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Why Me?

Chapter Eight

"Stupid Horses! Stupid Villagers!"


Thinking it over, Link finally answered. "Death mountain." He pointed to the eastern horizon where it showed a large volcano with fire and ash surrounding it. "It's right in the middle of that."

Megan felt her stomach drop and her heart stop. "WHAT THE FUCK?" She screeched. How in the hell were they suppose to get into a burning volcano alive and well? The name itself did not help. Megan wondered who even named the mountain that, and if the name really applied to it.

"How in the actual hell are we suppose to get into the burning volcano of fire and death?"


Leon seem to be in the same train of thought as Megan. "She does have a point, Hero." He glanced at Link, asking, "Does the wise one have a plan? Hopefully better than the one I have, which includes a lot of buckets of water and a fan."

Adjusting his reins, Link shook his head. "I really don't have an idea. I was going to figure that part out once I got to Kakariko Village." He added. "But if I couldn't find anything there, I was going to try and talk to the Gorons."

"Gorons?" Megan said out loud. "What the heck are those?"

"Rock creatures that live in that mountain." Link answered easily. "When I was younger, I helped with a dodongo problem they had with their food supply. After that, they made me an official sworn brother of their tribe." Link seem to swell with pride.

"What are … do-dung-gos?" Megan tried to pronounce the word Link mentioned. She was trying to help Leon with her horse. He was strapping on the bags better for her to sit around and use for comfort. He probably remembered her previous time, and how uncomfortable she was riding for the first time. If she didn't have those strange pink recovery hearts Link showed her, she bet she would still be feeling her aching bottom. She was holding parts of the saddle, getting herself ready to lift up onto the horse with ease.

You never knew with these animals, if they were going to bolt into the sunset, or even whack you with their tail just for kicks. Megan knew she could never trust the sneaky fuckers.

"Dodongos are lizard creatures that fight for territory around here. You can find them in dark places like caves, forests, or even dungeons." Link explained, watching their interactions.

"Wait, dungeons?" Megan stopped, dropping her hands from the horse. Did he mean like torture dungeons? If so, Megan was so outta of this quest quicker than her mother on a diet. She was going to live as a hermit away from this crazy place.

"Yeah, the Forest Temple was a dungeon." Link continued explaining, calming Megan a little about the dungeons. "Remember all the obstacles and creatures we had to defeat?" He nudged his horse closer to them. "Are you having trouble with your horse?"

She knew that this was going to be bought up sometime or later, might as well confess it now. "I'm … unused to riding a horse." The last time she rode anything resembling a horse, she was seven and it was on a merry-go-round.

"Why?" Link asked, curious and sounding so young. If Megan wasn't looking at him or never met him, she would have thought she was talking to a ten year-old boy. Maybe his voice never reached puberty properly.

Thinking of that last thought, Megan burst out in giggles before coughing and trying to cover it with her hand.

Looking unfazed, Link pressed his question again. "Why can't you ride a horse?"

Thinking up of another reason, Megan said, "Because I'm used to riding in … carriages. Everyone used them more than riding a horse." That sound reasonable enough. If all these questions kept coming up, Megan was going to be an awesome storyteller when this was all done. Hell, maybe she could write about this insane little adventure and make millions.

Leon looked curious about her story too. "Did you control the horse, or someone else did?"

"We … controlled them to a certain degree." Megan tried hard to explain, thinking of horsepower instead of actual animals.

If they didn't stop talking soon, Megan knew she was going to blab something stupid that would really cause Link and Leon to question her sanity rather than her story. Deciding that getting on the horse and taking off was the best option to get out of this interrogation, Megan tried to get onto her horse.

And failed completely when the horse moved aside as she tried to do a side jump she once saw on TV. Leon managed to catch her in time, but the humiliation was already red on her cheeks when she slipped.

"Woah!" Leon cried out, trying to balance Megan on his side before helping her catch her balance again. Placing her back onto the ground, and steadying her, Leon grabbed the horse's reins before it would walk off.

Mortified, Megan held onto Leon's arms tightly, startled. "How did I do it wrong?" Her cheeks and neck felt hot with embarrassment, and she wanted to just crawl in a hole and die.

So much for looking cool.

Leon gave Megan one of his inane smiles. "Well, my potato, try not to push the horse away as you get onto him. Second, you lift yourself up, not sideways like you just did now." He bent down to pick up the apple that Megan dropped when she was startled by the horse. She took the offered apple again, placing it into one of her pockets for later.

"Let's try this again." Leon said, getting ready. This time with him assisting her, Megan managed to get on top of the horse with more ease. Leon handed the reins to Megan, whispering low to her. "This horse follows others, so you don't have to worry about handling him. Just hold on, and he'll follow me."

Feeling grateful for the first time, Megan whispered back. "Thanks." It startled her to realise that Leon was acting different now. He was acting more seriously and definitely not making fun of her for her failed attempts. Maybe because he was now considering her background story, whereas before, he could have thought she was from around here, just uneducated or naïve.

It helped to know that, now that she did not have to worry about Leon making fun of her every move and comment.

Feeling the large animal under her move and grunt, Megan tightened her hands onto the reins. This animal was unpredictable and terrifying. Every movie of the horse running off in fright or kicking off the passenger violently flashed through her mind. Tightening her muscles and hanging onto the reins like her life depended on it, Megan closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply.

Just breathe and calm down.

Opening her eyes and seeing Leon jump onto his horse quickly, with Link riding up next to them, Megan hoped to every God out there that she would arrive safe to this Kare-ki-yoko place that Link mentioned.

"You okay?" Link asked, urging his horse next to hers.

Gripping the reins and saddle securely, Megan gave Link a quick nod. "Just peachy." Leon lightly nudged his horse in the direction of the mountain, then in a sudden motion, her own horse began following his. Leon keep a few paces ahead of them, while Link kept a curious eye on Megan, as if she was going to go raving mad at any moment.

Through, in Link's experience, it could happen.

Biting her lip, Megan rushed out the words. "Keep talking." She quickly glanced at Link before looking back at the head of the horse, making sure it wasn't thinking of doing anything stupid.

"Huh?" Link looked confused.

"Keep talking to me, it'll keep my mind off the animal." She whispered harshly, the muscles in her arm tense from gripping the bridles. The rough movements of the animal walking were uncomfortable and annoying, and Megan felt so out of control.

She did not like it at all.

Link seem to notice this also. "Relax your body, and don't tighten your legs like that or he'll assume you'll want to go faster. If he does go faster, such as a trot, slightly stand up. Keep your feet in the stirrups, and kind of stand up and go into the motion. This helps with the rough bumping of galloping." He demonstrated this, and his horse trotted quickly around Megan before slowing down next to her again. It amazed Megan how easily he could do this.

He motioned toward her hands. "Give the reins a little slack, or you'll jerk it in the his mouth, and he won't like that." He explained. "But if you want him to slow down or stop completely, just pull it back enough until he gets the idea."

Megan nodded, trying to relax her muscles and loosen her legs from its death grip. The animal seem to agree with her, because it was calming down from its brisk walk. Unwinding and trying not to go back into panic mode, Megan tried talking.

"It's getting easier." She said.

Link agreed. "Your horse probably sensed your nervous energy and that may have distressed him." He lent forward to scratch behind his own horse's ears, then combed out the hair a bit. "You have to think about how your horse response to you. You'll be surprised how well they could sense many things wrong. Listen and feel their mood, and always treat them with kindness." He turned back to Megan. "Epona here loves to ride fast, and she's always up for apples and a good rubdown. She also one of the most stubborn horses you'll ever meet, and she really enjoys music."


"Malon, the horse trainer, sings to all her horses. Even Epona has her little own tune that she adores. Malon taught me the melody enough to play it for her sometimes." Link looked excited. "Did you know that if I play it when she's not around, she can still hear it and look for me?"

"What do you mean, look for you? Like a bloodhound?" Megan began eyeing Link's horse, trying not to imagine him riding a large dog.

"Exactly! No, wait, yes! But it is more with using her ears than her nose." Link bounced a little from excitement. "It could take up to a few hours, depending on how far she is, but eventually, she'll always find me."

Megan was impressed. She couldn't say she ever heard or seen anything like that, other than the occasionally pet story on TV. Like the cat that travelled half the country for its owner.

They travelled in silence after that discussion. Link hummed a familiar melody to his horse, while Leon kept in the lead, watching for any other travellers. Megan was just trying hard to get used to riding a horse. They smelled, whined about some mysterious thing she didn't know about, seriously, so much neighing and whining was making her nervous that they knew something she didn't. Didn't Link say they could sense stuff? Like an evil-detector?

Shaking off that stupid idea, Megan tried to think of other things to keep her mind off her aching body. Her back and bottom ached from the constant motion the horse made as it walked behind Leon.

Megan still could not grasp the idea of Leon's name. She was so used to calling him Braid in her head. She studied his back, watching the long braid swing back and forth. It was weird to keep referring him to his real name.

She decided to screw the frickin' name.

"Hey Braid!" She called out.

Leon turned around, looking surprised. "What?"

Smiling, Megan just shook her head. "Just testing that out." And since that worked, she asked, "How much longer?"

Braid, not Leon anymore, smiled back at her. "We're halfway there already, this happened while you and Hero gossiped in secret codes!" Braid laughed at his own joke, causing Megan burst out a laugh at his poor wit.

They all continued in silent again, the horses walking at a slow pace, in respect for Megan who was still a new rider. Both Braid and Link knew that the first few days were going to be hard on Megan's body.


Travelling was hard, Megan thought when the sun rose higher and over her. The sun was beating down with heat, causing small flies to chase her sweat along with the horse's. She could feel its tail whip back and forth, hitting her legs occasionally. There was a slight breeze every once in a while that made her worship the wind.

Pulling out the apple that she received from Braid earlier, she took a bite, taking in the sharp taste. It was just what she needed on this hot afternoon. Braid was munching on a carrot, while Link took sips of water from a glass jar. Swallowing the mouthful of apple, Megan rejoiced at the feeling of fullness starting in her tummy.

Feeling something funny on her thigh, Megan whipped her head down to notice Link's horse nudging her leg. "The hell?" The horse again nudged harder.

"She wants your apple." Link smiled, answering her questioning look at his horse.

"Dude, this is mine." She told the horse, taking another bite to prove it. The horse whined out loud, trying again to get closer to her own horse. "Hey—stop that, hey!" Her leg was being squished in the action.

Hello bruise in the morning.

Link tried to steer his horse away, "C'mon, Epona, no." The effort proved useless, the horse really was stubborn.

Megan stuck her tongue out, taking another bite. She chose to ignore the horse for the time being. Pretty soon, they arrived near a river with a small bridge. Link decided they should let the horse cool down first before entering the town.

Almost finishing her apple, Megan decided to let the poor animal at least have the core. Sliding off her horse with no dignity intact, Megan walked on rubber legs to Link's horse. Letting the damn animal have the rest of the apple seem to make its day, because the horse whined loud in her face, smelly breath and all.

"Ugh." Wiping her face with her sleeve, Megan walked over to Link, feeling disgusted at the animal's attempt at friendship.

Link seem to notice Epona's happy munching and clapped her shoulder, proud.

Like she needed to be petted like a dog for giving something a snack. Pushing off his hand, and looking toward the stairs where the village was, Megan asked again. "So what's the plan?"

"Well, we'll just ask around about Death mountain, and if they heard anything weird or interesting. It would help us to find out what happened to the volcano, and what caused it to start." Link studied the mountain in front of them. The tall mountain was active for sure, the fiery smoke that surrounded it was a clue enough.

"Then we check on the Gorons and find out their input. See if they can help with finding the Fire Temple."

"Fire temple?" She hoped the name wasn't what it implied. she imagined the whole place on fire, everything burning to the touch. Not something she would look forward too.

"Yep, the last one at the Lost Woods was called the Forest Temple." He added, "My friend Saria was the sage there. She was prisoned until I saved her." Link stopped, thinking something over.

"Seven years." He said slowly, "Seven long years since I last saw her. And she doesn't look as if she aged a day." Link tried to smile, but stopped, looking crestfallen. Megan noticed that he was looked down at his body, as if he was wondering something.

Maybe his lost years? About growing older while his Kokiri friends stayed the same? She wondered if anything happened when she was out in coma-land. If he talked to any of them or tried to appear too busy to notice the height difference. Geez, Link must be feeling mournful at that lost opportunity of a childhood.

But than again, what would have happened if he wasn't the hero? When he noticed that he was getting taller than the other kids? That his voice changing was way different than the others? Would he gotten through the transition, or slowly lost or hated himself for seven years, wondering what was wrong with him? Was becoming a hero a good or bad thing?

Would the other Kokiri kids accept him for getting old or would they have reject him?

Feeling too depressed with all these thoughts, Megan choose to ignore it too and get Link outta this funk before he too became too depressed to finish the temples. Dragging Link over to Braid to cheer himself up, Megan had to keep the ball rolling. "The horses done drinking yet?"

"Pretty much." Braid answered. "We'll just walk them over to the stairs and help them up." Going back over to her own horse, Megan slowly grabbed the reins and followed Link's lead toward the stairs of the village. Pulling the horse was harder than it looks, but once it noticed the others being led away, the horse followed more easier. Walking over to the stairs and helping them slowly up the steps, they made it to the village in one piece.

Braid took the horses away and tied them to a long post where other horses were tied, with hay and plenty of water nearby. He whispered to Megan's ear that he was going to find the love of his life and surprise her. Amused, Megan said back that she was going to hang with Link and figure out what's happening with the temples.

Watching Braid take off and disappeared into one of the larger houses, Megan followed Link toward the centre of the active town. The people here were all busy doing their own things. One was feeding chickens, another was cutting the long grass and piling it away. Some walked by with large sacks over their backs, and others were near their houses skinning and tanning hides.

A few people were selling fresh items such as bread, buns, and sticky honey treats. Another skinny guy was selling fish that he was hollering that they were from a place called Hylia Lake. One had dry meats, along with skinned animals that looked freshly killed.

Even one kid was trying to sell and buy bugs in glass jars. She could see from the distance insects running all inside the jars. She shuddered in revulsion at seeing a large one.

Wow, what a difference night and day were in this village. The last time Megan was here, it was the middle of the night and completely deserted except for the random walker with their animal. This place was busy and full of people trying to live their lives, probably not aware that Link was here to going to save them all.

A bulky man almost bumped into her, herding his large cow past her. Another guy ran past with a bunch of rolled papers over his shoulder. A young woman was pulling her child away from a wondering dog, and another person was carrying cut wood.

Link seemed pretty chill with the place. He dodged and got through the crowd easier than Megan did. They managed to make it to a large well. Megan jumped up and sat on the ledge, exhausted.

This day was too long and stressful. And she stank. She didn't take a damn shower in three days now. She felt filthy and her hair was oily and disgusting. She would give her left hand for a toothbrush right about now. She wondered how Link and Braid could even stand her around them.

But than again, they smelt too.

Since she was near a well, she could dunk her head in and wash her face and hair. But the damn well was empty, and she miserably wondered what happened to the water source. About to ask Link, she glanced around and noticed that he was gone. He must have disappeared into the crowd.

Link came back in a minute, holding buttered buns. He handed one to Megan and sat next to her, eating. Soon, after a few mouthfuls, Link asked, "I just realised when I bought this, that you have no money or support, right?"

Megan gave a nod. "Yeah." She answered, very aware of this problem. "But I'll totally owe you guys back somehow." She knew she couldn't just mooch off them forever, and that she had to earn her own keep, but what could she do in this world? Sell her organs? Be a molly-maid? "Just give me time." She mumbled.

Link gave her a head nod and smiled, understanding.

Unexpectedly, Megan felt horrible that she was letting Link buy her food. Did he expect her to owe him back right away or was this out of pity? She lowered her bun, kind of bummed out now. Maybe she could ask around to see if she could do some labour for money. Wait—what type of money did they have? Like what did they use for currency?

Wasn't it some type of jewel? She remembered it being colourful and easy to find. But wasn't that the game's style of gaining money? How would it be here? It wasn't like she could whack a bush and find some.

Didn't they come from defeating monsters? Wait—wouldn't that be like mugging them after they're dead in this world? Like grave-robbing?

Did Link mug everything he killed?

Megan tilted her head toward Link, suddenly suspicious of him. Was that how he earned his own money? Then she realised that at least he was making money, and she wasn't.

She took a large bite of her bun, the grainy texture and sweet butter flavours exploded in her mouth. It tasted like heaven. Not having a lot of food was getting to Megan. Just having plain food was awesome. Or maybe its how they baked it? More butter and spices that her world didn't use?

After they finished their buttered buns, Link suggested that he and Megan should split up, hoping to get more information about the mountain and any news about the Gorons. She agreed and went in the opposite direction of Link. She walked around until she bumped into a red-head woman who was having trouble with some of her chickens.

Megan figured that this was the best place to start. "You need help?"

The woman noticed her and smiled. "Yes, please." She gave Megan half of her chicken feed. "I'm allergic to this chickens, so it's always a hindrance feeding them."

She continued talking, helping Megan over the small fence. "I got this new improved blue rooster but he never crows at all. My father said I have to still keep these ones for their eggs, even with my new rooster." She took a few steps back, and over the small fence. "They always crowd me when I feed them. It always causes me to squeeze and cough for the rest of the day."

Megan grabbed a handful of chicken feed, throwing it around, watching the birds go crazy for the food. A goat was with them, eating away too. The hell was a goat doing here in a chicken pen? "Why don't you just hire someone to do this for you?"

"I can't afford it." The woman answered. "You're the second person to ever volunteer to help me. There was this little blond boy a while back that offered to help. I had extra bottles around, so I gave him one as a reward."

"Oh." Megan mumbled, still chucking the seeds around. After she finished with the bag, the red-haired lady handed her a basket.

"My name is Anju, what about you?"

"Megan." She answered, walking over to the piles of discarded hay. Picking through it and finding the warm eggs, Megan tried collecting them all. Which was hard when the chickens were still bothering her for more food and that damn goat began chewing on her pants.

She pushed the goat away, and walked back to Anju, stepping over the fence. She handed the basket to her, asking. "Hey, I'm new here, and wanted to know, what's up with that mountain?" She pointed to the large peak of pain-inducing heat. Jesus, just staring at it hurt.

Anju glanced at the mountain too, "Oh, that? About five or six years ago, after the Royal Family went into hiding, that mountain just blew fire and ash and no one knows why. The guards tried contacting the Goron creatures up there but they couldn't find them. Their whole underground settlement is deserted."

Megan's eyes bugged out, "Seriously?" She wondered if they perished in the lava or something? Or did they cause the explosion and make a run for it?

"Yes, no one went up there for some time now. Everyone thinks that it has someone to do that that evil man, Ganondorf."

"Geez." Megan covered her eyes from the sunshine, studying the mountain. She did not want to go up there now that she heard the story behind it. It sounded way too dangerous for a hundred and twenty pound girl who burned very easily. Throat suddenly dry, Megan turned back to Anju, who seemed pleased with the chores done. "Thanks for answering." She mumbled, anxious about the volcano and its intended doom.

She waved goodbye to Anju and decided to wonder the village, asking more about the mountain and these Goron creatures. Check if this woman's answers were correct or not, you never know, it could have been very bad gossip that went out of context.


An hour later of talking to different villagers, Megan found out that Anju's answers were fairly correct. The mountain of doom really did erupt after the Royals went into hiding because of this one evil guy, Ganon-something. This evil dude went crazy with power after betraying the Royal family, which she found out about this Zelda girl was part of.

She wondered why they named this game after the girl, rather than the hero. But she wasn't that bummed about the title naming, give credit to the girl for once. She probably helped a bit. Or was this whole game layered around this Zelda chick?

Walking back to the middle of town, where the dried well was, Megan wondered if Link would feel unappreciated about the title of this game. But than again, he would probably deem her foolish again if she tried to bring this up. No need to bring out the crazy rope again.

Link was sitting at the well, already waiting for her to return. They did agree to search for a hour. Sitting next to him, they talked about their findings. Turns out, Link got the same answers as Megan. So Link decided that they should search out for the Gorons and see if they can get some answers from them.

When Megan bought up that the Gorons went missing, Link said he knew a few outside the caverns that they could talk to, one was as large as the mountain itself. Megan didn't believe him, but she was proved wrong before.

But she needed to put her two cents in. "Bullshit." She pushed at Link, trying to see if he was lying.

Link laughed out loud, "It's true!" He tried to say between chuckles. "There really is a Goron the size of that mountain!"

After a bit, Link dragged Megan to one of the large Inns, mentioning something about helping with buckets of water. Which later turned out to be their baths, or really, a scrub down in a spare room for privacy. Both hot and cold water were provided, along with a weird scrub thing, and two towels.

Megan never missed hot showers with indoor plumbing more in her life until now. And soap, dear god, where was the soap and shampoo in this world?

Having another set of clean clothes packed away on his horse, Link had agreed to go first to clean himself. Which lead Megan to realise that she did not have any clean clothes other than the filthy ones she had on now. She couldn't go out to buy any with money and she was pretty sure Link wouldn't have any to fit her.

So when the Inn keeper's wife heard this, offered Megan some spares if she would help with the household chores. Agreeing immediately, Megan washed and dried pots and pans, along with laundry which involved scrubbing clothes hard against a washboard than hanging them outside.

She was going to murder the dude that had blood and dirt all over his tunic. Guard be damned, that guy should have worn armour or something. Blood was a bitch to get out.

When she was finished, Link was already done cleaning himself and had refilled the small tub with clean hot water for her. After scrubbing herself down and using the cold water to rinse, Megan dressed into clean clothes. Which involved a nice long-sleeved shirt with these strange designs on the bottom, and a pair of long loose shorts, which looked like capris from her world.

The innkeeper's wife, whose name was Agnes, had liked Megan's determination and hard work, offered Megan a housekeeping job whenever she was in town. Surprised and a little bit flattered, Megan agreed. She could use the room and board, plus the washing facilities were a godsend.

After they were done with eating a overdue lunch, it was late afternoon. Megan was exhausted and that damn energizer bunny, thy name is Link, was all over the place. He kept running in and out the inn, with new supplies such as arrows and for some godforsaken reason, bombs. She had just finished washing her own clothes, and was hanging them up when Link came around the corner.

He looked very excited, rambling about this new place that opened, some game shop that allowed the customer to shoot fake rupees, which she found out later was the currency used in this world, and win upgraded quivers and money.

"Come on!" Link said excitedly, "You have to try it out, it was amazing." He dragged Megan out of the Inn, and across town. When they arrived there, the place was filled with strange music and lit up with colourful lights. Hello strange dreams tonight.

The man behind the counter grumbled to Link, "You back again? Didn't you win all my prizes already?" Well, he seemed pissed off. Great way to start the game, he was probably going to rig it now.

"Sorry," Link mumbled, amused. "But this is my friend, Megan. I want her to try this out too." He gestured toward her, than tugged her over to the starting line. He passed her his own bow and quiver of arrows.

Megan remembered how to use these weapons from gym class last year. She did okay, just barely making the marks to pass. She remember her back muscles sore from stretching the bow string tight to shoot the arrows.

God, she was so out of shape.

Megan sighed in defeat, trying to explain to Link. "I won't be any good. My arms are like limp noodles after washing all those clothes." She tried to give the bow back, but Link wasn't having it.

"Just one game." He pleaded. "Just try one round, and I leave you alone for the rest of the afternoon." He pushed the bow back into her arms.

"Even when I'm taking a nap?" She pushed her luck, holding the bow properly now. She nicked the arrow into the starting place. A nap sounded like heaven right about now.

Link looked like he was about to argue. The guy did not like standing still one bit. It was like he didn't believe the idea of being lazy. "Depends on how long that stupid nap is." He argued.

"Two hours tops."

"Two hours?" Link whined, looking like the ten year old, he mentally was. "I could clean a horse stable in that time! How can you just sit around and rest? That's what sleeping at night is for."

Megan wondered if Link was one of those kids that fought tooth and nail at nap times when he was younger, but than pushed that idea down because she just remember the kid didn't have parents. Than the image of that large tree babying all the Kokiri kids popped up in her head, causing her to smile wide.

And that stupid smile seem to give Link the go ahead, because the dork got excited. "I can't wait to see how you do. I bet you'll get even half of them." He stood next to her, bouncing on his feet.

Where the heck did he get all this energy? As far as she knew, there was no redbull here.

Pulling back the bow string, Megan felt her arm and back muscles protesting, but before they could start a riot, Megan let the string go. Her aim was good, judging by the first shattering jewel. Out of the game, she manage to hit three of the ten shiny gems. And she only cursed a few times, not bad, she told herself.

Link nodded, amused. "Not bad." He said, "You a beginner?"

"Pretty much." Megan answered. "I only did this a few times, not enough to study it better than what you saw." Her back was aching from this game and the earlier horse riding, but she knew a nap was in wait. Even her eyes were burning for sleep. God, she was tired.

"Well, girlie, I'm sorry to say, no prizes for that poor performance." The gruff man said, grabbing a broom and dustpan to clean up the small mess.

Link bristled. "Poor? She did great for her first few tries!" He surprised Megan with his abrupt defence of her skills.

The man replied, crossing his large arms. "Still no prizes, kid." He seemed final on that.

Megan grabbed Link's arm, pulling him outside. "Dude, enough talking, more sleeping." Once outside, she gave Link back his equipment, than saluted him. "Going back to the inn for some shuteye, no bothering me until at least two hours."

Link looked like a kicked puppy. "What am I'm suppose to do for two hours?"

Shrugging, Megan replied. "I don't know, help others, chase chickens, hell, take a nap too." She took off walking ahead, heading for the Inn. She heard Link shout out to her from the distance.

"But chickens hate me for some reason!"


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