Title: 2018- Memories
Author: Grim Reaper (Kent Tsui)

NOTE: Evangelion is the property of Gainax (thank you, you wonderful people).
ADV Films has the rights to the English translation. Thus, I am only borrowing the
characters to write a story for entertainment, thus it is non-profit. Don't sue me.


Year: A.D. 2018
Date: August 4
Time: 18:14

After an enjoyable vacation and a somewhat painful, as well as tedious plane
trip from New-Vancouver-3, he was finally on his way to the newly repaired Tokyo-
3. Shinji sat lazily in the rear seat of the car, as the vehicle inched its way to his new
apartment through a couple miles of long traffic. As he stared out the window at the
bright red globe created by the light of the setting sun, and the mile long traffic of cars
which synthesized a path of glittering red lights, Shinji's mind started to drift off.
Somehow, these sights caused him to remember the momentous events that took
place only three years ago. Most of them were unfortunately unpleasant memories,
which made Shinji wished that he had amnesia, so his brain could neglect the events
during the year A.D. 2015. Even so, a part of him made Shinji feel ashamed of even
being able to bring up such an irrational and feeble-minded idea. However, Shinji still
had occasional nightmares about the catastrophe of Third-Impact whenever he caught
a glimpse of a blood-red colored object or dolls which reminded him of Lilith (giant
nailed to a red cross located below Nerv HQ) and the Mass-Production Eva Series.
Although these constant reminders often invited nightmares which left him sweating,
and panda-eyed in the morning, Ikari Shinji was thankful of the fact that those mind
haunting events gave him the chance to able to live in and be a member of a real
family which loved him.


Year: A.D. 2015
Third-Impact, and after....

Shinji remembered how Lilith changed into a giant Rei, which appeared
before Eva Unit-01 while he was inside during the initial stage of Third-Impact. He
remembered vividly that her eyes were full of joy, and emotions. While smiling she
said, "Ikari-kun, this was Gendou-san's plan, I hope you will forgive him." After
that, Shinji recalled that he was floating in a dimension of blackness. It was cold,
dark, silent, and bone chilling, but then suddenly, a pair of familiar and gentle hands
was embracing him. It was as if warmth and tranquillity were enveloping him. Shinji
eagerly decided to see who was holding him, and most importantly, who was the one
that gave him this type of gentle, loving, and peaceful relief.
"M......M........mother?......", was all he managed to murmur out before a
flood of emotions overwhelmed him. Yui Ikari smiled gently; the way how mothers
always smiled to make their children forget their pains, confusion, fear, and any other
mixed emotions or troubles. Shinji then drifted off into a peaceful, and harmonious
slumber knowing that everything will work out for him from now on, and that the
universe around him has returned to normal.
Shinji was correct about the fact that everything will finally work out,
because not only have Rei/Lilith brought back the mother he loved, and depraved of,
but also the people who died during this incident with the angels. Which meant that,
Asuka, Misato, Kaji, Ritsuko and the rest of the Nerv staff were also miraculously

About a week later, Shinji found himself living in an apartment with a
devoted, gentle mother, and a caring, as well as, attentive father. Shinji recalled on
that night, his father explained his cruelty towards him for the past years at the dinner
table. While in the presence of Yui, and Rei, Gendou told his epic tale. In order to
gain the necessary positions of power to stop Third-Impact, and bring back Yui, who
was trapped inside Eva Unit-01, he had to severe any sort of familial relationship with
Shinji. The reason for this act was to prevent anyone from suspecting his purpose for
working in Gehrin and Nerv, or to prevent anyone from using Shinji against him in
any sort of way possible. Following this confession, Gendou then explained the
purpose of Seele, Second-Impact, The Human Complementation Program and
Project-E in great detail. Apparently, Second-Impact was caused as a warning to
human beings of their wicked ways in trying to play God by messing around with
cloning technology, as well as genetics. When Adam came to warn the human race of
their mistakes, mankind tried to capture him, and was punished by a never witnessed
before explosion. However, mankind had not learned their lesson. Instead, they tried
to clone Adam, in order to create a weapon able to wrestle with the agents of God
who were predicted to arrive fifteen years later. Subsequently, Yui was trapped
inside Eva Unit-1 during a synchronization test. Soon afterwards, the rest were
history. Thus, The Human Complementation Project was to complete the human
race's strength, so that they would be able to stand up against God. Gendou also
explicated that Seele's idea was to use Lilith to combine the human race into one
entity, so that eventually they would be able to conquer God and the Devil.
"Apart from saving your mother, I also wanted to follow her will to save
mankind. Because there was nothing grand to gain from losing one's individuality
and life to win a duel against God. That was why I and many others secretly fought
against Seele." Gendou admitted, with tears now streaming reluctantly down his face.
Shinji thought that he would never see the day when his father would cried and
apologize to him for his emotionless treatment towards him.
"I am sorry for all that I put you through, and I hope that you understand my
reasons. I had to cover up a lot of things during my time at Nerv, but to cover up my
connection with you was the most painful act I had to bring myself to do. Losing
both you and Yui was torturous. Not a night went by that I did not think about the
day when you and Yui will be back at my side, and we could experience what it feels
like to be a real family. Please forgive me, my son, and I hope that you realizes my
reasons and regrets." Gendou finally spoke out with ample emotions; the words that
he hoped will help bridge a new father and son relationship between him and Shinji.
"I understand, father, I am also... regretful that I didn't understand your
troubles, and tried to blame you for many of my 'ill fortunes', and mistakes," replied
Shinji, who was beginning to feel tears gathering over his eyes.
"So from now on, we will live as a family again, Shinji. Gendou and I will
provide you with a secure home, and the family love which you lost after I had to
leave you." Yui added, with her motherly, comforting voice.
"As of now, I will try to make up for the time lost between you and I, Shinji.
I will not fail you again in my role as your father. From now on, I will be there for
you when you need me. We will have that close relationship which a father and a son
have between them. From this point on, you, me, your mother, and your sister will be
the ideal family with a relationship between us which other families will most
definitely envy." Gendou declared proudly as he began laughing with tears flowing
from his eyes, while slapping Shinji softly and comfortingly on the back.
"Thank you, father, you can't imagine how long I have been waiting for this
day. I always... 'sob'... cried when I dreamt or imagine about a family with me, you,
mother, and ........... WHAT??? Sister!!?? Since when did you and mother had a
daughter?" Shinji asked out with confusion. But the answer clicked within him when
he looked Rei directly into her red orbs.
"Gendou? I thought you said you told him," Yui asked, sounding a little
annoyed as well as astonished. Then, suddenly she realized that her husband wanted
to demonstrate his newly reclaimed humor on their son, as well as give him a mild
heart attack.
"Hey, how was my first 'fatherly' joke on you, huh? Shinji" Gendou laughed,
sounding very triumphant of the maneuver he just played on his son.
"Needs more work...., not funny at all." Shinji criticized, obviously irritated.
"Father, I know that you have a sense of humor, you really don't have to prove it
with dull jokes like this one."
"It's not a joke. Yui and I had decided to adopt Rei. After all, she was
family to us both, and she deserves a loving family," Gendou explained. "So, Shinji,
meet your new sister; Ikari, Rei."
Shinji's eyes bulged out of their sockets and then he fell backwards in his
chair. *I can never get used to this,* he thought in his mind.
Rei blushed a bit, smiled a bit, but her face only betrayed a miniature amount
of emotions. Then with an extremely cute voice she greeted Shinji, "Nice to meet
you, Shinji-niisan."
"Why do I have to be the older one?" Shinji protested with annoyance.
Then sarcastically said, "My life is getting interesting already."
"Believe me, son, everything begins now," Gendou responded, while
wearing a rather sly look on his face, which hinted something to Shinji.


*That was the turning point of my life* Shinji thought to himself. Also, it
took him a while to get used to being a son, and most of all, an older brother to a
remarkably attractive girl of his age.
As he scrolled from his view across the car to steal a glance at his father,
mother and sister, Shinji couldn't help but admit that the past three years were the
most distinctive among many of the other years he had previously experienced. Due
to the fact that Tokyo-3 was completely destroyed, his family settled in Tokyo-2.
Touji, Kensuke, Hikari and most of his schoolmates and their families from Tokyo-3
were given government compensation, and also settled in Tokyo-2. Due to the recent
completion of Tokyo-3, many of them were now also caught in this endless traffic
heading back to their homes in Tokyo-3. During the past three years, life for Shinji
was full of joy, excitement, and surprises. Thus, not a single day passed by without
Shinji feeling that he was treasured by his father, loved by his mother, and grateful
that he had Rei as his sister.
Basically, for the past few years, Shinji enjoyed his life in the accompany of
his friends, and family. Thus, he still got to see the usual group of people, except for
Asuka, Misato, Kaji, and the rest of the Nerv command staff. Fuyutsuki, Hyuuga,
Aoba were in charge of the reconstruction of Tokyo-3, and Geofront. That meant
that they had to live on-site. However, Fuyutsuki frequently showed up at their
apartment for dinner, and got pissed drunk with Gendou because of the fact that, the
two grown men adopted a sport in which they attempted to surround the wall of the
guest room with empty sake (sake: Japanese rise wine) bottles. Which meant that if
they were to surround the entire room with bottles, they were required to drink quite
a large sum of sake. Once, when Shinji was dragged into one of Gendou and
Fuyutsuki "happy hour" sessions, Shinji asked them if the truth that all of Nerv's staff
were resurrected was made known to the public.


Year: A.D. 2016
Rituals of manhood: Trial by Sake

"It was most definitely covered "hic".... or else there would be an upheaval
from many religious groups." Gendou was already drinking his fifteenth bottle, and
Fuyutsuki was also putting away sake into his bottomless stomach like there was no
tomorrow. "Wouldn't want that to happen. Have to allow the public to be calm
before the next "hic"... pro....phe... "hic"...cy." Gendou weakly said. Then out of
nowhere, he yanked out a bottle and gorged Shinji with it. They sang songs which
Shinji couldn't make out the lyrics, but he managed to join in the babbling, and that
night ended happily. Except for Shinji, who had a headache like skull-cracking by
hammering a 6-inch nail when he went to sleep in the morning.


Shinji began to feel the headache returning after he replayed the countless
times when he was dragged into these 'sessions'.
That sort of behavior often reminded Shinji of Misato. After Third-Impact,
Misato, and Kaji became Asuka's new guardians, and they left for Germany to
supervise the operation of Nerv's Germany branch. They took Asuka with them,
because they needed a test pilot for the new specifications that Shinji's mother
developed to upgrade the Eva units. Like Misato, Ritsuko, and Maya left for Nerv's
U.S branch in order to upgrade and develop new working theories for the Magi
system. As for his father, Gendou was now, with some of his close friends playing
the role of the men who used to be part of Seele. However this time, they had a
secret agenda which Shinji could trust.
The rays of the setting sun was now at its strongest.
*Red, that color always remains me of something.* Shinji's brain reminded
himself as his mind began to drift off again.


Year: A.D. 2016 (March 16th)
A Rainy Day- A day to hide your tears

Sohryu Asuka Langley was standing behind of Shinji and Rei before the
Tokyo-2 airport; international terminal. Her hair was red, just like the color of Rei's
eyes. The trio proceeded with Asuka to the boarding gate, while Shinji was dragging
behind him a mountain of Asuka's luggage. Shinji recalled Asuka's attitude and
feelings towards going to back to Germany and to live with Misato and Kaji. Her
posture towards the situation was generally positive. Even more, Shinji vividly
remembered how Asuka was boasting about the fact that she won't have to worry
about him trying to do something sexually indecent to her ever again.
"Not only do I get to live with Kaji-san, I finally have the chance to get away
from you, pervert. Hmmmm (happily), I won't have to worry about you peeking at
me in the shower, you trying to kiss me or even commit any unspeakable acts against
me at night ever again. Ohhh, I feel so relieved." Asuka summed up her benefits with
great excitement.
Somehow, Shinji felt that Asuka was not acting like herself ever since they
got into the Nerv provided transport shuttle. He felt as if Asuka was trying to hide
something. However, he didn't think much of it, because of the fact that Asuka
was..... well..... Asuka. Shinji knew perfectly well that Asuka most often acted a
certain way outside, but while deep inside her heart, she was acting the direct
opposite. It was like as if she had a serious problem of character instability or
multiple personalities. Maybe it was because of the fact that she often tried to hide
her weakness, emotions, desires, and happiness just to make herself look mature, as
well as significant. Nonetheless, Shinji felt that the Asuka he saw today was not
normal at all. In fact, it seemed to him that she didn't want to leave Japan at all
because of him. This idea found its way into Shinji's brain by a path called instinct via
observation. Ever since they got into the transport shuttle, Asuka, being herself was
jabbering, and gibbering away about how wonderful it was to be going back to
Germany, along with the fact that she was finally being freed from the sinister claws
of the legendary baka-hentai-Shinji. Normally, this was ordinary, but the most
daunting part about this was that every sentence from then onward were all Shinji-
"It would be marvelous to live in Germany again, and not with Shinji.", "I
would be able to eat real German food again, rather than that crap which Shinji cooks
up everyday." were only a few of the thousands of lines she said while on the way to
the airport. During this "verbal Shinji bash", Shinji realized that Asuka was
constantly stealing long and deep looks at him.
At first Shinji thought that Asuka was acting this way because she really
wanted to get away from him. Nevertheless, what triggered Shinji's realization of this
hypothesis was when they got out of the Nerv transport shuttle. It was raining, and
Asuka stood behind him under the clouded skies while raindrops sprinkled down her
well figured chin from her blue, and passionate eyes. For just a moment, Shinji could
have sworn in disbelief that Asuka was crying just a bit, as well as doing it directly in
front of him. Even so, Shinji dismissed that idea, because he thought that maybe, just
in one out of a thousand chances that Asuka was emotional about leaving Japan.
Although Shinji concluded his theory at that time, he later drew up another set of
speculations when they finally reached the boarding gate.
Standing in front of Shinji and Rei, Asuka wore an expression which was
made up of sadness, regret as well as an edge of jealousy. "You are very lucky,
wonder girl." Asuka mumbled out to Rei, while she looked upward towards the
ceiling. After a short moment, while being observed at by an astonished Shinji, and a
surprised Rei who was blushing slightly. When Asuka brought her head down, her
face was then turned towards her left side, and her eyes were closed. "But this
doesn't mean that I am giving up. I am just leaving to find myself again, and when I
am back....... Miss Ikari, I will be more than a match for you." Then she turned
towards Shinji with a face which he thought Asuka would never wear. Asuka was
very beautiful, but she wore an expression of sorrow, as well as satisfaction. Her
unblinking eyes were now staring directly and expressively into Shinji's heart, giving
him a feeling of astonishment, and a slight bit of embarrassment. Likewise, her smile
was not a big one, but it was a warm one, and priceless.
"Good-bye, Shinji. I will miss you..." Without waiting for another moment,
she quickly turned away and boarded the plane.
Shinji stood there, absolutely mystified by the sudden turn of events. *I
could bet my life to say that I thought I saw Asuka had a few drops of something wet
running down the side of her face when she was turning away. My God!! Could
those be......tears. Well, they had to be, there was no rain inside.* Shinji reasoned.
Just at that moment Rei said, "Shinji, look. That hole in the ceiling was
dripping water on Asuka."
*Oh, so they weren't tears after all. But, did she meant what she said?*
Shinji asked himself.
"Goodbye, Shinji. I will miss you..." was replayed in Shinji's brain more
than a few times before Rei was able to shake him back into reality.
"Shinji, are you feeling fine. Let's go home." Rei suggested with a
concerned tone.
"Yeah..." Shinji replied.
As Shinji walked away from the boarding gate with Rei holding onto his arm
while wearing a confident, and content smile, Asuka's plane began its trip to

On the plane, Sohryu Asuka Langley had her head against the window,
looking down at Tokyo-2, while tears flowed freely down both sides of her cheeks,
she whispered breathlessly, "Shinji......" over and over again.
Sitting a seat away from Asuka, Kaji spoke softly to a worried Misato sitting
between him and Asuka, "Let her be alone for a while..." With a care-worn look,
Misato complied and rested her head on Kaji's shoulder.


"Finally! I thought this traffic was endless. Woah!! HEY, YOU #@*$'IN
yelled, as their car finally cleared the traffic. By the look of things, Gendou wasn't
the only one who was ticked off by this "never-ending", traffic-clogged, highway
leading to Tokyo-3. Thus this other "slightly driven off the edge" man decided to
dangerously cut in front of the Ikari family car.
"Father, calm yourself. I know that it was a long trip, but there is really no
need to chase after this guy while going 130km/h." Shinji spoke to his temporary
deranged father. *Father certainly acquired a short-fuse when he is really stressed
out. Good thing he never acts this way towards us.* Shinji thought, thankfully.
"Shinji is right, honey. Don't be so childish. It has been a long trip. Do you
want me to drive?" Yui asked with a soft and peaceful voice, while wrapping one of
her delicate arms around Gendou, who now had smoke emerging from his ears.
When Gendou looked at his wife, who was smiling warmly at him, a feeling of
tranquillity descended upon him. Within seconds, Gendou returned to normal and
resumed driving under the speed limit.
It was a mystery which had puzzled Shinji for almost three years now.
*How does she do that? Whenever father suddenly exploded, she always managed to
calm him down by just smiling at him.* Shinji puzzled within his mind. Naturally,
Shinji didn't think much about it, because he thought that was brought by the unique
relationship between a married couple. Certainly, he was glad that his parents had
this relationship. *Well, their bond between each other must be quite strong.
Considering that they had never argued or raised their voices at each other.* Shinji
*Well, either that, or women have their unique ways towards men I
suppose.* Shinji reasoned another theory in his brain. *Can never understand them.*
he thought, as an image of Misato, Asuka, and Rei floated past his sight. "Rei....",
Shinji said quietly as his point of view shifted towards his sister who was sleeping
peacefully in the seat next to him.
*Took a while to get used to you as well..... Rei...*


Year: A.D. 2015
Rei: Ayanami Yesterday, Today Ikari

Today, Gendou, Yui, and Shinji were at Rei's place helping Rei moving her
stuff from her new apartment in Tokyo-2 to the Ikari apartment. Actually, Shinji was
quite shocked to find that there were eight large boxes to be moved when he entered
Rei's more or less empty apartment. The colorless, and shadowy apartment was
basically the same as the one she had at Tokyo-3, minus the banging noise from the
nearby construction. Because of Shinji's commonsense, he didn't dare to ask Rei
what were the contents of those eight great, big, mighty boxes. After greeting Rei,
Shinji immediately went to help his father move one of these intimidating boxes. To
Shinji's amazement, they were astonishingly easy to lift. Thus, the anticipated moving
time was greatly shortened. However, the last box was positively heavy and
extremely depressing to the two pairs of legs belonging to Shinji and Gendou.
Logically, Shinji guessed that those were books inside that box.
"Ready to go to your new home, Rei?" Yui asked, as they were making their
way to the car. Meanwhile, Gendou and Shinji were still struggling painfully with the
eighth box. When Yui finally noticed this entertaining scene, she couldn't help but
giggle at this sight. "Rei, what is in that box?"
"Weights..." Rei replied in monotone. "...and some textbooks."
"Oh......" a large beat of sweat appeared behind Yui head. *Ouch!! Hope
they won't hurt themselves.* she also said in her mind worriedly. "By the way, do
you have any other clothes other that school uniform? Shinji told me that he had
never saw you wearing anything else."
"Yes. Mrs. Ikari." Rei replied.
"Rei. I am your mother now. So, you can call me mom or mother.
Whichever you feel comfortable with." Yui suggested in a kind motherly voice while
wearing a gracious as well as warm smile.
When Rei turned to face Yui, she was bewildered by the fact that she had
such a close resemblance to Yui. It was as if she was staring right into a mirror.
Right away, Rei finally understood why Shinji told her that she looked like a mother
when they were cleaning the classroom (episode 15). However, the most shocking
idea Rei had at the moment was the fact that she finally got to see herself while
smiling. As Rei recalled, she only smiled twice for as long as she could remember.
Once when Shinji asked her to after they defeated The Fifth Angel, and another time
when she saw Shinji reunited with his mother. *She is also my mother now.* Rei
thought to herself. With that thought she smiled back at Yui with her eyes full of
emotions, and responded, "Yes mother."
"Shinji..... 'pant' .. how about a time-out?" asked Gendou, completely
exhausted and consumed by fatigue.
"Yeah, my legs are numb." Shinji replied, while desperately trying to keep
his balance.
At the sight of the two Ikari-men lying on top of the box; blacked-out, Yui
started to laugh while getting into the car. Correspondingly, Rei began to giggle

Moving boxes down from Rei's apartment was not an easy task, and
transporting it back up to the Ikari apartment was just as bad. After the boxes were
moved to the apartment, Gendou and Shinji were both taking a much need rest.
Shinji went on to lying on his bed, and Gendou was showering. Thus, Yui was left to
help her new daughter unpack.
"....Rei?" asked Yui, as she glared with disbelief at the eight opened boxes
lined up in Rei's room.
"Yes, mother."
"I thought you said that you have clothes to wear other than your school
"I thought you asked me if this uniform I was wearing was the only clothes I
had." Rei answered innocently.
"So... in other words, you don't have anything else to wear but school
"Yes, mother."
Just then, Shinji entered the room after getting a little rest. Immediately, he
saw what had gotten his mother so dumbfounded. There were eight great big boxes
in his sister's room. One of them was filled with plain white panties. The next was
filled with white bras. The third was filled with black socks. The four was
completely taken by light brownish colored towels. The fifth was full of dresses
which were from Rei's many school uniforms. The sixth obviously contained the top
blouse for Rei's uniform. The seventh was occupied by cups, toothbrushes, lab
beakers, and pillows. Finally, the heaviest of them all; the eighth box, was full of
textbooks, lifting irons, chains, knives, crowbars, and a whip. Much like his mother,
Shinji stood there dumbfounded by the sight of these boxes. However, the most
shocking fact to Shinji was not the countless school uniforms, but the eighth box.
"Rei? Why are there chains, knives, crowbars, and lifting irons in that box?"
Shinji slowly asked, and decided not to ask about the whip.
"They are for you." Rei replied as if nothing about the boxes was surprising
at all.
"For ....me?" Shinji asked nervously.
"You will find out." Rei simply replied.
Shinji gulped, while a picture of him in a dark room began to appear in his
"Shinji, Rei is just teasing you. These are probably what she use to defend
herself when she was living by herself. You do know how dangerous it is for a girl of
her age living by herself, right?" Yui said to her son, who was now shaking with fear.
"Anyhow, Rei. You have got to get more variety of clothes. I mean, don't you need
"What do you sleep in then?" Yui asked, puzzled.
"Nothing. I sleep naked...." Rei replied.
"...................................." Shinji stood there, frozen.
"Rei, you have to wear something while you sleep, or you will catch a cold."
Yui said to her with a strict motherly voice. "Well, I guess we should go shopping
now. Come on Rei. You too Shinji."
"Wait. Am I going to be the one carrying the bags?" Shinji asked with
"Yes." Yui answered. "Shinji, you will be a man one day. So, later in life
you are going to have to carry the bags when you go shopping with your girlfriend.
Might as well start practicing now. Oh, think of my little Shinji when he goes on his
first date." Yui added, while she hugged Shinji tightly.
"What about father?" Shinji protested.
"Your father is sleeping, so don't wake him."
Feeling defeated, Shinji left for the mall with his mother, and Rei.


*Rei, you are just full of surprises.* Shinji opinionated in his mind.
After three years, Rei's character had changed a bit. She now occasionally
wear expressions on her face, as well as smile. Most importantly, she now knows
how to express herself, as well as her emotions. However, Rei has never displayed
any negative emotions. Basically, she is now a normal girl. What is left for her to do
now is learn how not to ever display her without character, expressionless and
emotionless old self again. Also, she has yet to master the art of social manners.......

Year: A.D 2015 - A.D 2018
Up Close, and Personal

One day, Shinji was sitting peacefully in the tub full of warm water. He felt
wonderful, as well as relaxed. However, everything was going to change. Suddenly,
a pair of arms latched onto him from behind, and a voice said....
"I will rub your back for you"
Startled, Shinji turned his head around to find Rei kneeling in the tub.
Although the water covered the lower part of her body, but her feminine figure on top
was fully visible to Shinji.
"REI!!!!" Shinji yelled, with small amounts of blood traveling down his nose.
"What is wrong? We are brother and sister." Rei asked with a disappointed
Unfortunately, Shinji had already blacked out and sank into the water.

One morning Shinji got out of bed feeling really rested. He was about to get
up until he felt something heavy on top of him. Lifting the blanket, Shinji found Rei
lying on top of him, with her head on his chest, wearing her new pajamas.
"Mmmmm......... Good morning Shinji." Rei raised her head and smiled
warmly, while her eyes were still half closed. She wasn't wearing a bra.
Shinji panicked, remained motionless, and fainted.
The blood flowed again.


Shinji was about to recall another close encounter with Rei, but he was
waken up.
"We are here Shinji. Wake up." Gendou called from outside of the car.
Shinji looked out the window and saw his new home. The building had a
orange, golden color due to the light from the setting sun.
"Our apartment is on the top floor. I think that the furniture are already
moved in." Yui said, wearily.
"I am thirsty." Rei said with a monotone.
"Well, I need a shower. Lets go." Shinji suggested.
Thus, the Ikari family went to the elevator, and made their way to the 28th
floor. When Shinji stepped out of the elevator, he noticed that this floor had only two
apartment units.
They moved to the one with a plate marked "28A" attached on the door, and
stepped in.
"Ah, home sweet home" Gendou said while stretching, and sat down on the
"The furniture are at the right places. I am going to start decorating the
house tomorrow. Want to help, Rei?"
"I love to mother." Rei replied with enthusiasm.
"I am going to take a shower. I still smell like the plane cabin." Shinji said.
Then he move to the washroom. When he arrived, Shinji noticed that the shower was
"The movers left the shower on." Shinji yelled down the hallway.
"OK." Yui called back.
Thus, Shinji went in, and made sure the door was lock. Naturally, he took
off his clothes, and walked towards the shower. He opened the shower door, and....
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hentai!!!! Baka!!! Pervert!! WHAT ARE
YOU DOING!!!!!" yelled a girl with red hair, and blue eyes.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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