Bound Together



Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers I just own the plot and the characters that don't exist.

Summary: Love and fate are a great combination. A Ranger's going to get a crash course with that fact.

Bound Together

Chapter 1: Losing Everything

"ANDROS BEHIND YOU!" Zhane shouted. Andros spun around and ducked when a quantron tried to strike him with it's saber.

"SPIRAL SABER!" Andros shouted.

Zhane ran over and placed his hand on Andros's shoulder. "Andros, we have to get out of here," he insisted.

"Not until everyone gets to safety. Where's Adora?" He asked.

"OVER HERE!" A voice shouted.

Andros looked over his shoulder and embraced the Yellow Ranger. "You okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine," she replied.

Andros held onto her hand and looked around. "Have you seen my parents?" He asked.

"No and I haven't been able to find mine either," Adora replied.

"GET AWAY!" Someone screamed.

Andros's eyes widened in shock. "That's my mom!" He gasped. He let Adora's hand go and he ran to save his parents.

Angeni and Aldarico were trying to fight off the quantrons when their son saved them. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"We're fine," Aldarcio assured him.

"We have to get out of here," Andros insisted.

"Right," Angeni agreed.

She was about to leave with her husband and son when she saw a monster about to throw a blast at them. "NO!" She screamed. Andros turned around a minute too late as his mother jumped in front of the blast that was meant for him and his father.

"MOM!" Andros shouted.

Aldarico caught his wife into his arms and Andros destroyed the monster with his spiral saber. Adora ran over and she gasped at what she saw. "Angeni!" She gasped. She ran over and kneeled beside her. Angeni opened her eyes and she smiled at her family.

"Mom, that shot wasn't meant for you," Andros insisted.

"I wasn't going to let him take away the only child I had left," she replied.

She looked over at Adora. "Adora, you take care of my son, you hear me?" She asked. Adora nodded with tears falling down her face even though they couldn't see her tears behind her helmet.

"I will, Angeni," she replied.

Angeni smiled as she took her last breath. Aldarico held his wife with tears falling down his face. "Dad, we have to get you to the ship," Andros insisted. Aldarico nodded his head.

"I can get there, just go try to save the others," he insisted.

Andros nodded and Adora grabbed his arm. "Come on, Andros," she told him. Andros stood up and went to help Adora get the other people onto the ships when he saw quantrons surround his father.

"DAD!" Andros shouted.

His heart shattered when his father gave up and he was killed. "NO! DAD NO!" Andros cried out in agony. Adora was helping people get to safety when she saw another monster coming up behind him.

"BEHIND YOU!" She called out.

Andros spun around and was able to block the monster's attack in time. Adora was fighting off quantrons while trying to get to him. She watched in horror when Zhane sacrificed himself to save Andros. Adora looked up and she gasped when she saw people trapped in a building.

Andros ran over to Zhane and pulled the debris off his best friend. "Zhane speak to me," he begged. He checked for vital signs and was relieved to find that he was alive. "Hang in there, Zhane," he murmured. He picked him up and got him onto the Megaship.

"Andros, you and the other Rangers must get off KO-35 immediately," Kinwon instructed.

"Right," Andros answered.

Andros realized that Adora wasn't with him. "Adora…" he whispered. He ran off the ship and went to find Adora. Andros searched around the city. "ADORA!" He shouted. He looked over to see Adora getting people out of a building. He couldn't get to her so he contacted her with their communicators. "Adora, get to the ship," he ordered.

"I can't leave, Andros," she answered.

"This isn't a request Adora this is an order. Get on the ship," he ordered.

"I'm not leaving," she replied.

Andros wasn't sure what to do. "Andros, get on that ship now," Kinwon ordered.

"I'll be okay, just get yourself and Zhane to safety. I'll catch up," she assured him.

Andros looked back to see that the ship was about to get attacked. He had no choice, he ran onto the ship. "DECA get ready for take off," Andros ordered.

"Acknowledged," DECA answered.

Andros took off and sat down in his chair in disbelief. "I left her," he whispered.

(Two Hours Later)

Andros was waiting for Adora to catch up with them when the computer beeped. "Andros here," he answered. He removed his helmet when Kinwon appeared on the screen.

"Andros, I'm afraid I have some bad news," he informed.

Andros felt his heart stop. "What is it, Commander?" He asked.

"It seems that while Adora was saving those people from the building, it collapsed. Everyone made it out…but Adora didn't make it out in time. I'm sorry," Kinwon mourned.

Andros felt a lump rise in his throat. "Are you sure, sir? Have you checked everywhere?" He asked shakily.

"I'm afraid so. We know we found her because we found her morpher and her other effects. Transporting them to you now," Kinwon informed.

A yellow light appeared beside Andros. Adora's morpher sat on the console along with a ring. "I'm sorry again, Andros. Good luck on your mission to defeat Dark Specter," Kinwon wished. Then he cut the transmission. Andros picked up the ring but then he tossed his helmet across the bridge crying out in pain. He sank to his knees and had de-morphed. He sat on the floor holding the ring in his hand.

It was a silver band with a yellow gem going across the top in a straight line.

Andros looked at his left hand to see a similar ring, only his had a red gem. "Andros, are you alright?" DECA asked. Andros stood up and picked up the morpher.

"My sister's gone, parents are dead, best friend's in a coma, and my wife is dead," Andros mumbled.

Andros took his locket from his neck and placed Adora's wedding ring onto the chain. He took the morpher and walked over to a cupboard near the jump tubes. He opened it and placed her morpher beside the others. "Someday, DECA, I'm going to defeat Dark Specter once and for all. He'll pay for putting me through this much pain," he informed.