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Logan Elias Huntzberger walked into his dorm at Yale, which he shared with his two best friends: FinneganRothschild and Colin Rockefeller. The three were known as the playboys of Yale with Logan as their king and they were only able to trust one girl as a friend, Stephanie Vanderbilt.

Logan was born and raised in the cold, harsh Hartford elite. His future was already planned the minute they had found out his mother Shira was pregnant. He was in the Yale Daily News but only four amazing articles that were written by him have been published. He is the heir to the Huntzberger Publishing Company and was known to be quite the "ladies man."

Finn Rothschild had grown up with Colin and Logan and also had his future set for him. He came from Australia when he was four years old and visits his homeland every year which explains his exotic accent. He is the heir to the Rothschild, a leading international investment bank. Finn alsoloves alcohol and has a fetish for redheads.

Colin Rockefeller was also raised with Logan and Finn. His friends say that he is the rational thinker of the group and is easily worried by the group's decisions. Colin is the heir to Rockefeller Oil, which includes many of the nation's oil production.

Stephanie Vanderbilt met the three stooges when they were allfour years old. The three boys had always thought that Stephanie was their sister and princess, especially Colin. They always treated her nicely and played games with her but sometimes they were forced into playing Barbie. Stephanie is an only child and since her parents were not able to produce a boy, she was named heiress to Vanderbilt Shipping and Railroad.

The four were friends since they were toddlers and they all grew up knowing their life was already planned. The boys attended meetings with their fathers starting when they were ten years old. Stephanie had been going to DAR meetings once a month since she was eleven years old. Logan, Finn, Colin and Stephanie considered each other as family. When a boy would break Stephanie's heart, the three stooges were there with her trying to cheer her up. When Logan, Colin and Finn get drunk and end up in jail, Stephanie would come by and bail them out. They were each other's support systems when their parents decide to meddle with their lives more.

Logan walked into his room and saw a red blinking #2 on his message machine and pressed play, "Logan dear, it's your mother. We will be having dinner with the Gilmores on Friday, it's been ages since they have seen you and so you will be coming along. Call me once you receive this. Bye."

He shook his head and pressed the delete button then listened to the next message, "Hey Logie, It's Tasha and I was wondering if you wanted to take me out to dinner tonight. I might even give you a little treat at the end of the night. Call me."

Logan smirked whilepulling out his cell phone and taking out his little black book to look for Tasha knowing he wouldn't have to come back to his dorm at the end of the night.

Several minutes later, "I've got a date with a lovely redhead tonight." Finn declared as he walked into the dorm. "Alicia. Wonderful name for such a beautiful Sheila."

"If you call Alicia 'Sheila', do you think she'll be offended?" Colin asked as he sat down on the couch and turned the TV on.

"Well, I'll just have to make sure I don't in order to get some tonight."

"Okay, I just heard the words 'get some tonight' come out of Finn's mouth. Going out on dates tonight I presume?" Stephanie walked through the door and took the remote from Colin who glared at her. "You snooze, you lose."

"Why yes Steph, I have a date with the lovely Alicia." Finn said proudly.

"Redhead?" Stephanie asked and Finn nodded, "I thought so. Huntz, going out with Tasha tonight, right?" Logan nodded and Stephanie continued, "Yea, I heard her talk your other conquests." Logan simply rolled his eyes at her and sat down watching the TV as Stephanie surfed the channels.

Stephanie finally chose to stay on one channel then turned to Colin, "no date tonight Colin?"

Colin looked at Stephanie and shook his head, "no, are you going out?"

"Ooh! Yes! You know Stephen from the football team? He asked me out and we are going out to a party tonight." Stephanie answered with a smile on her face, not noticing how Colin slightly frowned. "But before that, I have to call my dad and tell him that my roommate totally moved to Italy so I will need a new roomie. Then he'll call Yale and Yale will do something to get me a new roomie. I just hope she isn't like really annoying. I just wish Iwould get someone that I would be best friends with." Stephanie said with a small smile.

Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden, affectionately known as Rory, went inside her dorm in Harvard University. She was the only daughter of Lorelai Victoria Hayden and Christopher Hayden. Rory's mother had her when she was only sixteen and since the Hartford Elite pressured Lorelai and Chris to get married, they did. Since she is a Hayden, Rory attended Harvard University but soon fount it to be too far away from home so after winter break she will be attending Yale University. Though having the last name "Gilmore-Hayden" could be of good use to Rory, she barely used it to gain more than another person. She used all the advantages of being rich only when she felt it was needed.

Rory enjoyed her monthly shopping sprees with Madeline, Louise and Paris. (They all attend in Harvard but Rory will soon be leaving them.) Their shopping sprees normally ended with ten bags of clothes at the end of the day, they were the fashion trendsetters at Harvard. Though Rory may seem outgoing when she is at the Harvard pub, she still loves books. Sheis addicted to coffee just like her mother and every coffee cart on campus knew her by name, they even knew what her usual was. Her friends almost always has to drag her to the pub out of her own free will, even though she'd rather study for the next test or start on the new project that was handed out.

As she sat down in front of her laptop to start her new article for the Harvard Crimson her cell phone started to ring. Not bothering to look at the caller ID she answered, "Hello?"

"Rory, it's your grandmother." Emily Gilmore said through the phone.

"Oh, hi Grandma. Is there anything wrong?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were coming to this week's Friday night dinner. Also please tell your mother and father to behave themselves before you enter the house. And Rory?"


"Dress nicely, look more beautiful than ever before."

"Sure Grandma." Rory always showed up nicely on their dinners, why would this one be any different?

"And you are still transferring to Yale? Attend your grandfather's alma mater?"

"Yes, Grandma."

"Wonderful! I will see you and your parents on Friday. Goodbye.

"Bye." She closed her cell phone and walked out to the kitchen where she saw Madeline and Louise taking out sushi from the refrigerator. "Hey guys," Rory greeted as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"Hey Ror." Louise waved as she bit into her California Roll. "This is good. I know, I'll eat only sushi for a week then see if I lose some weight in the end."

"Mm Yea. Hey Rory." Madeline greeted back.

"Gross, there's actual green things in there." Rory pointed out with a disgusted look on her face.

"There's avocado." Louise showed and Madeline nodded.

"Yuck! Avocado, it's green and mushy. Bleh!" Rory exclaimed walking away with her cup of coffee. "MMMM coffee." She let out a small moan just as Paris came through the door.

"Geez Gilmore. Can't you do that in your room or something? Some people don't like seeing other people have an orgasm just from coffee."

Rory simply stuck her tongue out at Paris and sipped her coffee again, walking back to her room. Once she was in her room she called her mom's cell phone but had no luck then decided to call her dad's instead. After five rings Christopher answered the phone, "Hey kid."

"Hi dad." Rory said back to her dad. "You sound busy."

"I am. I'm driving and trying to stop your mom from hurting herself."

"What'd she do?"

Then suddenly Rory heard her mom's distant voice over the cell phone, "Oh come on Chris! I can too lick my elbow! I want to honk the horn! I can lick my elbow and I can honk the horn!"

Rory then understood what was happening, "she saw a 'honk if you' whatever bumper sticker huh?"

"There was a truck in front of us." Christopher explained.

"Ah, well I called mom first but she didn't answer and I guess that's because of the sticker. I just wanted to tell you that this week's Friday Night Dinner sounds important. Grandma called me to say that you and mom need to behave yourselves before you make your appearance."

"What's so important?"

"I don't know, maybe Grandma Francine is coming. Is she?"

"No, or else she would have told me." Christopher looked to the woman sitting beside him who was trying to lick her elbow. "Okay kid, I have to let you go. We are at the mall and I just found a parking spot and now your mom is heading towards Valentino's. Love you. See you Friday."

"Bye." Rory responded right before hanging up and starting her article.

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