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Sometimes Jason Cross hated Troy Bolton more than anybody. Troy Bolton got everything he wanted. He was the most popular boy in school, the most good-looking, the captain of the basketball team. But most importantly, Troy Bolton got Ryan Evans.

Since their freshman year, Jason had had his eye on Ryan Evans. He admitted it to himself; he was gay. He'd come out too—they'd accepted him for the most part. Sure there were the hurtful comments every once in awhile, but overall his popularity on the basketball team had ruled it out.

Ryan was beautiful. There was no doubt about it. Jason couldn't take his eyes off the light blonde hair, those stunningly blue eyes, those candy-pink lips. He hadn't been able to work up the courage to talk to Ryan though, in case he wasn't actually gay. He didn't want to put the blonde in a compromising position he wouldn't be able to work his way out of. So Jason Cross had said nothing.

Ryan Evans decided to come out in their junior year. Yeah, that's where they were now. He came out and told everybody he was gay.

And that's when they found out Troy Bolton was too.

Now Jason gripped his arms hard in his fingers, digging his nails into his skin. Because he wanted Ryan Evans all along but Troy Bolton had gotten him. They sat next to him right now, during lunch, kissing passionately and making Jason's heart twist inside out.

Troy Bolton got everything and Jason Cross hated him.

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-Falling With Grace