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Summary: Haruno Sakura has finally came back from America after 8 years. Now 25, she is ready to start a real relationship with Uchiha Sasuke. However when she came back she found out that Sasuke was engaged to another women. What will Sakura do? Will she be happy for him? Read and find out!

Pairings: Sasuke/ Sakura, Neji/Tenten, Shikamaru/Ino, Naruto/Hinata some Kakashi/Anko

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or the songs I will be using in future chapters.

Chapter 1: Return of the Cherry Blossom

' I can't believe I'm going back home!' thought the 25 year old bubble gum pink haired girl. Over the 8 years when she was absent, she had grown into a fine women. Her jade green eyes seemed to grow more beautiful and pure. She cut her hair again and now it was shoulder length in layers and she had side swept bangs. Today she was wearing a black business suit with a white tee shirt under. ( A/N: Picture on profile just imagine her having a black suit and pink hair.))

'I wonder how much everyone has changed.' She thought.

"Sakura we are about to land, put your seatbelt on." said her manager, Mitarashi Anko. She had to stay with her the whole time she was in America because she was a family friend, and thought that she could help.

" Oh yeah." Sakura said getting out of her trance. She buckled her seat belt then looked out the window, there she saw her home town of Tokyo, Japan. It was 11:30 so it was dark and the cites lights shown like fireflies.

"Well, we are finally home." Anko said. When the plane was settled on the ground, everyone got up to grab there bags. Sakura had sent a lot of her stuff in a box so they were already there at Kunoichi Mansion.

"Everyone should be meeting you at the gate so I'll meet you later okay?" Anko said.

"Thank you Anko-sensei... for everything!" She said giving her a hug, She is calling her sensei now because she would always help her like a teacher.

With The Rest Of The Gang

Ring Ring

Went the phone at Sharingan residence. All of the guys answered the phone groggily.

"Hello?" Said all 4 of them.

"What are you guys doing alseep?" Said the girls.

"Well normal people would be sleeping right now." Nara Shikamaru said. Over the years he hasn't changed much. He still had the pineapple looking head, smart ass brain, and as lazy as ever.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Yelled Yamanaka Ino. She also hasn't changed much. Still loud and blonde but still a good friend.

"What do you want Ino?" Hyuuga Neji said getting irritated. Neji changed a little. He wasn't so quiet and was opening up to people since he has been going out with Tenten.

"Neji-kun don't you now what tonight is?" Bakurashi Tenten said. She has changed too. Well first of her name isn't Bakurashi Tenten anymore, its Hyuuga Tenten. That's right. She and Neji finally tied the knot 2 years ago. The Hyuuga final popped the question on there 2 year anniversary. ((A/n: Remember? I added her a fake last name for people who don't.))

"No. What's tonight?" Uzumaki Naruto asked. Again the loud mouth blonde was still as loud as ever and I'm not talking about Ino. He still loves ramen and still loves Hinata.

"Naruto-kun how can you forget?" Hyuuga Hinata said. She wasn't so timid but she did change. Her once short dark purple hair has now grown to her waist and was kept in a neat pony tail.

"Yes we forgot! Now tell us what we forgot!" All they guys yelled.

"SAKURA-CHAN IS COMING BACK TONIGHT!" All the girls yelled. The guys eyes shot open.

"WHAT! WAIT, WE WILL BE THERE IN 2 MINUTES." The guys said except for one who hasn't been talking for a while. His name? Uchiha Sasuke.

" SASUKE? ARE YOU READY WE GOT TO GO PICK UP THE GIRLS!" Naruto yelled from downstairs.

"Hn." Sasuke said and went downstairs. He got in the car and they drove up to Kunoichi mansion.

"Hello? Hello? You guys for got to hang up the phone!" Tenten said.

With Sakura

Sakura went to get her bags at baggage claim. It took her a while since she couldn't find her bags.

' I might be late!' Sakura said and searched more frantically.

With the gang.

"DRIVE FASTER!" The girls yelled from behind. The guys had just picked up the girls and now they were speeding to the airport.

"Speed limit." Neji said pointing to the sign that said "SPEED LIMIT 75"

"Screw the speed limit and drive FASTER!" Tenten said. They guys got scared and started going faster. ((A/n: Always obey the speed limit people! Drive safe!))

With Sakura

"Oh gawd I'm late!" She said and ran to where she was going to meet them. It is very difficult to run in high heels you know!

With the Gang

"Well finally we made it!" Ino said running to meet Sakura. At the same time Sakura came running but got there before they did. She was breathing heavily.

"OMG! Sakura-chan! Did you wait for us for a long time?" Hinata said. Sakura was about to give her answer when she thought about it.

"Yes! What took you so long?" Sakura said.

"Were are so sorry Sakura-chan!" Tenten said and gave her a huge hug. Sakura smirked in her mind. 'So gullible!' she thought.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" Neji and Shikamaru said. Sakura smiled at them and was about to hug them when a yellow blob obstructed her view.

"SAKURA-CHAN! ITS BEEN TOO LONG! I REALLY MISSED YOU! DID YOU GET ME ANYTHING?" Naruto said and tackled her to the floor.

"Dobe. Get off her." said a figure behind them. They all turned to the source of the voice and saw non other then Sasuke.

Sakura heart skipped a beat. Ino and Tenten removed Naruto off her. Sakura then walked slowly up to Sasuke and then captured him in a tight hug.

The stoic Uchiha Sasuke didn't change that much. His hair did grow longer and had became more masculine. His voice changed into a more older and handsomer voice which could have a women swooning over him instantly. But one big thing did change...

"Sasuke-kun?" Said a women behind them. Sakura let go of him to see who called her Sasuke-kun, "Sasuke-kun."

When Sakura finally saw her, she couldn't stop looking at her. Honestly, Sakura thought she was really beautiful. She had long brown hair that went all the way to her butt, and innocent looking green eyes. Sakura thought that she looked like her but maturer, sexier, and smarter. ((A/N: Pic on profile. Under Rock Loverz II))

"Sakura, this is Fujiwara Ayaka." Sasuke said. Everyone in the group went dead silent.

"Hi Sakura! It is nice to meet you!" Ayaka said and extended her hand. Sakura stared at it then finally shock it. Then she noticed the ring on her engagement hand.

"Do you like it?" Ayaka said. "Sasuke-kun and I are getting married in a 2 months!"

Sakura felt that her mind stop working and she was going to collapse to the floor anytime now. She stared in disbelief at Sasuke, who just stared at the ground, eyes hidden under his bangs. Sakura snapped out of it and cam back to reality when Ino nudged her with her elbow.

"Oh. Congrats!" Sakura said putting on a fake smile but inside, her heart was slowly breaking apart.

"Sakura-chan you should get home. We will talk tomorrow. Okay?" Neji said and grabbed some of her bags while Shikamaru and Naruto helped. Sakura nodded slowly.

"Well I see you later." Sakura said and followed them to there car.

"Goodbye!" Ayaka said and waved at her retreating back.

"Sasuke-kun she is a sweat girl. Did you invite her to the wedding?" Ayaka said. Sasuke wasn't paying any attention to her or to anyone what so ever. He just staring at ground.

'She finally came back.' Sasuke thought.

With Everyone Else

"Sakura-chan, are you alright?" Hinata asked. Sakura nodded and smiled. Her eyes were red and there were tears threatening to fall any minute but Sakura fought back the urge.

"Sakura-chan we tried to tell you, but it was just to hard." Shikamaru said.

"Its alright. When did they get engaged?" Sakura asked.

"Last year." Ino said sadly.

"They meet 4 years ago." Tenten continued. Sakura couldn't hold back the tears any longer. She cried on Ino's shoulder. The rest of the car ride back home was silent.

Sakura's POV

"I can't believe that he got engaged." I thought. Then something came to my mind.

"5 years ago the letters, calls, text messages, and e-mails stopped coming!" I thought bitterly. I remember the last letter he wrote.

Dear Sakura-chan,

Hello! So how's the business life working out for you? I'm doing okay here. I went to the record company today and I meet the bosses's daughter. I think her name was Fujiwara Ayaka. She kept giving me these looks. I have to go to brunch with her tomorrow for a business thing. But it doesn't matter you're the only girl for me. So when are you coming back? I just can't wait to see you again. Well right back.


Your Sasuke-kun

P.S. Did I tell you Naruto got a jar of pickles on his head? It took us hours to get it off.

"That was the last letter I got from him." I thought sadly.

Normal POV

"Sakura-chan we are here." Ino said. They guys helped them with her bags and put it inside the Kunoichi mansion.

"Its good to be back!" Sakura said and jumped on the couch. Nothing in the house changed except some new furniture.

"Okay bye guys we will see you later!" Ino said and kissed Shikamaru. Tenten and Hinata did the same to Neji and Naruto.

"So Ten-chan how is married life with Neji?" Sakura asked. Tenten blushed. "It doing okay I guess."

"I still can't believe that you guys didn't move into together yet!" Ino said. Hinata got some popcorn and soda and sat it down on the table in front of them.

"Me either. Its not a money problem is it?" Sakura asked.

"No. Dr. Mil said that we shouldn't rush thing and should take it slow." Tenten said. She obviously told them a lie and she didn't even believe it but she couldn't tell them the news just yet.

"You guys have been dating for 9 years!" Hinata said and ate some popcorn.

"Whatever." Tenten said taking a sip of her soda.

"What about you Ino-chan?" Sakura asked.

"Nothing really." Ino said.

"WHAT! Shikamaru didn't propose yet?" Sakura asked astonished.

"Yeah. That smart ass is to lazy to propose. He might think its to troublesome, and I might have to do it." Ino said with a laugh. Hinata and Tenten smirked.

" Oh Hinata stop eating popcorn, you still want to fit in your wedding dress right?" Ino said. Sakura frowned and stopped eating.

" A little controlling are we not?" Sakura said.

" As Hinata's wedding planner I have to the wedding as a success. And the bride can't be seen fat." Ino said. Everyone rolled there eyes. Hinata and Naruto wedding was in 2 weeks. Hinata's Maid of Honor is going to be Ino. Naruto's Best Man is going to be Sasuke. They decided to have everyone be a Maid of Honor and Best man at least once. Tenten maid of was Hinata, Ino's is going to be Sakura is Shikamaru ever proposes, and Sakura's well be Tenten. As for the guys its was Neji's Best Man was Shikamaru, Shikamaru's is going to be Naruto, and Sasuke's is going to be Neji.

" I'm glad I'm here for the wedding. Sorry Ten-chan that I couldn't go to yours." Sakura said.

"That's okay Sakie-chan." Tenten said.

"Wait is Hina-chan was your Maid of Honor and Ino-chan was a bridesmaid who was the last bridesmaid?" Sakura asked. Everyone looked down.

"Ayaka was the last one." Ino answered.

"Oh." Sakura said. Then there was a pregnant silent.

"Oh Hinata its past 12! We have to go to Osaka to buy the dresses." Ino said and got a clip board out from her pocket. They all stared wide eyed at her while she wrote stuff. 0.o They were all thinking "Were the hell did she get the clip board?"

"GUYS GO TO SLEEP WE ARE ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE!" Ino screamed at them. They got scared then they immediately went upstairs to go to sleep.

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