The Witch, The Psychic, and The Winchesters

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Okay, this story is going to be interesting…. Also, Alex is a friend, so the story is for her.

Chapter One

o.0.o Jessica POV o.0.o

Okay, I don't normally do one night stands. Hunting with Alex takes that all away – we're just too busy. But it was Alex's twenty-first birthday and she wanted to go to a bar. So the twenty-four year-old me said okay. Stupid me.

Anyway, we got there and immediately, she grabs me and points to these two hot – I mean HOT – guys sitting at a table by the bar. She gave me first pick. I chose the blonde – Dean Smith or something like that.

Then the usual guy-meets-girl thing happened – or my usual guy-meets-girl thing. We approached. He hit on me and bought me a drink. He asked if I wanted to head over to his hotel room. Now, there is only one question for me to ask myself – Why the hell did I say yes?

I told Alex – who promptly told me to 'Go get 'em!'. Self note: smack her over the head. We got to his room and, well, got to work. Then, as he was running his hands all over me, he found out that I was packing. The gun filled with rock salt that I keep in a holder on my person at all times. Damn. Of course he freaked, but that only made things worse. The ghost – which I didn't know was haunting this run-down hotel – showed and tried to impress. Damn ghosts.

While he tried to usher me out of the room, I elbowed him in the nose and grabbed my gun he dropped. (He would definitely pay for dropping my baby later. That was my favorite gun. Emphasis on favorite.) I let three shots rip at the black cloud of a ghost before Dean grabbed my legs from under me – something else he'd pay for.

I hit Dean in the head with my baby and started to shoot at this thing again.

Bang. Bang. Screech. Dead.

Good. The thing was gone. That's when our whole ordeal started.

"Who the hell are you," Dean asked me.

I racked my brain for a good answer. Finding none, I avoided the subject, "You're nose is bleeding."

I tried to provide first aid but my hands were shooed away.

"I asked a question," he boomed.

"I made a statement."

He glared at me and let me fix his soon-to-be black-and-blue mark and blood gushing nose.

"Sorry about that," I said, "You weren't letting me kill that thing."

"Because we don't know what it is."

"We," I asked while arching an eyebrow, "I do. I came here to kill it. What I didn't know was that you decided to take up residence in the only haunted place in town."

I placed a band-aid on the cut above Dean's eyebrow, as he asked, "So you hunt these things?"

"What do you think," I rhetorically asked.

Dean glared at me as I put the finishing touches on his wounds. Once done, he laid back onto the bed as I plopped down next to him.

"Let's go find Lex," I said.

"And Sammy," he added.

I got up, followed by Dean and we walked out to his navy blue 1967 Impala and headed toward the bar.

o.0.o Alex POV o.0.o

Okay, I wanted to go to this bar for my twenty-first birthday. Hell, I wanted to go to any bar. But what I didn't know was that Jessica would get hooked up. And leave me with the not-so-social social butterfly. Granted, he was cute. But I could only imagine what the other one and I could be doing at this very moment if things were a tad bit different.

Instead, I was talking to the cute twenty-two year-old ex-Stanford college student.

"What did you go there for," I asked, "Law?"

"Yeah. Is it that obvious," he asked as he gave this adorable smile.

"Nah. Good guesser," I said and gave a small laugh, him giving the same chuckle.

That's when I noticed the small bulge at the back of his pants. Damn. He had a gun.

"So what do you do," I asked, trying – hoping – that he had a legit reason to working with a gun, "A cop?"

"Yeah. You could say that," he responded.

Alright. This guy was freaking me out. He seemed harmless – but you never know. So I got close. Just enough to look like a couple, but not enough to act like I wanted something – not that I thought that he thought like that anyway.

I whispered in his ear, "That's why you have a gun?"

Before I could pull away, he whispered, "Why do you have one?"

I was a bit rattled. Of course, if he was a cop – he would have been trained to notice these things – but I really didn't think he was a cop.

This time, when I pulled away completely, there was a gleam in his eye. Okay, this guy wanted to play games. Let's play.

"Let's see some ID," I demanded – in a friendly voice.

"Same with you," he said before pulling out a badge.

Okay, this guy was good. Luckily, I had grabbed our spare FBI badge from the trunk of the 1997 black Camaro that Jess owned. I took it out of my pocket and flashed it at him. Before I could toss it back into my back pocket he grabbed it and looked it over.

"Ya know, I've always wanted to be one. My all time goal," he said as he closely inspected it, "Hey, uh- Alex?"

"Yeah," I asked a bit afraid. The name on the ID read 'Sandra Adler'.

"Since when did your name become Sandra?"

At that exact moment, Sam's friend, Dean, sat down at the chair next to the table we were at closely followed by Jess. Thank God! Saved by the, well, Jess and Dean.

"Hey guys," Sam said as they plopped down in the seats across from ours and handed me my fake ID back, "What's going on?"

"Jess and Alex hunt," Dean said as he gestured to us.

Sam gave me a funny look as I looked for a clue from Jess.

She confirmed, "Yeah. Alex's the witch. She does the researching. I'm the psychic. I do more hunting."

Dean and Sam looked at one another before Dean began, "Sam's the psychic. He researches. I do more hunting. I'm the best in bed."

Dean flashed a cocky grin at Jess before she rolled her eyes. I glanced at Sam who was already looking at me. We shared the same look, 'Oh, God!'

o.0.o Dean POV o.0.o

It had been two months since we met the girls at that bar. Jess and I kept the guns, cars, and knives up to date while Sam and Alex worked on keeping their smarts sharp – whatever the hell that meant.

We told the girls all about our past. And they told us about theirs. Jess and Alex knew each other since they were infants. Their Dads were best friends. Then Jess' parents died in a car accident when she was six months old. She was left in the care of Alex's parents. That's where they were trained.

Alex's Dad refused to think that there was no way Jess' parents could have been killed by anything human. The car fire just started too quick. So he went on a hunting binge after he met Pastor Mark – Pastor Jim's friend. And he trained the girls to hunt the same way. Precision was the name, killing was the game.

"Hey, Sam," I asked. He and Jess were sitting on the opposite bed trying some psychic thing that Missouri told them to try. I was lying on my bed and Alex had gone out for some type of herbs for a spell she was going to cast over the shape shifter we were after.

Sam didn't answer. Instead he kept his eyes closed and hands hovering above Jess' – she was the same but her hands below his.

I sighed and turned over on the bed before I heard Sam talk.

"You're thinking about some guy. He's average height, very fit. You really like him. The letter 'W'. That's it," he said.

Before I could ask what the hell Sam was talking about, Jess started to talk, "You're thinking about a girl. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. A bit tall. Three letters: L, J, and… M. Definitely 'M'."

Sam's body shook and I stood – ready for anything. After all, this whole thing was freaking me out a little.

Sam opened his eyes, let his hands fall, and stared at Jess. Her eyes must have opened, because he asked, "How did you know?"

"Know what," she asked back.

"About her. About Jess."

"I- I didn't. I just told you what they told me," she said.

She looked a bit scared. I was deciding whether or not I should comfort either of them. That's when Sam stormed out, bumping into Alex accidentally on the way.

"What's wrong with him," Alex asked as she turned to face Jess and I, "And her?"

I answered, "Just follow him."

She nodded, tossed her shopping bag in the place that Sam was just sitting at, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"What did I do," Jess said as she turned toward me.

"You described his ex. She was killed by the same demon our mom was," I answered as I sat on the bed next to her.

That's when I noticed exactly how hot she was. With brunette hair that had natural blonde highlights and ended at her shoulder blades, she stood out from the other pictures she had shown me of her family. They all had orange hair and deep green eyes (She had greenish-blue eyes.). She had said they joked that she was the mailman's kid. Her hair was really wavy and curled at the bottom. She wore a lot of black and earthy tones – mostly cargo pants and a tank top. But that was fine with me.

"Who was the guy that Sam described," I asked.

I was a bit curious. I mean this girl and her friend had been hunting with Sam and me for two months. But I didn't even know if she had a long-term long-distance relationship with anyone.

"Uh... no one," she answered, looking away.

"Leave the lying to me, Jess. You really bite at it."

Jess rolled her eyes and bounced off the bed. She started to dig through her bag.

"What are you doing," I asked.

"I'm going- Ah-ha! There it is," she said as she pulled out a string bikini, "Swimming."

Before I could even say anything to get her to wait up, she was in the bathroom yelling through the door, "Are you coming?"

"Yeah," I shouted back. Man it would be fun to see her in a bikini.

o.0.o Sam POV o.0.o

I can't believe I stormed out of the room like that. I scared the shit out of Jess, accidentally hurt Alex, and left Dean to explain. Unbelievable.

But I needed space. So I went to the closest bar, ordered a beer, and sat there – playing with my beer, but never taking a sip. To anyone else, I might have looked like someone who had just broken off a relationship or lost a big promotion to the jerk next door. But not to Alex.

Alex and I had talked about things. Not like Dean and I – or even my Jess (Jessica Lee Moore – not the other Jess) and I had ever done.

So when she sat on the chair next to me – I shouldn't have been surprised.

"Tell me what happened," she asked.

I didn't even answer. I was trying to decide what I should do.

"Alright. Silence works," she kept trying.

"Jess talked about her," I said – deciding to talk.

"My Jess talked about your Jess?"

"Yeah," I said – never taking my eyes off the beer in front of me.

"Sam? Come on. You told me before – she's gone. There's nothing you can do. So why put yourself through this misery? I'm sure she'd want you to move on."

"But how," I asked, now looking at her, "Kill this demon? Retire and go play college boy? I don't know what she wants me to do!"

Okay, shouting was not the answer – unless you wanted to gain a fan club, which I somehow did.

"Sam, I can let you talk to her," she said, "I'll cast a spell, make a potion. I can do it."

"Really," I asked, looking at her now. If she was playing jokes – it was not the best time.

"Yeah. But I need you to promise me one thing."

"What's that," I asked – voice becoming normal.

She sighed, "You'll go on a date with me."

I looked at her – shell shocked. Had she just said that? She liked me? That was definitely not possible. At least I hoped not. I mean I only liked her as a friend. Had I been bringing her on? I really needed a break.

"Alex, you think I like you," I asked.

"You need someone to help you get over her. Maybe if we went out – it would help. Just a trial run," she said, "Refresh your memory of why people date."

Alright, I was lying before. I liked this girl. She was really nice… and pretty… and funny… and perfect. After I talked to Jess, maybe Alex and I would date a bit longer then a trail run. Hopefully.

"Yeah," I agreed, "But let me talk to Jess first, okay?"

Alex agreed, "Okay. Hey Sam?"


"I think we should go find out what Jess and Dean are doing. After all, we left them alone in a hotel room… I don't know about Dean, but for Jess that could only mean one thing," Alex said as she laughed a bit.

"Yeah, same with Dean," I said while letting out a bit of involuntary laughter, "Let's go."

So off we went to find Dean and Jess. And possibly break something up.