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Remus Lupin on Taming the Savage Beast

When I was old enough to understand the danger that I was, I vowed never to let myself get involved with other people. Don't get me wrong, I loved people. I was fascinated with them and watched them live their happy lives through hungry eyes, always wanting but never receiving. I vowed never to get involved with people in order to protect them. Of course, as I was living my, well, not necessarily happy, but safe life, three people came along and changed everything.

I grew up with them, and together we conquered many feats, from easy things like nicking food from the kitchens to harder things, like when they became animagi on my behalf. It was then that I was sure I had the best friends one could ever have. And then, one day, I lost them all in the span of mere hours. That, however, is a different story, one I do not wish to dwell upon at this time, or any time. The feelings I felt were too terrible for me to explain – worse than any transformation I had ever undergone.

Life did go on, even if I wasn't sure at first that it would. I was as happy as I could be with all the anti-werewolf legislation and hate crimes associated with it. I took up a job at Hogwarts, a job I had a dark feeling I wouldn't keep for long. I was right. The year was, however, not without events. I met the son of my best friend and a piece of my life was restored. Another of my friends proved himself innocent, and the other, guilty. My happiness was short lived, for other complications came my way.

And then there was Tonks. She regarded me with ease and the same friendly demeanor that she treated all others. In fact, she was one of the first women who could look at me and see someone other than a tragic beast, a poor man, whose life was full of, well, tragedy. If the circumstances had been different, I would have scooped her up in my arms and asked her to marry me, the happiest man alive. The circumstances didn't change, unfortunately, and I was forced to turn her down time and time again. It hurt her almost as much as it hurt me. I was sent underground and eventually all thoughts except for those of survival were forced from my mind. I would go hungry on the nights Greyback ordered us to kill for our food. It was on these nights, when I was cold, hungry and alone, that my thoughts drifted back to the Burrow, to food, and, most of all, to Tonks. I would think of her and smile and, if remembering that I could not have her did not make me feel worse, the thoughts would get me through to the next day.

It was on the death day of one the greatest wizards to live that my vow of anti-interaction with the human race was beat down so low that it no longer existed. I let my guard down and gave in. Of course, everyone ganging up on me didn't help my cause, but I am not regretful of my choice. Tonks and I have supported each other through the hardest of times, the best of times, and we will continue to support each other in times that still loom ahead in the unknown. All these people, may they be Lily, James, Sirius, Tonks, or even Peter, have all taken a part in taming the savage beast that was so long who I was, the warden of my life's prison. The prison I have escaped through them and by them.

Looking back upon all the good and happy times in my life, not matter who or what the situation contained, there was always one thing involved every single time. Albus was right again – I guess love was all I ever needed.