Months after being captured and locked away, Jack sat in the corner of the damp cell, focusing on the shining beam of light coming through the tiny window in the corner of the room. He'd lost track of time and was unsure of how long he had been here. He was just glad she wasn't here with him. He was hoping they wouldn't find her and throw her in here for eternity, just like they did to him. Davy Jones, somehow, knew of his... let's say "feelings" for her... and Jack was sure that they were searching for Elizabeth this very moment, so they could hit Jack where it hurt most. She'd have no warning and he shivered thinking of what they might do to her. He tried to tell himself that she could take care of herself... but he didn't know for how long.

A ship passed by, its sails blocking out the light.

"Bugger" Jack said out loud.

The cell door burst open, and at that moment his worst fears came true. Jack quickly got to his feet, squinting, trying to see who was approaching him. A weight was tossed upon him, and it began to fall to the ground. It was Elizabeth. The door was slammed shut and locked back as he caught her around the waist and prevented her from falling to the ground. He held her tightly to him and maneuvered her and himself over to where the light hit the ground. The second the light flooded onto her unconscious face he saw what was only the beginning of the extent of the damage to Elizabeth's frail frame.

Blood was caked around her nose and the corners of her mouth and there was a terrible gash on her forehead, still leaking out streams of blood. She sported a black eye, and there was a large bruise on her chin. There were numerous cuts and bruises. "Bugger" Jack said again, this time through gritted teeth. They had finally gotten to her. He shook her, ever so slightly, and called out her name.

"Elizabeth!" He said, his voice cracking. No answer. He sat down and gently pulled her with him, arranging her head in his lap, one of his hands on the top of her head and the other cupping her cheek. He pushed her hair back, and leaned down to get a better look at her. She was as beautiful as ever, despite all her current imperfections. The last memory he had of her was the kiss they had shared, before she left him to die. He didn't care. He was just glad they were together again. She had captured his heart, and was the one and only woman that would ever have the ability to do so.

"Elizabeth..." he whispered, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand, "I'm sorry, love. I may deserve this, but you bloody well don't." She didn't stir. After a moment, Jack ripped off a shred of his shirt, and dipped it in the small tub of water that he was supplied with each day. He brought it to the wound on her forehead, and dabbed at it lightly, soaking up the blood.

In the months that he had been here alone, he had always wanted to escape. He stared at that window, and knew just a few feet below where he was the sea resided, the sea that he longed to return to so much. He just didn't have the will, or the drive to try to escape. Now he had a reason. He needed to save Elizabeth.

"I'm gonna get you out of here, love," Jack said, leaning down and kissing her forehead lightly. He looked up at the window resolutely. First, he needed to get her well. Then, he needed to come up with a plan.