by: Crazy-Fairy


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.


Summary: (Sasuke/Sakura pairing) Sakura and her parents bought a house in the outskirts of the town of Konoha, little did they know that it was known to the towns people that it was called the Uchiha's Haunted Mansion. Not believing about urban legends such as the story about the mansion, they just ignored the tale about the mansion. But then, when night comes and Sakura was all alone…anything could happen…. AU. Present time fic.


Chapter One: Uchiha Mansion


"Are we there yet?" Sakura rolled the windows down on her side at the back seat of their car. "My feet are falling sleep on me." She exclaimed as she massaged her legs. She has been sitting down for several hours since they left Tokyo coming to Konoha village, a small town who-knows-where.

Her mother looked at her, "We'll be there soon, dear."

"When is soon?" Sakura pouted as she tried to stretch at the cramp space where she was at. Besides the one moving ban her parents hired, their other belongings were placed next to hers.

Before her mother could answer, Sakura saw the welcome sign of the town of Konoha that their car passed by.

"That's your answer." Her mother smiled before looking back at front.

"Ugh! I feel like we're moving to the ends of the earth…" Sakura whined. Before the moving plan, she did everything she could to talk her parents out of the idea, but her parents wanted to find an idyllic place where they could relax once in a while since her mother is a popular novelist while her father is a movie and TV producer. So to get away at the lime light, they decided to move to a secluded and peaceful place.

And to Sakura's chagrin yes, they moved to a VERY peaceful and secluded place she has no idea if Konoha was even in the map.

But after all her dramatics, she was still here at the backseat of their car, having a sleeping legs, and almost near at their newest so-called 'abode hideaway'.

Sakura's father just chuckled as he continued driving. "You're being such a drama queen sweetie."

"I'm not, dad." She countered. "Look, I love you both to pieces but I think proving my love to you guys by agreeing to move in this un-known town is WAY too much." She sighed. "Besides, what would happen to my social life? What do you guys expect, for me to make friends with some lost animals and all?" she said sarcastically.

"Sweetie, it's not like we're not coming back to Tokyo, we just need some time off, a family time." Her father explained. "Since the company's current movie was a success so there's no doubt that lots of press people and other entertainment industry would come after us…"

"Isn't that good…for publicity?" Sakura raised her brow.

"Well, it's not like we don't have enough publicity already but we need some privacy and I want you out of the public's eye for a while since they're also doing too much article about you…"

"Speaking about me, well, you did promise that you'll be making me some teenage tv series…" Sakura reminded her father.

"And I will, when we get back."

"And when is that?"

"Say….after three months…"

"That long?"

"Your mother also needs some peace since her editor has been bugging her to finish her next novel and she needs inspiration."

Sakura bit her lip before smirking. "And you think this place could give her inspiration? Well, that's something, I'll be forever praising mom if she comes up with something brilliant without starting to write about the grass and the trees and the skies and the…konoha people…" she shrugged.

Her mother grinned. "Was that a challenge?"


"Then, just you wait and see, my sweetie…"


When they finally reached the town of Konoha itself, Sakura marveled at the village looking town. Unlike the city that they left, what she was seeing right before her eyes was something she just read out of the pages of some Japanese history books and some romance novels her mother wrote or on some manga's she was reading.

Konoha was like a village from the manga she recently read with a title of 'Naruto'. The roadside was not cemented, it was a natural dirt and stones and some grass growing here and there. Houses were built with woods and bricks, though they looked strong not to be shaken down with a strong wind. And along the roads, commercial stores were lined together with some old style-looking restaurant. It felt like they suddenly stepped on a different world, a world between wild wild west and ninja era, and yet she could see that the people were also wearing present clothing like herself. Though the old ones stayed true to the tradition of wearing kimono's and ninja clothings.

For her, it's a bit…weird; since she grew up with the new generation, not to mention the times she spent in America.

And another thing she noticed, that most of the people was looking at them.

What, did they already figured out that they were from the entertainment industry?

Sakura shivered as she decided to close her window. "Dad, I feel like I've just entered a suspense/scary world like one of mom's novels or one of the movie's you produced."

Her parents laughed. She huffed and decided to just contact her friends through her cellphone.


Sakura only looked up from texting her friends when their car stopped. She saw her father stopped the car engine. Being a bit weirded out still, Sakura glanced nervously at her father's back before speaking.

"Dad, do you think it's safe for you to come out? What if they're some kind of those towns' people who eat humans, just like one of that movie you produce…"

"Sweetie, you're imaginations are running wild." Her father smiled. "Stop thinking like that or you won't make any friends here."

"And that's a relief, thank you very much."

"We'll talk later, now I need to ask for directions." And before Sakura could protest more, her father went inside a small-western looking restaurant.

Her mother patted her hands. "Your father's right, maybe you should start writing your ideas down, who knows, maybe you're following after my footsteps as a novelist."

"Maybe." She shrugged.


Inside the restaurant

"Excuse me." Sakura's father said as he stopped in front of the counter.

"May I help you, sir?" a smiling young woman asked.

"Hi, I just want to ask for a direction…"

"Ahh…new neighbors, eh."

"Yeah, so…" then he gave the address to the girl.

When the girl saw the address, she gasped and she paled.

"Is something wrong, miss?" Sakura's father frowned.

"You're moving at 'that place'?" she whispered. Almost scared to say the name of the mansion.


"I m-mean, t-that U-U-U…"

"Yo, Hinata, give me some bowl of ramen." An orange-haired guy said with an excited grin.

"Ah, Naruto-kun…" she blushed. "A-no, chotto, Naruto, I am still helping this man." Then Hinata glanced at the older man.

"Eh?" then Naruto came nearer. "Why?"

"A-no, he was the new resident of 'that mansion'." Hinata said meaningfully.

Naruto almost toppled over before regaining himself. "You mean the Uchiha Manor?"

"SHHHH!" Hinata shushed him before she started looking around the crowds.

Naruto's eyes widened at his clumsiness before slapping a hand over his mouth.

"So, could you tell me where exactly the mansion is located since the only thing I know is that it's at the outskirts of Konoha, the problem is which outskirts and which direction?"

"So, you're the new owner of that place?" Naruto whistled.

Mr. Haruno nodded. "Hai."

"Well, good luck…" Naruto said before giving directions. And before Sakura's father exited the shop Naruto called him yet again, "Just be careful and always stay alert." He advised.

"Huh?" Mr. Haruno frowned.

"Because that place has its own tale, you see…" Hinata whispered.

Mr. Haruno laughed as he patted the two youngsters head lightly. "You kids, maybe you're watching too many movies lately…." He muttered another thanks before exiting the restaurant.

"Naruto-kun, do you think he'll be alright?" Hinata asked worriedly.

"Keh, it's his own fault not listening to us." Naruto mumbled as he sat and order his favorite ramen.


Back at the car…

Sakura and her mother gave Mr. Haruno both a questioning look as he entered the car, a smile was still plastered on his face.

"What's the matter?" Mrs. Haruno asked.

"Nothing, just that those two teenagers I happened to ask about the location warned me something about the vacation house we bought." He grinned. "Something about mystery tales and all that." He shrugged. "So I told them that maybe they're watching too much creepy movies…I should know since I produced some of them."

Mrs. Haruno gave a worried frown. "What if it's true?"

Sakura snickered. "Konoha Urban Legend? That's something. Maybe mom would have another inspiration for a story after all…"

"But still…." Sakura's mother continued. "It could be true…I mean, in the movies, isn't this the same thing happening…when someone tries to warn the characters, they'll laugh and ignore the warning and go on ahead stubbornly." She arched her brow as a challenge.

"Mom," Sakura rolled her eyes playfully. "Your imagination's running wild, maybe that's the pain of being a novelist…now I could tell that you really need a break. You and dad are always busy."

"That's why we're here, sweetie." Her father answered.

"Then, let's just go so I could rest already."


Uchiha Mansion


The moment the Haruno's vehicle entered the huge entrance gate, Sakura's eyes were already wide with fascination. Her eyes taking all in the vast land inside the Uchiha ground, which by the way, technically, is already the Haruno ground and mansion.

"Wow!" Sakura whistled. "This place is like Bruce Wayne's mansion from Batman movie series!" she grinned. "I bet if paparazzi found out about this place, they'll go ga-ga over the place, and dad, this could be a good location if you ever started another project." Then her eyes wandered at the huge mansion looming before them as their car approach it. "Oh well, maybe that was why the Konoha towns people were exaggerating a bit about the place being mysterious since the mansion was obviously looking mysterious and enchanting!"

Her mother agreed, the moment she saw the Mansion and the grounds, Mrs. Haruno fell in love with the place. It looked like some scenery cut out from a romance novel.

"This place looked like it came from a tragic/romance novel…" Mrs. Haruno sighed.

Sakura made a face, "You could take the tragic part out, you know."

"Okay, ladies, here we are!" Mr. Haruno announced as he exited the car then he went at the moving van that stopped just behind their car. "I'll tell the movers where to put our stuff." He added.

Sakura and Mrs. Haruno decided to inspect the house as they made their way toward the main door.

"Ah, you must be the new owner."

They stopped and looked at the owner of the voice.

"My name is Takeshi Kumori, I'm the gardener and my wife is the caretaker of the house." The middle age man bowed slightly. "We're hired the moment you bought the house to make sure that the whole place would be clean and beautiful when you decided to move."

Mrs. Haruno smiled. "Ah that's nice. By the way, I'm Misaka Haruno, and this is my daughter Sakura Haruno…" she said as she introduced themselves. "So, Kumori-san, are you going to continue working on our garden even though we're already here?"

"Of course, Madam, as long as you'd want me and my wife to work here then we'll work here." The man smiled.

"I'm glad." Mrs. Haruno smiled. "So, are you and your wife comfortable here, how about your children?"

"Thank you for asking, Madam, we're fine here and we're currently staying at the helpers' bungalow just behind the Mansion…" he explained. "And as for our daughter, she's staying at the village with a family friend since she doesn't want to stay here because of those rumors about the mansion."

Mrs. Haruno laughed. "Yeah, my husband heard it also from the restaurant he asked for direction. But if your daughter wanted to stay here then it's really okay."

"Hai, arigato, Haruno-san."

"Yada, yada…it's okay." Then she looked at the blooming flowers and Sakura trees. "I'm really glad that you and your wife are caring for the garden and the house. This place is fascinating!"

Sakura smiled and nodded a few times before deciding to leave the adults to their talks as she headed inside the mansion. She didn't stop to inspect the surrounding, she went straight to the stairs to the second floor to hunt for her new room.

She was walking quietly in the long and silent hallway when she was finally near the end of it, she heard something.


Sakura stopped. Her heart beat a little faster.

She slowly turned to the left and a few steps away from her, she saw a door was slightly open.

Sakura bit her lips before she slowly walked towards the door, mustering all her courage, she pushed the door with a force.

She heaved a sigh of relief seeing that the French door toward the mini balcony was slightly open, so the air blew the door slightly to make a creaking sound.

'Damn Urban Legend thoughts!' she muttered as she dropped her bags on the floor. She walked to the balcony and saw her mom outside still talking with the gardener with her dad as the movers started carrying their things inside.

"Mom! Dad! I found my room!" she hollered.

Her parents just gave her a nod and a thumbs up.

Sakura jumped slightly when the door to her room suddenly slammed shut!


Her eyes widened once again. She swore that there's not enough force of wind for the door to slam shut.

She screamed.

"Sakura-sweetie, are you okay?" her father asked worriedly.

When Sakura calmed herself and as she saw nothing after surveying the huge room, she looked back at her parents, "H-hai…i..think I just saw a cockroach…" she lied.

She walked inside her new room and went to the walk-in closet. Sakura frowned when all she saw was some male stuff, looking at the racks of old clothings, she saw some dark blue's and some blacks from the male clothings. She frowned as she absently held one of the dark blue shirt. 'Shouldn't they be keeping this at the attic, give away, or throw away?' she thought.

Absently, Sakura walked towards the lifesize mirror, still carrying the shirt.

She was staring at herself with the shirt in hands when she suddenly jumped when the door to the closet room slammed open.


"Ah, I'm sorry, miss." An old woman apologized. "I didn't see you soon so I just entered the room to help you with your things." She said as she entered the walk-in closet.

Sakura still holding onto her fast beating heart. "Y-you scared me…"

"Gomen ne… I'm the housekeeper, my husband is the gardener outside."

Sakura slowly smiled as she slightly bowed her head, "Hai, your husband told us about you being the housekeeper…onegaishimashu, I'm Haruno Sakura."

"Ah, such pretty name for a pretty girl….if only master Sas---" then she cut her words.

"Eh?" Sakura frowned.

"Ah, don't mind my mumbling…" the old woman shook her head. "I'm here to help you to settle in, by the way."

"Arigato." She nodded. She suddenly remembered about the shirt when she was about to put it down. "Ah, a-no, whose clothing are these?" she gestured. "And the stuff too?"

"You see, this was Young Master Sasuke's room…" then she walked out the closet room.

Sakura followed, still holding the shirt. "So, where is he? I mean, why did he leave his clothes here?"

The woman started taking her things out of her bag. "It's tragic, what happened to the family, they were a happy family if I may say so…so tragic…suddenly young master just vanished out of nowhere….."

Sakura raised her brow. "He…died?"

"No, good heavens no…" her eyes widened. "After the Older Uchiha brother died, he suddenly went missing….he was seventeen then…so young…and he's been missing for four years now." She sighed. "And he never returned."

Sakura put the shirt down and sat on the side of the bed with dark blue satin cover. "So, why's his clothes still here, shouldn't it be kept at the attic or given away?" she voiced her thoughts.

The woman looked at her, "It's really a wonder how you managed to enter this room…you see, this room was always locked, we don't know how and why….so we just leave it be…and it surprised me seeing you picked this room…"

Sakura shivered.

"Oh, curse me! Here I am scaring you nonsense! Puff! Don't mind me, dearie…" the woman said.

"This room…" Sakura murmured. "It feels like it called onto me….it wanted me here."

The woman gasped before she smiled. "You and your imagination, young missy, I heard your father is a well-known film producer and your mother is a popular novelist, no wonder you have wide imagination."

"Maybe." She shrugged as she placed her mini-laptop at the study table after putting away some old things on it. "Umm…where should I put these?" she held some men's cologne, comb, and some other personal stuff.

"Oh, maybe we could just all stuff it inside young master Sasuke's closet before I moved it to the attic later, I'll just look for some boxes."

"His closet? What about my closet?"

"Ah, don't worry miss, on this side…" the maid went to the opposite door facing the other closet and when she opened it, Sakura saw another closet….and it was full of Sasuke's sports stuff and some high tech game device, Sakura blushed when she spotted some stash of porn magazine.

"I'll put all this away to the other closet…" the maid said.

Sakura nodded slowly as she helped the old woman.


After half-an-hour…

They were finally finished with the rearranging and moving, Sakura huffed in exhaustion as she dropped herself lightly on the floor.

"Now, why don't you take a bath while a prepare dinner…"

Sakura nodded.

After the maid went out, her father swung his head on the door with an inquiring look. "Nice pick."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "And it belonged to a missing child, mind you."

Her father raised a brow. "Aren't you brave?"

She pouted.