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Why Me?

Chapter One

"Stupid TVs! Stupid games!"


The lone Sheikah stood at the foot of the altar, waiting. With his arms crossed against his chest, he calmly leaned his weight onto his right leg, pausing every few minutes when the outside wind would pick up or simmer down.

He heard the wind whisper to him as it blew through the cracks and openings throughout the ruins. It would wail and whine toward him, as if asking if he knew something it didn't.

He could sense the dying trees outside, swaying in the wind as if to moan their pain and yearn for their salvation from this agony. Not far from him, the wind blew through a pile of dead leaves that had settled into the corners of the room, breaking the silence with their dry rustling.

Isolated in the large temple that held the fabled warrior of time. The Sheikah knew the reward for his patience would not be long. He knew what was coming if he held fast.

Their saviour was soon to awaken.

This warrior was worshipped through legend for centuries upon centuries, protected by the Royal Family until the last King fell those seven years ago by Ganondorf's hands.

Now, the legend has been almost forgotten, barely living among the whispers of travellers and townspeople.

"It's nothing but an old wive's tale now." They would say, "Something for women to tell to their young to get them through the night and the dark times."

The dark times, as in Ganondorf's rule over them for seven long years. Since his control over them, the lands had become dry and barren; unliveable. The animals became poor in giving, and the hopes of the townspeople were dying with each passing day.

But one whisper among the lands they held deep in their heart, one they knew that had to be true...

...that whenever the world fell into darkness, a warrior would be born.

The Hero of Time.

And now, as the Sheikah stood waiting, his red eyes darting to any sign that signalled the arrival of the warrior.

Because he knew, today, as predicted by his people...

...would be the day, the warrior would awaken.

Proudly, the Sheikah stood taller, his arms thrown back, his chest uplifting with pride. And slowly, he said, "Now, the Hero shall ... RISE!"

...and the reply was ... not what he expected...

"...tomorrow..." Came a tired voice.

Taken back by surprise, the Sheikah narrowed his red eyes in anger, "I said! The Hero of Time shall RISE!" He felt his fist also tighten with anger.

And again, the mumbled reply was, "And I said, tomorrow..."

The Sheikah stomped his foot like a child, "THE HERO OF TIME HAS TO RISE TODAY!"

The Hero of Time covered himself with his blanket, squeezing his eyes shut, "But it's too early ... tomorrow..." Was the tired reply.

"It is tomorrow! It's morning!"

"Then..." A long yawn was heard from beneath the blankets, "...noon..."

Grabbing the blanket away but failing when the Hero proved to be too strong, the Sheikah fell to his behind, whining, "You said you would! You said, you said! You said you'd wake up earlier to play!" And if by magic, the image was gone and where once the proud sheikah was sitting became a little boy of six.

All was nothing but a game created by a young child.

The Hero lifted up his head, proving to be a female with a bushy set of black hair with red ends. "I didn't mean this early! And besides, it's Friday, I have school." Squinting her eyes because of the blinding sunlight in her room, she slowly eyed the clock. "Crap, I'm going to be late for class so get your butt out!" The so-called hero jumped out of bed and pushed the young kid out of her room, slamming the door.

The boy simply stood there, still make-believing that he was a real sheikah. Pretending that his eyes were red and not brown, he gazed at the door then whispered slowly.

"The Hero has awaken..."


And in another place, another time, the true Hero of Time awoke.

A tall built body emerged from the blue light that was thinning out. Clothed in green with an small fairy floating around the green hat, the strong figure shook his head, tossing his blond bangs out of his eyes.

Taking a few confused steps then gaining confidence, the Hero stopped to examine himself. Letting out a small chuckle at his own appearance, he took out his Master sword and studied it with a childlike fascination.

Soon, the small fairy flew in front of him and without saying a word, the Hero nodded and began walking towards the temple's entrance.

But a soft voice spoke up, startling the Hero. A shy voice that sound like it was never used before. Rasp yet delicately, it whispered gently to him,

"I've been waiting for you, Hero of Time..."


The other so-called Hero rushed around her room, looking for whatever clothes she can. As she rushed past her TV, she turned it on, listening to the news. Hoping for the weather to be clear and the traffic okay, she did not want to be late for school today, she had enough tardy slips already. One more and she knew her mom was going to get a call at work which was not what she needed.

Tugging on a pair of jeans and jumping around the room to pull them up, she finally buttoned them and found a t-shirt. Jabbing it over her head ungracefully, she grabbed a brush and tried to get rid of her morning hair. Finally getting it to look decent enough, she looked around for her stuff.

Dropping the brush and cursing out loud when she couldn't locate her school bag, she began throwing her blankets on the bed so her mom would not get mad later. Finding a pair of socks at the foot of her bed, she hopped around to keep balance when she tried to slide them on.

Hearing the news in the background, Megan found out it was going to be another hot day with mild traffic. 'Great, I'm not going to be late!' Turning off the television and accidentally stepping on something uncomfortable, she looked down. 'Crap.' Her brother already set up the game system to play a few games with her. But she knew she promised him Saturday and not today. Growling, she pushed the controller to the side with her foot.

Breathing easier now, she found her school bag under a clothes pile. Looking in it to see if all her school supplies and bus pass was in there, she took off downstairs. Rushing toward the kitchen to find out that her mom and brother already left, she let out a groan when her brother ate her toast yet again.

Opening the fridge door, she pulled out a cold apple and an banana before slamming it in a rush when she eyed the stove clock.

7:45 a.m.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" She muttered while jabbing her fruits into her bag before jogging back toward the stairs were her shoes were. Slipping her feet in, she cursed once again when her right one felt uncomfortable. Falling to her butt, she pulled off her right shoe to find a cat toy.

"Gaah!" She threw it in anger, watching it bounce down the hall before pulling her shoe back on. Grabbing a light sports jacket from the closet then her bag, she opened the door and took off toward the bus stop.

Only to remember that her math textbook was currently sitting in the dining room from yesterday's study session with some friends.

'Or more like snacking and pretending to look at the books.'

Feeling like screaming her lungs out, Megan twirled around to run back into her house. Kicking off her shoes and rushing toward the dining room, she stopped short when she heard the TV on upstairs.

'What the...?'

Slowly taking a few steps back and looking up toward the stairs, Megan look confused.

'Didn't I turn that off...? Then what...?'

Slowly walking up the stairs and peeking around the small hallway, she heard the sounds coming from her room. The TV sounded like nothing was connected to it, like when it goes snowy and loud if no cable or satellite was connected. A kind of static-like noise.

And it was coming from her room.

Feeling a little creeped-out, Megan walked bravely to her room, pushing the door open. And like her ears told her, there was her TV, on and loud. The screen was snowy with that static sound–


"THE FUCK–?" Jumping against the door and feeling her heart almost burst through her chest with shock, it took Megan a few seconds to realize that it was her phone. Getting her bearings together, she took a breath and closed her eyes, looking up. Then she briskly began walking over to the ringing phone and picked it up, quickly saying, "Hello?"

"Megan?" It was Summer, one of her friends.

"Summer?" Came Megan's confused reply, "Why are you phoning me?"

"Uh, Meg? I'm using my cell-phone, it's past 7:50 a.m. and you're not on the bus. Were you sleeping?" The girl on the phone asked, "Because I'm sitting on it and we're just turning past your house and you're not there–yep, we just past it."

Megan slapped her forehead, "Well, I would have been there if you didn't CALL!"

Slamming the phone down with anger, Megan now felt her patience WAY past her limit. She knew her friend was going to be so pissed off at her for rudely hanging up on her when all she did was check up on her in concern.

"ARGHHH!" Megan screamed, kicking the side of her bed. Now her mom was going to get a call, her textbook was still in the dining room so even if she was to get it and rush outside to run after the bus, it would be too late. It would be too far down the street for even it to wait for her. And now Summer was going to give her the silent treatment or something else childish for hanging up on her! God, this morning was just getting more horrible by the minute.

And the TV was still making that stupid mind-grinding static noise!


Turning around and noticing it was still on and being loud and annoying, Megan was pass pissed off. "IT'S ALL YOUR FUCKIN' FAULT! IF YOU WEREN'T ON, I'D BE ON THE BUS AND HAPPY NOW! So now, you are going to feel my wrath, you fucker!" Walking over to the television set, Megan began kicking the screen to rid of her raising stress.

"Stupid–" Kick. "Piece–" Kick. "Of–" Kick. "SHI–"


Hearing the sound of breaking glass and strange noises coming from the TV, Megan stopped, her foot now stuck in the TV screen. "Oh crap!" Panicking now that her TV was now broken and what harsh punishment that her mom was going to give her, Megan began jumping back, hoping it'd pop out and everything would be normal again.

But it wasn't coming out.

"Out! Out! Out!" Megan began repeating, her tone becoming more high pitch. 'Mom's gonna kill me! She's gonna skin me ALIVE!' Feeling a cold sweat beginning to creep up her back and strangely, up her right leg which was currently stuck in the TV.

Jumping back and still tugging her foot back, Megan stepped on her brother's game system and lost balance. Falling back and pulling the TV along with her, she heard it crash hard into the floor. Feeling extreme pain fly up her right leg, Megan screeched out a painful scream when she felt glass shards jabbing into her skin.

Now sitting on the game system uncomfortably, Megan looked up, eyes filling with unshed tears of pain only to widen when she saw the TV plug dangerously sliding out of a broken socket.

And as if in slow motion, she watched the plug slide out along with the socket, blue electricity all over it. Watching it shoot toward her and hit it like a whip across her chest, Megan shouted out in torment when rolls of agonising pain went crashing throughout her body.

Then it all went black.


'Am I ... Dead?'




Throbs of pain exploded throughout her head, giving her the world's biggest migraine. Megan knew she was lying on her back, that was the only thing that was making sense to her at the moment. When you're knocked out, you're likely to be on your back or at least on your side.

Surprised that she was still alive, Megan managed to painfully groan out loud. Her throat felt dry and her back was killing her. Slowly lifting a hand to clutch at her hair in pain, Megan felt like she was lying on a bed of small pebbles which were digging into her back. But it can't be, she was suppose to be in her room, lying on the floor like some stupid crime scene on TV.

The TV.

'Oh ... Right ... Suppose to be dead–wait, am I still alive...?'

Slowly opening her eyes and blinking a few times to get used to the harsh light, Megan noticed something out of the picture. Something wrong with what she was seeing.

The sky, it was cloudy ... And it was suppose to be a clear day ... Well, that's what the newsperson on the television said...

No–WAIT! She was suppose to be in her room! Where was her head! Why couldn't she think straight? Blinking owlishly then studying the sky, she was suppose to be staring at her poster-covered ceiling. Not clouds. 'Did someone drag me outside? Did my mom...?'

Slowly getting up and wincing when her muscles protested against the movement, she took it easy when she lifted up her hands to rub her eyes. Finally feeling a little more awake, Megan took in her surroundings.

'OH. MY. GOD.'

Looking around in shock, Megan got to her feet quickly, ignoring the shooting pain throughout her body. "Where the hell am I!" She shouted, glancing around then shutting her eyes in panic, hoping this was not real. Slowly opening them again and finding out she was still there, she began muttering, "Oh God, oh God, oh God..."

She was in the middle of nowhere! In some stupid field she didn't realize!

"Where's my house!" Megan panicked, turning around in circles, hoping it would pop up out of somewhere. "Where's my lawn? Where's my car? WHERE'S MY MAILBOX!" Freaking out, Megan lifted up her hands to clutch at her hair in panic.

"Okay, okay." Megan dropped her hands, trying to think straight. "I just need to find out where I am ... Quickly before I freak out again."

Running down the hill she was on, Megan almost tripped upon a large rock. Losing her balance, she began hopping down the rest of the hill. Landing ungracefully on her stomach, Megan felt like panicking again but instead winced when she knew her knees were scraped.

Using her arms to lift up her head and shoulders, she noticed something weird. Dragging herself a little closer, she mumbled, "What the hell is that?" Getting up to her feet to get more closer to the huge bud-like thing, it slowly began to move and pop out of the ground. Realizing that it had razor-like leafs, she freaked.

"What. The. Fuck!" Scrambling away and running for it, she took a second to look behind. When she saw that it was following her, she again freaked, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" When it hit her that she was its next meal or victim, she took the fuck off.

"Holy shit! Holy shit! HOLY SHIT!" She kept screaming, running in any opposite direction from the killer plant.

Slipping and tripping over anything larger than her foot, Megan cursed herself when she forgot that she didn't have shoes. Her feet were killing her with all these tiny rocks all over the place. She especially regretted after stepping on a sharp pebble or stone that felt like it cut her foot.

After ten long minutes of running, Megan was beginning to feel the affect of her body becoming exhausted. With her hoarse throat still dry from blacking out and the lack of not eating anything, she felt the stab of pain at her side. Feeling her chest start to tighten and her breathing getting harsher, Megan kept sprinting in any direction. Hearing the blades slice through the air and getting louder, she knew that meant getting closer to her and that also meant 'Meg a la King'

She just hoped to any god that she tasted bad.

Jumping over a dead log and stubbing her toe on a piece of stick that was stuck to the ground, Megan hopped for a few seconds before falling just three feet short of the large boulder she was aiming for. Gripping the grass, Megan has had just enough of running and screaming for this day to last her a life-time.

Getting up and twisting around, she watched the large creature getting closer, blades still spinning with speed.

"Screw this!" Getting up while hopping on one foot, Megan eyed the creature. Bending down, she quickly grabbed a bunch of rocks and began slinging them toward the stupid creature. "You fuckin' plant!" She threw another rock. "I never liked your green ass anyway!" Throw. "I'm not scared of you!" Throw. "Show me what you got!" Crap, she ran out of rocks. Maybe because she kept missing the stupid mutated houseplant.

Picking up more, she began throwing again, "Hold still, dammit!" She yelled like it would listen to her.

Then she began continuing her rant on plants, "The stupid plants I always had died on me! You bastard! You're nothing but a quitter! You're a–" She stopped throwing her rocks, watching the creature cry out in pain and stumble to the ground.

Watching it try to get up or move its blades weakly, the creature cried out again and slumped to the ground.

'Did I hurt it...?'

Looking uneasy at the creature, Megan threw one more rock to test if this creature was dead or just trying to get her guard down. Watching it not react to the rock, Megan hopped over, her right foot still aching from that last pebble she stepped on.

Getting close and bending down to study this weird creature, Megan shouted and fell back when it tried to look like it was trying to spit something out. "What the hell is it doing!" Megan asked herself, trying to crab-crawl backwards.

Narrowing her eyes, Megan jumped up awkwardly, screaming, "DIE!" As she began again throwing anything her hands could get a hold on. When she threw a extra large stone and nailed it at the part where it was trying to spit, the creature cried out again and Megan knew, it was definite dying this time.

Watching it dissolve or melt–whatever it was doing–Megan began cheering, "I'm even better than I thought I was!" Jumping with her left foot awkwardly, Megan felt strong and powerful all of a sudden, "I am the champion, the greatest! I have defeated the ... the–"


Suddenly, it didn't seem as heroic.

Shrugging, she decided to continue her cheering anyway but someone interrupted her.

A male voice cried out in panic, "Are you okay!" With what sounded like hooves hitting the ground repeatedly.

Turning around slowly, Megan could not believe it. Some guy was rushing toward her, on horseback, holding some bow and looking ... ugh, heroic. Like some stupid romantic scene you can only find in those trashy books her mom read! Closing then blinking her eyes a few times, she hoped that would clear her vision a bit better but ... it didn't.

The guy was still there, but now sitting on his horse, next to her. His green clothes oddly blended well with the environment but what was with the hat? And his pants? Was it pants? It looked too skintight–Oh my god–was that tights he was wearing? And what was with the little ball of light floating around his head? And the horse–

What. The. Fuck?

Since when did people ride horses in this day and age? Except in ranches?

Wait! Was she ditched in someone's field?


Holding her head, Megan was now even more confused. She was ditched in someone's field? How? Wasn't she suppose to be in some hospital or something? Maybe in a stretcher even now? Or in her bed, with her mom nursing her leg or something?

Wait, her leg? Was it still bleeding?

Looking down at her right leg and sticking it out, Megan freaked, it was bleeding now! Oh crap! She was gonna die! From probably some stupid little infection if she didn't clean it now!

Falling back to her butt, Megan began pulling off her sock, wincing when the cotton material stuck to her cut. "Shit, shit, shit." She muttered, not liking how it looked.

It was bloody. That was all she could see for now.


Looking up in surprise, Megan's eyes went wide when the guy jumped off his horse to walk over to her.

"What are you doing! Get lost!" Megan waved him away with her right hand, looking mad. "I don't need your stinkin' help!"

The guy, who looked like he was dressed by one of Santa's little elves, still walked over but now with a odd expression on his face. "You're hurt. I should at least check on it since it was my fault." He pushed his blond bangs out of his face, looking uneasy.

Hell, she felt uneasy around him. Why, you ask?




Megan got up, hopping away on her good leg. She shouted, "Stay away from me, you weirdo!" After getting a few feet distance between them, she began standing awkwardly on both feet.

The guy stopped, now looking confused, "Weird–doe? I'm no, uh ... Weirdo." He seemed bewildered by the word but shook it off, "I'm here to help you."

Megan growled, "Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say." Looking around her surroundings for a weapon, Megan spotted a long stick. Jumping to her left and picking it up, Megan began holding it like a baseball bat, "Now STAY AWAY!" She knew these types from those forensic shows she watched. Men like him tried to gain your trust then murder you for sport!

The guy quickly held up his hands in a defensive way.

'See! See! They always hold up their hands like that too!' She thought desperately.

"Look miss, you're probably just a little frighten from your encounter with the Peahat but that's okay. I'm here to just look at your foot and I'll be on my way. Trust me." He tried to smile to reassure her.

Megan was not buying this one little bit. "Trust you? Do you think I'm stupid? Once you get near me, you'll hack me to little pieces with your stupid sword! And if I try to run, you'll just shot me with your bow and arrows!" She stepped back again, hoping the guy would just leave.

The guy looked horrified when he heard the hacking to pieces part, "I wouldn't kill you! There's no point in that! I just–" He stopped, sighing. Glancing up at her, he looked at her honestly, "Look, my name is Link, okay?" He placed his hands to his chest, indicating him. "I won't hurt you but please, I won't rest easy if I leave with you hurt here in the field by yourself–"

"I'M NOT BY MYSELF!" Megan shouted without thinking, still holding the stick, "My friend is looking for me right now! And if he sees you, he'll kick your fuckin' ass so GET LOST!" Another rule, mention you have a friend somewhere looking for you!

The guy named Link looked around, "I don't see anyone around here. How did you lose him in a large field like this?" He lifted his hands up, showing the field, "We should at least see ... uh-what's his name?"

"That's none of your business!" Megan shouted back.

Link seem to sigh in regret. "Look, just please! It's my fault you're hurt." He pointed to her right foot which was sticky with blood and dirt.

Megan glanced down quickly to her foot before snapping her head back up, gripping her stick. "What do ya mean, it's your fault! You were no where near me, you blockhead!"

He have her a odd look as he repeated the word, 'blockhead...?' He quickly glanced at his ball of light which came close to his ear, doing ... something.

What was that annoying flicker of light?

Shaking his head, Link then pointed to the creature. "I killed that Peahat, but I'm a little new to this form and my old slingshot took a while to kill it properly. I'm really sorry but if I had some better weapons, I would have killed it faster and you would have not got hurt in the process."

Megan eyed him strangely, "Killed it?" She pointed to the creature, "I killed it! With rocks or whatever I was throwing!"

Link shook his head, "No, hand–thrown rocks would not harm the Peahat." He took a long breath, "Okay, how's this, I'll give you a ride toward the nearest town. That way, your friend could find you there and you can go get your foot treated. How's that?" He again smiled, nodding toward his horse.

Looking at the house, Megan's face fell.

"What?" Link asked, puzzled.

Throwing the stick at him, Megan shouted, "I don't need your bloody help, nor a fuckin' ride to any stupid town! Just, GET LOST! FUCK OFF OR I'LL START SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!"

Stepping to the side as the stick flew by him, Link narrowed his eyes, "Look, I was just being polite! No harm in that." He crossed his arms. "I just want to help."

Megan eyed him, before slowly saying, "Then point me to the nearest highway. I can find my way after that."

"High-way?" Link looked puzzled, "There's no ... high-way around here." He scratched the back of his neck, "Unless you mean some hill or something–" Then he snapped his fingers, "Do you mean a mountain?"

Megan could only gape at him, "What the hell are you talking about! A highway! You know, a public road?"

"You are near a public ... path. Right there." He pointed a few feet from them, showing a dusty route.

"MY GOD! You just can't seem to get it, huh?" Megan narrowed her eyes in anger and frustration, "How idiotic are you?"

The flicker of light shook with what Megan could only tell was anger ... or a monkey act, she wasn't sure but it wasn't getting any coins from her.

Looking childish, Link stomped his foot, "You don't have to be so mean! I was just trying to help you!"

"Yeah, yeah." Megan mumbled, turning around and walking off in any direction from the guy.

Calming down, Link slowly closed his eyes in irritation before saying out loud, "Do you even know the land? Because if you did, you'd know there's more Peahats in that direction."

Megan twirled around, shouting, "I don't CARE if there's a million pisshats in this direction! As long as it's away from you!"

Looking again offended, Link narrowed his eyes in anger, "You don't have to be so rude, you know! If people offer you help, you should be grateful that they took the time to assist you!" Then he angrily turned around, walking toward his horse. The ball of light still stayed, as if watching her or something before following the green guy.

Megan watched him get up into his horse with ease and stirred the animal in the opposite direction. As he yelled something to get the animal going, Megan gave him a odd look when he turned his head toward her, looking guilty.

"Bloody bastard." Megan muttered, "Shows him that he can't hack me up into little pieces."

Looking to the side at the killer mutated plant, Megan looked surprise to find it almost completely gone. It was–EWW!

It was oozing! And melting into the ground! AND THE SMELL! Dear GOD, what next?


Going stiff in fear, Megan's eyes went wide. There were wolves around here! Holy shit! She had to get the crazy green guy back! He had the sword! He had the weapons! If she saw a pack of wolves, she could push the guy toward him and run the fuck away!

'And since when it was night?' Megan panicked, thinking, 'just how bloody long was she keeping that guy away from her?'

Beginning to limp in the direction of the guy ... uh ... Luke? That was his name. Megan's face twisted with pain when she forgot her injured foot. Falling to her knees, Megan knew she was now going to die slowly with a infected foot then die quickly by the guy with the sword.


Rolling over to her back, Megan watched as the stars slowly began to twinkle in the sky. The sun was setting, giving the west part of the sky a dark red-orange color while the east was already dark blue.

She was out in the middle of nowhere, with no food, water, shelter–

Oh, and no shoes.

Life sucked.

Sitting up now, Megan looked around the field, checking for a place to crash out for the night. Maybe in the morning, she can find the so-called friend that she was suppose to have. The one where she told Luke about the guy that was suppose to find her.

Glancing around the dark field, Megan saw a short stone wall with no purpose, a few trees, an large Ranch, some bushes over–

RANCH! She could go there for the night! She was sure they would let her stay for the night or something! Getting up, Megan took one step before realizing where she was.

She was in a video game.




Megan fell to her knees, her arms dropping to her sides. She was in her little brother's video game! The one where he tried so hard to get the princess chick from some pig-man while playing a green hero.

Green ... hero...

Megan jumped up, "I was talking to the green-dress guy! Hank? No-Steve! Ack!" Megan began hitting her hand, "It was L-u-u-u ... LUKE! His name was Luke!" Her eyes went wide, "I was talking to the hero guy! Dammit! And he asked to help! SHIT!"

"I'm stuck in a stupid video game where I already hate the hero and now I'm stuck in the middle of the field with a bloody foot–"


They'll smell her blood! She had to get to the ranch fast!

Quickly limping over to the Ranch which was pretty far, Megan quickly switched to jumping with her left foot. Noticing she still had her dirty sock in her hand, Megan made a face before quickening her pace. She didn't know if there were any wolves near her or any of those pisshats that guy kept mentioning but she knew one thing.

Night meant creatures coming out. Hungry ones.

And she sure as hell, did not want to meet any of them.

Losing her balance yet again, Megan stopped hopping to catch her breath. Looking back to the spot where she woke up, she groaned out loud when it wasn't that far. Turning her attention back to the ranch, she knew she wasn't going to make it with this injured foot.

"Maybe I can–" Sitting down, Megan lifted up her right foot and used her sock to wipe most of the blood away. Checking the cut, she let out a huff when she found out that it was just a small but deep cut. It would heal fast but she needed to clean it out with at least water or whatever she could get soon.

The sound of ground shifting.

Turning around quickly, Megan eyed the place around her, checking for anything out of the ordinary. Finding nothing, she looked confused.

'But I heard something...'

Turning back slowly to her foot, Megan stuffed her dirty sock into her jacket pocket, in chance that she could clean it later. She didn't know when's the next chance she'd get clothes again. Pulling off her other sock which was a little bit cleaner than the other, Megan turned it inside-out and wrapped it around her injured foot.

"There; instant bandage. Thank you, survival instincts!"

Jumping up and testing her foot, she let out a goofy grin when the cotton inside of the sock helped lessen the pain.

"Now I can probably make it to the ranch and–"

She stopped, hearing something.

Like pebbles rolling down something and ... clawing sounds. Like bone scraping against the ground.

Feeling cold with fear, Megan slowly turned around to see what it was. Breathing the cold air hard, she fell back in shock, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!"

Then she watched in horror as three bloody skeleton warriors clawed their way out of the ground, screeching. Their battle armor was creaked with age as were their weapons on their backs stained with blood. Their eyes were bright and glowing red with anger and rage. And what scared her the most was their bones.

The bones still had the decaying meat, rotting and hanging thickly to its bones. The scorched flesh and ragged clothes were darken into the night. And the worse part was the smell of the rotting flesh and the reek of disease.

Crawling back, Megan shouted out, "Mother FUCKER! What the hell is WRONG with this place?"

Mutated plants and green heros were one thing but corpses? LIVING CORPSES?

How the hell did these creatures get here or even live? Wait, they couldn't live, they're dead ... BUT HOW?


Getting up and scrambling away from the scene, Megan didn't lose one second. Limping away in slight pain, she hopped awkwardly past some bushes, looking for any way out of this.

Hearing angry groaning and moaning, Megan began to speed up, using her injured foot now. Trying hard not to cry out in pain, she knew the sticky feeling she was getting from her foot was blood.



Did these creatures just scream or was it something else?

Cursing and swearing, Megan kept limping until she noticed something.

'Were they following?'

Stopping and turning around, Megan stood awkwardly while trying to stay off her right foot. Looking for the creatures that were supposedly be right behind her, she saw nothing. When she couldn't find them, she looked up a bit further to see them still at the same spot where she ditched them.

What. The. Fuck?

Two of the skeletons were currently waiting for the third to climb out of the ground like they did ... But the third looked to be having ... trouble? He was still stomach up in dirt but not moving. Only grunting and waving his sword at the other two.

The large idiot was ... Still stuck in the ground?


Looking embarrassed and ashamed that she made them to be scary-ass creatures, Megan cried out to them. "Hey! HEY!" She began waving until she got the attention of one, "YEAH, YOU! I'm talking to you! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING?"

The one that noticed her roared and began charging toward her...

At the pace that Megan knew her grandma could beat with her walker.

Again, looking embarrassed, Megan didn't even want to try and attempt to run. Only holding her forehead with her right hand and using the other to fist angrily at her hip, Megan tried not to yell.

"Buncha lousy no-good–"

Another ground shift.

Glancing up quickly, Megan looked surprised to see the creatures gone. The only evidence that they were there were the markings on the ground and the pile of dirt.

It was as if they weren't even there ... But how did they do it?

Hearing more ground shifts around her getting much louder, Megan looked confused.

'So much from learning from horror movies ... these creatures are so predictably stupid–'

OH GOD! Something was touching her leg!

Freezing up quickly with horror, Megan felt the bony hands climb up her leg with another grabbing at her thigh!


Trying to jump and pull her legs away, Megan felt another hand grab at her other thigh. "Shit! Shit! SHIT!" Megan tried to scramble away, even fall but the hands were keeping her from–

One bony hand shot up from the ground and grabbed her ass dead on.

Eyes going wide in horror and molestation, Megan turned around and began kicking, hard.

"WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, HUH?" Megan shouted, giving one good kick at the hands and seeing one flying in the distance from her first kick.

Getting up quickly, Megan suddenly didn't care if these creatures were going to kill her or not. THEY JUST TOUCHED HER ASS! That would give any girl an excuse to beat the living shit out of the idiot.

Grabbing one of the many hands that were looking for her, Megan pulled at it and heard it snap off. Feeling all the stress of this morning, afternoon, and meetings with these strange fuckers from hell–Megan used up all her pent-up frustration and began beating the hell out of the skeletons with their own bony arm.


Seeing that they were trying to retreat back into the ground. Megan dropping the arm she was holding and began pulling the other arms out. Not having much luck, she began screaming at the dirt while digging in it for the skeletons, "You freakin' bastards! GET BACK UP HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A DEAD MAN!"

Digging like a dog now, Megan didn't notice the large on-coming noises behind her. Cursing and swearing like a sailor, Megan finally heard someone cough out to get her attention.

Stopping and twirling around, Megan fell back on her knees to get a good look. Looking surprised and bewildered, Megan saw the person who coughed.

It was a large group of people travelling in ... wagons? A woman in her late teens jumped down from one of them, looking uncomfortable towards Megan, "Are you okay, miss?"

Megan uttered only one word.



End chapter.

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