it. She turned off the lights and walked up the single flight stairs to her home. At times like this she was happy to have her home right over her shop.

Back in the Limo Sesshoumaru was thinking of young Sango and how her blood tasted so sweet. He had not tasted blood that sweet for over 500 years. It made him remember his lost lover. She had loved him for who he was and had not cared that he was a Vampire or that he was there Their King. She had treated him as if he was the person next door and he had loved her immensely for that.

Then he thought of the day she died and a blood red tear ran down his cheek. He had asked her to let him turn her into a vampire and to be his true mate. But she had not wanted to live a life without the sun that she loved so very much. That night she had died in his arms after they had made love for the last time.

The driver calling his name brought him out of his reverie.

"My Lord, we are here," he said opening the door for him.

"Jaken, after you park the Limo meet me in the lobby." His tone was cool when he spoke.

Jaken bowed before jumping back into the Limo and driving off to find a parking place.

Inside a little girl ran up to Sesshoumaru and hugged his leg.

"Sesshoumaru, Rin knew you would be coming to get her." She smiled up at him.

Behind her Lord Naraku and his younger daughter were walking toward him.

"Rin, did you behave towards Lord Naraku as I told you to?" Sesshoumaru looked down at Rin.

"Yes, Rin was a good girl and played with Kanna. Daddy, can Kanna come over and stay the night with us next weekend?" Rin secretly hoped he would say yes.

He looked at Naraku and then back at Rin. "Only if Lord Naraku is ok with it and you behave yourself for the rest of the week. In that case, yes, she may come and stay next weekend."

Rin and Kanna smiled and ran back to her room to get Rin's things packed. After the party Rin would be going home.

Next Day

Sango got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, and read the Newspaper. What she read made her skin crawl for on the front page were photos of 5 formerly missing people that had now turned up dead.

The article read: Last night police found the bodies of the five formerly missing young ladies. They were found with all of their blood missing. Signs of rape appeared on three of the young women. The Police talked to the Vampire King who claims to want peace between Humans and Vampires. He has been King for over five hundred years. This is what the King had to say to our reporter. "I don't know who is doing this, but rest assured, my men will be looking in to this. When the party is found justice will be served and the souls of the five young girls will be laid to rest.

Sango put the paper down and began to open up the shop for the day. When she unlocked the door, a young man was already waiting.

"Good morning sir, may I help you find something today?" She stepped back, letting him in.

He bowed to her. "Yes, are you Lady Sango?"

"I don't know about the Lady part but yes, I am Sango. What is it you need sir?"

"Sorry Lady Sango, my name is Miroku and I work for Sesshoumaru. I was told you met him last night, yes?"

"Yes I met him. But what does that have to do..."

He put a hand up to stop her. "My Lady, I was sent here by Sesshoumaru. He would like it if you would call him tonight about 10pm. This is his number. He would come by himself but he is a busy man." He pulled out a card and handed it to her then bowed and left.

Sango looked at the card. It contained only a phone number and the time at which he wished for her to call him. She walked back behind the counter.

At Sesshoumaru's

Rin ran down the stairs into the dinning room where Sesshoumaru was waiting for her. When she came running he gave her a cold but loving look.

"Rin, what did I tell you about running in the house? You do want Kanna to come over this weekend right?"

Rin looked down at the floor and replied in a soft voice, "Yes."

He walked up to her and knelt down on one knee. He placed his hand under her chin. He pulled her face up so that he could see her eyes. "Little one, don't cry you still have four more days to be good. Now sit down and eat so Jaken can take you to school."

Rin gave him a kiss on the cheek before taking her seat and starting to eat. After she was done Jaken waked in with Miroku. Rin ran up to Miroku and gave him a quick hug. Then she left with Jaken for school.

Sesshoumaru looked at Miroku wanting to know what Sango had to say.

"I stopped by like you asked and gave her your card with your private cell number and the arranged time for her to call on it. She is quite a beautiful woman. I can see why you like her, my Lord. I do have one question for you, if I may ask?"

Sesshoumaru stopped and looked at him with his cold amber eyes. "And when did you start caring to ask me if you can ask me anything? What is your question?"

"Why did you want me to refer to you as Sesshoumaru and not by your title?" Miroku looked at his best friend and King.

"I don't want her to know who I am. I want her to know me and not my title as King." He turned and walked off towards his room for a good days sleep.

Sango's Shop

Back at the Flower Shop Sango was talking to her best friend and co-worker, Kagome. Sango was talking about the prior night and how after she had cut her finger Sesshoumaru had put it into his month and sucked on it.

"Sango, you let someone you did not know suck on your finger? What if he was a Vampire? He could have killed you, or or or……"

Sango put her hand over Kagome's mouth to prevent her from saying anything more. "Kagome, I don't know if he is or not, but he did not kill me. Besides he has money so why would he want some one like me? Just because you're dating the Prince of Vampires. Why would he? I have no money, not that good looking, and he can get any woman he wanted. So tell me, oh wise one, why would he want me?"

They had fun talking over why he would want some one like Sango all day. When 9pm rolled around Kagome helped to close up the shop and then gave her goodbyes as she walked out to her boyfriend's waiting car.

Sango could not help but smile when she thought back to when Kagome and InuYasha had found out his father was the late King of the Vampires. Kagome was scared that InuYasha would not want her and take some Vampire woman in her place. When he told her that she was the only one for him Kagome had been and still was the happiest person in the world.

By the time Sango closed the shop and made her dinner it was 10:10pm. She looked in her pockets to find the card that she had been given. After finding it Sango walked over to her phone and placed the call.


On the fourth ring some one answered. "Hello Ki…, Sesshoumaru speaking." Silently he prayed that Sango had not heard the King part.

"Hello Sesshoumaru, this is Sango. You asked that I call you at 10pm? I'm sorry for not calling promptly at 10pm but I was doing something and lost track of time."

"That is ok dear Sango so did I. The reason I sent Miroku by with my card is... I would like to know if you would do me the honor of coming to dinner at my home this weekend?" He remembered shortly after asking her that Rin was supposed to be having Kanna over that weekend.

Sango did not know what to say. "I would love to but only if I can have my friend and her boyfriend come as well. I only ask this because I don't know you that well and would feel safer with them there."

Hearing this made him irritated but she was right. They did not know each other and he was asking her to his home not knowing what he would do. "Yes, they can come, my dear. It will be this weekend at 7pm. I will have my car sent to your home to pick all of you up. May I have you address Sango?"

"I live above the Flower Shop, Sesshoumaru."

"I look forward to this Saturday then, Sango. Until then, bye my dear." He hung up the phone and then called a maid into his study telling her to inform the cook that he would be having guests over this weekend.

Sango called Kagome and told her everything and called in the friend trump card for the favor. "If you are my best friend and love me, you and InuYasha will be here at 6:30pm Saturday night for dinner at Sesshoumaru's home." She hung up the phone not really giving her friend a chance to answer.

Kagome looked at the phone not believing what Sango had just said. "Using the friend card on me. Would I have used it myself? Now I have to call InuYasha and talk him into it." She put the phone down and looked up his office number.

"Hello Mr. InuYasha Park's office. Candy speaking, how may I help you?" Candy looked down as she thumbed through some files.

"Yes Candy, this is Kagome and I would like to speak with InuYasha please."

"I'm sorry Miss. Kagome but Mr. Park is not taking any calls today." Candy smirked.

"Just tell him my name and he will talk with me." Kagome was starting to get mad.

"I'm sorry Miss, but he told me to take a message only." Hearing the other phone cut off she put hers down and went back to work.

Kagome was mad now and drove to his office to talk to him in person. When she made it to the top floor she saw a new person at the desk.

Candy looked up to see a young lady walking up to her. "Yes may I help you Miss?"

Kagome stared at her. "You're new. I haven't seen you here before."

"Yes, I started last week. Is there something I can do for you miss?"

"Yes, I am here to see Mr. Park." Kagome smiled futilely attempting to look happier than she felt.

"I'm sorry Miss but he's in a privet meeting right now and won't be out until 3pm. can I take your name and a number he can call you back at?"

"Can you tell me who he is in with right now?" She glanced down at the calendar on Candy's desk.

"His Fiancé is in there right now th……."

Before Candy could get the next word out Kagome pushed open the doors to see her twin sister naked on his desk. With InuYasha pushing his rock hard manhood in and out of her. Kagome just stood there, frozen to the spot with tears running down her face.

"I'm sorry sir, she just ran past me. I tried to stop her but she was too fast for me." Candy bowed her head.

Hearing the door open InuYasha looked up to see his Kagome standing in the doorway. He then looked down at the woman he was with praying to god that he was seeing things. But there was Kikyo, Kagome's twin sister with a huge smile on her face.

"GET THE HELL OUT CANDY." He growled at her.

He pulled out of Kikyo and pulled up his pants. He shoved Kikyo off of his desk. "Get dressed you whore and get the hell out of my office. How dare you pass yourself off as Kagome. Kagome, we need to talk."

Kagome stared at him, tears running down her cheeks.

InuYasha walked up to her and gently tugged on her arm. He pulled her to the sofa and set her down before sitting down next to her.

She looked at him and he saw hate, sorrow, and hurt from what she seen him doing. "InuYasha, you're a Vampire and you could not tell that was not me? Why, InuYasha? Why did you have to do that with my twin sister? I know you loved her before I moved to town. Tell me something InuYasha, is the only reason you started to date me, is it because I look just like her?" She got up and walked to his desk seeing his seed and her sister's juices on it. She turned and looked at him. "I get it now InuYasha, you only wanted me because my sister was out of town with her husband. So tell me, when did she get back in town InuYasha? When?"

He looked at his feet and sorrow filled his eyes. He knew now that he had just lost the one person that he truly loved and for what? A good fuck from a whore he did not love.

"All I can say is I'm sorry, Kagome. I love you and hope that you will someday forgive me for the wrong I have done you." He walked up to Kagome and cupped her face in his hands, making her look at him. He gives her a loving kiss and hugs her. "When you think we can talk, I will be here for you. I love you with all my heart."

Kagome leaned up and kissed InuYasha softly before turning and walking out of his office and going back to her home. The entire way she kept trying to get the picture of InuYasha and Kikyo together out of her mine. 'How could he do that to me? Me, the one he is to marry in three months, THREE MONTHS. I have to talk to Sango when I get home.' She opened the front door and walked in. Kagome called Sango to tell her everything that had happened.