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"For Lack Of Inspiration"

By Kara Darkblood

~* Prongs *~

The sallow-skinned man watched as a few hundred select children stepped through the gates
of the old castle. The first-years were so easy to find . . . they walked with shaking legs,
spoke with stutters, as though they were victims of a speech impediment of some sort. They
were, to him, vermin. No better than the rats that could sometimes be caught running through
the old corridors and up the cracking stairs. Children... he hated the word with a passion. They
were viruses, that infected the body and caused men to be blinded by their sweet innocence.
They poured into the school and the man shook his head. He was surrounded by darkness, by
death and by the bitter memories of his life. This school was the last place on earth he'd like
to be, and yet he passes up the opportunity to leave. He is bound here, by the ties of old
frienships and old enemies, by the desire to overcome them all, to show them that he could
be the best, he could have the power. But when you looked at him - really look - past his
sallow skin, dark black eyes, and greasy hair, you see the depths of his soul. Why he is really
like how he is. The sense of loyalty he feels towards Harry Potter and the students that he
teaches. His values. His feelings. It's all there, hidden deep under those thick layers of
hate and loathing and most of all, depression. Why doesn't he leave Hogwarts, if he hates it so?
It is because of the world around him. All around, every where, there is nothing but death and
despair. Crime, and hate, and all the other things that make one's life seem less important and
less worth living. It is because the world lacks inspiration. That is why he stays, year
after year, living with the horrid students and the nosy teachers and the painful memories.
That is why he stays living in his dingy room in the back of his office that has a gold
plate that is tarnished with rust, inscribed with the name "Professor Severus Snape," day
in and day out. It is for lack of inspiration.