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Starting Over

Chapter 1

"Really? Potter's staying here for the rest of the holidays?" Draco Malfoy asked his father interestedly. Since the end of Sixth year, the two boys had finally buried the hatchet, and had formed a decidedly more amiable relationship. They weren't exactly friends, but they no longer had it in for each other.

"Yes, we have to collect him from those Muggles he lives with." Lucius replied distastefully. "Dumbledore wouldn't say why, but he said it was imperative that we collect him." He shrugged.

"He won't get past the wards without us." Draco added. "No one can bring him into the manor without us so it's just as easy for us to go and get him."

"Yes, I suppose that's true." Lucius agreed.

"When do we have to go get him?" Draco asked.

"As soon as we can manage it, do you mind if we go now?" Lucius replied, looking at his son.

Draco shook his head and took his father's arm, not knowing where to Apparate.

The Malfoys landed outside number four Privet Drive with a crack, startling poor Mrs. Figg on as she walked past the house. "Oh, Mr. Malfoy, and young Draco too, I see." She croaked, looking beadily at them through her spectacles. "Are you here to take Harry?" the two blonde men nodded.

"I'm glad to hear it." Mrs. Figg said, anger flashing in her eyes. "The poor boy's had it rough these last few summers."

Just as Lucius was about to enquire further, shouting could be heard from the upstairs room in number four, along with the occasional whimper.

"Quickly my boy!" Mrs. Figg shrieked at Lucius. "Get in there before that fat pig Dursley kills him!"

Lucius and Draco blew the door down simultaneously. "Reducto!" They yelled and the door exploded.

Petunia Dursley, surprisingly, did not scream or faint at the presence of two wizards in her house. She merely pointed up the stairs and silenced a whimper from her massive son.

Lucius and Draco ran up the staircase, following the shouts and the tortured screams that had now become more apparent.

Lucius threw open the door, and found Vernon Dursley standing over his nephew, beating him into a bloody pulp. The boy's clothes were ripped to shreds and there was a terrified look in his eyes that said that Vernon had done far worse to him than beat him.

Vernon turned to face the blonde men angrily. "Who the ruddy hell are you?" he demanded. "What are you doing in my house?"

"I am Lucius Malfoy, and this is my son Draco. We've come to collect you're nephew from these deplorable surroundings, and take him to a place where he shall never be hurt like this again." The Malfoy Lord drew himself up until he towered over Mr. Dursley.

"You can't do that!" Dursley spluttered. "Only the Headmaster of that God forsaken school can…" he trailed off as two wands were pointed directly at his chest.

"I really don't think you can stop us Muggle." Draco said coolly.

Lucius hurried over to Harry, who was cowering on his bed. The older man was shocked when the boy leapt into his arms, crying. Lucius looked down, and found himself staring in wide, captivating green eyes. Lucius barely bit back a gasp as he looked into the emerald depths. It occurred to him that Harry was very pretty, even beautiful; even after all he'd been put through by his uncle. He still shone with an innocence that only added to his beauty.

Lucius gathered the boy into his arms and lifted him effortlessly as Draco magically packed Harry's things into his trunk and hoisted Hedwig's cage.

Harry snuggled into Lucius's arms. "Thank you." He whispered, and fell asleep in the older man's embrace. Draco smirked at his father, who quirked an eyebrow at him. Draco shrunk Harry's belongings and slipped them into his pocket.

Downstairs, they were met by Aunt Petunia. The woman looked a little pale. "I'm glad you came." She said. "I may not approve of the magic blood my sister and her husband gave him, but I can't stand to watch him get beaten, or worse. I know we were never very good to him, but this is too much, no one deserves that." She gestured to Harry's bruised and battered form. "I used his owl to send a letter to the Headmaster of that school of his. Lily always told us how great the man was, I didn't know what else to do, so when the boy was unconscious one night I sent his owl to Dumbledore." She looked at her nephew guiltily. "We've been so awful to him."

Lucius smiled at her. "I think, my dear lady, that you have managed to redeem yourself." He said before Disapparating and returning to the manor, Draco just behind him.

They arrived in the foyer of Malfoy manor, and were greeted by a House Elf wearing a spotless white pillowcase, embroidered with the Malfoy crest in the finest silver thread. Narcissa had taken a leaf from the Hogwarts Elf attire and issued these uniforms to the Malfoy elves not long before she was killed at Voldemort's side in the final battle.

"Tilly, take Mr. Potter's things from Draco and put them in the East Wing guest rooms." Lucius ordered.

"Yes, my Lord." Tilly replied, bowing as she relieved Draco of Harry's trunk and Hedwig's cage. She disappeared with a loud, resonating crack.

Lucius followed the Elf, still cradling the young beauty in his arms. Draco was stopped by another Elf and was told they had a visitor in the sitting room. Draco excused himself and went to see who it was.

Lucius entered Harry's rooms and placed him gently on the spacious bed. He transfigurated the torn remnants of Harry's clothes into a pair of elegant pyjamas. He tucked the boy under the covers, and sat lightly on the edge of the bed, just watching him sleep. On impulse, he leant over and kissed Harry's forehead before getting up, going to the door and closing it gently behind him.

Harry woke briefly and touched his forehead, and he smiled before falling back into sleep.

Lucius entered the sitting room to find Draco sitting opposite Severus Snape. He didn't notice the blush on Draco's cheeks, too occupied with thoughts of Harry, for some reason quite unknown to him.

"Is he okay father?" Draco asked.

"He's asleep." Lucius replied. "When he wakes I'll have to heal some of his bruises."

"Draco told me what happened with the Muggles." Severus said. "I can't believe Albus didn't tell me the truth about the way Potter was treated." He grumbled.

"Harry needed someone who wouldn't treat him like a hero. Apparently, you and I were conscripted to do so without even realising." Draco consoled him.

"Not that knowing the truth would've made any difference to your attitude." Lucius pointed out wryly. He sighed. "I'll admit that I too, have been unnecessarily hard on him."

The subject turned to other things, but it wasn't long before Severus stood. "I have to the school, I have a new potion brewing that is in a crucial stage of development." As Lucius lent them towards the Floo, Severus gave Draco a look of desire that the boy's father completely missed. Draco smiled in understanding, waving innocently, with a not so innocent look in his eyes, as Severus disappeared.

It was almost dinner by the time Harry woke. It took him a moment to remember where he was and what had happened. When he remembered that Draco and Lucius had saved him from one of his uncle's beatings, he smiled and stretched, snuggling further into the covers.

He sat up on his elbows when the door opened. He grinned as his eyes came to rest on a diminutive female House Elf.

"Master Harry is awake!" she squealed.

"So it would seem." Harry agreed. "Can you tell me what your name is?" he asked.

"I is Tilly, Master Harry." The Elf replied. "Master Lucius assigned me to care for you while you are staying here sir."

"Oh did he now?" Harry asked mildly and Tilly nodded vigorously. "Well then, I had better thank him when I see him next." He climbed gingerly out of the bed, wincing as his bruised body protested.

"Professor Snape left this for your injuries, sir." Tilly said, holding up a jar of green coloured salve. "It's a powerful bruise balm that he made himself." she added.

Harry gratefully allowed the Elf to help him apply the bruise balm, watching said bruises shrink and fade. Tilly then gave him a pain potion. "Your clothes are in the wardrobe Master Harry." Tilly informed him.

"Thanks Tilly." Harry replied, feeling better now that the potion had kicked in. he dressed quickly, and Tilly grabbed his hand and led him through the manor. "It's dinner time Master Harry. Master Lucius and Master Draco were hoping you would join them." Tilly chirped. Harry smiled at the talkative Elf and allowed himself to be towed into the dining room.

Harry looked around the imposing room, and immediately felt under dressed and totally out classed. However, he felt better when both Malfoys smiled at him. He noticed, with some bemusement, that they were sitting at opposite ends of a massive table. As he fought back laughter, Lucius looked at him, an eyebrow raised elegantly. "Is there something you find amusing, Mr. Potter?" he asked.

"I'm sorry sir, I just find it odd that you use such a large table for so small a company." Harry answered.

Lucius blinked, and then a smile graced his own features. "You know Mr. Potter, you're absolutely right." he stood, and Draco followed, a grateful smile on his face directed at Harry. "Tilly, send dinner to the informal dining room." Lucius ordered. The Elf bowed and disappeared.

Harry was surprised that Lucius had acted that way. The older man smiled, and melted inwardly at the surprised and somewhat confused expression on the teen's face. Pushing the feeling away as best he could, Lucius offered Harry his arm, and the boy blushed and took it. "Thank you Mr. Malfoy." He said softly.

"It's my pleasure Mr. Potter." Lucius purred.

Harry blushed harder. "Please Mr. Malfoy, just call me Harry." He begged. "I get 'Mr. Potter' enough at school."

Lucius smiled. "In that case Harry, you must call me Lucius." He replied. The boy smiled and nodded.

Draco watched the whole exchange with a great deal of amusement. It was funny to watch his father act like a lovesick teenager without even realising it. They arrived at their new location and Harry ran inside, awestruck. "It's so beautiful!" he exclaimed. Lucius smiled indulgently as he watched Harry look around.

Draco stopped beside his father. "You like him." He stated.

Lucius opened his mouth to deny it, but closed it again as his eyes swept over Harry's gorgeous body, lingering longest on his ass. At Draco's smug look, he knew there was no way he could protest his son's words. "You're right, I do like him." He said.

"Do you intend to pursue him?" Draco asked.

"Do you mind? He's your age, after all." Lucius replied.

Draco smirked at the irony of his father's unwitting comment. "No father, I don't mind one bit, you deserve to be happy, now mother's gone." He answered. Lucius smiled thankfully at his son and the three of them sat down to eat. Draco nearly laughed aloud when he realised that his father's eyes barely moved from Harry's figure the entire meal. "Oh man, has he got it bad." The young Malfoy heir thought. "He's probably imagining all the things he wants to do to Harry, I almost feel sorry for the Golden Boy."

"Say Harry, how would you like to go shopping tomorrow?" Draco asked.

"I'd love to!" the Gryffindor replied enthusiastically. "But can we go to Muggle London?" he asked.

"But Harry, Diagon Alley has the best selection of dress robes and other apparel that you need." Lucius answered.

"I don't want dress robes; I have quite a few pairs of those already. I want Muggle clothes. All mine are hand-me-downs from my cousin Dudley. In case you haven't seen my clothes or him, he's massive." Harry turned his big emerald eyes on Lucius and put on his best puppy face; eyes wide and mouth pouting cutely.

Draco fought back laughter as Lucius melted and caved. "I don't think Harry realises what he's doing." He mused.

What none of them knew was the whirlwind that was in store for them was going to be phenomenal.

The following day Harry and the two blondes stepped into the streets of Muggle London. "I know there's a shopping centre around here somewhere, my aunt used to drag me and Dudley here all the time. Who knew it was so close to the Leaky Cauldron?" Harry told them, and led them directly to it.

As they wandered, Draco spotted the perfect place to shop. He grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him in. Lucius followed them in, smiling with great amusement.

"I don't know about this Draco." Harry told the younger blonde, looking around them nervously. "I want clothes that fit, not clothes that cut off my circulation!"

Draco snorted. "Nonsense Harry, this is perfect." He admonished. He grinned, rather evilly, and added. "Besides, you have a gorgeous body, why not show it off?" he looked at Lucius and smirked. "Don't you agree father?"

Lucius glared at his son, but turned a smile in Harry's direction. "Quite." He answered. "I'm sure you'll find something Harry, Draco has relatively good taste."

His son sent a returning glare and dragged Harry into the racks, piling article after article of clothing into the bemused Gryffindor's arms.

Lucius watched, amused, as his son pushed Harry into a dressing room, before running off to find something for himself.

Lucius's amusement faded when Harry stepped out of the dressing room. His mouth went dry and his heart began to race. The boy looked absolutely delicious in tight, form fitting leather pants that hung low on his hips, and a dark green shirt that clung nicely and matched his eyes beautifully.

Harry shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. "Well?" he squirmed, "Do you like it?" he asked.

Before Lucius could reply, the shop assistant appeared. "Wow! You look absolutely amazing!" he gushed. "Are you seeing anyone?"

Lucius growled low in his throat and, before his mind could catch up with his body, he moved to put his arm around Harry.

"Oh, so it's like that is it?" the assistant laughed and backed away.

Harry blushed as Lucius leant down and whispered in his ear. "I do agree though, you look absolutely ravishing." The blonde purred.

"T-thank you Lucius." Harry stammered. He pulled away and darted back into the change room before Lucius could advance any further. He leant against the door, fighting his blush. He had had feelings for Lucius Malfoy ever since the blonde and his son had joined the Order of the Phoenix, but he was afraid. Harry had been hurt before, by people who had only wanted his name. It had made him cautious, and he needed proof of real, true love before he allowed himself to fall again.

Later, when the three returned to the manor, Harry and Draco laden with bags, there were owls waiting for them, all with letters for Harry. The Gryffindors smiled and tore the envelope off the first one.

Dear Harry,

Dumbledore told us what happened with the Muggles, hope you're all right mate! He also told us you were staying at Malfoy manor. I know they're with the Order, but that doesn't make them nice people. Mum wants to know if you can come here for your birthday. Let us know will you? 'Mione's here, stressing over your safety. The twins say hello.


Harry grinned and pulled out a piece of parchment to reply to his friend's letter. He was slightly miffed about Ron's reference to the Malfoys, and resolved to set him straight.

Dear Ron,

Tell Hermione to stop stressing, I'm fine. Brilliant in fact. Lucius and Draco saved me from a particularly nasty beating, and they've been really good to me. They took me shopping in Muggle London today, I couldn't believe it myself! I will have to ask Lucius if I can come to The Burrow for my birthday, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Tell the twins I'll see them soon.


Harry blushed as he remembered Lucius's actions in the store, but folded the letter and handed it to Pig, who was fluttering excitedly.

The second letter was similar to the first, if a little haphazard. It seemed as though Sirius had taken it upon himself to continuously cut in on what Remus was saying, and so the letter was messy and written in two different coloured inks. Harry laughed as he read it. His reply was similar to the one he wrote to Ron, because this note said similar things to his friend's. He attached the letter to the other owl and threw them both out of the window before going in search of Lucius.

He found him in his study. The blonde looked up and smiled warmly as the Gryffindor entered. "Ah, Harry, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I was wondering if I could go and visit the Weasley's on the 31st?" Harry asked.

Lucius nodded. "Of course you can Harry, they're your friends after all." He replied. He was surprised when he found himself with an armful of ecstatic Gryffindor. "Thank you Lucius! This means a lot to me!" he cried happily, momentarily forgetting himself and kissing the blonde's cheek. He raced for the door to owl Mrs. Weasley his reply when Lucius's voice stopped him. "May I ask, why the 31st?" he asked.

"Oh," Harry said as though it was nothing. "It's my birthday." And he disappeared.

Lucius stared at the closed door, his eyes widened in surprise. "It's as if he doesn't care!" the blonde thought. He touched the cheek that Harry had kissed and smiled, a little foolishly. He enjoyed the feel of Harry's lips against his skin, and decided that he'd like to keep them there, forever.

He looked up at a light chuckle at his doorway. Draco stood there. "You've got it bad, father." He said. "For goodness sakes, ask him out!"

Lucius shook his head, and told Draco what had happened in the shop. "He fairly jumped and fled when I touched him." He said miserably.

Draco looked thoughtful. "Now that I think about it, he has had a few boyfriends over the last year. The first one dumped him, and if I remember correctly, he dumped all the ones that followed. I guess he's tired of all these guys dating him for his name, and not for who he is."

"I don't care about his name!" Lucius cried. "I have enough trouble with my own name at the moment!"

Draco smirked. "Then tell him that when you ask him out." He suggested. "Show him he's not being used; all he needs is proof, I imagine." He left his father to contemplate his words.

Harry spent that remainder of the week staying as far away from Lucius as he could, as often as he could. The Gryffindor still blushed when he thought about what happened in the store, or when he remembered what had transpired between them in the study. Harry knew he had feelings for Lucius, but he was tired of being used, just because he was the Boy-Who-Lived.

It had hurt him when his first boyfriend had broken up with him a scarce few days after they spent the night together. By way of explanation, all he said was. "Sorry, I got what I wanted." It had made Harry's blood run cold and his heart break. Ever since then, Harry's boyfriends had been few and far between, and he'd never given them the chance to hurt him, always dumping them before he could get to involved.

Today, he turned seventeen. He put on a pair of tight leather pants that Draco had made him buy, and the dark green shirt that Lucius had clearly liked. He pulled on a pair of boots and brushed his hair. Legally old enough to do so, he transfigurated his glasses into a newer, more fashionable pair.

He made his way downstairs at eleven thirty, and found Draco and Lucius waiting by the fireplace. "Happy birthday Harry!" Draco said, nudging his father and grinning.

"Hmmm? Oh, indeed, happy birthday Harry." Lucius murmured, picking his jaw up off the floor. Harry looked good, and Lucius struggled to stop himself from kissing him right there and then.

"Thanks." Harry blushed.

"Will you be back by dinner? Father and I would like to celebrate with you as well." Draco asked, seeing as his father seemed to be having coherency issues.

"Yes, I will be." Harry promised before stepping into the Floo.

Harry stumbled out of the fireplace as the Burrow and was barely standing upright when he was hugged by two excited girls… his sisters.

"Harry! We're so glad to see you! Happy birthday!" Hermione said happily.

"Come on! The others are waiting for you!" Ginny added with a smile.

Harry laughed. "All right, lead the way!" he said, returning their hugs and allowing them to drag him into the kitchen.

"Harry!" Ron clapped him on the shoulder. "Good to see you mate! We've all been worried about you, mum in particular."

Molly effectively cut off any further conversation by entering the kitchen to hug her surrogate son, and bemoan how skinny he was. She ushered him to the table, and Harry's birthday lunch commenced.

They were just beginning as Remus and Sirius arrived, bearing gifts. They each smiled and hugged Harry before taking their seats at the food laden table.

And hour later, Harry felt like he was going to explode, after molly had given him his third helping of everything on the table.

"C'mon mate, presents!" Ron grinned and dragged Harry into the living room.

First, Harry opened the gifts from Remus and Sirius. His two Godfathers smiled like proud parents, and Sirius kissed Remus's cheek softly.

Harry pulled the wrapping off of Remus's gift, a thick book on dark creatures. Sirius's gift was a brand new broom care kit (Harry's old one was running low), and from the both of them, a brand new pair of shimmering, translucent dress robes in a deep royal purple. Harry hugged them with heartfelt thanks.

From Ron, he received a new edition of Quidditch through the Ages, and up-to-date version of the stats of every team in the National Quidditch League since it began in 1782. It even changed and updated itself. Harry grinned at his red haired friend. "Thanks Ron." he said happily.

From Hermione he received not a book, as he expected, but a photo album, full of pictures that showed all of Harry's happy moments over the last six years, beginning at his First Year at Hogwarts, all the way up to the end of the previous year. Some photos had been taken at the Burrow, and some from the Quidditch World Cup. "I owled everyone I could think of and they sent photos. Colin was a huge help." Hermione glowed.

Harry grinned as he came to a photo of Dean, Seamus and Neville. The caption read "Happy 17th birthday Harry!" He looked at Hermione and hugged her happily. "Thanks 'Mione, I love it!" he told her.

Remus took out his wand and waved it over the album. Pages were added to the front, and were filled with pictures of Lily and James; pictures from school, as a young married couple, pictures of a pregnant Lily and a doting James. But the one Harry loved the most was a picture of him, at a few months old, being held by his parents. He felt like crying.

"Hermione asked for our help too." Sirius told him. "And we were only too happy to help." There were hugs all around as Harry expressed his gratitude.

Aside from those, he got a package of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes from Fred and George, a practice snitch from Ginny and an assortment of cakes from Arthur and Molly.

Finally, the conversation turned, inevitably, to the Malfoys. "Are they treating you all right Harry?" Sirius demanded. "Because if they've hurt you I swear I'll…" he was cut off by Remus's hand on this thigh.

Harry smiled. "It's okay Siri, they've been really wonderful, especially Lucius." Harry blushed lightly, something which Hermione didn't miss. She raised an eyebrow at him and he blushed harder and avoided her gaze.

"But its Malfoy!" Ron protested.

Harry's eyes glittered angrily, but he kept calm. "They're different now Ron, you know that. Ever since they joined the order they've been nothing less than perfect gentlemen." He replied evenly.

"But Harry, they're bloody Slytherins!" Ron argued.

"Oh, Ron! It hardly matters what house they're in!" Hermione snapped irritably. "Harry's right, they're not as evil as they pretend to be. It's a façade, and a necessary one of that."

Ron pouted, but Harry cut short any further argument by checking his watch. "Oh jeez! It's that late already!" he yelped. His watch read 6:30pm.

"What's wrong Harry?" Remus asked him.

"I promised Draco I would be back in time for dinner. It will take me twenty minutes to find the dining room, so I had better get back." Harry explained.

Remus laughed. "That sounds rather like the manor." He said as they accompanied him to the Floo. Harry hugged his Godfathers, Hermione, Ginny and Molly. He shook hands with Arthur and said his goodbyes to Ron and the twins.

Harry arrived back at his own room, and swiftly made his way down to the dining room where he was greeted by Draco, Lucius, a pile of presents and an enormous cake.

Harry opened all his presents eagerly, including a large pile of somewhat questionable clothing from Draco that made Harry blush and Lucius's mind run wild, and a rare collection of books depicting historical events. Looking quickly through the pages, Harry knew they'd be infinitely more interesting than Binns's classes at Hogwarts.

Harry thanked them profusely as they ate their meal and sliced up the birthday cake. The Malfoy's smiled and replied it had been a great pleasure.

Harry yawned sleepily at around eleven o'clock, and Lucius was by his side in an instant. "Come Harry, may I escort you to your rooms?" he asked gallantly. Harry blushed and nodded.

Draco grinned and fought back laughter. "Well, I'll be turning in as well, goodnight father, Harry." His father and his recent friend said their goodnights as Draco strolled out of the room.

Lucius shook his head at his son's cheek as he accompanied Harry to his rooms.

When they got to Harry's door, Lucius stopped him. "I got you something else. I had the Elves bring it here while you were at dinner." He informed the lovely teen.

Harry looked curiously at Lucius as he opened the door to his rooms. As the door opened, Harry was bowled over by a small ball of fur. Grasping the excited creature and pulling it off him, Harry was able to get a proper look at it. It had the appearance of a Jack Russell Terrier, except for a forked tail.

"She's a Crup. A very faithful pet." Lucius said. "She is of the best breeding, and is fully trained." He finished.

Harry put the puppy on the ground and hugged Lucius. "She's wonderful! Thank you Lucius!" Harry kissed the blonde's cheek.

Lucius smiled. "You're quite welcome Harry." He replied. "What are you going to name her?"

Harry thought for a moment. "How about Trixie?" he suggested.

Lucius smiled. "Perfect." He agreed.

They were silent for a long while. Harry sat on the floor playing with Trixie while Lucius got up to say what he needed to.

"Harry, I want to ask you something." He said finally.

"Yes Lucius? What is it?" Harry asked, looking up at him.

Lucius swallowed nervously. "Ever since you came here this summer I've begun to develop… feelings for you." He said quickly.

Harry's eyes widened. He put Trixie on the floor and stood. "Where is this going Lucius?" he asked softly, his heart beating faster.

"Harry, I want to be apart of your life." Lucius explained. "I can't get you out of my mind! It's making me crazy, I want you so much!" Harry touched his fingers to Lucius's cheek. "I've been hurt too many times Lucius. There have been too many guys who have only wanted my name; to be able to brag to their friends that they'd slept with me… that they'd fucked me. I can't go through that again." He said.

Lucius took hold of Harry's hand and pulled the raven haired beauty into his arms, placing his mouth over Harry's in a soft, yet passion filled kiss. Harry struggled for a moment, before surrendering and melting into the kiss.

Lucius pulled away, holding Harry tightly against his chest. "Harry, I would feel this way whether you were famous or not. It's you I care about Harry, not your name. I have a name of my own that causes enough trouble, don't you agree?" Harry chuckled, acknowledging the truth of the blonde's statement.

"To me, you're just Harry. And do you know why I care about you Harry?" Lucius asked.

"Why?" Harry whispered.

"Because you are the most beautiful, kind, loving person I have ever met." Lucius told him, "Harry, it would be a great honour if you agreed to be with me, for as long as you'll have me." he said sincerely.

Silently, Harry looked deeply into Lucius's eyes, seeking out the truth of his words. Finally he smiled, and his emerald eyes lit up. Harry snuggled into Lucius's embrace. "I'd like that Lucius, very much." He told him.

Lucius pulled Harry into a searing kiss. "I'm so glad." He whispered.

They stayed like that for a long time, sharing tender kisses, Harry, cradled to the older man's body, as Lucius held him lovingly.

Finally, Lucius kissed him one last time. "You should get some sleep my dear. I will see you in the morning."

Harry returned the gentle kiss. "Goodnight Lucius." He murmured, and the blonde let himself out.

Harry flopped gracefully on to his bed with a happy sigh. He had just become Lucius Malfoy's boyfriend! As he cuddled Trixie and climbed under the covers, his last thought before drifting off to sleep was, "Thing's couldn't get any better."

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