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Chapter One: Of What Fate Will Bring

Kagome was packing her belongings in her infamous large yellow bag once again inside of Kaede's hut. Sango and Miroku were out by the river with Shippo and Kilala to hopefully catch some fish for dinner. Inuyasha and Kagome stayed behind.

Well, Inuyasha stayed behind with Kagome for only one reason, or maybe it was two. He didn't know, but he was sure of one thing. She wasn't escaping him this time…

Kagome sighed, it was finally Friday in the evening and she was more than ready to make her departure back to her time through the Bone Eaters Well. This week had been nothing but fighting demons, searching for shards of the Sacred Jewel and more fighting demons. If Kagome was any kind of sane teenage girl, and she knew she sure as hell was, it was time right now for a little vacation back to home.

Home… Right now, Kagome thought it had a nice little soothing ring to it. Comfy warm bed, homemade modern food, family and electricity. Oh yes, Kagome was surely going home for the entire weekend.

But I'm worried about Inuyasha. Kagome had discovered that Inuyasha will remain human for two nights instead of only one. And how this happened was quite interesting…

She turned to look out the window to see the large orange sun setting on the horizon behind a couple of trees. Since it was setting, its brightness wasn't too offensive to Kagome's eyes and so she gazed it at moments longer.

It was just this morning when the sun was brighter, that a demon of black magic had cast a sort of spell on Inuyasha. The demon knew Inuyasha was only a hanyou, it could sense it, especially since it being so close to nighttime when there would be no moon.

After battling the demon until it was practically on its knees and ready to keel over, it had summoned some kind of strange spell and it struck Inuyasha. But fortunately, the demon had done less damage to the hanyou than it had meant to. It had meant for Inuyasha to become a weak and defenseless human for all eternity, but it turns out, thanks to Kaede's grand source of all demon spells' knowledge, she had concluded that Inuyasha would only remain human for one more night than usual.

So it was two nights of being a full-blooded human. It was just one more day… that can't be so bad. Right?... Well go kick yourself in the shins for thinking it's not; because of course it was bad…

"I can't believe that damn demon made me human longer!"

Kagome sighed in annoyance. Looking up at the roof top where she knew Inuyasha was lying on, she shouted, "Well at least it's not for an eternity Inuyasha! So be thankful it will only be for two nights."

On top of the roof of the hut, Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "Keh, yeah I should be so damned thankful." He turned to his side and stared at the golden orange sun that nearly matched the color of his eyes.

He would turn human the same way he always did. The sun was setting and he was really regretting the next two nights not being able to wield Tetsusaiga or using his claws to destroy demons. Damn, now I have to wait in hiding until I am a hanyou once again... For two days!

Inuyasha growled slightly and then just took a deep breath. It's fine, damnit, I can get through a couple of nights no problem. I'll show that Kagome…

Speaking of Kagome…

Still having his advanced hearing intact, Inuyasha could hear Kagome lifting the bamboo door flap carefully to get ready to make a run for it back to her time.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, and then sighed, why does she always think she can do this without me noticing?

3… 2… 1.

Kagome took off on her bike.

Flying through the exit of Kaede's hut entirely now, she was pedaling as fast as she could. Tress zoomed by in a blur, the grass coming and going so quickly, different scents of the forest were filling her nose and the wind was blowing through her hair.

And there, just ahead, was the well she was riding straight toward. Almost there..

Kagome bit her bottom lip. Will Kagome make it and finally go back home without Inuyasha trying to hold her back? Will she be free from his whining and finally be able to take a break from jewel shard hunting with him totally agreeing to it?... Will Kagome ever wear any other clothes than her school uniform to the feudal era more often than the rare few times that she had?

Gosh, don't you readers watch the show? Of course not, damn…

And as soon as she had started pedaling faster, Inuyasha jumped up, landing immediately on her right side. He lifted Kagome from the bike as she was passing him, and let the bike speed off and hit the well by itself, crashing against it with a heavy thud, and now falling down on its side.

Kagome was struggling to get out of his arms, "What is your problem Inuyasha?" She shouted. The hanyou nearly dropped her from all of the thrashing she did with her arms.

"What the hell do you mean what's my problem? You know damn well what it is!" He put her down, "You were going home weren't you." He asked, in the same tone as if she were about to steal something from him.

Kagome became even angrier at this, "Inuyasha it's my home, I deserve to chose when I want to go back there whenever I want!" She placed her hands on her hips, trying maybe too hard to not lose control. The last thing she wanted was the man she loved to be truly mad at her, Kagome didn't want this. But hell he deserved it!... Nonetheless, she just couldn't deal with it right now. She didn't feel like arguing.

She took a deep breath and exhaled very slowly while closing her eyes, she spoke calmly, "Inuyasha, I have been here for five days straight fighting demons and searching for jewel shards non-stop. I am tired and I miss my family so I am going home and that's that."

She walked toward the well where her fallen bike was, and also her yellow bag which had fortunately not burst open from the hard impact that the bike had made when it had crashed.

Because of what she said, and how she had said it for that matter, Inuyasha was beginning to feel bad about how angry he had gotten. He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as he walked toward her.

His voice became softer and more sincere, "Listen, Kagome. I didn't mean to go off like that. It's just," He watched her pick up her bike to see if anything was broken, he continued, "It's just that since I'm human for two nights now, I thought you could still stay here since we won't be traveling until I turn into a hanyou once again." He was becoming irritated as he thought this right now. Even though he still wanted to track Naraku down and try to find as many jewel shards as possible while doing so, he knew the rest of group wouldn't agree, since Inuyasha would be human, they would demand rest for those two nights.

So much as Inuyasha didn't want this vacation; he figured he might as well accept it. There was no use arguing with his friends if they were all against him. Oh-ho yeah… Inuyasha had learned that the hard way.

I guess Kagome does need some time to herself and her family back home… He noticed how droopy her shoulders were and how small bags were vaguely forming under her eyes.

Kagome looked back at him as he stood next to her now, "So then why don't you just come with me? I know my brother would like to see you again, and plus, you'll be completely safe from any harm here."

Inuyasha made a face, "Well I don't know… You're mom sure was mad at me when I accidentally broke her glass flower holder the last time I was there."

Kagome smiled awkwardly, he was referring to her mother's vase. But she had forgiven him too, understanding that it was an accident after all.

Kagome brightened, "Oh come on, she's not mad about it at all, believe me." She said while gathering her bag on her shoulders. She might as well leave her bike here. She knew maybe Sango or Miroku would notice it when they returned and take care of it for her.

Inuyasha seemed to be thinking about it as he looked down the well, "Well. I gue-"

"Good!" Kagome said with a smile and pushed Inuyasha in the well from behind with only one hand.

Inuyasha's voiced echoed as he tumbled down the well, "You could've at least given me some warning! Geez!"

Kagome laughed lightly and jumped in the well too, following right behind him. She was secretly looking forward to these two nights alone with just Inuyasha and herself. I wonder…