Well...this is basically a bunch of chapters with the characters acting like their animal. Enjoy. The first is Shigure.

"I'm rather bored." Yuki said.

"How about I take you to my shop! We can try on clothes, Yuki! It will be fun!" Ayame yelled.

Yuki shook his head. It was a saturday and the teenagers were bored. Ayame and Hatori had come over to visit so Shigure was pretty amused. Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru had walked downstairs to complain about having nothing to do. Usually these adults had some suggestions for young kids. Today though, they had none.

"I'm sorry, kids. Why don't you play a board game or something?" Shigure suggested weakly.

"A board game! It has 'bored' in it! Damn. There has to be something we can do." Kyo said.

"Well...I think I know how to make you laugh a little." Hatori said.

"How?" Tohru asked.

Hatori winked at Ayame and got up. Ayame knew what was coming. Shigure did too. He was about to get up and leave but Ayame stopped him. Hatori came back in the room. In his hand was a tennis ball. Yep. Shigure got an aggravated look on his face.

"Tennis?" Kyo asked.

"Watch." Hatori said. He held the ball out to Shigure. "You want the ball, Shigure?"

Shigure glared at him then looked at the ball. "Yes, I want the ball."

"You want the ball? You want the ball? Oh, look at the ball. You want it?" Hatori started speaking faster like he was talking to an actual dog.

"Yes, I would enjoy having the ball." Shigure said through his teeth.

"You want it? Go get it!" Hatori pretended to the throw the ball in the kitchen and Shigure ran up and chased after it. After a few moments he came back in and walked towards Hatori. He stopped so close to him they could kiss.

"See, I was mistaken. I thought you had thrown the ball when clearly you are hiding it behind your back." Shigure said.

Hatori just smiled. Then he threw the ball behind his back. "Go get it!" he said. Shigure ran after the ball and grabbed it. Then he sat back on the couch and clutched the ball tightly. Hatori tried to take the ball from him but Shigure actually growled at him. Hatori got an angry look on his face then hit him lightly on the nose. Shigure looked down then gave the ball back. Hatori faced the kids who were on the ground laughing.

"I knew you would like that." Hatori said with a laugh. Ayame started to laugh too.

"I hate you." Shigure said.

Yuki sat up and pat Shigure on the back. "You're more of a dog than we thought!" he said.

"Now, we'll never be bored!" Kyo said through his laughter.

Tohru felt a little guilty for laughing but she couldn't help it. Seeing Shigure act like a dog was just too funny. Shigure just sat there with a look of slight embarassment and amusement. At least he was able to help the kids boredom. Anything for the children...

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