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Chapter Two: Alone…….or Not?


After eating dinner, Sakura decided to head back to her room to finish cleaning it. It was almost sundown when the mover they rented finished unloading their things. They didn't even have the time to arrange their furnitures, just putting the boxes on their proper places where it would be put and arrange. Thanks to Mrs. Kumori that they already have food for dinner or they would have to settle for a 20 minute drive to reach the nearest restaurant at the village.


Sakura continued arranging her stuff when she entered her room. She was humming some tune as she arranged her picture frames consisting of her parents, friends, cousins, and herself.

Satisfied at what she did, she started to grab the box consisting of her toiletries. Still humming, she entered the bathroom. She was busy arranging her stuff when she suddenly felt something brush her arms, some kind of warm air; the hair on her arm started to rise.

Sakura shook her head and ignore it as she continued arranging her stuff. She was already finished and when she looked up, she suddenly jumped and turned around! She saw from the mirror some shadowy-thing passed behind her.

But when she looked around, there was no one there but herself.

She sighed as she took a deep breath, "Oh my, I'm scaring myself!" she continued arranging her stuff.

She was almost finished when she heard a slow wet-foot sound, it was like walking towards her coming from the shower. Sakura froze, her heart thumping fast. She could hear it almost near her. She could feel the wet, moist air from the hot shower. Hair rising on her body. Her mind was screaming for her to move and get out of there already but her body stayed frozen; her hands halfway closing the mirror cabinet where she put her medicine kit and extra soaps and shampoos.

Sakura gulped as she close her eyes tightly. She could feel her whole body trembling with fear. She was not the type of person who got scared so easily, but at the moment, she felt like fainting. What was happening to her at the moment was something like what happened on some of the scary movies her parents produce.

Opening her eyes, she took a deep breath, feeling her lungs with air. Preparing herself to get out of the bathroom. 'Okay, now or never.' She thought determinedly.

Feeling the wet, damp air, almost reached her, she closed the mirror cabinet with a bang and hurriedly opened the bathroom door…

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Sakura screamed her lungs out when after opening the door, somebody was also opening it from the other side. She tripped and her butt fell on the ground, her eyes shut.

"Sakura! Honey, are you okay? What was happening?"

Sakura suddenly opened her eyes and looked up. "Mom?!" she sighed, harshly. "Oh jeez! I thought you're someone else."

Her mother gave her a curious frown. "Honey, who else would come in your room to see if you're already settled? Except me, your father, and Mrs. Kumori?"

"You're right." Sakura smiled as she got up and hugged her mother. Her mother gave her a weird look before feeling her neck.

"Are you okay? What's happening with you?"

"Huh?" Sakura went to her bed and curled up. "Nothing."

"Sure, sweetie?"

Sakura nodded. "So, anything you wanted to tell me?"

"Uh no." her mother took some of the blouses on the foot of her bed and started folding it. "I thought you need some help unpacking. I was on my way to our room when I saw the lights coming out of your open door." She shrugged. "I tried calling out after I got inside but you never answered."

"I'm sure I closed the door after I went in."

"Are you sure? I actually really thought you needed help since I heard you rummaging something."

Sakura eyed her mother. "Me? Rummaging something? But I'm already finished arranging my stuff, that was why I'm in the bathroom."

"How weird. I swear I heard you rummaging something."

Sakura felt weird and scared but what would that help? She pushed it out of her mind and smiled at her mother. "Maybe we're just tired. I mean, dad bought a very huge house in this remote place." She even rolled her eyes for emphasis.

Her mother chuckled. "You're right." Then she stood up. "Well, goodnight. Let's explore this place tomorrow morning. It would be an adventure. I might get a new set of ideas for my next novel."



It was in the middle of the night. Sakura's eyes opened when she felt something or someone moving about her room. She could hear its footsteps and its breathing. She switched the lamp beside her on and she abruptly sat up, looking around her room.


And then a strong wind flapped her floor to ceiling curtains at the balcony. She frowned as she stood from her bed, she was sure she didn't leave her balcony's sliding door open. It was freezing cold for crying out loud!

She shut the sliding glass door shut.

She gasped.

After shutting the glass door. She saw a silhouette, eyes glaring at her. Her heart thudded faster, not really sure if she wanted to turn around and see for herself what was waiting right behind her.

'Omigosh! Omigosh! What's happening?!' her mind scream as she gather all the courage that was left on her and briskly turned.

No one.

And then the creaking, dragging sound…

Sakura was trembling.





It went on and on….she could hear the almost silent footstep and something being drag by it…

Sakura slid down the floor. Her feet felt like mallows. She was sweating cold. 'This is just a dream. Just a dream….who told me to sleep when I just ate dinner anyway?!'

Carefully and slowly, as if scared that she would bother that 'someone' from its task, she tugged the comforter from her bed and when it slipped next to her, she put it over her head and closed her eyes tightly. As if by doing so that everything would be alright.


Sakura woke up from the early sunshine, warmth on her eyes. She rubbed her eyes after stretching her arms. And when she opened them, she noticed that she was no longer inside her comforter.

She fell asleep.

On the floor near the glass sliding door.

She looked up when someone opened the door. Mrs. Kumori came in with breakfast tray in her hands.

"I believe you had a good night's sleep since it's already ten in the morning and you're still not yet up and about." The nice old woman said with a smile. And then she frowned. "Dear, what are you doing in the floor?"

Sakura shrugged. "I…I fell…"

"Well, better hurry and fix yourself before your breakfast gets cold." Mrs. Kumori said as she started fixing her bed after putting her breakfast on a small round table.

While Mrs. Kumori was busy tidying her room, Sakura took a quick shower. And then she sat on the table and eat her breakfast. She felt relax especially when the Mrs. Kumori started brushing her tresses.

"Um….Mrs. Kumori, I would like to ask something? If it's okay."

"Of course, dear."

"You said you've been here since you were a little girl."

"Yes, my parents was a servant at this house, back then this was still owned by the Uchiha's for many generations. Master and Missus were very kind. That was why even though I got married and have a child, I continued serving in this house."

"Where's your child living?"

"My daughter is having a part time work in town. Her name is Hinata. She decided to stay and live in town because she was scared with all the nonsense story the towns people were talking about."

"You mean, this house?"

Mrs. Kumori nodded.

"W-what do you think happen to Sasuke?" she asked curiously. Her heart humming loudly in her chest.

"Well, some say maybe he got lost in the woods and eaten by the wolves. Some say maybe he fell on the river and drowned. Or maybe fell off the cliff." Then she shrugged. "Nobody really knows. The only thing I could tell you is that no body of his was found. Just the body of his dead older brother."

She shivered.

"Why are you asking this stuff, miss?"

"Ah, nothing. Just recalling something that someone at the restaurant we stopped by yesterday said to my dad."

"I told you, towns people has so many versions of the story about master Sasuke."

"Does he have a reason to…umm….'runaway'?"

"For what I recall he was a silent, obedient child. He was not the type to give his parents a hard time. He was always here in his room or outside. He doesn't socialize much."

"An introvert guy?"

Mrs. Kumori shrugged. "Maybe. But, he has the sweetest smile. So handsome, that child. That's why it's really sad and tragic what happened to their family."

"What happened?" Sakura cannot keep her curiosity and interest to herself. Her eyes eager for the story that the housekeeper would tell.

"After the older son died and the younger son gone missing, poor Mrs. Uchiha lost her mind. Her mind and health couldn't take the double blow of losing her sons at the same time. Mr. Uchiha decided to put the mansion on-sale and they went overseas so that he could take his wife to some doctors who could cure her. This house has been sold and then after a while the owner would put it on sale again. It occurred so many times that the towsfolk started creating stories about this place."

"And now, my parents bought it." She muttered and then she looked at the older woman. "Why none of the previous owners didn't last long to this house?"

"Some said that they felt like there's someone other than them in this house, freely moving about. Some said they hear noises. Stuff like that. I couldn't say nor state anything about that because my husband and I are living on a separate house a few steps near this mansion, so what happened here during our resting hours was out of our knowledge."

Sakura's eyes widened. What she felt and heard the other night was the same of what Mrs. Kumori said.

"Now dear, enough questions, finish your breakfast before it gets cold. Your mother is waiting for you out in the garden, she wanted to explore the whole place. Anyway, I will leave you to your food."

But before Mrs. Kumori could leave, she abruptly stood up. "Umm, I'm done! It's almost near lunch time anyway so I don't think eating much now would ruin my appetite during lunch."

Mrs. Kumori looked at her half-empty food before taking the tray with her. Sakura left the room with Mrs. Kumori.

She felt a chill ran down her spine as she stepped out of the room. It felt like someone was looking at her as she leaves the room.


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