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This is the result of wanting to write someone with a Millennium Ring one too many times… a Ring with a twist, that is. I wanted to write yet another Harry, but figured that five running Harry's was already too much. And I've always thought Larxene was cute (even though that thought has been tempered by the realization she kinda looks like Malfoy and Quicksilver from X-men: Evolution)…

Larxene is my favorite Organization member, with Marluxia a distant second, and only because he wields a scythe. I like scythes…

(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

Larxene and the Millennium Ring

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: 'The Witch's Shop' or 'How I Met Yûko'

Disclaimer: I don't own, please don't sue. This is set between KH1 and CoM. Around there, anyway…

(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

The first thought that went through Larxene's head was, I am never telling anyone about this.

Everyone knows most bad guys have cool teleportation powers. The Organization XIII, by some criteria, were bad guys. Hence, they get to use those cool portals that allow to get places and dramatically escape from the hero but, for some reason, which they never use when death is imminent…


Anyway, Larxene had been using one of said portals to get back to The World That Never Was when she ran into some kind of storm that had been going through the corridors of darkness. As is the nature of storms, it sent her wildly off course.

To Larxene's knowledge, no one in the Organization has ever had this happen to them. While she really couldn't feel embarrassed, since see didn't have a heart to feel embarrassed with, she just knew that Axel and Demyx would never let her live this down.

How one can have a sick sense of humor without a heart was a mystery for the ages. Maybe they were just really good actors…

Groaning, because it was the appropriate thing to do in such a situation, Larxene looked around, wondering where the heck she'd ended up. It looked like a store. There were various displays around her and–

As Larxene was getting back on her feet, she accidentally stepped on the hem of her own robe– promptly adding another thing to the list of things she'll never tell anyone about; she'd never seen anyone else trip on these things– and sending her crashing into the display case behind her.

"Sold!" a voice said.

Larxene blink-blinked, wondering where the big-chested woman in the tight dress had come from, and what the heck did she mean by 'sold'…?

She soon found out as Larxene became the proud new owner of a wrist-mounted device (which she'd damaged by knocking it out of it's display case and scratching the finish so, of course she had to buy it), an ancient piece of jewelry (which was what the wrist-mounted device had bumped up against), and a whole box of playing card booster packs (special discount and comes with the deal).

And thus was how Larxene learned that one can never go into Yûko's store without buying something. Even against their will. Especially against their will…


A long, long time later, Larxene finally closed the door on her room and sighed in relief. Falling back against the closed portal as she gave in to physical exhaustion, she came to the conclusion that this one just One Of Those Days.

The feeling– um, excuse me– physical sensation of something cutting into her fingers finally reminded her of the fact she was carrying a heavy bag. With a grimace, Larxene threw the bag containing her, ahem, 'forced purchases', across the room. Useless trash. That old hag was probably set on making a quick buck.

She vaguely considered tossing a Thundaga at it, but paused. Among the things forced on her had been a rather gaudy– in her humble opinion– piece of gold jewelry. While the cheap leather strap really wasn't that becoming, the gold itself would stand out against her robes quite nicely.

It had been the only reason she hadn't dumped the bag on the way back.

Striding across the room, Larxene used one of her kunai to neatly slit the bag all the way through, causing it's contents to come falling out. It was a mark of the durability of it's construction that the Duel Disk had survived the throw completely intact. The box of packs was looking slightly squashed, though.

Reaching underneath the two, Larxene pulled out a flat, rather wide square jewelry case. The bitch at the store had been nice enough to put the final item in it. Larxene wondered again why she hadn't blasted her when she had the chance…

Shrugging off the thought, Larxene unlocked the case, snapping it open. Inside, a wide golden ring with an upward pointing triangle inside it lay. Five metal tassels hung from the ring, and a stylized eye shone from the center of the figure. The Millennium Ring, the bitch had called it.

A bit flashy, but it wasn't half-bad. Larxene held it up to eye level. Someone had polished it recently. She could see her reflection on the thing! Slipping the leather cord around her neck– maybe she should get it changed?– Larxene examined herself in the mirror.

Not bad. Not bad at all…


Number Thirteen passed Larxene, paused, and did a double take. "Hey, Larxene, where'd you get that?"

Larxene smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know, pip squeak."

Blue eyes glowered at Larxene's retreating back. Grumbling, the Key of Destiny went off to look for Axel. At least he'd have nicer things to say…

The Superior passed by Larxene, paused, and did a double take. "Is that new, Larxene? Very nice. It suits you."


Darkness. Not very surprising, really. Darkness was to be expected, here in this place. In fact, darkness was the only thing to be expected in this place.

No, what was surprising was that there seemed to be more darkness than there usually was. A lot more…


It looked like there was company.

That was good. It was lonely, being the Spirit of the Ring…

Slowly, furtively, getting used to being awake and active again after sleeping for so long– how long had it been?– the Spirit of the Ring began to make it's way out of the deepest recesses of it's Soul Room, towards the one the Ring seemed to have chosen…


Warmth. It was strange, but ever since she'd put on the Ring, it had felt unusually warm. Yet whenever she touched it, the metal was as cold as ever.

Larxene put the thought out of her mind as she lay around her library, reading her smutty little books. While the Marquis de Sade was known to by the namesake of sadism, his actual written works had more to do with sex. Very kinky forms of it, really. Deviant. Her favorite among his works was 'Philosophy in the Bedroom'.

Which she currently wasn't reading. No, right now, she was reading a little orange book from a world that had recently been overrun. 'Make Out Paradise' indeed…

Still, she couldn't help but unconsciously raise her hand to the Ring as she read, her fingers stroking it slowly.


A few days later, Larxene got bored.

With nothing else to do, she'd idly picked up the box of packs, still where she'd left it half in, half out of the slit bag. Colorful letters proclaimed it a box of 'Duel Monsters' booster packs. Well, that didn't tell her anything. Dropping the box carelessly on the floor, next to the empty jewelry case the Millennium Ring had come in, Larxene picked up the Duel Disk that had been the cause of everything. The scratch in the finish was still there…

Wait a minute.

Larxene turned the Disk around. A deck of cards was inserted into one of the big slots, probably more of those Duel Monster cards. Impulsively, Larxene pulled out one.

Hmm. The artwork wasn't too shabby, although the close-up shot was rather uninspired, and there weren't too many details…

Yet for some disturbing reason, she felt like the card was looking at her.

Shuddering, Larxene put the card back. Eyeing the Duel Disk still cradled in her hands, she shrugged. Well, she was bored. Time to kill and all. Maybe she'd go look for Luxord. Would he know what these cards were for…?


The Gambler of Fate was fleecing Demyx of his munny in the lounge when Larxene walked in with the Duel Disk under her arm. "Hey, Luxord. Got a minute?"

The two looked up from their game at her entry. "Hey, Larxene. Very nice," Demyx said, eyeing the Millennium Ring.

Luxord nodded agreement. "It suits you."

"Thanks. Hey, Luxord, you know what these cards are for?" Larxene asked.

Luxord looked at them idly, then did a double take. "Is that a Duel Disk in your hands?"

"Um, yeah?"

The Gambler of Fate grinned. "Finally, another Duelist! Wanna do a couple of duels, Number XII?"

"I might if I actually knew what you're talking about," Larxene said.

Luxord blinked, pausing in the middle of pulling out a Duel Disk like Larxene's out of… somewhere. "You don't know how to duel?"

"That's why I'm asking you!"

It turned out that Luxord had gotten hooked on Dueling just before the world the game came from was destroyed. He was good, as Larxene found out, but only because he kept pulling out just the right card for the situation.

For example…

"Draw!" Luxaord cried as he pulled out the card. He took one look at it and grinned. "I activate Raigeki!"

And 'poof' (or was it 'Kuri!'?)! All of Larxene's (rather pathetic) defense Kuribos were blown away.

"Black Luster Soldier, attack!"

The really annoying part? This was only Luxord's second turn.

Still, Larxene wasn't really the kind to give up just like that. She hadn't been before she became a Nobody, why should she change now?

Placing a hand atop her deck, she drew her card, trying to ignore the crowd she had Luxord had drawn in the scant minute and a half they've been playing (Demyx had been busy). Thirteen was definitely rooting for Luxord, and of course Eight was there to back up his buddy. Vexen and Marluxia had somehow been pulled from their various researches and were watching with– or so they would claim– 'professional' curiosity. Heck, even the Superior was there!

Larxene looked at the card she'd just drawn, and raised an eyebrow. Looks like she had a way to save her dignity after all– or at least, what was left of it. "I activate Curtain of Dark Magic, and use it to bring the Dark Magician Girl to the field!"

The figure in the card Larxene had drawn when she first picked up the Duel Disk in her room appeared on the field. Well, it really didn't just appear. Not right away. Unlike the other cards so far, summoning the Dark Magician Girl seemed to involve a lot of pink and heart-shapes and surreal, rainbow-y backgrounds, before finally settling into a pose somewhere between cute and sexy. And giggling while doing so!

Larxene twitched slightly as Demyx and Axel wolf-whistled at the figure, while Marluxia was dryly complementing her on her excellent choice of monsters. There went her dignity. No way was it going to be protected by an underdressed, overstuffed, ditzy blonde!

Hey, I resent that…

Larxene blinked, frantically looking around at the voice that she was barely sure she heard. Seeing as no one in the vicinity seemed to have heard anything, she shrugged it off as her imagination (that at least, hadn't gone with her heart). Besides, there was no one in the castle whose pitch was even close to that…

Distracted, she ended her turn prematurely, but was promptly brought back to the fore as Luxord attacked her Dark Magician Girl– which, since she had been forgetful, was still in attack position. Larxene's last five hundred life-points promptly went bye-bye to a rather annoying blinging as her monster was cut into pixels.

"And the winner, and still cham-peeene… LUXORD!" Demyx announced grandly, in perfect accompaniment to the idiot brigade's– read: Axel and friend– cheering (the cheers were more for Larxene's defeat than Luxord's victor).

Luxord posed. "Good duel, Larxene."

Larxene twitched again. "What is that?" she said, pointing at Luxord.

Luxord seemed confused for a moment before realizing what she was talking about. "Oh, this? It's my victory pose! All Duelists have one!"

Laxene blinked. "That's it! I'm never playing this game again!" she declared, trying to get the Duel Disk off her arm.

Which wasn't coming off.

"Need help with that?" Luxord said. Larxene flipped him off and stalked out of the room, still trying to get the Disk off her arm.


"Idiots," Larxene muttered as she stalked through the halls, having still not managed to get her Duel Disk off. "Idiots, all of them! Especially Luxord!"

It was safe to say that Larxene was in– or at least doing a credible imitation thereof– a bad mood.

Hmph, well, you were the one who went to him. You're just a sore loser…

Larxene jumped, looking around wildly for the source of the voice that she'd definitely heard that time. "Where are you? Show yourself!" she said, her knives snapping into her hands.

You can hear me?

"Of course I can!" Larxene said, her head still darting from side to side. "Where the heck are you?"

Look down.

Larxene did. There was nothing to see but…

My name is Mana. I am the Spirit of the Ring, and once-bearer of the Dark Magician Girl…

(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

- To be continued...

(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

A/N: as Her Nymph-ness is dead by the time KH2 rolls around, all the exposition into her character that I can get at is locked in CoM. Fortunately, I have a bro who owns a copy. A pity. I would have loved to see Her Savage-ness in full 3D.

And yes, that is Mana, rather than Bakura, being the Spirit of the Ring. Why? Well, I happen to like Dark Magician Girl! As for Luxord's deck… let's not go there.

According to one source, after High Priest Seto becomes Pharaoh, Mana becomes one of his priests, wielding the Ring. As what happened in the Memory World could be interpreted as having the effect of changing history (remember how messed up the world got during the 'Ultimate Dark Game'?), Mana's soul stays with the Ring after her death.

The Yu-Gi-Oh world is definitely an AU. Either Atem wins the ceremonial battle (leaving the Items up for grabs as they fall into the hole that mysteriously swallows them up and doesn't imply they're destroyed), or Bakura Ryou is actually the reincarnation of Bakura, who is awakened by the presence of a Millennium Item– let's say the Scales (Shadi lost them!)– while the Ring, which at one point came into Mana's possession, has her soul in it and was lost to time. The Ring eventually finds it's way to Yûko…

Either way, Bakura never gets his hands on the Ring after Mana gets it.

Hmmm… would Ka monsters (Duel Monsters) count as Heartless? After all, they do come from the darkness of people…

And yes, the Marquis de Sade was a sex-writer, not a sadist. Those who got their info from wikipedia should check out the link with the Marquis' name…

Please review, C&C welcome. Send care of the Organization to Number XIV, Esceexem…

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