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"We should get going soon," Lorelai suggested as she looked at the watch that Christopher had around his wrist. They had already watched two more videos and pigged out on some delivered pizza; Lorelai was more than ready to leave.

Chris heaved a sigh, "Lor, the festival just started around five minutes ago. We have more than enough time even if we leave the house three hours from now."

"But if we leave now, we can be the first people to pull pranks and we won't be able to miss a lot of what happens earlier in the festival," Rory pointed out, standing up and getting ready to leave the theater room. "So, can we just go now? I'll just go get changed into my costume."

Logan stood up, "I should change into my costume too… I guess." He stood there contemplating for a second as everyone else got off their chairs and headed toward the door, "Ace, could you show me the bathroom again? I forgot where it is." Logan winked.

Rory nodded slowly, comprehending exactly what he meant, "Yeah, let's go grab our costumes and then I'll show you were it is."

They walked into the living room to find Finn with his shirt already off, and his hands undoing his belt. Tristan flinched from where he was grabbing his costume, "Jeez Finn, can't you go find a room or something? Or change in the kitchen where we can't see you?"

"Mate, I just want to get into my costume. It's a lovely one," Finn pouted but took his costume and began walking to the kitchen anyway.

"EW! No, not the kitchen. Please. I eat and get my food there." Rory protested with a look of disgust, "Go change in that bathroom over there, I'll just bring Logan to the bathroom upstairs."

"Fine, at least there's a mirror there," Finn responded with a grin.

"Yeah, anyway… I don't wanna know why he's so happy that there's a mirror there." Stephanie added with a giggle.

"Maybe he enjoys looking at himself?" Colin replied.

Tristan snickered, "or maybe he enjoys looking at his little self. Emphasis on the little."

Colin raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, Tris, you should know whether it's little or not." Tristan glared back.

Stephanie laughed and quickly handed Rory her costume. Rory graciously took it from her and grabbed Logan's hand, leading him up the stairs. "Okay, so here's my room," she pointed to a close door on her left and then pointed to another closed door on her right, "and here's the bathroom. Do you need any help with your costume?"

Logan smirked, "Glad you asked, Ace. Glad you asked." He opened the door to a medium-sized bathroom, walked in, and pulled Rory along with him. Rory kicked the door closed behind her, dropped her costume on the floor next to Logan's, and shoved it to the side just as Logan closed the space between them, pulling Rory into a deep kiss. "Good afternoon Ace. You looked really cute in that video today."

Rory smiled and pulled him into another kiss that quickly escalated into a deeper one. Logan grabbed Rory's waist and hoisted her up, setting her onto the bathroom's marble countertop. Her legs wrapped around Logan's waist and Logan pulled her closer to his body.

Suddenly, a knock startled the both of them and Tristan's voice boomed through the door, "Logan, you done yet?"

Logan sighed, resting his forehead against Rory's. Still trying to catch his breath, Logan whispered, "Just hold on a sec, Ace." He turned towards the door, "Dude! There's another bathroom downstairs!"

"Steph and Colin are making out down there. At least you and Rory aren't up here. I mean, I doubt you'd make out in a bathroom that her parents own."

"I can be a rebel," Rory scoffed quietly earning a smirk from Logan.

"Could you hurry up or something?" Tristan exclaimed.

"I just got in here like two minutes ago!"

"What are you talking about? You and Rory went up here ten minutes ago." Tristan retorted, "oh jeez. Wait a second. She's in there with you, isn't she? Oh man. I'll go change in the guest room."

After hearing his footsteps, Logan sighed, "Finally. Now, what were we doing?"

Rory hopped off of the countertop and smiled, "getting ready for the festival of course. We need to change or else my dad will come up here and figure out we haven't been changing." Before Logan could protest, Rory had already grabbed her costume, laid it across the countertop, and slid the actual costume out of the bag. She looked at her floor-length Athenian Goddess costume which was supposed to be completely white with a long golden strand around it and gasped.

The bottom half was torn, making it so that if she ever wore the costume, it would end up at her knees. There were also random brown splats all over the dress. "No. What am I gonna do? The festival already started! I can't go and buy another costume because the nearest one is where everyone else gets their costumes and that means that there's a high possibility that I'll be wearing the same costume as someone else. And then there's the fact that we already went to that costume place. And let me tell you this Logan, that costume place sucks. There's no variety and I'm pretty convinced that it's a store that doesn't wash the costumes that they let other people rent. Do you know what that means? That means if I were to go to that store and found a costume, it's possible that someone's already worn it before and it's not washed. Oh, that doesn't even count the fact that once I get there, they probably won't have my size. Do you have any idea what this means? It means I have to go to the festival that you're supposed to wear a costume to and end up wearing regular clothes. And then they'll ask what I'm supposed to be and I'll have to make up something like, 'oh, I'm supposed to be a loser who DOESN'T PARTICIPATE IN WEARING COSTUMES TO FESTIVALS.' I don't want to do that. Ohhhhh, I don't know what to do Logan."

Logan pulled her into a hug to calm her down from her costume freak-out, "I could drive you to Hartford and go to a costume store there."

She shook her head, "No, you don't have to."

"You could ask Steph to look through your closet and pick something out. I'm sure you and her will find something and you'll look so gorgeous that I'll have to punch out all the guys staring at you," Logan offered with a small smile.

Rory laughed and stepped out of Logan's embrace to open the door. She stepped out of the bathroom, taking her ruined costume with her and told Logan to get changed, "I'll go ask Steph for help."

She ran down the stairs in panic, and found Stephanie already dressed in a very short green dress that looked exactly like Peter Pan's shirt but with a deeper color of green. She also had a small green hat adorning her head, "Hey Rory! Do you like this costume? I don't know though… I have two others that I could wear. I could match Colin's costume or I could just be an elf. What do you think?"

Rory smiled, "You look great now Steph but matching with Colin would be cute. I need your help though; my costume's all messed up and I don't know what to do. I mean, I could go to that costume store that we went to but you know how gross it is there. Didn't you even see a rat in there? And my original costume is too short when it's supposed to be super long and now there are some incredibly random brown spots all over it and I really don't want to look like the idiot who didn't bother to dress up in Stars Hollow."

Stephanie inwardly smiled, "Awh, how'd that happen?! I thought that when you put it in the bag, it was okay."

"It was but now I don't know."

"Well, you're a lucky duck today then," Stephanie clapped and pulled out another costume bag, "I brought two extra costumes in case I didn't want to go all elf and green-like."

Rory's jaw dropped in joy, "Thanks Steph! You're a lifesaver."

"No problem."

Tristan eyed Stephanie with a smirk, "It's such a coincidence isn't it? Your costume is suddenly ruined, and Steph happens to have a costume for you that, let me guess, will fit you even though it was meant for her?"

Stephanie turned to glare at Tristan, "I hate you," she grumbled.

"STEPH!" Rory exclaimed in shock.

"What? I told you that I liked the Wind-Up Doll costume better than the Athenian Goddess thing or whatever. April Fools?" She chuckled handing Rory the small pink dress, accompanied with a white bow, a pair of black shoes, and a huge plastic lollipop. "It's not skanky at all. I mean, look at my costume – this isn't skanky or anything. I made sure that it's long enough that you won't be mad. It's like how short your Chilton skirt would be if you wore it now."

Rory whined, "Steph, I swear if this is shorter than that, I'll kill you and put you in the trunk of my mom's car and drive you to a deserted building and leave you there."

Grabbing the costume from Stephanie, Rory ran up the stairs and got to her bedroom door just as Logan stepped out of the bathroom in a Rocky Balboa costume. He had black shorts on with a yellow trim and across the waistband was the word "ROCKY." His socks were black and long, and matched a pair of black sneakers. He also had a black robe on with "ROCKY" written across the back in yellow, and finally, he had on a pair of black gloves to finish off his outfit.

"Ace, you found a costume already? Did Lorelai have one in her closet or something?"

Rory tore her eyes from Logan's abs and sighed, "Apparently, Stephanie thought it would be funny to ruin my costume and give me the one she wanted me to wear in the first place."

Logan fought an urge to laugh and just hugged Rory instead, "I'm sure you'll look hot in whatever you decide to wear… or not wear," he added with a wink as he pulled away.

"Hah, okay," she gave him a quick kiss, "I'll go change into this really, really, really, pink dress that will have Babbette and Miss Patty along with the rest of the town talking and you go downstairs and tell everyone that I'll be down and ready to leave in five minutes."

"So, ten minutes?" Logan jested.

"Five minutes."



"How about this," Logan proposed, "if you're not down and ready by five minutes, I get to sneak you away during the festival and we can do something that I think is really fun."

"And if I'm down by five minutes?"

"We can do something that YOU think is really fun – something, I hope that I think will be really fun too."

Rory smiled, eager to win, "Deal. Okay, my time starts when I close the door."

"Alright, Ace."

Rory ran into her room and shut the door, which prompted Logan to start timing her as he walked down the stairs.

Inside the room, Rory hastily laid the costume on her bed and began to get ready. She first put on the small, bright pink dress and was at least happy that it reached just above her knee – not too short even though Stephanie was the one to pick it. Next, she grabbed her hairbrush and put her hair up half up, half down and clipped the big white bow on. She rushed to her closet and debating on wearing knee-high socks or crew length. Deciding on a pair of white crew length socks, she stumbled back to her bed to put on the socks and snap on the pair of black shoes. Taking a deep breath, she stood in front of her vanity mirror and adjusted her bow, which had slid down a bit due to her constant rushing. Lastly, she headed back into her closet and rummaged around for a matching pink bag, chastised herself for not having one, and settled on a white purse instead. She ran out of her bedroom and reached the top of the stairs but came to a halt when she realized the last missing piece of her costume – the plastic lollipop – was still on her bed. She ran back, breathless and tired, and grabbed the plastic lollipop and made her way down the stairs.

Rory reached the bottom and tried to catch her breath then Logan announced her time, "Nine minutes and twenty-four seconds."

"What?!" Rory exclaimed in shock; she didn't realize she took that long. She instantly blamed it on the slipping bow on top of her head.

"That means I get to sneak you away," Logan reminded her as he placed his hand on the small of her back, leading her outside where everyone was waiting.

"Hello love, you look like a dove," Finn said when Rory approached.

Colin turned to Finn, "A dove?"

"Well Colin dear, I think you really should hear. I am the Cat in the Hat, and though I love aimless chat, I have to take the time, to think of a rhyme." Finn replied, pausing after every supposed line. In fact, he really was wearing a Cat in the Hat costume - complete with a black suit; a big red bow; white gloves; and a tall, red and white, striped hat.

Colin rolled his eyes at Finn's rhyming as he himself wore a Fred Flintstone costume that complemented Stephanie's Wilma Flintstone costume. His costume was fairly simple: he had a white shirt on underneath an orange with black spots coat, matching cuffs, a big blue necktie, a black wig, and shoes that were made to look like bare feet.

Standing by him was Stephanie who had changed from being an elf into Wilma and dressed in a white mini skirt with jagged edges, a white tube top that had just one strap across her right shoulder, and an orange wig. She also had a big, white beaded necklace, bracelet, and ring. Lastly, she had on gold heels that she said she would later take off when she got tired of walking around in them.

Tristan, who had recently watched the movie "300," decided on being a Spartan and had a bronze colored, plastic helmet with intricate designs. He had on a suede red toga that was more like a cape at the back and had a gold clasp by his right shoulder. To add to his Spartan look, Tristan donned two gold gauntlets and two gold shin guards. By his side was a plastic sword that, had it not been plastic, would've been very intimidating just like the fake scar Tristan had by his left shoulder.

Lorelai stumbled in her costume, "I just love this. I'm Cap'n Jack Sparrow, savvy?" Her hair was braided with beads on the end and the top of her head was covered in a deep red bandana. She had a white long-sleeved shirt on with a long blue vest that was tied together with two belts – one belt was light brown, one was dark brown. Added to the two belts that were already there, Lorelai had a striped fabric sash and brown pants that were tucked into a pair of dirty brown pirate boots.

"Wow Mom," Rory laughed.

"Dearie, this costume is wandahhhful, savvy? I could get me rum tonight and get unbelievably drunk and people won't notice that I'm not pretending. Savvy?" Lorelai slurred purposely.

"You know Lor," Chris interjected, "you don't have to say 'savvy' after every sentence."

"But don't you know, Chris? I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, I can do whatever I want. Savvy?" She grinned.

Chris rolled his eyes at his wife's obvious lameness and fixed his leather jacket. Chris, being Chris and not wanting to go all out on dressing up for a festival, opted being the famous Danny from "Grease." He simply had black pants, black shoes, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket that said "T Birds" on the back. He also had his hair slick back and in his back pocket was a small comb that Lorelai insisted he kept with him for the day.

"Alright let's go! Savvy?" Lorelai exclaimed.


"Yo! Mah homies! Wel-wel-welcome to the April Fools Festival in Stars Hollow! Can I get a yeahhh?!" Kirk yelled when Logan, Rory, Lorelai, Chris, Finn, Colin, and Stephanie approached. "My name is Kirk and I-"

"We know who you are Kirk," Rory interrupted, laughing.

Nevertheless, Kirk - who was wearing an oversized white t-shirt along with an oversized red jersey, baggy black pants, a long chain necklace, and gold foil on his teeth – continued his rapping introduction, "My name is Kirk and I live in Stars Hollow. Fosho! If you have a question, I have the answer! WORD! Now pound it!" Kirk exclaimed putting his fist out towards Logan whom reluctantly 'pounded it.'

Kirk nodded and bared his 'blinged out grillz' with a grin, "YEAH! WORD TO YO MOTHAAA!"