Root Pain

by Flashindie

All the usual disclaimers apply.

Prompt: #49 - Stoicism

Hakkai had once mentioned something about root pain. He'd said it quietly in a voice that almost didn't exist, and a sad, sad smile on his sun touched face.

Goku didn't say anything, because this wasn't anything to do with him.

Root pain was a hurt that seeded itself in the big, black hearts of his three companions. Set up house, allowing strong roots to grasp at organs and bones and souls. It stemmed sometimes, wormed its way to the surface with ugly leaves and thorns, and Goku tried not to think about it too hard.

Because they all pretended that there was nothing there, that they were fine and content and at ease. There were no dead mentors, no dead lovers, no dead mothers. They pretended that they'd forgotten.

Goku didn't quite understand, but sometimes he recognised it. Felt maybe a growing seed in himself, and the reminder of three very familiar faces that really weren't very familiar at all.