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Setting: Willow's Point of View. After Adam has been killed but before Season 5 and Dawns appearence. Also Tara and Willow have never been Girlfirends just friends. Oz still left only they're still friends.

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Blonde Thoughts

Chap 1 What do I do?

"Will I'm going to see Giles before patrolling you coming?" Looking up from her notes she mumbled "No thanks Buffy I'm going to go over my notes for class" Buffy rolled her eyes while giving a fond smile before nodding and leaving the dorm room.

She waited 5 minutes so the coast would be clear before getting off her bed and grabbing the diary she had stashed underneath her mattress when Buffy had shown up. Opening her unfinished entry she read it silently.

We had a meeting today to discuss the latest nasty I don't even remember much because I was so busy looking at him under my eye lashes. He looked so sexy how he slouched in the chair and when he rolled his eyes at something Giles said he just looked mesmerizing. I just wish he'd notice me, but who would notice mousy old Willow? The only one who ever did was Oz and he went of and had a wolfie thing with Verruca. 'Sigh' She is pretty so I don't blame him, at least were still friends and send postcards. Yo know I bet Spike would be interested in Vamp me, all with the leather and the skanky like. 'Sigh'...Spike should I try to get you to notice me? How would I do it? Witchcraft? Attempted Seduction? Smiling she scribbled a quick Maybe.

Closing the book she whispered an incantation that would make it appear to be an ordinary novel and placed it on her bedside table. Moving to look at her notes from class. She whispered out "I better read them now, so no more spike thoughts for me."

After a few minutes of reading the same sentence because her mind was plagued by blonde haired Vampires she closed the book with a SNAP. Sighing in aggravation she flopped backwards onto her pillows.

"Stupid thoughts, stay away from delicious looking vampires that you can't have." Pulling a hand through her read hair she whispered "I've bottled my emotions way to long I need to tell someone or I think I might explode. But who could I tell?"

She sat there thinking out loud. "How about Oz? No he's in Tibet or somewhere and besides it just wouldn't work, I mean hello no phones and so not a good conversation to have over letter, hell it's not a good conversation to have with your ex boyfriend period. Okay no Oz…..well maybe Xander? Ahhhh No again he hates Spike and would probably think I'm under some spell like Buffy was that one time.

Okay Anya? Oh yeah that would go well" She rolled her eyes and mimicked Anya "I think you should go for it you need a new orgasm friend. No way am I going there, even if she could be considered my best friend it just so does not fit. Okay then Buffy? Ha! No way, no how, she'll think I'm sick for liking Spike. So that leaves Giles? He's like my father figure I so don't want to picture that conversation and I obviously can't ask Spike so is there anyone left?"

Suddenly she realised who she could talk to and sat bolt upright. Smiling she jumped out of bed and sprinted to the door she had only one thought on her mind, Tara can help me…well at least I hope she can.

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