Until Eternity

Chapter 1: Happiness

"Seto, are you in here?" Serenity lightly shouted upon entering the mansion while closing the door behind her. It was dark and she didn't hear any sounds. Where was all the staff?

"Hello, anyone here?" She called again, but still received no reply. She wondered if she had been dreaming when Seto asked her to come over.

She walked through the main entrance, there had to be someone here, the mansion was rarely ever completely empty. She decided to look room for room, starting with the dining room.

When she opened the door, it too was dark. She was about to close the door when one by one lights started lighting up around the dining room, giving it a warm glow. She gasped, as the sight that greeted her was absolutely beautiful.

The dining room table was covered in a deep red tablecloth; there was a huge chandelier in the center, but instead of candles it had small lights that looked like shining crystal. The doors that lead outside to the balcony were left slightly open, so that it made the pure white curtains billow in the wind.

She smiled when she saw Seto standing at the other side of the room, at the end of the table. She ran up to him and jumped into his welcoming arms, in turn wrapping her arms around his neck. He chuckled into her ear, holding her close.

"I take it you like it?" He asked her.

"It's absolutely beautiful, thank you Seto."

He put her down, still holding her, but looking down at her. He caressed her cheek and she smiled at his gentle touch, he always knew what made her feel good. She reached up and lightly kissed him on the lips, he deepened the kiss almost immediately. He pulled away from her after a moment.

"Care to join me for dinner?"

"Of course." She said giggling, which just made him laugh.

Dinner had been beyond her wildest dreams; Seto had always known how to blow her away. She admired him for always trying to perfect everything, which he often achieved. They went up to his bedroom after they were done, taking the dessert with them so that they could eat it in front of the warm fireplace, this had become their tradition, it had happened when they both realized they loved eating chocolate pudding in front of the fire.

The night ended with Seto leading her to his four poster bed, he never forced her to do anything she didn't want to do and she was very comfortable with him now. Everything they did together felt just right and when she was with him it felt like it was just the two of them in the whole world.

Serenity could tell it was early morning by the morning sunshine shining through the balcony doors, she was lying next to Seto in his bed and she had spent the night there. They were lying in the bed facing each other and he had an arm wrapped securely around her waist.

She smiled to herself while she observed his sleeping form. His face was so relaxed and his bare chest was so enticing. Serenity slowly brought up a hand and ran a finger lightly over his lips. She heard him sigh in his sleep, but he didn't wake up.

She got out of bed, taking one of his robes to cover herself; she made her way towards the balcony, deciding to get some fresh air. She quietly opened the balcony doors, making her way over to the railing. She took in a deep breath, admiring the view of Seto's huge back yard, which was more like a valley than an actual backyard.

"Enjoying the view?" She heard a deep voice behind her, before arms wrapped around her waist and Seto started kissing her neck.

Serenity turned in his arms, facing him; she looked up into his eyes.

"Now I am." She said mischievously. He smirked at her reply, taking her lips with his. He pulled away, looking down at her; he had this look in his eyes she couldn't quite understand.

"Seto are you okay?" She looked up at him with concern.

He didn't answer her straight away, he bent his head so that his lips grazed over her ear, and he whispered words in her ear that would change her world forever.

"Move in with me." She could feel his warm breath against her ear. This was the happiest moment of her life; she didn't have to answer because her actions explained it all. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and he pulled her to him. She leant her head back, looking into his eyes, she could see the happiness in his eyes and that made her feel even more special to be with him. Their noses were slightly touching and after a couple of seconds he crushed his lips against hers.

She had to pull back though before he went any further, much to her dismay. She stayed in his arms while explaining.

"I have to meet my brother and the rest of the gang for lunch and I don't want to be late." She explained, wrapping her arms tighter around his neck.

"Fine, I have to head off to work anyway."

"I have to break the news to my brother..."

"Are you sure you want to do it alone, I don't think he will take the news very well." Seto was right, but this is something she had to do alone, it would be better for both of them.

"Yes I'm sure." Serenity replied, going back inside to get ready.

Seto made his way over to the bathroom.

"Care to join me?" He said, his eyes racking over her body, she blushed, but followed him into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Thirty minutes later she left the Kaiba mansion, she had had difficulty saying goodbye to Kaiba because he wouldn't stop kissing her, but she finally escaped his grasp, but it wasn't as if she was particularly keen to.

When she arrived at the restaurant, she could see all her friends sitting at a table by the window. She smiled to herself when she saw her brother standing up, his arms waving around in the air, obviously telling an exciting story. A few seconds later everyone around him was laughing and after a moment he sat back down, devouring his food, while the rest of the gang continued talking and eating.

She loved all her friends; they all had changed her life in some way. They were all so kind and most of all, they accepted her relationship with Kaiba and she couldn't have asked for more.

She made her way inside; everyone greeted her when she reached the table, making space for her to sit next to Joey. She thanked them and joined in the conversation. They could always make her laugh, with their jokes or goofiness, especially her brother.

After she noticed Joey had finished eating, she leant over towards him asking him quietly if she could talk to him outside for a moment. He agreed, noting the seriousness in her voice.

Once they were outside he immediately asked.

"Seren, are you okay? Kaiba hasn't done anything has he?" Joey was on the verge of franticness.

"Joey I'm fine, really I am, I promise." She could see the relief overtake his features and it made her less nervous.

"There is something I need to tell you." Serenity said, looking up at her big brother, one of the most cherished people in her life.