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"She scores! Ravenclaw leads 50 to 30."

Slytherin was losing. AGAIN. However, they could still win if Draco caught the snitch. The silvery-blonde didn't pull his hair back for the game, but it didn't matter. He and Cho Chang caught sight of the snitch at the same time and took off after it. They were level, neck and neck, and just out of reach of the snitch. Then, Cho reached out further than should've been possible and caught the snitch.

"Cho Chang receives 150 points for catching the snitch! Ravenclaw wins!"

As the Ravenclaw players circled above the pitch, Draco landed on the pitch, dazed. The team lost again, and this time it was his fault. He looked up at the teacher's box at his father, who got up and started making his way down to the Quidditch field. By this time, the other six members of the Slytherin Quidditch team had landed near Draco.

"You lost this game, Draco."

"The Snitch was right there!"

"How could you lose to a girl!"

"You made us lose the Quidditch Cup!"

"If this is how you play against Ravenclaw, how would you play against Gryffindor?"

"How could you lose to someone riding a Comet 260?" Adrian Pucey exclaimed, pulling his right hand back and hit Draco.

Draco's shoulder-length hair flew-away from his right pointed ear, giving the Quidditch Team a good view. Comments such as "Did you see his ear?" and "What is he?" ran through the team.

"It's obvious that Lucius Malfoy isn't his father! He's nothing but a Mudblood Slytherin!" Montague spat out.

"I'm not a Mudblood!"

Adrian hauled back his fist.

"I'd drop that fist if I were you, Mr. Pucey."

"Professor!" the entire Quidditch team exclaimed.

"Mr. Malfoy is not muggle-born. His mother is Narcissa Black Malfoy and his father is a well-known wizard." Severus tucked his hair behind his ears, revealing his Elvin ears. "Any question?" The Quidditch Team shook their heads. "Good. Now, leave!" The six Slytherins flew off the pitch, leaving the two Elves alone. "Draco, are you okay?" Severus didn't get an answer. Draco remained on his knees, so the Gothic Elf kneeled down. "Little Dragon? Draco, please say something!" Severus was concerned. He gently pulled the young Elf into his arms and, looking around to make sure no one was watching, accĂ­oed Draco's Nimbus 2001. Severus mounted the broom and flew to the castle, holding his comatose-looking son. Severus didn't even dismount the broom when he approached the castle. He just magically flung the doors open and flew to his private rooms. From the "sidelines," Dumbledore and McGonagall watched their Potions Master fly almost recklessly to the dungeons.

"Albus, what's with Severus lately?"

"He's just taking care of his Slytherins."

Severus dismounted the broom and laid Draco on the bed. During the flight, Draco had come out of his comatose state. He had wrapped his arms around Severus and said, "Dad, I love you," before falling asleep in Severus's arms. He sat down next to his son and stroked his hair, tucking it behind his ears like his own was.

There was a knock at his door to his primary office. Severus kissed Draco's forehead. "Sleep well, my little Elf."

The Potions Master stood up, strode to the door, and opened it. He sneered. "What do you want, Minerva?"

"Some answers. For starters, I can plainly see that your ears are pointed, so what are you?"

"Elvish," he hissed. "My son and I are Elvish." Severus's face paled as he realized what he had said.

"Your son? What's his name?"

Instead of answering, he just motioned for her to follow him. She did so. They paused in the doorway to Severus's secondary office. "Look."

McGonagall peeked in and saw Draco sleeping on the bed. "Mr. Malfoy is your son?"

"Yes. Don't ask any questions, Minerva. I'm trusting you a lot by telling you this. Don't prove me wrong."

"By doing what?"

"By telling anyone else. Only Albus, Draco, Narcissa, and I know. Well, the Slytherin Quidditch Team found out, so by now the entire house knows and by dinner the entire school will know."

A groan caught their attention. Draco was waking up. He looked over at Severus and sleepily said, "Dad? What's going on?"

Severus entered his secondary office and sat down on the bed next to Draco. "Feeling any better, Little Dragon?"

"Yes. Thank you for defending me on the Quidditch Pitch. Um, Dad?"

"Yes, Draco. What is it?"

"Could we go flying tonight?"

"Sure. If you want, we could go after curfew."

"That'd be great." Draco snuggled up against his father. "What kind of broom do you have?"

"I will be riding the same broom as you."

"You have a Nimbus 2001?"

"Yes. I do."

McGonagall cleared her throat. "Severus, Draco, dinner is ready. You two should come up." Then, she left.

"How long was she standing there?"

"Since just before you woke up." At Draco's shocked expression, he added, "She knows, Draco, and she's right. We should go up to the Great Hall."

"Just one second, Severus." Draco performed the Switching Spell and was wearing his Hogwarts uniform and his Quidditch uniform was hanging in his closet. "Okay, now I'm ready."

"And we're going to keep our ears visible. The whole school probably knows by now anyway."

"Um, okay. Let's go."

The entire Great Hall was buzzing with many conversations. The topic was the same. Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy were related and Elvish. Suddenly, the double doors of the Great Hall opened and in walked Severus and Draco. The Great Hall fell completely silent as the two Elves made their way to their respective tables.

Draco sat with the sixth-year Slytherins and, surprisingly, no one made a move to talk to the supposed leader of the Slytherins. 'They must have seen my cold expression. Either that or they're afraid to say or do anything because Severus is my father.'

Severus took his place between Madame Pince and Remus Lupin. Only Remus, McGonagall, Madame Pomphrey, and Dumbledore weren't staring at him like he had the Dark Mark tattooed on his cheek. He subconsciously rubbed his left forearm when he thought of that comparison. Looking to his left, Severus caught Hagrid staring at him from the opposite end of the table. He simply glared at the half-giant which made Hagrid a little uncomfortable, making him break eye contact with the Potions Master. The other professors, noticing this exchange, resisted the urge to stare at Severus, turning their attention to the dinner feast, instead. Only Dumbledore locked eyes with the Gothic Professor. Once again, the two wizards nodded, and Severus was the one who broke the eye contact by looking at the Slytherin table.

At that moment, Draco had been scanning the Head Table. When he caught his father's gaze, Draco smiled and mouthed, 'Tonight.'

Severus smiled and nodded, completely understanding what his son meant.

Once again, Draco was out of his common room and up walking through the upper levels of Hogwarts. This time though, Mrs. Norris caught him. She pinned her scarlet gaze on him before dashing off to find Filch.

'That's it. I'm going to lose house points or get a detention. Or even worse, both.'

A couple minutes later, Mrs. Norris returned with Filch hot on her heels. Filch spotted Draco heading down the hall and narrowed his eyes at him. "So, a student out of bed after hours. I believe-"

"He was looking for me." A silky voice called out from the shadows.

"Professor! There you are!" Draco called out.

Severus stepped out of the shadows, holding his broomstick. "Are you ready, Draco?"

"Yes, Sir." Draco gripped the handle of his Nimbus 2001.

"Let's go, then. Good night, Argus." Severus wrapped his free hand around Draco's shoulders and le him away from the caretaker and out of the castle.

As they mounted their brooms, Draco turned to his Head of House. "Dad, thank you."

"For what?"

"For saving me from Filch." Draco took off into the air.

"Your welcome, Little Dragon." Severus smiled as he joined his son.

"Feel up for a chase?"

"Of course." Severus took off after the young Slytherin.

The chase was watched by one of the few people that was still awake. Dumbledore smiled as he watched the two Slytherins. It was nice to see Severus the way he used to be; happy and enjoying himself (away from cauldrons and potions). Laughing brought the Headmaster out of his reverie, and he smiled. Severus had caught up to his little Elf and grabbed him, causing the boy to laugh. Severus, then, looked in the direction of the castle. Dumbledore's lighted window had caught his attention. Dumbledore and Severus locked eyes for the second time that night. At that moment, Dumbledore knew Severus would take care of Narcissa and Draco, no matter what anyone else said or did.