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Sam stared at his brother as if he was some sort of deranged prison escapee. "You can't be serious."

"Look Sammy, dad hasn't called back and her house is what a three hour drive from here?"

"So call her and have her pick us up! Or hell, here's a better idea, we can walk!"

"I'm not leaving my car, who knows what kind of god-awful things could happen to her if I'm not around to protect her! Besides," Dean grinned as he pushed his black sunglasses up onto his face, "If we stick to the back roads, stay at the speed limit, and you stop your bitching, we'll be just fine."

His brother had officially gone crazy! "Your feet can barely touch the pedal Dean! And what happens if a cop catches us, huh? What then Dean?"

"Look, we don't have much of a choice here, as far as I know Missouri doesn't own a car, plus, we don't have the money for a taxi, and I don't feel like walking the almost three hundred some-odd miles it is to Lawrence. So either we take our chances with the car, or we wait and hope dad calls. Baring in mind that Grandma knows where we're staying and we don't have the money for another night."

Banging his back against the leather seat, Sam rolled his head to the left and stared at Dean pleadingly. "Couldn't you just go hustle or something?"

"Thought you didn't like the whole idea of hustling?"

"That was then." Sam murmured staring at his bare feet.

"Well unless they've lowered the age of drinking in the state of Kansas, no. And, unfortunately, hustling homework isn't what it use to be kiddo." Re-adjusting his position on the two books he was sitting on Dean sighed. "Look, I know this isn't the ideal way I should go about this but we basically have enough weapons in the trunk to start an army, we can't leave the car."

Sam kicked his feet out in a tantrum. "I know but if we get pulled over-."

"We'll tell them your appendix is hurting you or something, that dad was away on some business trip, and my mind blanked on calling 911."

"I swear to God if you wreck though-"

"Yeah, yeah, just buckle your damn seat belt." Shifting the car into reverse Dean jarringly pulled the car out of its parking spot. "And here we go." He pulled the shifter into drive and toed the gas pedal.

Sam gripped the seat belt tightly in his little hands, his mind reeling with flashes of newspaper headings and news shows about how a '67 Chevy was found off the bank of rural highway such and such, neither passenger nor driver survived. The car jerked forward as Deans foot slipped off the gas causing Sam to turn green and sink down into his seat. We're gonna die, we're gonna die.


Sam stared wide eyed at his brother, while his hands started turning white from the death grip he had around the seat belt.


Sam watched his brother out of the corner of his eye, Dean was so focused on the road ahead of him, you could probably say there was a naked lady in the back seat and he wouldn't have paid you any heed.

A sigh escaped from the youths mouth as the dark haired child rolled his eyes from his brother to the passenger side window. Outside the trees, whose leaves were upturned from the summer heat, were lazily passing by as they drove down the crappy back roads of Kansas.

Resting his head against the crook of his elbow, he let his mind drift back to last nights events.

He wasn't sure what had happened the last clear thing he could remember was talking to Dean, telling him they could cover more ground if they split up. Dean taking the upper part of the apartment building while he took the lower portions; and then nothing, just waking up on the floor with the crone standing over him chanting something-he wasn't quite sure what the language was. He didn't remember how he had gotten into the building, or even the small apartment, which was very disconcerting.


Startled from his thoughts, Sam jumped and turned to stare at his brother who was glaring intently at the dashboard.

"Should I even ask?"

Hitting the steering wheel, Dean pulled off to the side of the road while the car sputtered and died.

Sam groaned as he banged his head back against the seat. "Well that can't be good."

"No shit Sherlock. We're outta gas."

"Are you serious?" As attentive as his brother was to his car, how Dean had let it run out of fuel was beyond his comprehension.

"No Sam, I'm joking." There was a pause as his brother narrowed his eyes, "See, this is? This is my joking face."

He didn't know why he said what he said next, maybe it was his mind finally catching up with his body, or maybe it was the little brother in him wanting to pester Dean into a fight, he wasn't sure, but he couldn't help it. "Told you so."

"This was not a bad idea, Sammy. We can walk to the next town, it's only a few miles ahead. We'll take the gas can and fill it up and walk back. Easy peasy."

"Easy Peasy?"

"…shut up…"

Grinning, Sam pushed open his door and made his way to the back of the car, "So how far are we from Missouri's?"

Dean pushed the trunk open and rummaged through the clothing bags and other assorted junk before uncovering the red body of the gas can. "We passed a sign a couple miles back for our turn off, so I'd say maybe a hundred miles or so, can't be too far."

"And how far away is the next town?"

"About five miles, give or take."

"That's not too bad." Five miles, they've walked more for less than a can of gas.


He took back what he said, gas was not worth this.

Sam pulled at the over sized polo shirt that was sticking to his sweat soaked body. "Dean, I'm tired."

He was hot and his feet hurt-and the tapered sleep shorts were starting to itch him-and fucking gas was just not worth this torture. "Dean?"

"I heard you Sammy, we're almost there."

They had only walked about three of the five miles and he was so not going to make it the rest of the way, not with-out a break. "Dean." He whispered quietly looking down at his dirty bare feet.


Looking up silently, Sam put his best trait to work and stared pleadingly at his brother, "My feet hurt and my legs feel like jell-o." He knew he should feel embarrassed about swindling his brother like this but he honestly didn't care. "Can you give me a piggy back ride?"

"You're kidding me, right?"

"But your bigger than me! My little body can't take the strain of this heat a-and I'm tired, Dean."

There was a moment of silence while Dean stared at Sam, as if contemplating something, but finally the eldest Winchester child knelt down onto the gravel. Quickly, he motioned Sam to hop on. "Just remember once we fix this you so owe me, the Impala needs a good scrubbing and her interior could use a wipe down."



"Are we there yet?"

Dean ground his teeth, trying his hardest to keep his temper in check, his arms were aching, his face was flushed from the summer heat, and this was the tenth time in the last fifteen minutes Sam had asked that stupid question. His nerves were starting to fray. "Dude, the next time you ask that, I swear to God..."

Dean left the threat unfinished, not sure exactly what he would do if his brother asked that moronic question again. He was starting to second guess his whole brilliant idea about taking the Impala and driving to Missouri's. Too late to back out now he supposed.

Taking a deep breath Dean hoisted his brother up farther onto his back all the while his legs and arms screamed at him to release the extra weight he was carrying.


"Yes Sam?"

"Do you think Dad'll call?"

Dean stopped mid-step for a second, his dry eyes staring hard at the day lilies growing like a fence along side the road. His mind drifted back to all the times he'd called his father before, he knew it was unlikely, even uimprobable, that his dad would call but there was no way he was going to tell his brother that.

"Yeah Sammy, course he'll call."

Kid didn't need another reason to dislike their old man.


After cresting the top of the paved hill Dean let out a breath of relief there standing out like an oasis in the middle of a desert was the Little Stop and Go gas station. "Thank freaking God."

Starting down the small hill he jostled Sam around to wake his sleeping brother. "Hey dude time to get up we're there."

"Don't wanna. Too hot."

"Because sleeping makes the heat all the more bearable."

Yawning, Sam rubbed his eyes against Deans shoulder trying to rid them of sleep. "At least asleep I can dream I'm in the arctic circle."

"Yeah, well, free Rides over little man. Between you and the gas can my arms are killing me." Dean said as he let the youngster slide off his back.

Crossing his arms Sam huffed. "I'm not little, just vertically challenge at the moment."

"While I'm getting gas I want you to stay close to me alright? No wondering off and most importantly no talking to strangers."

"Dude I'm twenty-three not-"

"Six?" Dean interrupted raising an eyebrow. "Cause from where I'm standing you look like you just got out of pampers."


Oh his little brother did not just get pissy with him. "I mean it Sam."

"Fine, okay! I promise I wont leave your side."

Grinning, Dean leaned down and ruffled Sam hair just to annoy him. "Good, now come on. We still have to hike back to the Impala."

Sam stomped forward his tiny hands trying to smooth down his tussled hair all the while grumbling about brothers with a superiority complex and something about committing fratricide if Dean ever trussed his hair like a freaking little kid again.

Dean opened the door to the small gas station and sighed in relief as a wave of cold air hit his sun reddened face. It was like heaven. He closed his eyes for one small second to bask in the chilly goodness of the stores air-conditioning before Sam's gasp and harsh whisper of his name had him blinking his hazel orbs open.

"Holy..." Dean started staring at the scene before him that seemed like it was straight from some bad action movie, a guy wearing a black ski mask with poorly cut eye and mouth holes, had a silver hand gun pointed at the gas station attendant, shouting at the poor balding man to give him all the cash in the register.

The robber turned his gun towards them as the bell above the door signaled their arrival."…crap."


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