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"I really don't believe this…." Yuki said.

"Explain to me how this happened again." Kyo said agitated.

Shigure smiled as he looked up into the tree with Kyo, Yuki, Momiji, and Tohru. It was quite a simple situation really. There was peach tree growing in his backyard. Every year he would pick the peaches off it and eat them. This year Ritsu had decided to pop by and pay a visit to them. Shigure loved when Ritsu came by. He was so easy! Shigure asked Ritsu to pick a peach off the tree for him. Of course he asked him for a particular one at the very top. Ritsu…not wanting to disappoint any more people did as he was asked.

"And he somehow got stuck up there!" Shigure said with a big grin.

"You're terrible, Shigure." Yuki said in a low voice.

"You would think he could get himself down. I mean…he is a monkey." Momiji said.

Everyone stopped talking as they heard a wail from the tree. "I know!! I'm such a failure! How could a monkey not even know how to climb a tree?!"

"Oh it's all right, Ritsu. I don't need my precious peach. I always loved having the peaches at the very top. They're always the juiciest. I thought you could get it for me, seeing as how you're the monkey. But it's quite all right. We'll get you down from there and I won't have my peach." Shigure said, trying his hardest not to laugh.

Another wail came from the tree and Yuki glared at Shigure. "You know that's a lie, Shigure. How could you ask him to do that?"

Shigure just giggled. Then they heard a yell. Everyone gasped as Ritsu fell. Luckily his shirt got caught on a branch. So now he was hanging there like a Christmas ornament. He looked at everyone underneath him and turned red.

"I got the peach…." He said trying his hardest not to cry while holding up the peach.

"Oh you did get it! Drop it down here!" Shigure said walking closer to the tree.

Ritsu waited til Shigure was under him entirely and then dropped the peach. Shigure caught it and smiled.

"That's it! Thanks, Ritsu. I guess I won't be able to eat it right now though, since we have to worry about getting you out of the tree and all."

"I'm sorry! I'm such an inconvenience!" Ritsu yelled covering his face. "I'll get myself down! You don't have to worry about me, Shigure!"

Shigure raised his eyebrows as he watched Ritsu grab onto the branch he was stuck on. At the cost of his shirt he was able to raise himself on the branch. He then jumped from that branch to the one next to it. He hung for a little while before dropping to the branch underneath him, landing on both feet. He was almost to the ground.

"Wow. I guess he can climb." Tohru said.

He grabbed the branch he was standing on and hung on it with both arms. He was just one branch away from the ground. He dropped onto the branch below him. Sadly…his foot slipped and he fell to the ground.

"OW!" he cried.

"I guess…he still can't climb that well." Tohru took back her statement.

Shigure couldn't stop laughing. Ritsu was always a constant source of amusement for him. "Thanks again, Ritsu!" He said. He walked back to his house laughing all the way.

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