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Chapter One

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring. I was feeling irritated and depressed. Irritated because my ancient alarm clock woke me up an hour and a half early and I knew I wouldn't be able to go back asleep. Irritated because today in gym we would be playing capture the flag and despite my best efforts I was still forced to participate. The coach very well knew how many injuries I've sustained and caused by just attempting to walk, yet he still insisted that I at least try. And depressed because it was bright and sunny out today. This rare occasion is welcomed with glee from any other resident of Forks with the exception of myself, obviously, and the Cullens.

I got out of bed without enthusiasm and prepared for the horrid school day that lay before me. Since we would be playing football outside, and since it was actually hot, I put on my only pair of shorts and a nice light t-shirt. I pulled up my hair, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag and left. Charlie had left for work much earlier, so my truck was the only car in the driveway. I sighed heavily as I got into it.

The loud roar of the engine seemed even louder nowadays due to the fact that I was so used to riding in the nice silver Volvo, with its quiet purr when the engine starts, next to my beloved. Edward. I pushed him out of my thoughts because thinking of him only made me crabbier. He didn't have to go to school today. He didn't have to play capture the flag today. Of course he had his reasons, him being a vampire and all, but nonetheless I still thought it unfair that he didn't have to endure all the tripping and colliding I have to today.

No doubt he would be somewhere near in his car, watching me through the medium of someone's head, as I tripped over people, my own feet, and absolutely nothing. The reasonable part of my mind that was still intact told me the only reason I was mad at him was because I missed him and that being mad at him was easier than missing him.

Shut up, I commanded that sane little part of my brain. I got to school early, thanks to my stupid little alarm clock, so I started watching my surroundings, looking for Edward. I spotted a black car, too nice for any student at the high school, sitting idle in a parking lot a little down the street. I smiled and waved a little. I hoped it really was Edward and that I didn't just wave at an empty car.

The tint was too dark to tell. I started daydreaming of Edward and lost count of the time until a knock on my window broke me out of my reverie. It was Mike Newton, in a t-shirt and gym shorts, smiling hugely at me. I got out the truck and greeted him.

"Hey, Bella. Aren't you excited about the game today?" he asked excitedly.

I narrowed my eyes, "Please don't remind me of that. We should head for first period."

"Didn't you hear?" he laughed. "The game is all day. The weather is so nice they cancelled all the other periods."

I groaned.

"Come on, it'll be fun," he said, motioning me to follow him to a big area of grass a little ways away, where all the other students seemed to be gathering. I reluctantly followed, tempted to get in my truck and speed away. I couldn't though. Charlie would find out and most likely limit my time with Edward even more. I scowled at the sun.

"Okay everyone, listen up. These sixteen boxes here each have a different color flag and matching belt inside. Grab one, everyone else with the same color as you is your team. We'll have eight separate games going at once, then you'll switch opponents. I think everyone knows the rules, so grab a belt and gather with people of the same color," Coach Clapp said.

I grabbed a belt of the box nearest me. It was an ugly highlighter orange color. Jessica, Mike, Angela, Eric, Tyler, and reluctantly, Lauren, all grabbed from the same box as me. I smiled to myself. There were a bunch of other kids on our team, I think Coach Clapp said their should be anywhere from 18 to 23 kids on each team, so I was slightly cheered by the fact that I wouldn't have to do a lot of running.

Nonetheless, when Coach Clapp blew the whistle to signify the start of the game my stomach twisted up into a knot. My clumsiness was pretty much known throughout the whole school, so people tended to stay away from me. After around six people on my team had their flag pulled off and had to sit out, a girl on the opposite team got the guts to try and go after me. I won't go down without a fight, I told myself.

I started running then, with her on my heels. Her chasing me made me run faster. She was right on my heels, which proved to be a big mistake. Right when I started to enjoy running, actually enjoy it, I tripped over nothing. I somehow landed on my side, causing her to trip over me and go flying. She landed in a heap on the ground a couple yards away. Angela timidly made her way over to the girl and carefully pulled off her flag. I then looked round, suddenly curious why no one had come over to check on the girl. Everyone on my and team and the opposite team was laughing. Everyone.

I of course blushed deeply. I walked over to the girl carefully to see if she was okay, but she got up angrily, covered in grass stains and muttering, and walked furiously to the benches. Then I started to get mad that everyone was still laughing, so I pulled off the guy closest to me's flag. The laughing stopped abruptly, and to my immense relief, the game resumed. Jessica, Angela, Lauren, and Eric all got out over a period of 5 minutes. Mike and Tyler seemed to be trying to out last each other. No one else worked up enough guts to go after me again.

Pretty soon Mike, then Tyler, got out and it was just me and a boy from the opposite team. His faced drained color when he saw we were the only ones left. Somberly he pulled off his flag and went to sit on the benches. I scowled at his back. My team broke into loud roars of praise. Mike and Tyler and Eric all congratulated me much more than necessary while Lauren and Jessica glared at me. Angela was glad I wasn't hurt. Everyone else just seemed to be happy that they didn't have to try and take my flag.

I was extremely happy when the school day ended, the rest of the games didn't go nearly as smooth as the first. I got into my truck and drove home. Charlie was still at work, as usual. I went into the kitchen and made a salad, while I put chicken in the oven. I happily had no homework. Between cooking, trying to forget the school day, and pondering what Edward had done today, I completely missed the fact that Edward wasn't with me as he usually was. I went up to my room to make sure, but he wasn't here. I walked down the stairs and sat in a chair in the living room. It took me a minute to notice the still figure, stretched out peacefully on the couch, watching me.

"Edward!" I shouted, jumping up from the chair.

He chuckled, "I was wondering when you would notice that I wasn't here. I'm actually quite disappointed that you didn't notice sooner."

"It was a bad day," I murmured darkly. "So where were you?"

"Hunting. We didn't really need to, but what else was their to do?" he said, smiling as I sat on the couch next to him.

"You could've saved me from playing capture the flag!"

"It was more fun to watch you attempt to play."

"I thought you were hunting!" knowing he was watching me today brought back the same embarrassment I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to repress.

"I was," he paused. "But only for the last couple of hours or so."

He pulled me down next to him on the couch so that we were laying together, my head resting on his chest.

"Were you in the black car?" I asked after a second.

"I waved back, but I guess the tint was too dark for you to tell."

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