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This is a world where vampires run free. Because of this everyone is taught from birth to stay inside after dark. There have been many attacks but none reported for the moment you are bitten you can be basically controlled by that vampire or drained dry, after the 3rd bite by the same vampire you 'turn'. A vampire can also mesmerize you with it's eyes. Now some might ask, why hasn't anything been done about this? Is there any way to break a vampires hold on you? Why am I asking myself questions?

Well, that will all be answered in due time.

(Normal P.O.V.)

Ino walked down the street, staying in the street lights as much as possible.

'I'm gunna kill my boss next time I see him. I can't believe he made me work the night-shift!' she inwardly yelled.

She suddenly got a feeling that somebody watching her. She shivered, passing it off as her own fears, nothing more. It didn't take too long for her to realize the feeling wasn't going away. She looked back at the empty street. She sighed and kept walking.

'You're being jumpy, Ino, snap out of it,' she berated herself.

A cold gust of wind hit her back, but she once again started chewing herself out for being a sissy and kept walking.

"A little girl like you could get hurt at a time like this," a male voice said from behind her.

She spun on her heel, throwing her arm out to hit anything in it's path.

A tall, dark haired, beautiful man was standing not 10 feet from her. He had a long white jacket on that had grey bordering all around it with thorn shaped silver studs on all the corners. He was also wearing strait black pants with a black leather belt that had the same studs on it. (If you've read Vampire Knight he looks just like Kaname with my own little twist to the clothes)

"Oh! Sorry sir. I thought you were...something else..." she said, assuming he was ok because of his attire.

A small smile appeared on his face that showed the bottom of his teeth. Ino could have sworn she saw a glimps of long incisors but once again passed it off as her fears. "So what is a pritty girl like you doing out in the dark?"

She smiled. "Well, you see, my boss at the club had me work the night shift and my car stalled in the parking lot so I had to walk home!"

He looked around. "So you're all alone?"

She nodded, immediatly suspicious.

He smiled again. This time Ino was sure she saw the sharp teeth. Fear bloomed in her chest and showed in her eyes.

"You- you're- a- a..."

"Vampire." he finished for her.

She took a step back, shaking her head. "No, this isn't happening. Not to me. Not now."

He followed her, step for step. "If it's not happening then this won't hurt one bit."

A tear fell down her cheek. "Please, don't," she pleaded.

He smiled again as she looked into his purple eyes and got a glazed look in her eyes.

"That's it sweety, come to me."

She began a slow walk towards him. When she was right in front of him he reached foreward and bared her neck. He then leaned down and drank, drank till he was no longer thirsty.

Ino fell into his slender arms, passed out.


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