It was bright cherry colored with a white belly that gleamed when the light hit it at just the perfect angle. The tan finger board stuck out proudly from the base and each string appeared to sparkle without even having to be strummed by a hand. It was love at first sight – for Drake anyway.

Josh sat in the old recliner, doing as was commanded to him by his brother. He felt a little silly at first, just staring at this guitar. He knew how special it was – autographed by Devon Malone, Drake's favorite guitarist from his favorite band. But to sit here and stare at the guitar for Drake? Well, Josh supposed that that it wasn't the weirdest thing he'd ever done.

Before long, Megan wandered into the bedroom and started to bother Josh (a favorite habit of hers). The little girl didn't understand the significance of the instrument and in an attempt to defend Drake's love, Josh explained how the electric guitar worked with the amplifier.

It all happened so fast. The beautiful cherry guitar burst into flames with both Josh and Megan screaming in shock and horror. Crimson flames licked at the cherry-colored body as bursts of explosions. The flames continued to climb their way up the fingerboard, melting the tan into the likeness of a charcoal brick while the once proud cherry paint turned a deep, burgundy mess.

Quickly putting the flames out, Josh did what he thought was best in the moment. In a matter of moments, the burned guitar was locked away with the key thrown out the window as a hundred different scenarios ran through his head as he imagined Drake's reaction. They all involved his brother's face turning into a screaming shade of crimson as he would yell obscenities and threaten to never speak to Josh again.

Once Josh had thrown the key out of the window, he heard the click of the doorknob being turned open…