Wife O Wifey Dearest

Summary: Kingdom Hearts AU. Roxas and Sora's housewife lifestyle.

Pairing: AxelxRoxas, RikuxSora

Chapter 1: Gossips and Reunions

Roxas stared at the television blankly. The whole morning there was nothing much to do except T.V, disregarding the unwashed laundry and empty fridge that needed refilling. For the last few hours they showed reruns of some obnoxious soap opera that Roxas doesn't even want to take notice in. Sighing in frustrations he wondered when his husband dearest was going to be home. He was hungry for a decent meal instead of lousy popcorn and some pizza that was yesterday's dinner.

Roxas finally decided to turn off the T.V and head out to the laundry room downstairs in their building in hope of getting to laundry done. As "promised" he was suppose to do some laundry. He gathered all the tainted clothes in one basket and headed out the apartment's door. At the end of the hall he noticed some women were chit chatting, he figured it was some kind of housewives meeting. Speaking of housewives Roxas discovered that he could be considered a housewife but then again, he wasn't about ready to conform to the system. As tempting as it maybe Roxas decides to move on and not try to listen in on their gossip. He tried to not be nosy until he heard one woman whispered something about the couple living in Unit 138. Not that Roxas was a busybody or anything but the couple that lives particularly in Unit 138 was none other than hubbie dearest Axel and Roxas himself.

"Do you know the newlyweds that just moved into Unit 138? I heard they are quite a young couple," said a woman with her hair tied in a bun pretty much like a housewife.

"Yeh, and I heard the husband works most of the time because his wife is sort of a coach potato," said housewife number two.

"Well…I've met the young man before he is quite a sweetie. Tall and handsome red haired boy…shame he look as if he's all skin and bones. Poor guy's wife must've him starved…have any of you seen the wife?" the third woman added her opinion into the conversation.

"No", replied the other two.


Roxas couldn't help but intervene. These gossipy women were basically bad mouthing him right in front of his face. The three ladies turned their attention to the direction of where the loud outburst came from to find a red faced "boy" giving them the death glare.

"Can't you women mind your own bee's wax? THE NERVE gossiping in the hall on early...mor...ahhh noon", Roxas stroke his last nerve just listening to these women talk about him and Axel, mostly bad things about him.

"The nerve of you boy, speaking to your elders that way", one woman spoke up.

"Where are your manners? Who are your parents and …what's your name?" One of the other women was practically in his face asking about his origins.


The ladies looked somewhat embarrassed at their earlier actions so they turned there heels on their way. Roxas feeling somewhat satisfied that he told the women off made way to the laundry room. Upon reaching the laundry room he discovered that whoever is currently doing their laundry had put too much detergent in the washers. Roxas may not have been a housewife expert but he knew well enough to know the basics. Apparently this person overstuffed the washers and clothes and soap.

"Great…now how am I supposed to get MY laundry done?"

As if saying the magic word the person who was using the laundry room before returned for their stuff. Roxas was about to give her or him a piece of his mind until he spotted familiar light brown spikes and icy blue eyes.

"Sora…?" Roxas almost choked out the name of his what seem to be long lost twin.

"Roxas… oh my gosh…what are you doing here?" Sora almost yelled being almost as shocked as Roxas.

"I live here duh. It's been ages…ever since you ran-away from home with that silver-haired freak...Rik...whachama call it…I've been worried about you. Where have you been? What are you doing now?"

Roxas stammered on none stop asking about Sora's whereabouts for the last couple of years. Now he was faced with a somewhat of an annoyed Sora.

"For your information I'm still with that silver-haired freak Riku, otherwise known as your brother in law Roxas", Sora said folding his arms.

"Oh…sorry, hehe you know I never really got along with him", Roxas admitted.

"You never got along with anyone Rox except for Pants, Omelets, and that Hater guy.", Sora giggled seemingly not so offending anymore.

"Good point, but its Pence, Olette, and Hayner", Roxas once again agreed.

After a second of a little family reunion Roxas was taken out from his "oh so lovey dovey brotherly love phase" with the feeling of soaked slippers still on his feel. It then occurred to him that half of the washers were overflowing.

"Oh…laundry yours Sora?" Roxas asked not expecting any surprises.

"AHH goodness, I forgot!"

Chapter 2: The Wives Chit Chat

After helping Sora with the laundry and finishing up his laundry Roxas invited Sora up to Unit 138 for a little catching up time. Roxas discovered that after Sora ran away from Destiny Islands due to their parents' objection to accept Riku for a son in law, he and Riku got married here in Twilight Town. The two have been living in this apartment complex here in Twilight Town for two years and six months.

"So, how'd it been for the two years I was gone away from home? Did 'cha miss your big bro Sora? And how did you end up here? Don't tell me you ran away too?" Sora asked half jokingly on the run away part.

"Hah…only because you're two minutes older then me. Well I did miss you but things are ok now, AND I didn't run away!" Roxas protested on the last part.

"I see, hmm nice place you got here…ohh as the housewives committee rumored the wife of this Unit 138 is one lazy coach potatoe who has the kinks for starving her husband. Did you marry a tough woman Rox?" Sora asked genuinely worried.

"Those damn gossips…NO I'M WHO THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT…after you left…I got somewhat closer with Axel…and yah know …endupmarryinghim!" Roxas was a bit shy on the topic of Axel even if they were married they were still newlywed.

"What…I didn't get the last part...?"

Boy was Sora denser then ever. Roxas found himself turning brighter then a tomato.

"I said…Igotmarriedtoaxel!" Roxas repeated.



Roxas now is officially amazed at how much he can yell in one day. Sora on the other hand look as thought he just saw a pig with four wings flying over the sky.

"You and Axel? I can 't believe it…you guys use to be best friends then real hardcore enemies."

Sora was one for pointing out the obvious past. Roxas found himself a bit flustered by the heat he was giving off from the embarrassing outburst earlier.

"You sure got him whipped…as so rumors that is currently circulating this building", Sora informed.

"Egh...those nosy people…" Roxas was about to swear vengeance