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The Amazing Trio

Gaara stood at the gates of Konoha waiting for his beloved wife. The girl with pink hair he adored so much. Very unlike him to adore someone, but alas he did adore her. Sakura was the only living person that could get him to smile. She even got him to chuckle once. JUST once, but still. He gave up the Kazekage title and instead moved to Konoha to become Hokage. Naruto wasn't too happy, but got over it soon enough.

Gaara purposed to Sakura on a mission that was only to get them alone together. Thanks to Tsununde, he got himself a fiancé. Sakura happily agreed and they lived together in peace until…

Flash back

"Gaara-sama! Gaara-sama!" an ANBU ran through the hokage tower. He found him in his office with Sakura on his lap. "Gaara Sama, we found Orochimaru's layer, but it seems Sasuke took over and killed Orochimaru!" He finished and panted heavily. Sakura's eyes widened.

"Let me and Naruto go." Sakura said. Gaara shook his head.

"Ah-uh! No way." Gaara told her.

"Yes. Please." She pleaded. He really didn't want her to get hurt, but she even beat him once. ONCE! "Fine, but if it looks bad come back. You have a 1 week time limit." She nodded and kissed him. With a poof she was gone to find Naruto. They left and hour later.

End Flash Back

Now was the time for her to return, and she was late. Finally, he saw her running toward the gates. But something was wrong. She was running…. alone. Where was Naruto? He began to worry. (GASP!) Sakura ran through the gates and continued running. She went right past him without even a hello. This was bad. He turned to follow her and told the guards to wait for Naruto.

He found her in the training areaat the memorial to all that died in battle. She had a kunai in hand and he could hear slight hiccups mixed with the grinding of the rock. She was crying. She hadn't cried since Sasuke left.

"S-sakura?" He asked, grimacing at his stutter. She finished what she was doing then sat down. He looked around her to see two new names engraved in the stone.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uchiha Sasuke

Gaara's eyes widened. Naruto… died. "Sakura… are you ok." He put an arm around her shoulders and sat down. She leaned into him and continued crying.

"T-they fought. I-I tried to s-st-stop them, but t-they didn't listen. S-Sasuke and N-Naruto got the r-resengan and ch-chidori and h-hit each other at t-the same time. Th-they both died in-instantly." She clenched Gaara's shirt in her hand and continued to sob. He felt bad. Naruto had been his friend and like Sakura's brother.

"Shhh…" Gaara moved his thumb in circles on her arm, soothing her. It started to rain. The two sat in the rain unmoving. Gaara starred at the engraving Sakura made. It was bigger then all the rest. He thought of Sasuke...

I saw the sky fall down today

It suddenly turned from blue to grey

He thought of Naruto…

And the rain drops turned to tears upon your face…

He thought of Sakura…

Wish there was somthin I could do

Wish I could ease the pain for you, but I've never felt so helpless.

He wondered if Naruto and Sasuke could see them now…

Its like your drownin right in front of me, and I'm reaching out but you can't see

There's somthin holdin on to you so tight…

He wondered if Sasuke knew how much he was really missed…

And nowthis is all I'll say to you tonight…

Sakura was asleep in his arms. "I'll never leave you. I promise." He said, taking her soaked form home.

If you ever need me, you know where to find me.

I will be waitin where I've always been.

"I'll always be there…"

And if you ever need me, you know where to find me.

I have never left you, its where I've always been…

"I'll never leave your side…"

Right by your side, I'm right by your side.

"I'll help you carry the wait and get through it all."

So when the hole wide world is on your back

And the strength you need is the strength you lack,

And your in a crowd but all alone

And you can't stay here, but you can't go home.

If you can't answer all the why's

Cause your too tired to reach that high

I want you to

I need you to remember, yeah.

If you ever need me, you know where to find me.

I will be waitin where I've always been.

And if you ever need me, you know where to find me.

I have never left you, its where I've always been…

Right by your si-ide,

I'm right by your si-iide...

Gaara laid Sakura on the bed and watched her sleep. He would keep his promise.

6 years later…

"Mommy! What's that big wock and why's it gots names on it?" a girl with fiery red hair and big emerald eyes asked.

"That's a memorial stone. It has all the names of people that die in battle." A pink haired women answered.

"And whys these two names bigger then alls the rest mommy?" The girl continued. Sakura's eyes opened wide. "Its says uzimakie Naroto and Sasuky Uchihas."

"Those were… mommy's friends, Miname. I put those names there because they were very important people and their story is sad." Sakura pointed out.

"Oh! I wanna hears the story mommy! Pwease!" Miname begged. Her mother laughed.

"Alright. Come sit here under the cherry blossom tree." The two sat " Well, it all started at the academy…" The story of the amazing trio would be herd for many years later…

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