Five seconds into the house Axel can feel his ear drums roll at the loud stomps coming from the bedroom he shared with his hone

Chapter 11 : Speak softly love

Five seconds into the house Axel can feel his ear drums roll at the loud stomps coming from the bedroom he shared with his honey bunny bun bun.

"AXEL!" The graceful sweet wife roared upon seeing the red-head.

"Yes dears?" Axel greeted his wife with a smile " How did the meeting with my father and Demyx go?"

"BABY!!" Roxas screamed.

"Yes?" Axel replied softly, ear-drums still twisting.

"NO! I mean baby, YOUR father expects us to have a baby by next Spring!!" Roxas's eyes were as big as two eggs, popping out as he was spoke.

"w…what? Why?"

"He wants an heir that's why! How aku how? How am I suppose to do it? Grow ovaries? THEY DON'T COME ON TREES YOU KNOW!!" The blond was pacing the room again. Whenever Axel hear Roxas referring to him as Aku it meant big trouble in paradise.

"Baby…calm down lets think this through somehow…" Axel pleads. Cleary all the screaming will eventually lead him to deafness and Roxas to become mute.

"Calm? How can I be calm..your demanding father wants a grandchild…I..I'm too young to have a baby!! I I can't even take care of myself ! I burn curtains!" Tears were starting to roll down Roxas's cheeks.

Axel gave Roxas a hug. " It will be okay baby, at least we won't need to worry too much about it soon…we have til Spring."

Chapter 12: Roxas and Sora's detective days

There was much thought of any baby making business since the last time Roxas had an outburst. There was some business alright, but it was intended to make babies.

Today was the day. Last night Roxas received a phone call from that obnoxious woman from Axel's work on Axel's cellphone and that was the final straw for him. Today with his trusty older brother Sora at his side, him and Sora will venture to Axel's work under a serious mission to find out the truth behind the intentions of this woman. Roxas is determined to set things straight.

Pulling his brunette twin brother by the wrist Roxas and Sora approached a large dark building that has a large LCD on its roof and bright neon lights (an: the dark building in the world that never was). This is the building where their husbands jobs are in.

"Roxaaas do we really have to do this?" Sora whined.

"YES, and we are in this together Sora you can't back down!" Roxas ranted.

"But…I mean do we have to dress like this?" Sora pulled on his pencil skirt which was really hugging his hips tight.

"Of course, its our disguise! I don't want Axel or Riku recognizing us!" Roxas pressed on.

"You know, I'm sure they will know its us considering how long they've been married to us…" Sora sighed.

Roxas was dress in 5 inch heels with a skirt that is slightly above his knees, and a cream colored blouse. For accessories he wore large sunglasses to cover his eyes and a blonde wig. As for Sora he wore a dark denim wash pencil skirt with also a cream blouse and a tiny red purse.

"Look Sora, I need to go in there and see for myself what Axel is up to with that woman…"Roxas was determined as he pulled Sora into the lobby desk. Both looking like beauty queens.

Roxas stopped for a moment to look at Sora. Awkwardly the brunette started to feel pressured.

"W..What are you looking at me for?" Sora questioned.

"Your workin' that skirt Sora" Roxas stated nonchalantly.

"ROXAS! Lets GO!" Sora blushed, "Really? It doesn't make my butt look too big does it?"

"Nope" Roxas shook his head.

"Well I hope Riku likes it too."

Roxas and Sora approached the front desk and was greeted by a man with pink hair. His name tag said Marluxia.

"Umm..excuse me..can I ask where I can find Axel Nobad?" Roxas said in his girly voice.

Marluxia looked up from his nails, "Who?"

Roxas was feeling ticked already, this girly man was really testing his patience, "AXEL !"

"Ahhh Axel, he's on floor 5A cubical 813" The pink haired man smiled at the two ladies and showed them to the elevator.

Roxas and Sora proceeded on. The two snuck into the office floor. It was a rather large floor with about 30 cubicles. Roxas proceed to take the left side while Sora took the right. They were on a misson.

Passing a few desks with people's strange stares and whistles Roxas made it to cubical 813, he can see those family red spikes flaring up from the office chair but there was also another figure that made Roxas's skin boiled. A blonde woman with a low cut blouse was leaning over HIS Axel.

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