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Prometheus: Part 3

The explosion of Human babble screams through My Ship as My Fleet moves ever onwards towards the rotting carcass of the Earth.

I applaud you, Doctor.

All of the broadcasting transmitters on board the GameStation are open, preventing My Brethren from transmatting aboard.

But no matter. We are less than half of one Earth hour from commencing Our Assault on Earth.

And commence it We shall.

Dalek Unit 2 turns elegantly to face My Throne.

'Sensors indict the presence of Van Cassadyne energy within the broadcasting transmitters.'

Van Cassadyne energy…

But of course.

A Delta Wave.

A burst of superheated theta-radiation capable of destroying the brain cells of any being foolish enough to stand in its way.

He commits this most foul hubris, taking the Powers of God and turning Them against My Armies.

But the Devil is not unintelligent. He knows that My Fleet will be aware of His Actions, and of the steps We will take to ensure Our survival, and His Extermination.

We will not use the transmat. No.

I shall assemble My Armies, and take the GameStation by force.

The Humans will have no chance of survival.

They will lose their worthless lives in a grand display that will light up the heavens for miles around, and force Them to acknowledge Their Failure, Their Weakness, and the superiority of the Dalek Race.

Some form of shield bars Our Way, prevents My Ship from scanning the GameStation with any form of accuracy.

Even the TARDIS would not be capable of this; none were programmed with shielding capability.


This would require an outside source.

A tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator.

Technology My Race cannot use. One of the few forms of technology We cannot master.

But no matter. Even an extrapolator will not save them.

Not from the might of My Brethren.

And now the babble lessens. Individual conversations can be discerned. I make a gesture.

My Brethren are quick to acknowledge.

The voices lessen until only one voice can be heard. The Human male who accompanies the Devil.

He sounds most agitated.


I move My Body closer to the communications speakers as His Voice fills the air.

'…Of all the times to take a leak! When she gets back, tell her to read me the codes.'

Now the voice of the Doctor. 'She's not coming back.'

'What d'you mean, where's she gone?'

The male sounds concerned. The female must be of great sentimental value to both the Human and the Time Lord. How pathetic.

'Just…get back to work.'

Ah. The male has touched upon a delicate subject.

'You took her home, didn't you?'


The Doctor took the female 'home'. To Her own time period? It is conceivable.

And if He has done that…

Then the TARDIS is gone.

A thrill of triumph floods My Body.

We have won, My Brethren! We shall be victorious!

The human confirms these thoughts.

'That Delta Wave. Is it ever gonna be ready?'

One thought, and I appear in all My Glory upon every monitor within the control centre.

Cables and pieces of wire litter the floor. A sonic probe lies near a heavy black box; a detonator. The Doctor kneels among the mess, His Expression grim.

How delightful.

It would be most discourteous of Him not to answer a simple request…

'Tell him the Truth, Doctor.'

I can hear My Voice echoing through the empty room. A rumbling bass tone, authoritative, strong. Unyielding.

The Time Lord looks at Me in horror and shock.

I sneer at Him and continue.

'There is every possibility the Delta Wave could be complete, but no possibility of refining it. The Delta Wave must kill every living thing in its path, with no distinction between Human and Dalek.'

He stares at Me with fear in His Eyes.

'All things will die. By Your Hand.'

All of His Agony, all of His Pain…that is My Nectar, the toast of My Immortality. And it is sweeter than I had ever thought possible.

The male speaks again, fear now evident in His Voice.

'…Doctor? The range of this transmitter covers the entire Earth.'

My Eye narrows in anger.

'You would destroy Humans and Daleks together. If I am God, the Creator of All Things, then what does that make you, Doctor?'

His Voice shakes as He makes His Reply.

'There are colonies out there. The human race would survive in some shape or form, but you're the only Daleks in existence. The whole universe is in danger if I let you live.'

He glances upwards, speaking to the male.

'You see Jack? That's the choice I have to make for every living thing. Die as a human or live as a Dalek. What would you do?'

But it is not Your Choice to make, Doctor. You do not have the power to answer for humanity, nor any species in the universe.

Only I have that power.

The male studies the Time Lord, and then dares to look at Me.

His Voice is firm. '…You took her home. She's safe. Keep working.'

He would choose certain death over saving Himself and His Race? Impossible. Unbelievable.

Is He sane?

My Anger is clear in My Voice. 'But He will exterminate you!'

The human smirks at the sound. 'Never doubted him. Never will.'

And then the Doctor smiles.

He smiles as if the support of the human is all He requires. His Arrogance is repulsive.

He stands and marches towards Me, His Confidence almost tangible.

'Now you tell me, God Of All Daleks, 'cos there's one thing I haven't worked out.'

I refrain from snarling at His Image as He moves closer to the monitor.

'The words 'Bad Wolf'. Spread across time and space, everywhere, drawing me in. How'd you manage that?'


What is He prattling about?

'Bad Wolf'?

I could think of a few more choice names for Him.

Murderer. Slaughterer. Executioner. The Killer of His Own Kind.

'I did nothing.'

He sneers. 'Come on, there's no secrets now, Your Worship. How d'you connect me to those two words? 'Bad Wolf'?'

'They are not part of My Design.'

He stares at Me, incredulity in His Gaze. '…Seriously?'

I nod quietly. 'This is The Truth of God.'

He stares up at something above My Divine Image, His Expression mystified, yet fascinated.

I do not like that expression.

The expression He will wear as He writhes in agony at the base of My Throne…that expression I will greatly enjoy.

The rumble of engines causes the base of My Throne to vibrate, interrupting My thoughts.


Before Me hangs the image of the GameStation, and behind it, the grey-blue sphere of the Earth.

The troop deployment doors on the exteriors of My Ships open with a thought.

And then I see Them.

My Brethren streaming out of Their Ships in waves, weapon-stalks primed and raised, the bronze colour of Their Travel Units reflecting the light of Sol.

Members of the Second Garrison force the airlock at Floor 494, below the range of influence of the extrapolator. Before the humans are made aware of it, the defences of the entire satellite are overridden.

I can feel the nervous anticipation of the Humans even across the airless vacuum of space.

It is…exhilarating.

The troops of the Second Garrison activate Their Visual Transmitters, images of corridors and humans armed with primitive firearms flickering across the monitors before Me.

Weapons-fire echoes through the corridors as My Troops fire, the Humans falling like the cattle that they are.

The advance guard travels through the ventilations systems to Floor 495 with no resistance. I watch with immense satisfaction as My Brethren move through the floorspace into a more open area…and then They Halt.

I stare in confusion.

A droid stands before Them, clad in black body armour and a most unusual head-piece in red and silver. It stares at the troops with blank eyes, almost disdainful in some strange way…

The Troop Leader moves forwards. 'Identify yourself!'

The droid speaks with a feminine tone. 'You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.'

A laser emerges from the mouth of the droid as it speaks.

Three flashes of light.

Three identical screams.

Three bursts of swift, sharp pain.

In the midst of the pain, I hear the cry of the auxiliary troop leader as He assesses the situation.


The droid turns and aims. 'You are the Weakest Link…'

One shot, and the head of the droid explodes.

The head clatters to the floor. '…Goodbye.'

Much as that was enjoyable…other, more entertaining, activities must now take priority.

The Fifth Garrison descends through the ventilation ducts to Floor Zero. Our Scans detected approximately one hundred Humans trapped on that floor, with no means of escaping or contacting the Earth below.

And My Troops do enjoy live target practice.

For I am both A Provident and Merciful God.

The screams as They fall are that of the sweetest music to My Audio Processors.

My Troops occupy ninety percent of the GameStation before I give My Ships and Their Commanders the command They have been promised now for so many years.

'All Ships descend. Commence the firestorms. Set the Earth ablaze. Purify this planet in the Name of the Emperor Your God!'

My Fleet disperses as the ships enter the upper atmosphere, the flashes of flames and nuclear warheads lighting the planet below in the deepest red and gold.

The continents themselves twist and shudder as the weapons-fire forcibly reshapes their boundaries.

The Pacific Basin, the Americas, Australasia, Europe, Africa, Asia…all are redesigned to My Wishes.

Outside the GameStation, members of the Eighth Garrison fire at an observation section, the room within explosively decompressing as a Human body is sucked into open space.

An unpleasant death, to be certain.

But no matter.

I Watch in Delight as the Fourth Garrison soars over My Throne, preparing to depart My Ship and board the GameStation.

'This is perfection. I have created Heaven on Earth!'

Soon the soil of the Earth shall be stained red with the blood of Humanity. Red as the soil of Skaro, My Ancestral Home, My Birthplace.

This battle shall henceforth be known throughout the ages as the Second Coming of God, the New Genesis of the Daleks.

And now one Human male is all that stands in the way of that Most Glorious Reckoning, firing wildly at three member of My Elite Guard.

The Male...Captain Jack screams behind Him as He fires. 'Last man standing! For God's sake, Doctor, finish that thing and kill them!'

I cannot resist adding to His Torment.

I watch with Delight as The Doctor works on His little machine, His Face taut with stress and fear.

'Finish that thing and kill Mankind.'

He looks up in horror.

His Mind starts to burn with fear.

How fitting for the One who watched His People burn.

But My Amusements must be enjoyed elsewhere. And one such amusement is immediately outside the Control Room.

'Doctor! You've got twenty seconds maximum--'

The Little Human male. How valiantly He fights. And all for naught as My Elite Guards close the distance.

His Face changes from determination to a resigned smile as His Weapon fails to fire.

I applaud Your Efforts, Little Human Pest.

But this is where Your Judgement will be meted.

Elite Unit 1 moves forward and stares at Him.


The Human holds His Head high. 'Yeah. I kinda guessed that.'

Three shots slam into His Body, sending Him crashing into the wall. My Elite Guards ignore the corpse as the doors of the Control Room open with a hiss.

'It's ready...'

The Devil has no time to revel in his victory as My Brethren fill the cramped room.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

No chance to beg.

He gazes over all of Them, His Eyes filled with apprehension.

'You really wanna think about this. 'Cos if I activate the signal, every single creature dies.'

I activate the viewscreen and hover over Him. 'I am immortal.'

He sneers as My Glorious Image. 'D'you wanna put that to the test?'

I return His Expression in kind as My Eye narrows. 'I want to See You become Like Me. Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator!!'

How far will Your Sanctimonious Attitude hold You, Ka-Faraq Gatri? Will You forever believe that You can Best Me? That You are somehow Greater than Me because You will not speak of Your Talents of Genocide?

He seizes the switch of the generator and glares at Me, A Challenge in His Eyes. 'I'll do it!!'

My Appendages slam against the reinforced casing of My Throne as I press My Eye to the glass. And I hiss My Challenge...

'Then prove Yourself, Doctor. What are You? Coward or Killer?'

The Silence lasts for both a second, and an Eternity as He grips the handle, His Limbs trembling...

Before they fall to His Sides, limp and helpless.

He looks at Me.

And sighs.

'Coward. Any day.'

I sneer at Him. 'Mankind will be harvested, because of Your Weakness.'

He does not acknowledge the hit. 'Yeah? And what about me? Am I becoming one of your angels?'

'You are The Heathen. You will be Exterminated.'

He shrugs His Shoulders. 'Maybe it's time, yeah.'

And He closes His Eyes, His Head held up, His Face at peace.

I will grant Him a swift execution. For I am a Provident God.

My Brethren silently move into position and train Their Weapons on His Hearts...



I know that sound.

And it is impossible!!

Elite Unit 1 confirms it.

'Alert!! TARDIS materialising!!'

No!! NO!!

But the horrific blue ship steadily materialising cannot be stopped. Yet how is this possible!? He is the Last of the Time Lord; none other than a Time Lord can activate a TARDIS...

I slam My Appendages against the glass with enough force to send a web of splinters across Its Surface.


I can feel The Minds of My Brethren as They Focus Their Weapons...

And all watch in shock as the door of the ship fly open.

A figure swathed in gold shimmers into existence. A Human female...the Human female He sent back to safety.

But...how was this possible--


The Ka-Faraq Gatri stares at the Being in horror.

'What have you done?!'

She turns Her Head...and then I See It. Eyes of Fire and Ice and Rage, the Soul of the Sun and the Moon.

Her Voice does not correspond to any known lifeform My Race has ever encountered. 'I looked into the TARDIS. And the TARDIS looked into me.'

The Doctor attempts to stand, His Voice now trembling in fear.

'You went deeper than that, you looked into the Time Vortex! Rose, no-one's meant to see that--'


She has violated the sanctity of the VORTEX!!

I twist and flail against My Throne in rage. 'This is The Abomination!!'

Elite Unit 1 takes up My Order. 'EX-TER-MI-NATE!!'

A burst of weapon-fire...a direct hit, surely.

But why does She Stand?

The beam is held within time itself for a second, a heartbeat.

Until The Abomination forces it back into the weapon-stalk of Elite Unit 1.

What is She Doing!?

Even The Doctor does not reveal any answers. He tries to stand, His Body Trembling. 'Rose, you've got to stop this, you've got to stop this now!!'

Her Eyes do not focus on the Time Lord. Instead, They focus on Me.

How Dare She view Me with Her Unclean Eyes!!

'I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words...'

The earlier question of the Ka-Faraq Gatri haunts My Thoughts...the words 'Bad Wolf'...

She waves Her Hand. Above the view screen, I can hear metal twisting from the walls. The Doctor watches in shock.

'...I scatter them, in time and space.'

The sounds abate...

'A message to lead myself here.'

The Time Lord turns back and ignores Her Words. 'You've got the entire vortex running through your head, you're gonna burn!! Is that what you want!?'

She Looks down at Him, and for a moment, I See Her Eyes flicker. 'I want you safe. My Doctor. Protected from the False God.'

False God!?

She Besmirches My Name, My Glory? She, The Abomination!?

I will ensure Her Suffering will be known through every level of Hell for this Blasphemy, This Hubris!!

I Spit My Next Words at Her. 'You cannot hurt Me!! I am Immortal!'

Tears stream down Her Face as she Glares at Me. 'You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space. Every atom of your existence...'

She Turns and holds out Her Hand towards Elite Unit 1.

'...and I divide them.'

I Watch in Horror as Elite Unit 1...disintegrates.


What has She Done!?

She Raises Her Arms, and more of My Brethren begin to disintegrate.

'Everything must come to dust.'

The dust motes spiral in the air.

'All things.'

There is no time to flee, no time to jettison My Escape Craft, no time to do anything except watch...

'Everything dies.'

This is impossible!!

I am The Emperor of the Daleks!! I am the Sovereign of the Eternal Dalek Empire!! I am The Way, The One True God, The Path Of Redemption--

'I will not die!! I CANNOT DIE!!'

Dust spirals appear before My Eye.

I close it and SCREAM.