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Title: Squinting at Summer Camp

Summery: AU.Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Angela are all teenagers spending a month at a very special summer camp. A camp for those who love scientific investigations and good ole fashion FBI work. So what happens when they are all on the same team to solve a 'case'? Will they find the diamond? Will the become and remain friends? Will Booth be the first boy Brennan kisses? Find out in 'Squinting at Summer Camp'. They range in age 14 to 16.

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Angela Montenegro sat on the steps of the cabin she shared with one other girl. A sketchbook lay across her knees, and she absentmindedly chewed on the end of her pencil. The sun was just getting to it's highest point- a sign that it was almost lunchtime. A slightly cool breeze ruffled her dark ponytail. "Angela," a voice called to her and a pair of fingers snapped in front of her face. Angela raised her head to look into the face of her cabin mate.

"Huh?" Temperance Brennan crossed her arms over her chest, and titled her head to one side.

"I asked if you were ready to go to lunch?"

"Oh, um, yeah," Angela answered standing up. "Just let me throw my book in the cabin." Tempe shook her head as she waited. Her blue eyes took in everything around her. The boys and girls rushing to the mess hall. The few slower ones, like her and Angela, who hadn't made it there yet. Today was special. Today after lunch, they would learn who their teams were. And then learn what the mystery is. Tempe smiled. When she first learned that she would be going to a month long summer camp, she was mad. But soon she learned that it was a very special camp. A camp for teenagers who showed an interest in science, detective work or both. At this camp, the campers were spilt up into teams of four to five members, and given a mystery to solve. The teams were created based on interest, so that they were as diverse as possible. "Okay, I'm ready," Angela said, coming out of the cabin and pulling Tempe from her thoughts. The two girls started down the steps.

"We find out our teams today," Tempe said, stating the obvious.

"Yeah, I hope I have at least one cute boy in my group." Tempe rolled her eyes.

"Ange, this isn't a dating service. We're suppose to solve a case."

"Yeah, I know," Angela said as they walked into the mess hall. "But a cute boy or two couldn't hurt, could it?"

Lunch went by quickly. Everybody was excited about the teams being announced. The case being revealed. "May I have your attention," a tall man said into a microphone at the front of the hall. It only took a moment for the noise to die down. "Thank you. Now, I know that you are all looking forward to the start of our cases, and I'm so glad. Things this year will be done a little differently then the years pass. First, I will call the so-called 'team leader' to the front of the hall. These leaders will be given an envelope with a list of their team members and the outline of the case. These leaders are individuals who show a great interest in police work. They will be the FBI. It will be there job to interrogate suspects, talk to the witnesses, and, in general, do whatever falls under police work." The man stopped as a murmur swept through the hall. When it became silent again, he spoke. "The members of the team will be the scientists and other experts. It is important that the whole team work together to solve their case. Being passed around now are nametags and markers. As I call the FBI to the front, please write down your name and put them on. After all the FBI have been assigned, the rest of you will wait outside for them to find you." A second man walked to the first man with a stack of envelopes. The first man picked up the top one and called up the first agent. "Seeley Booth."

"What kind of name is Seeley?" Angela teased. There was a murmur and a slight parting of the people, as a tall boy with shaggy brown hair made his way to the front. "Then again," Angela began. "With a name like Seeley, it has to be good." Tempe looked at the raven hair girl.

"I don't know what that means."

"It means," Angela said. "That he's one drop dead gorgeous hunk of meat." Tempe turned her attention back to the boy- Seeley Booth. He had made his way to the front and had his envelope in his hands. "I hope I'm on his team," Angela whispered in Tempe's ear.

"I can't believe this is taking so long," Tempe complained.

"Hey, don't worry about it. There are a lot of people to sort through." Tempe crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

"I'm just ready to get on with it."

"That makes two of us," a voice said. Tempe and Angela turned to face their new companion. Seeley Booth! they both thought.

"Temperance Brennan?" he questioned, trying to look at her nametag, hidden by her arms.

"Oh, yeah, that's me," she said, dropping her arms.

"Seeley Booth," he said. "Your own my team."

"Lucky duck," Angela whispered, earning her Seeley's attention.

"Angela Montenegro, you're mine too." Angela's face lit up.

"Really? Tempe, this is great. We're on the same team."

"But there's only three of us," Tempe said. "Who's the fourth?"

"Ah, that would be Jack Hodgins," Seeley said. "A strange boy, but he's okay."

"How strange is strange?" Angela asked, as she and Tempe began to follow Seeley.

"Oh, he's a little too fascinated with bugs for my taste," Seeley threw over his shoulder. "But I suppose somebody has to be. I left him over by the oak tree."

"And what's our case?" Tempe asked.

"If you don't mind, Brennan, I'll like to wait until the whole team is together." Tempe looked over at Angela.

"Brennan?" she mouthed. Angela shrugged. As they approached the large oak tree, both girls got their first glimpse at Jack Hodgins. He was shorter than Seeley, in fact, Angela was almost taller then he was. He had a head full of blondish-brown curls and bright blue eyes.

"Hodgins," Seeley said coming up to him. "Temperance Brennan. Angela Montenegro." Hodgins smiled at the two girls and nodded.

"Okay, Booth," Tempe said. "What's the case?"

"Ah, well," Seeley began. He started to pace as he read the paper in his hand. "Seems as a diamond went missing from the local museum. Reports place it somewhere inside the camp grounds." Seeley looked up at his team members. "A Ms. Robin Lowery claims to have seen a strange man up near the chicken house. However, after a quick walkthrough, nothing was found. Mr. Chuck Matthias said that he heard a rumor that the diamond was sold to Jill Geddings. Our job. Find the diamond." Seeley stopped pacing. "Any questions?"

"Yeah," Tempe said. "I don't get how we are suppose to solve this. Isn't everybody working on the same case?"

"We are the only team on this case," Hodgins told her.

"Yeah, some of the teams aren't even teams," Seeley said. "Some are plants. This whole camp is about police work and such. All the grownups are in on it. Lowery, Matthias, Geddings- we will find them all here. At camp. Everything we need is at camp."

"But what about the diamond?"

"It's just make believe, Tempe," Angela said.

"I know that," she said to her. Then looked at Seeley and Hodgins in turn- both smiling at her. "I do."

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