Chapter 1

It's 7:00 am and Cavennaugh is the first of the red team to arrive, so he takes this chance to do some deep thinking about the past couple of days. He decides to head to the break room to get some coffee to give him a caffeine boost seeming the glass tree dreams are causing him to lose sleep and feel really tired in the mornings.

As he sits down, the one thing that he can't get out of his head is the fact that Molly lied to him about Dr. Sloane the other day. He knew that Molly was only trying to do what would help them out the most but he didn't trust Sloane at all even though he appeared to be the good guy in this, the guy who just wants to hunt down the other infectees just like they the red team were.

"Maybe he 'was' just doing them a huge favor" he thought to himself, but something just didn't feel right about him.


Molly's soft voice soon brought him back to reality.


"Yeah?" Oh hey Molly" he answered quickly as soon as he saw it was her and offered a slight smile so she wouldn't think he was ignoring her.

"What were you so deep in thought about?" she asked curiously as she headed over to the coffee machine to get herself some.

"….well you know how you said that Sloane doesn't need our protection and that he will be helping us by catching the infectees as well?"

"Yeah…" she turned around, interested in what he was going to say next.

"Well if we found him again he could not only help us catch the infectees but he might just be able to help us figure out this whole alien scenario" he explained.

"And how exactly are we going to find him?" she interestingly asked folding her arms across her chest and giving him a questioning look.

"If you give me a minute I bet I could find a way."


Turning to his laptop he opened it and brought up a new program that Ramsey and Lucas had developed and typed in Sloane's name.

Molly watched with curiosity and amusement as Cavennaugh did the usual job of Ramsey or Lucas.

"There we go, now we just have to wait until it locates him which should only take a few minutes. He could see Molly smirking out the corner of his eye so he turned to her and smiled which caused her to turn so they were now looking into each others eyes, trying to figure out all the unanswered feelings they had.

After their trip to Allenville there had been some unresolved tension between the two due to them having to act as a married couple and they both enjoyed the moment when Molly kissed him.

Before the moment was awkward with silence, the beeping of the laptop brought them back to reality.

Cavennaugh turned back to the laptop and then cleared his throat before he started.

"Ok well, it says here that he has a mobile which we could try and contact him on?" turning his attention back to Molly.

"Do it, and make sure you record the call if he answers…..oh and call me as soon as you get a response" she boldly replied before patting his arm then walking out of the room.

Molly was walking through the halls of the Threshold Command Centre when a strong hand on her shoulder caused her to jump but she relaxed as soon as she realized who it was.

"Hey Molly, you ok?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Um….yeah what's the word on Sloane?"

"We just called him and he said for you to meet him at the coffee shop down the road tomorrow to discuss him helping us out and everything." He said with a worried look on his face.

"Ok ill do it, have you got an earpiece I can use?"

"yeah right here" came his reply as he reached for the earpiece out of his jacket pocket and gently brushed back her hair then placed it next to her ear so it wasn't visible. She shuddered under his touch but felt a warm feeling inside.

"Thanks" she whispered.

"No problem" he said as he took a step back so they weren't as close.

"I'll see you later then?" She nodded yes before turning around.

She started to walk away when Cavennaugh spoke again.

"Oh and Molly…..just be careful ok?"

"I will don't worry" she replied and with that she was gone.

That day just never seemed to end until Baylock finally told them to go home and get some rest.

While lying in bed Cavennaugh couldn't help but feel worried about tomorrow, and if it was a bad idea letting Molly meet Sloane. Although it was his idea to contact Sloane he would have rather him or one of the others to go. It wasn't that he didn't think Molly could protect herself but he still worried about her but on the other hand he thought he might be overreacting just a little bit. Knowing that he really needed to get a decent sleep he tried to forget about tomorrow and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.