A/N: For those worried about Yugi and co, know that it's not the end for them. Remember, this is between KH1 and CoM (around there, anyway…). That means their world gets fixed around the same time everyone else's does.

(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

Larxene and the Millennium Ring

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 2: Those Lacking Something…

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(Read 'Harry Potter and the Collided Worlds' by Sokai, story id 2502930)

My name is Mana. I am the Spirit of the Ring, and once-bearer of the Dark Magician Girl…

Larxene frowned, grabbing the golden bauble hanging around her neck and began poking it.

Um, what are you doing?

"I'm looking for the speaker," Larxene said, feeling around the leather strap for some kind of sound-producing device. "This has got to be a joke. What, that bitch wasn't happy stealing my munny, she has to try and drive me insane too?"

This isn't a joke…

"Says the voice in my head."

All right, point taken. But doesn't the fact that we're having this conversation mean anything?

"For all I know," Larxene said, speaking into thin air as she began looking over the Duel Disk still stubbornly stuck to her arm, "all Nobodies start to hear voices in their heads. That would explain Saïx… and Marluxia… and Vexen… and the Superior… and–"

And yet you are still looking for…?

Maybe it wasn't voices. Maybe Nobodies just went insane, with no transition. That would explain Saïx… and Marluxia… and Vexen… and the Superior… and–


Larxene threw up her hands. "FINE!" she cried. "What do you want?"

There was a cough behind her. "Um, Larxene, Luxord wanted me to show you how to take your Duel Disk off…"

Larxene twitched. Slowly, she turned around, Zexion coming into view. "Did he now?" Larxene said airily, suddenly feeling very conscious of the fact her cheeks felt unusually warm. Damn her milky complexion!

Zexion nodded, striding towards her. She politely raised her arm to give him better access as he bent over slightly and began fiddling with something. There was a click and the constriction around her arm disappeared as the device came off.

Taking the Duel Disk in hand, Zexion turned it over and silently demonstrated how to put it on and off. He held it out to her.

Larxene hesitated a tick before taking it from him and tucking it under her arm. "Thank you," she said, just as airily as before.

Zexion nodded and turned to leave.

Immediately, Larxene did the same, her strides a bit longer and faster than the older member.

I think he heard you talking to me.

"Shut up," Larxene growled, then winced as she realized she said that out loud, and glanced furtively over her shoulder. Zexion was looking right at her.

Trying to maintain her composure– DAMN the heat on her cheeks!– Larxene moved faster.


The minute she got back in her room, Larxene threw the Duel Disk away– it hit a wall and landed on her bed, fortunately– then grabbed the Millennium Ring. "All right, what's going on?" she demanded, looking more Savage than Nymph.

Like I said, my name is Mana, and I'm the Spirit of the Ring–

"I heard you the first time!" Larxene said. "What are you talking about?"

LET ME FINISH! Anyway, congratulations. It seems the Ring has chosen you to be it's next wielder.


Lucky for you, really. The Millennium items don't pick just anybody. I ought to know: I used to wield it. So, glad to have you aboard–

That's it. Larxene lost it. She started to yank the Millennium Ring over her head.

Hey, what are you–

Larxene was this close to throwing the Ring away when everything suddenly seemed to stop.

The next thing she knew, she was standing in front of a girl with thick clumps of spiky brown hair and dark green eyes. She was wearing an exact copy of Larxene's Organization uniform, right down to the golden Ring hanging on her chest.

Larxene was on the girl instantly, grabbing the front of her robes with one hand as knives filled the other. "Where the heck am I?" she growled, lifting the shorter girl off her feet effortlessly as she brandished the kunai.

"We're in your mind," the girl said. "Now let me go!"

"Not 'til I get some answers!" Larxene said. She didn't notice how easily the threat came to her, or the growl that went with it. "What did you mean, 'the Ring chose me'?"

"The Millennium Ring chose you to be it's next wielder," the girl, Mana, said. "Apparently, it sees something in you I don't."

"Yay for me," Larxene said sarcastically. "So what? It chose me. Big deal. Unless it's some kind of Keyblade, I'm not interested. Now how do I get out of here?"

"Meanie," Mana said, pouting.

There was a moment of disorientation as Larxene suddenly found herself back in her room. She was still holding the Millennium Ring above her head, ready to throw.

Without hesitation, she pitched it out the window and dusted her hands. "There. Good riddance."

Slumping down on her bed, she reached for one of the orange books she'd been reading recently. As she lay back to read, a slight frown marred her face, one that was slightly forced. She felt different somehow…. Empty.

Not that she didn't usually feel that way, but it seemed more pronounced now, somehow.

Shrugging it off, Larxene went on to read her book. She wondered if this Jiraiya guy survived the destruction of his world. Maybe he became a Heartless? After all, all that perversion had to be dark somehow.

She hoped his Nobody ended here…


While there was no night in the World That Never Was– since it was perpetually dark– there was a mandatory sleep cycle, an established nocturnal period when the members of the Organization slept and did all the things that were usually done in the night– in Vexen and Marluxia's case, lose sleep over research. Few of the lower-order Nobodies roamed the halls.

Thus, no one noticed the little spot of gold seem to sneak into the castle and into Larxene's room…


When Larxene woke up, the first thing she noticed was the Ring around her neck.

Hi again, Mana's voice said cheerfully.

Larxene sat frozen for a whole minute before ripping it off her neck and throwing it out the same window as before.

She found it lying on her chair come lunch, glinting innocently. This time, she threw it into the incinerator.

At dinner, there was a Millennium Ring on her plate.

Losing her not-exactly-infinite patience, Larxene opened a corridor of darkness and pitched it in.

Three days later, Demyx came back from a mission carrying the Ring and wondering how she lost it. He never found out why she kicked him in the groin.

Finally, in desperation, she picked an out-of-the-way-world, dropped it into molten metal, dropped the solid slag of iron into a pit, and covered the pit with tons of rock.

A week later, Vexen was reporting on another world destroyed. Casually, he mentioned finding 'Larxene's lost trinket' and slid it over to her end of the table. Larxene's elegant eyebrow twitched.

"Man, you're pretty careless with that thing," Demyx said. "You keep losing it so often…"

That meeting, Larxene broke the fourth-level spell barrier. Demyx was the first victim of her Thundaja. The musician barely survived.


"You take perverse pleasure in doing this, don't you?" Larxene growled into empty air from the solitude of her room.

It's not me, Mana said cheerily. It's the Ring.

"I could just destroy this, you know," Larxene said, grasping the Ring so hard in her hands her tendons stood out.

You do that…

"When the Superior finds out about you, Vexen and Marluxia are going to tear you apart."

And what exactly are you going to say? "Boss, I have a piece of jewelry stalking me"? The amusement was so thick, you could have used it to paint something.

Larxene twitched. The stupid voice had a point.

Face it roomie, we're stuck together until you die.

For the first time in her non-existence, Larxene seriously considered suicide.


Over the next couple of days, Larxene came to a startling conclusion: once she got used to the fact she heard a dead person's voice in her head, and the fact she was currently wearing a piece of jewelry that had exhibited signs of stalker mentality, Mana was actually tolerable company. The spirit had a mischievous streak a mile wide, and Larxene found herself using the girl's ideas on her favorite targets; namely, the red-headed hot-head and his eternal flunky. The display of Zexion's weapon, for example, was destroyed during a prank that involved fish, steel cable used as fishing line, superglue, and a two-ton weight.

The key word, however, was 'tolerable'. Mana had the annoying habit of singing really annoying nonsensical songs at the most ungodly times, leaving them ringing in Larxene's ears for hours after the fact. There was one about love and loving and being a happy family that had Number XII going back to the suicidal thoughts.

In response, Larxene would start reading her porn out loud, listening in sadistic pleasure as the spirit almost literally cringed at the words. Prude.

Of course, a few too many of these reading incidents had her dragged in front of the Superior, who gave her a lecture on being more 'sensitive' to her fellow Nobodies and not read her lurid books out loud where everybody could hear her, and could she read in silence like an adult, for crying out loud? They had no hearts, sure, but that didn't mean they didn't get turned on.

From then on, Larxene read with extreme prejudice. The other members soon knew to turn around and go far, far away whenever they saw her with a book in hand. Torturing Axel never got easier.

There was a strange side effect to all this though, one that Larxene was initially concerned about. On occasions, her chest began feeling unusually warm. She didn't notice it often, usually after the fact, but when she did, she was hard-pressed to recognize what it was. She felt she should know, the way one in their sixties should know how to play a musical piece they practiced to ad infinitum when they were ten. But the warmth would always pass, and she put it out of her mind. She had more important things to worry about after: pranks and porn!


Between souls, there exists a corridor. The corridor wasn't real in the physical sense, and neither were the rooms. Yet exist they did, in the inner darkness that harbored secrets and deeply kept remembrances. And promises. Let's not forget promises.

The hallway was devoid of persons, yet neither was it empty. From one room, something red and pulsing arched. It would have been nearly invisible to the eye, yet that did not mean it wasn't there. From one room to another it stretched, a small, seemingly insignificant thread…


Demyx searched the halls of the castle gingerly, looking for someone he'd really rather not be looking for. Though technically he was higher-ranked than her, it was kind of difficult to be firm with someone who once kicked you in the balls. And nearly fried you with some super lightning spell. He still wondered what had gotten her panties in a knot…

Deciding not to think about that– or panties in general, since Larxene had been reading out loud again after breakfast– Demyx went back to what he was doing, which was finding said blonde.

It really wasn't difficult, more like tedious. For some reason, the castle now contained lots and lots of big earthen pots, big enough for a person to fit in. And Larxene now liked to hide in them.

Demx found her hiding in the two hundredth fifty-eighth one he checked in. She was curled up and playing some kind of game on her recently acquired Gameboy SP. Chain of something-or-other.

She must have been practicing a lot to get a look of annoyance as good as the one she gave him. "What?" she said.

Practicing a lot. She even sounded annoyed.

Tamping down on his body's natural self-preservation instinct, Demyx did his best to be authoritative. "The Superior wants you to investigate a world," he said, holding out a folder and being very careful not to drop it on top of her head. "There are reports of a possibly powerful being. He wants to know the viability of recruiting it."

Recruiting. Such a sanitary turn of turning a being into a Heartless in order to gain it's Nobody.

Grumbling, Larxene crawled out of her hiding place and grabbed the file, looking it over. "Fine," she said, sounding pretty annoyed as she headed out.

Yup, Demyx thought as he observed XII. She'd definitely been practicing.


He's kinda cute, Mana said as they got ready to leave.

Larxene twitched. DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT! she said in her mind, making herself loud and clear.

The only response was a giggle.

Still twitching, Larxene opened a corridor of darkness and stepped through. The giggles abruptly stopped.

H-hey, Mana said. Where are we?

"Corridors of Darkness," Larxene said aloud. Hey, no one was there to hear her and call her crazy, right? "It's a passageway between Worlds that those who use darkness can pass through."

I feel weird… dirty…

A thought struck Larxene. "It's probably degrading your Heart," Larxene said as she moved. "It does that. That must mean you still have one. Interesting…"

Why aren't you affected?

"I don't have a Heart."

Oh… I'm sorry.

"Why should you be?" Larxene said. "I'm not."

She was lying, of course. That had been the reason she joined the Organization in the first place. The promise of a Heart. A promise, not a hope. Hope, after all, was for those who could feel, and she certainly couldn't…

Knocking herself out of the philosophical funk, Larxene kept moving, ignoring the cold starting to creep into her, or Mana's fidgeting as the darkness ate away…


Larxene and Mana found themselves in Hawaii.

Currently, the Savage Nymph was watching a blue… something on a leash being held by a little dark skinned girl. Since Larxene would usually cause a sensation if she went around watching someone in her normal garb, the blonde had exchanged her usual look for a flower-patterned swimsuit and a wrap skirt. Plus, really, it was Hawaii. Kind of a stupid place to wear a heavy, possibly leather, black coat. Larxene might be heartless (well, actually, she's a Nobody, but they don't have Hearts… you get the idea), but she wasn't stupid. That thing would bake her. Plus, the swimsuit looked very nice on her. The Millennium Ring around her neck attracted some looks, though, slightly encouraged by the fact the package it was draped on was pretty appealing in it's own right.

So far, she'd kicked three guys in the groin for not taking no for an answer, and five more so they wouldn't ask.

"That's what they want to recruit?" Larxene said, for the moment ignoring the fact people might hear as she looked from the blue… thing to the file she held and back again. "You've got to be kidding me. That thing's a plush toy! I've seen scarier Moogles."

Don't diss it because of how it looks, Mana said. I once heard of a girl who held a power nearly equal to a god.

"Is she still around?" Larxene inquired as they walked along.

No, she died thousands of years ago.

"Pity. We could have used her Nobody."

Mana snickered. No, you couldn't.

Larxene gave her the mental equivalent of a raised eyebrow, but no clarification was forthcoming.

They watched as the girl and the apparent attempt at a dog– at least, that's what Larxene heard the girl call it when someone asked– encountered what looked like a cross between an elephant and a land-shark. Then things got interesting…


"Six hundred twenty six?" Xenmas said.

Larxene nodded. "That's correct. They all posses abilities ranging from destructive to really stupid, but each and every single one is designed to cause chaos and mayhem. The Heartless and Nobody of 626 alone would be immensely useful for our plans."

Xenmas nodded slowly. "And they're all isolated on an island…"

The Superior thought for a moment, leaving Larxene trying to fight boredom. "You have done well, Number XII. Tell Zexion to come in. I will have him handle the recruitment."

Larxene nodded, glad to be out of the Superior's office. She wasn't sure why, but she didn't like that place. And Xenmas gave her the creeps, for some reason reminding her of someone she'd heard of named Michael Something-or-other.

He's creepy, Mana said as if reading her mind, her presence still sounding weak from their last journey through the Corridors.

He's my boss, Larxene said, after assigning a Dusk to go get Zexion. And now, he's your boss too.

She heard something that sounded like a weak sniff. He's no boss of mine. I obey only the Pharoah.

And who is this 'Pharaoh'? Larxene asked.

Another sniff. That's none of your business!

Larxene snorted in contempt and turned a blind mental ear to the loud accusations she was being a meanie. At least the voice was being more energetic now. She'd been starting to get worried…


Hey, Larxene? Mana said.

"Hmm?" was the response, Larxene paying only half a mind as she read.

Why don't you have your own Nobodies?

Larxene blinked at the question. What?

Well, I mean, the others have their own nobodies. The Samurais, Dancers, Assassins, Sorcerers, Berserkers… why don't you have your own?

Larxene shrugged. "Not enough to go around, I guess."

Why not?

Again, a shrug. "Just 'cause. Besides, I really don't want any. It'll cut in on my reading time."

(Truthfully, Larxene was once offered leadership of the Ninja Nobodies, but the Sound Ninjas wouldn't get along with the other Ninjas, especially the Leaf, and Sand Ninjas, one thing had lead to another, and all the Ninjas had tried to kill each other overnight. What little that was left in the morning had been thrown in the Dusk Pit.)


"Hey, Luxord," Larxene said as she walked into the lounge.

Luxord looked up, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

Larxene pointed at him. "I challenge you to a Duel."


"She has been acting strangely. I suggest we continue the observation," Vexen said.

Xenmas nodded. "Very well."


In an empty corridor, a thread arched. It stretched between two doors, pulsing as if with some hidden beat. Yet it wasn't alone. For between the two doors, nearly invisible to the naked eye, stretched other threads, each pulsing at the same time, seemingly infinite in number.

If one listened carefully behind one door, you'd hear someone singing at the top of their voice, trying to drown out the gleeful sounds of someone reading aloud from a book of pornography…


Out in the city, the Heartless twitched, attracted by an instinctive hunger…


- To be continued...


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